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Threads tagged with '360'

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car360: 360º App for Shooting Car Exteriors DanSmigrod 3 45 minutesDanSmigrod (15121): @Senojev I recall that Car360 may only license its app/platform to car dealers on a monthly fee basis. If you learn differently, please share here. Best, Dan
Theta V: How do you take best shots MarkCantu 4 9 daysMarkCantu (34): Thanks Dan! I see you in the video, I guess the camera is in the center of the group. I have been watching Ross Peterson and you in forum today. Going to do a project on my own to get more experienced.
Which 360º Camera Should I Buy? (April 2018) DanSmigrod 2 10 daysadvancedhdr (172): I was hot over the GP Fusion, until I washed this video from a well respected reviewer..
Adobe Launches 360º Editing/Plane to Sphere DanSmigrod 1 15 daysDanSmigrod (15121): Screen Grab. Image from Adobe VRscout (3 April 2018) Adobe Launches Immersive 360° Editing, Improves Plane To Sphere "Adobe unveiled a slew of new features in its Creative Cloud update released today, including an immersive 360-degree environment for its widely used video software Premiere Pro and animation suite After Effects," writes ...
Embed living 360 photos - PanoMoments + WGAN dustinkerstein 10 16 daysdustinkerstein (13): @helen, yeah you should be able to embed pretty much anywhere that accepts iFrame embeds. Though I haven't specifically tested WP3D yet. Feel free to try by using this code: <iframe id="embedPanoMoment" pano="PanoMoments" allowfullscreen="1" allow="vr" frameBorder="0" width="420" height="320" scrolling="no"...
Platforms for Hosting 360º Photo Spheres DanSmigrod 15 21 daysnat_vanveen (595): @VTLV I see why you love Kuula, thanks for the tip, looks awesome!! :D
3d Max file Convert 360 panaromic sonert 2 22 daysDannyBasting (1018): Just place camera's on the locations you want to be able to navigate to. Export those camera views to panoramic images and then use a program like panotour to create a tour out of it.
Custom Satellite-based 360º Aerial Panoramas DanSmigrod 17 23 daysDanSmigrod (15121): How are you using Satellite Panoramas? Best, Dan
Any theVRkit users on this board SpaceView360 9 23 daysegkhoury (7): Hello, just to let you know that the new kits (compatible with all phones) are available to order on Free shipment in 2-5 days. Best, Elie
Uploading additional 360 images possible? angusnorriss 7 27 daysfrstbubble (547): You can bring up the initial scan (Scan 1) while you are on site and take new 360 spins and re-upload the and reprocess the model. (No cost to reprocess a model) But you cannot import any 360's into existing tours.
Viewable Labels in HIghlight reel Dolloff 10 28 daysleonherbert (85): No problem, glad it worked, except the 360 and 2d, I without fail will forget to change it back to 2d and i end up taking a whole lot of the 360"s :)
Which 360 camera do you recommend for CUPIX? SpaceView360 6 30 daysDanSmigrod (15121): @scott_cupix Point taken. We'll get the list cleaned up. best, Dan
MSP acronym:Fingernails on the chalkboard Nerdvice451 8 1 monthsrennick (313): Proud to be a Matterport Service Partner. We are providing a service to the clients we serve. There is so much more service involved when you hand over a virtual tour to a client. It's an ongoing relationship if we use the 3D technology, the deliverable, to its fullest capability. Also, we are bound to the Matterport ecosystem, so why not be a partner with them? Partner also speaks to the idea of partnering with the client, to come- on-...
Please advise: FASTEST way to create 3D tour mikeb 4 1 monthDanSmigrod (15121): @mikeb I only suggest GSV certified cameras to keep options open. (Anyone reading this would kick themselves if they bought a non-GSV certified camera and then had an opportunity to shoot a business.) I need to get on the road now ... Related WGAN Discussions ... ✓ Platforms for Hosting 360º Photo Spheres ✓ Hosting Platforms for 360º Photo Spheres ✓ WGAN Discussions tagged: 360 I look forward to hearing what others have to say...
