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REMAX_EDGE private msg quote post Address this user
Hi Matterporters, I just purchased my camera and have done 3 scans. I am trying to gauge how long it takes to scan based on sq ft. I have scanned Two units approximately 4,000 square feet each and they each took 3 hours to scan.
How long is it taking you for these types of scans? Does it get faster after more practice?
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CarlosFHdz private msg quote post Address this user
At first, it takes longer because you're being conservative on the distance from scan to scan point. As you get more practice, it will be faster. You will start to push the distance from each scan, specially in bigger rooms.

Now, we're at about 35 min per 1000 sqft. I personally did a 6300 sqft property in 3 hours and 4200 sqft property in 2 hours.
The layout of the home is also a determining factor in time to scan.

I would recommend pushing the distance from scan point to scan point to see what you can get away with while producing a quality model. Sometimes it's 5 ft, sometimes it's 9ft it depends on the room.
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