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I'm a new user. How do I register?   TOP

New users can register for this site with their existing Facebook, Twitter, Google, or Yahoo account. Click on the appropriate button (located at the top right hand corner of this page if you're not logged in already) to verify your account.

Note that Google accounts are NOT limited to Gmail accounts; any email address registed as a Google account can be used by clicking on the Google icon.

Once your account is verified, you will have the option to select a unique user name for this particular community. YOUR EMAIL WILL NEVER BE DISPLAYED PUBLICLY.

Is it safe to log in with an existing account?   TOP

Yes! The OpenID protocol (and its relatives, oAuth and Facebook Connect) provide a fast, simple and secure mechanism for registering and logging in. This approach makes it easy for legitimate users to register while making it more challenging for autobots, spammers, etc. to sign up. Your email address will never be publicly displayed and your password is not stored on our server. Say goodbye to filling out registration forms and hello to OpenID. Read more about the benefits of OpenID.

What if I don't have Facebook, Twitter, Google, or Yahoo?   TOP

We recommend one of two options. First, you can create a Google account using your existing email address. The process is straightforward and will take only a few minutes. Then you can use your existing email address to log in to this forum by clicking the Google button.

If you're feeling adventurous, and want to try Twitter, well, there's no time like the present. Click here to create a Twitter account and use it to log in on subsequent visits. Even if you don't use Twitter right away, at least you'll have an account ready when/if you decide to give it a whirl.

Can I add more than one account to my profile?   TOP

If you register with your Facebook, Google, or Yahoo account, you will have the opportunity to add your Twitter account to your profile, and vice versa. Once registered, click on the 'Your Profile' link and then 'Edit Profile and Email Alerts'.

How do I manage email alerts?   TOP

Click on 'Your Profile', then 'Edit Profile and Email Alerts', then scroll down to the bottom of the page. Click each row to toggle the setting.

How do I share content to Twitter or Facebook?   TOP

You can easily post links to a thread to your Twitter or Facebook profile by clicking one of the "share" links at the top of each thread. (You can also email a thread to a friend.)

How do I send a private message to another user?   TOP

Click on the mail icon next to a user's name.

How can I rate a post?   TOP

Click on the appropriate button to rate an individual post. Click on the "crowd icon" next to the plus/minus buttons to see who rated each post.

How do I report spam or objectionable content?   TOP

Click on the flag in the lower right hand corner of each post to report spam or objectionable content.

Can I edit my posts?   TOP

Yes. You can edit a post for 45 minutes after posting. Click on the notepad icon to edit a post.

Can I insert photos or videos into my posts?   TOP

Yes. Click on the appropriate rich media icon to insert photos, videos, or hyperlinks into a post. Use the preview button to make sure everything looks good before posting.

What about that typical feature that every other message board on the planet has?   TOP

Our core feature set consists of the MOST essential features to help users share knowledge and to facilitate user-to-user connections. Our approach is evolving and we welcome your feedback. Please let us know if we're missing a "must have" feature.

Other questions or concerns?   TOP

If you encounter a problem that is not addressed or have a suggestion, please use this feedback form or email us.