How to post matterport 360 to Facebook Chi3d 4 2 monthsPointCloudVR (100): what doesn't work? Fail to upload, no option to upload, wrong format, does it have the xmp metadata attached? If you could narrow the scope of the question, I'd be glad to try and help.
New! ThreeSixty Tours: 360º Hosting Platform DanSmigrod Jump to first page32Jump to last page 2 monthsangusnorriss (91): I’ll do that now yes thanks. Sorry for delay, managing extreme snow here in UK!
Best Camera to do an internal 360 of a car eggardner Jump to first page48Jump to last page 2 monthsleonherbert (85): @frstbubble as long as you are buying a Toyota :) But be quick, my TOS may change quickly and w/o warning. :)) Sorry about the truck, damn ice monsters.
WGAN-TV a Matterport Alternative: CUPIX DanSmigrod 5 2 monthsDanSmigrod (15121): WGAN-TV CUPIX Update-Videogrammetry, Animation, and Much More Hi All, Above is the recording of WGAN-TV Live at 5 with CUPIX Director of Sales Scott Anderson. Scott gives us an update since our last WGAN-TV show in November 2017 (below), including the addition of Videogrammetry, Animation and Much more. Thanks to @scott_cupix for a deep-dive briefing on what's new with CUPIX. And, thanks to our Virtual Studio Audience for participating in...
Cupix supports 360 Video for Capture?! WHOA Metroplex360 13 2 monthsMetroplex360 (7786): @DanSmigrod enjoyed seeing the demonstration. I would certainly want to get a gimble on a helmet PLUS a mini segway. I'm looking forward to watching Cupix as it develops. I was immediately blown away by...
Alternative for confidential tours - CUPIX Snap Jump to first page50Jump to last page 2 monthsDanSmigrod (15121): @scott_cupix Confidential Tours seems like a good topic tonight too. Dan
Download 3D OBJ from Cupix - Is it possible? scott_cupix 2 2 monthsDanSmigrod (15121): Seems like a timely discussion ... Dan
WGAN-TV: ThreeSixty Tours: 2D Photo/Tour Map DanSmigrod 5 2 monthsDanSmigrod (15121): WGAN-TV Using ThreeSixty Tours with 2D Photos or Tour Maps | Co-founders Ross Peterson/Lorenzo Gangi Hi All, Above is a recording of the WGAN-TV show - Using TheeeSixty Tours with 2D Photos or tour Maps Much thanks to ThreeSixty Tours Co-founders @Lorenzo Gangi and Ross Peterson (@rpetersn) for being on the show to walk us through these new ThreeSixty Tours features. Best, Dan
Matterpot 360 Snapshot to Google My Business 3DSNAP 3 2 monthsleonvanzweel (307): Search your Business on Google Maps and upload from there or alternatively from the Google Street View app
ThreeSixty Tours: Using 2D Photos/Tour Maps DanSmigrod 3 2 monthsDanSmigrod (15121): Hi All, ThreeSixty Tours Co-founders @Lorenzo Gangi and Ross Peterson (@rpetersn is also the Founder and Developer of WP3D Models Wordpress Plugin) are my guests on WGAN-TV Live at 5 (5 pm EST | GMT -5) this Friday, 23 February 2018. The topic: Using ThreeSixty Tours with 2D Photos or Tour Maps Best, Dan Special Offer for WGAN Standard and Premium Members ✓ Free use of ThreeSixty Tours Pro 5 Domain Yearly and WP3D Models Wordpress...
How Do I get Safari NOT' to blow out Tours? advancedhdr 7 2 monthsMetroplex360 (7786): The problem is with Safari 11.0.2. SketchFab are also experiencing it. It is an Apple bug -- however, I think I know a fix that will at least make it tolerable... working on it.
360 Video Solution For GSV! Richierichks 4 2 monthsMetroplex360 (7786): You know what's interesting is that the Matterport Camera could shoot video ... although it's not capable of shooting 360 video for obvious reasons ... I wonder if the capability could ever be useful, or if the amount of data transfer and lack of onboard storage would make it a worthless thing to investigate...
360 video camera suggestions? GlennTremain 9 2 monthsGlennTremain (1312): @Leonvanzweel that is help. Thank you
Inman Connect NYC 2018 - Top 5 Takeaways DanSmigrod 1 2 monthsDanSmigrod (15121): Hi All, Saw this blog post on the Blue-Sketch website featuring WGAN-TV Live with Blue-Sketch Founder @PetraSoderling | Had to share it ......
When is "good enough" good enough (for you)? DanSmigrod 1 2 monthsDanSmigrod (15121): Hi All, When is "good enough" good enough (for you)? In two related We Get Around Network Forum discussions in the last few days ( here and here), Members of the Forum debate the imagine quality of: ✓ 360º 1-click cameras for under $500 versus DSLR shot 360ºs ✓ Matterport Snapshots versus Matterport Snapshots after post production Rather than debating is the [image] quality good enough compared to [fill in the...
Gloria: world’s 1st Social 360 Platform DanSmigrod 8 2 monthsangusnorriss (91): You had me at ‘Hello’, - make it quick!
National Land Realty Land Tour 360™ PointCloudVR 6 2 monthsPointCloudVR (100): I didn't have anything to do with this, I just stumbled across this while browsing listings looking at property. Just thought it was cool that the Realty company was launching their own 360 enabled tours.
WGAN-TV: All Things 360 Cameras at CES2018 DanSmigrod 6 3 monthsDanSmigrod (15121): WGAN-TV: WGAN-TV All Things 360 Cameras at the 2018 CES in Las Vegas with Founder Mic Ty Hi All, Founder Mic Ty gave us a great round-up of all the 360º cameras announced at the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show. Plus, he also summarized his top three choices in the under $500 category - for real estate photographers. Hi Mic, Thank you again for being on the show. :cool: And, thanks to the virtual studio audience...
Ugh,what do I do with this lighting??!! Dolloff 6 3 monthsadvancedhdr (172): It looks AMAZING!
Quality of Matterport 360 Views Helen 16 3 monthsJuMP (874): @Metroplex360 ktransform doesn't exist in current version of Krpano tools. So you can only use cube2sphere function. Leveling must be handled with other methord.
DJI Mavic Air Foldable 4K-36 MP Panos-IR 3D DanSmigrod 8 3 monthsimad (43): That was really informative thanks for Sharing mori.
City uses VR to attract visitors GlennTremain 18 3 monthsimad (43): @mori Thanks for sharing, Dubai's Tour looks like something from the future.
3D or 360° - What's the Difference LMTLESS 3 3 monthsadvancedhdr (172): Lmtless, MP is a 3D camera with 360 capabilities. You use the 360 mostly for external shots with much sunlight, the 3D is for inside without sunlight. 3D cameras do not like direct sun as the IR sensors (lasers) can't beam thru to record spacial data. With Google Street View, you would upload as 360 for GSV. I too am a newbie, hope this helps.
Hangar 360 App>Ariel Capture/Process/Deliver DanSmigrod 10 3 monthsSnap (139): Thank you so much for the tips @DanSmigrod. I passed along the info to the drone company.
Detailed 360 Camera Comparison - VIDEO scott_cupix 2 3 monthsDanSmigrod (15121): @scott_cupix Excellent! Thanks for sharing. Dan
360 Rumors: Largest Sensor 360 Cameras Chart DanSmigrod 3 3 monthsRichierichks (550): @Ghagendorf I don't believe it fits in the "Large Sensor" category. I think the sensors on it are pretty small.
WGAN-TV: Nodalview 360º SmartPhone System DanSmigrod 5 3 monthsron0987 (811): I like the photos, I like the exterior capabilities but again this falls short on no doll house, and the reality this is no different then other 360 degree software like Kolor that allow you to build your own tour package. After reading thru this it appears you have to pay for photo downloads, I saw this in the store section talking about photo downloads and limits. You are just paying someone else to build the tour. I still like the overall...
Thinking about buying a 360 Camera? The List DanSmigrod 2 3 monthsBlairBryngelson (25): Dan, great list. In looking through this page is there some easy way to identify which products I ought to be considering as a potetial add on piece of hardware for my business? Specifically, I may have a contract for a number of outdoor and large indoor spaces. Leica is the camera I hear over and over, but how else should I be vetting this gigantic list?! Currently im...
iGuide Not Available in My Area Brian360 5 3 monthsBrian360 (4): Tour Factory is actually hitting iGuide pretty hard. Its advertised on their home page banner and our local TF "franchise" is now offering it alongside MP but at a slightly lower price point than MP.
Humaneyes Vuze+ 3D 360º 'Prosumers' Camera DanSmigrod 6 3 monthsDanSmigrod (15121): @LMTLESS Thank you ... Some additional info on VUZE+ ✓ VUZE - A new way to create VR - Introducing the Vuze+, HumanEyes Zone Source: VUZE
360Precision: $37,499 360º Camera Bundle DanSmigrod 7 3 monthsHarlanHambright (1261): Free shipping should include the car that brings it.
Kodak Debuts 8K 360 Camera Foldable (Beta) DanSmigrod 1 3 monthsDanSmigrod (15121): Camera Jabber (11 January 2018) KODAK DEBUTS 8K 360 CAMERA, FOLDABLE 3D 360 CAMERA PROTOTYPES "Kodak has debuted two new 360 cameras at CES 2018, introducing a foldable 3D 360 camera and a new 360 camera capable of producing 8K video. Billed as its next-generation designs, the new Kodak 360 cameras are just...
Rylo, news 360º Camera from Hyperlapse DanSmigrod 5 3 monthsDanSmigrod (15121): MacRumors (8 January 2018) CES 2018: The Best of CES Unveiled With Elgato, iDevices, LG, OWC and More "There were tons of drones and action cameras on the CES Unveiled floor, including a 360 degree action cam from Rylo. Rylo's camera is unique because it allows you to capture 360 degree video and then edit it into a video with traditional dimensions. You can use footage captured from any angle, which makes for some pretty interesting...
Giroptic Launch 360 Degree Video Calling App DanSmigrod 1 3 monthsDanSmigrod (15121): Giroptic Launch 360 Degree Video Calling Application Hi All, Giroptic Launch 360 Degree Video Calling App at CES 2018. VR Focus (8 January 2018) Giroptic Launch 360 Degree Video Calling Application How might you use this solution to make money? Best, Dan --- Source: ...
FITT360 360 Camcorder Around Your Neck DanSmigrod 1 3 monthsDanSmigrod (15121): Video: Through FITT360 l Real Scenery of Grand Canyon | Video courtesy of Linkflow YouTube Channel FITT360 is a 360-degree camcorder you wear around your neck Hi All, Engadget (9 January 2018) FITT360 is a 360-degree camcorder you wear around your neck Here is the FITT360 Kickstarter page ... 3 Cameras Expects to ship October 2018 Your thoughts? Dan...
2018 Consumer Electronics Show, Las Vegas DanSmigrod 3 3 monthsDanSmigrod (15121): Hi All, Still trying to track down all the 360º news at CES. If you spot a new camera, please start a Forum discussion on it. Best, Dan
Polaroid 20 MP 360º 3D Stereoscopic Camera DanSmigrod 1 3 monthsDanSmigrod (15121): Polaroid Master #P411 6.2k 3D Stereoscopic 360 camera 20 MP Still Images | Available March 2018 in Asia | $1,800 [I will add more to this discussion, once I locate the press release.] Best, Dan P.S. And, this ... ...
GoPro 360º Fusion Camera OverCapture Editing DanSmigrod 1 3 monthsDanSmigrod (15121): Video: GoPro: Introducing Mobile Overcapture for Fusion | Video courtesy of GoPro YouTube Channel Hi All, GoPro has an interesting twist on editing 2D video from 3D video. Essentially, shooting in 360º but displaying the "sweet spots" in traditional 2D video. Below is the GoPro Press release Tuesday (9 January 2018)...
Pisofttech 8K Real-Time 360 Camera Stitching DanSmigrod 3 3 monthsOpenHouseOptics (133): @dansmigrod is this what was used to capture the blue angels flight or the universal studios roller coaster?
Insta360 Titan DanSmigrod 6 3 monthsGerhard (526):
Insta360 Pro V2.0-12K Photos for RE 360ºs DanSmigrod 3 3 monthsGerhard (526): Insta 360 thank you
2018 Consumer Electronics Show Tag: CES2018 DanSmigrod 1 3 monthsDanSmigrod (15121): Hi All, If you are looking for 2018 Consumer Electronics Shows (CES) 360º Camera coverage, these We Get Around Network Forum discussions are tagged: CES2018 Best, Dan
Vivitar 360º Follow Me Drone Dual GPS $180 DanSmigrod 4 3 monthsDanSmigrod (15121): :cool: I was at a NYC photo show where they talked about reinventing the brand to be known for quality. Looks like that branding hasn't caught on with you :cool: For $180, you could use them as client gifts ... Best, Dan
Insta360 Nano S: 360º video Chat/4K Video DanSmigrod 1 3 monthsDanSmigrod (15121): Video: Insta360 - Introducing Insta360 Nano S | Video Courtesy of Insta360 YouTube Channel Hi All, The Insta360 Nano S - with 360º Video Chat / 4K Video / MultiView Shooting - was announced at the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show Monday (8 January 2018). I have the Insta360 Nano S, Insta360 Air and Insta360 One. It will be fun to see how this new Insta360 Camera compares ... We will add it to The List...
Pano2VR 5.1: Publish to Google Street View DanSmigrod 1 3 monthsDanSmigrod (15121): Video: Adding Tags in Pano2VR and Pano2VR Pro | Video Courtesy of Support Gnome Hi All, Good news on the high-end of 360º capture meets publishing to Google Street View. Garden Gnome Software ( Pano2VR 5.1 beta) announced this Google Street View WorkFlor Ready solution Monday [8 January 2018] on the Pano2 VR blog. Best, Dan P.S. Garden Gnome Software announced their intensions of Google Street...
Building 3D models from floorplans Queen_City_3D 10 3 monthsDanSmigrod (15121): @Queen_City_3D Okay. Got it. That said, this discussion (above) will likely be helpful for someone else that has a similar need. Best Dan
Ricoh Theta V Plug-In Online Market Place DanSmigrod 2 3 monthsDanSmigrod (15121): Hi All, This is a big deal, provided that Ricoh can resolve the issues WGAN Forum Members are reporting about triggering shots remotely. Dan
Extracting 360 images from ipad? htimsabbub23 23 3 monthsfrstbubble (547): I think it is very fair if you are doing 10 cars at 1 dealership that you could do them all under one scan and process it, then pull the 360's and stitch and use as needed. Very fair for Matterport and fair for MSP seeing how it is the same location.
Help I need information on Direct Link ron0987 11 3 monthsDanSmigrod (15121): @leonvanzweel If you upload the 360º video to YouTube or Vimeo, then yes, you can integrate the 360º in either WP3D Models or ThreeSixty Tours. Hi All, We Get Around Network Standard and Premium Members get the free use of WP3D Models Wordpress Plugin and ThreeSixty.Tours ... See your Welcome Onboard Letter for the order forms. Not yet a Member? Happy New Year, Dan
Youtube VR interactive 360 video creation Liam_Tayler 9 4 monthsDanSmigrod (15121): @Liam_Tayler Plus, some of the We Get Around Training Academy videos do a deep dive into specific cameras. Best, Dan
Ricoh Theta V Update Road Map leonvanzweel 3 4 monthsleonherbert (85): Question you may have the answer for, is the usb data transfer plug-in meant for transfering photo/video to an external drive while filming, or is it something else. The hard drive is a limiting factor, especially when you are attempting to shoot video for google street view.
Car Camera Mount Project with Image htimsabbub23 15 4 monthsHelen (742): @htimsabbub23 Also a lot of times when things are to close it can cause stitching errors. I have run into that a few times while going through doorways in rooms and being to close to the door frame.
Creating Aerial Panoramas from Google Earth DanSmigrod 1 4 monthsDanSmigrod (15121): How to Create Aerial 360º Panoramas from Google Earth Hi All, If you would like to create aerial panoramas from Google Earth, here are two articles on this topic: ✓ How to Create an Aerial Panorama from Google Earth (Source: Digital Urban) ✓ Examples: Creating a panoramic image with Google Earth™ and panokml (Source: Stephan Loh) Or, you can simply order a Satellite 360º Panorama from SatellitePanoramas for $99 each....
Which 360 Camera for a Street View Project? DanSmigrod 11 4 monthsDanSmigrod (15121): ...
WGAN-TV>Garmin Virb 360º Camera Demo/Discuss DanSmigrod 6 4 monthsleonherbert (85): Got the answer to this problem, if your system does not have the required hardware (Mac) you will not have that option available.
Forbes: The Year of 360 Cameras in Review DanSmigrod 2 4 monthsDanSmigrod (15121): Hi All, From the same article: "With CES 2018 right around the corner, there’s no doubt that several new cameras will be announced. So far, there’s no indication from whom or what, but I have some assumptions about what these new cameras will surely have." "4K video, as we discussed earlier, is a given. Or I should say, at least 4K resolution. The Garmin VIRB 360 and GoPro Fusion both sport 5.7K resolution with video, and...
Which 360º Video editor is right for you? DanSmigrod 1 4 monthsDanSmigrod (15121): Hi All, If you are thinking about buying a 360º 1-click photo/video camera - and you should – one of your likely questions, is how to edit 360º video. This article might be helpful: VRHEADS (22 December 2017) Choosing the Best Editing App for Your 360 Videos "When it comes to editing your 360-degree videos, you don't have to look too far to come...
WGAN-TV: GoThru Demo/Discuss for Newbies DanSmigrod 6 4 monthsDanSmigrod (15121): Hi All, Want to try GoThru, but don't have any 360ºs to play with? Here are some 360ºs that you can play with ... ✓ We Get Around Beach House | Digital Assets-360º Photos Spheres-Shot with Ricoh Theta S (HDR) Happy holidays, Dan
AirBNB Press Release leonvanzweel 6 4 monthsDanSmigrod (15121): Hmmmmmmmmmm...... Surprising to see Airbnb press release NOT mention Matterport. WOW! Especially, since Matterport and Airbnb did a trial a million years ago! Will Matterport EVER get a deal with Airbnb? Dan
What do you hope Santa Claus will bring you? DanSmigrod 2 4 monthsChemistrydoc (346): Please, Santa, please get Matterport to roll out the GSV integration!
360º TimeLapse Video Shot with insta360 One DanSmigrod 9 5 monthsDanSmigrod (15121): Video: Insta360 Studio - Full Tutorial | Video courtesy of Life in 360 YouTube Channel Hi All, The Insta360 Studio software is free. It is included with the Insta360 cameras. Happy holidays, Dan
ThreeSixty.Tours & CUPIX Experiment leonvanzweel 15 5 monthsmori (529): @leonvanzweel - guess that´s due to the FB privacy settings as for me it works. Will post some examples after dec. 12th when I am back in munich.
WGAN-TV-Insta360 One 360º Photo Spheres Test DanSmigrod 5 5 monthsDanSmigrod (15121): @pcollart Wow! That was fast :cool: Yes. Fixing the starting PoV was very helpful. Too bad insta360 One does not (presently) have HDR. Best, Dan @TrustedPhotoDC Thanks for pointing that out. We have a solution going forward regarding WGAN Forum Member Benefits and WGAN Basic, Standard and Premium Member benefits. Stay tuned :cool: Best, Dan
Can we get a 360 photo of a reguar MP Scan? walk360 4 5 monthswalk360 (43): Great!!! I though that was only available for the pictures taken on the 360 mode!! thanks a lot for the great news ;) Have a great night!
Mattertagging to 360 photospheres iTours360VR 2 5 monthsDanSmigrod (15121): WGAN-TV Live at 5 - ThreeSixty Tours a new Platform from the Creators of WP3D Models Wordpress Plugin @iTours360VR ThreeSixty.Tours is any easy platform for hosting and sharing 360ºs ... It's a new product from WP3D Models. It also easily and seamlessly integrates with WP3D Models. Here are WGAN Forum discussions tagged: ThreeSixty Tours WGAN Standard Members get the free use of the top tier of ThreeSixty Tours. This WGAN...
23 360º Cameras: Compare 360 Videos/Photos DanSmigrod 1 6 monthsDanSmigrod (15121): 360º Video: Garmin Virb 360 4K in-camera stitching (stitching: near) | Video courtesy of 360º Rumors Hi All, ✓ 360 Rumors: (2 November 2017) 23 cameras with sample 360 videos and photos compared in Ultimate 360 Camera Comparison ✓ 360 Rumors: (2 November 2017) Ultimate 360 Camera Comparison Tool by 360 Rumors Also see ... ✓ The Guide to 70 360º 1-Click Cameras curated by We Get...
Luxury Resort: 360º Aerial + Matterport DanSmigrod 1 6 monthsDanSmigrod (15121): Screen Grab: See ThreeSixty Tour Here Hi All, If Luxury Resorts are potential clients for you, here's a mash-up of: 1. Aerial 360º Panorama 2. Matterport 3. Video 4. 360º Video 5. Book Now Link All the above digital assets are markers on an aerial 360º panorama shared with ThreeSixty Tours: a new platform from the creators of WP3D Models. We...
Video: Insta360 One: First Look DanSmigrod 14 6 monthsDanSmigrod (15121): WGAN-TV Live at 5: Insta360 One Camera Discussion Hi all, Above is the recording of Monday's (30 October 2017) WGAN-TV Live at 5 program: Insta360 One Camera Discussion with @leonvanzweel WGAN Basic, Standard and Premium Members receive an All Access Pass to the We Get Around Matterport Training Academy Videos, including this one. Not yet a Member? Around 40 Membership Benefits, including the All Access Pass. Compare Plans |...
360º TimeLapse Video: 2017 Moxie All Access DanSmigrod 7 6 monthsleonvanzweel (307): @DanSmigrod For their Facebook Page/Twitter/Youtube any business has a strong need to communicate to their market. To build intimacy and persona. This is an extremely easy way to communicate without editing, to introduce product services etc and the narrator can just move around the room whilst the viewer can focus on whats important him, adjust the angle and zoom. This is an interactive video that is engaging the attention of the viewer. It is...
Edit 360 video on your iPhone Tosolini 3 6 monthsDanSmigrod (15121): @Tosolini Thank you for sharing ... Looking forward to taking this app for a spin. Seems like it solves a lot of workflow challenges in the field. Dan
NEW - Adobe Photoshop - 3D Panorama Editing Metroplex360 11 6 monthsDaK (70): Well, I found a solution to the terrible gif like rendering. When exporting the pano, refuse to "submit to the man" and choose png instead of the default jpg as the file type. This will give you a much higher quality export. At least it did in my case.
Google Maps Experiment leonvanzweel 10 6 monthsDanSmigrod (15121): @leonvanzweel Look what I found (above) using the links you shared :cool: Dan
Video Stabilizers for 360º 1-Click Cameras? DanSmigrod 7 6 monthsDanSmigrod (15121): @Bale100 Got me dreamin' watching that video. :cool: I'd be happy with just the Tarzan G. Seems like it would work with all the 360º cameras I have: ✓ Insta360 One ✓ Insta360 Air ✓ Insta360 Nano ✓ Ricoh Theta S ✓ iON360 Best, Dan
Web Content Security. John29 7 6 monthsMetroplex360 (7786): @John29 You are indeed correct about Flash. I used Pano2VR for many many years when the flash option was optimal and the HTML5 was a fallback for the iPad :). Injecting domain control into the Javascript and then obfusticating the javascript code is something that Garden Gnome Software really might consider implementing rather than having users do it... an example of a service that does this is: If someone is...
360 Marina Tour: 360º Camera for Outdoors Faga 11 6 monthsDanSmigrod (15121): @Faga Seems like either CartoBlue or ThreeSixty Tours would be a great solution for your Marina project. If you don't have an aerial 360º, you might try this ... ✓ How to Create Aerial 360 with Google Earth Which solution is right for you? Sounds like a person choice. Please let us know which solution you go with and why .... Best, Dan
How to Create Aerial 360 with Google Earth DanSmigrod 1 6 monthsDanSmigrod (15121): WGAN-TV Live at 5 - ThreeSixty Tours a new Platform from the Creators of WP3D Models Wordpress Plugin Hi All, Can someone try this and report back here? ✓ How to Create an aerial Panorama from Google Earth ✓ Example of a Panorama Created from Google Earth Assuming that this works fine, this would be a great way to add an aerial 360º to ThreeSixty Tours to then add: ✓ 360º photo spheres (panoramas) via embedding ✓...
Zillow testing 3-D tour capture app for iPho grmngrl 3 6 monthsgrmngrl (850): @DanSmigrod very interesting. Thank you for sharing.
360º Video Live Stream-Testing 4 360 Cameras DanSmigrod 1 7 monthsDanSmigrod (15121): Hi All, I will use four 360º video cameras to live stream WGAN-TV Live events the week of 2 October 2017. 360º Cameras include: ✓ insta360 Air (pairs with my Samsung S6 Edge phone) ✓ insta360 Nano (pairs with my iPhone) ✓ insta360 One (pairs with my iPhone) ✓ iON 360U (pairs with my iPhone) Wish I had an insta360 Pro to stream (my birthday is coming up :cool: ) Here are the events that WGAN-TV will live stream in ...
Hosting Platforms for 360º Photo Spheres DanSmigrod 15 7 monthsscott_cupix (133): Here's a link to the best known forum user @DanSmigrod's Cupix tour from a couple of weeks ago using a Ricoh Theta S. It's a one step process (upload) to get the tour, so make sure your internet connection doesn't go out on you. In this case the tour was indoors but you can create tours of outdoor spaces using the same one step process. • Dan's 1st Cupix Tour (Ricoh Theta S on a Tripod) If you have a few minutes to spare, here are the...
Mattertag Tutorial for 360 views walk360 6 7 monthslisahinson (763): @walk360 this was posted a while back with the Matterport instructions OR Specific instructions from that post.
How to Export a 360º Snapshot from any scan DanSmigrod 2 8 monthsmichelg (49): Hi all You can use photospheres for google street view while waiting better with matteport this winter :-) Michel
Need your suggestion on 360 camera qpoisson 23 9 monthsMatt19 (94): @mori Thanks Mori! When you say new releases are you talking Matterport or some other new option?
360 Pano Downloads, Teaser Videos, SQFT Metroplex360 Jump to first page37Jump to last page 10 monthsJC3DCX (805): Have done it already a few days previously and it works 100%, :-) Just the time to upload, wait for the model and then download the 2x vids and 1 gif. just change something small on the model and then you'll be able to upload again,
immoviewer: Create 3D Tours with Ricoh Theta DanSmigrod 17 1 yearDanSmigrod (15121): Related We Get Around Network Forum Topic ✓ Inman: 3D/VR listings to skyrocket in 2017 Happy holidays, Dan
Can you download the 360 exterior shots... Aghachi101 5 1 yearVTLV (1057): Did I miss a piece on how to download a 360 shot using as Basic user on We Get Around? Is there a how to I could get referred to?
Outdoors with Panono and Ricoh Theta S DanSmigrod 2 2 yearsmarswalker (43): Panono looks great. The theta is fun but I have had poor results using indoors. Outdoors is so so.