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Video Day in the life of a scanner 1 min. GeorgeK 8 3 daysDouglasMeyers (148): Nice video, I just have one question. Why is you camera so high up on the tripod ? I notice when the camera gets so high when you pull photos from the tour they seem to be looking down at a room not eye level. I use mine at about 5'5" and my photos look stright on not like a person looking down at a room. Maybe it's just me.
Protect your iPad from Turkish Crime Family frstbubble 2 4 daysnat_vanveen (118): @frstbubble That's nasty!:O thanks for the tip :)
Agent Recruiting & Video, Message Matterport GeorgeK 4 7 daysNamecomingsoon (10): Wow this one was really good! Nice George!
Stitching Photos frstbubble 4 8 daysRobinLycka (664): @frstbubble haha, clear as mud indeed. FWIW - a 12 mp file will get you a 50x70 print at around 150 dpi.
realtor negative comments about Matterport ArchimedStudio 9 10 daysjustinv (211): I would ask him how many people does he show the home he has listed? I thought that was the reason why everyone wants to be selling agents and not buyers agents. They want to stick a sign in the yard and wait for it to sell? In my area, most don't even want to do open houses. I had an old man tell me about the same line. I would rather show it myself than have everyone looking at it online. I asked him if he puts pictures up or just a front...
Anyone doing business in the A/C/E market? Richierichks 9 14 daysRPOceanic (85): Dan, By chance do you/We Get Around still do conversions of MP .obj files to .skp?
moving to a selling tool for agents Joelbcollins 26 15 daysGlennTremain (712): Even for a quick market you can convince selling AND buying agents to get a scan because it helps you farm the market that property is in. I have convinced buyer agents to get a matterport for a gated community that he wishes he had more listings in. His main competitor has just been there a long time but doesn't use matterport. Now that he has one matterport from a sale he was a buyer agent for he then got a listing there. Now he has two and...
Photo editing labor time. VTLV 12 21 daysVTLV (151): So it's been 2 months since I first put up this post asking if anyone has contracted with these slide show companies to offer "Virtual Tours". Is it safe to say, nobody here is contracted with companies like Virtuance and TourFactory here to sell other photo slide show options? Real estate agents in my area tend to either shoot their own photos relying on the free slideshow from Property Panorama a free offering from the...
Pricing advice. 3SixtyNow 19 22 daysBobbyG (28): Anyone have an opinion on NYC prices? 300 for a studio? 400 for 1 bedroom. Nice first scan 3sixtyNow. Penthouse - my First scan
Spring Selling Season & Matterport Vid 40Sec GeorgeK 1 29 daysGeorgeK (352): Of course everything starts with an "image" so in keeping with the idea more images is better, here is a little video I did for a Facebook promotion, of course I get in the word about Matterport https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O18p2ddTphw
Best Practices Thread: Working w/ Government DovrMedia 8 1 monthTrustedPhotoDC (373): With security work you can't fake it 'til you make it. You should either hire a specialist or a company that has a history with InfoSec and understands OPSEC.
Glass walls Ramblinman 3 1 monthRamblinman (16): @JonJ Thanks
Conferences>photography, VR, 3D, Real Estate srennick 5 1 monthmori (142): Who will join IVRPA Vienna? I love vienna and have some good connections there. Some nice spaces and projects: http://www.showit360.de/de/portfolio/albertina-passage-wien http://www.showit360.de/en/blog/360-degree-views-vienna-state-opera-and-albrecht-durer-hare-night https://www.ims.tuwien.ac.at/projects/immersivepointclouds
Matterport in the UK - 2017 GarethB 14 1 monthGarethB (19): Well said! :-)
Sneaking Matterport into all my videos GeorgeK 1 1 monthGeorgeK (352): I have found that sneaking Matterport into all my videos seems to gain me more attention with other Realtors. I never go over 1 minute and each of my videos go to a new feel. This one starts and ends with some laughing. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KBxNOXauciY
.info domains on sale justinv 4 2 monthsjustinv (211): @DanSmigrod I honestly answered someone on the slower forum about building websites for the tours. I always give Ross credit and tell them to buy it. Little did I know that he did the drone work on the Goodsprings Loop in the example. He just bought a camera recently and I guess he was trying to sell her a tour. She gave him the site and he was blown away. He was trying to figure out how to duplicate my website and I was the one who answered!...
Office Promotion Video Matterport Capture GeorgeK 3 2 monthsWilmer (7): Nice Job.
Cold job site with Matterport Camera? Ramblinman 6 2 monthsMarcel (256): Lol we're on the other side of spectrum in Australia. Average temp these past few weeks being 90-100° F. The camera seems to handle it. No problems with scanning so far but omg it's hot... #hotashell #wishitwouldsnow
Kickboxing gym Ramblinman 4 2 monthsTrustedPhotoDC (373): The height of the ring should not matter. If the camera can see the top of the ring when scanning from the floor, you will just add additional geometry. If you were to add a second floor(i.e. the ring), Matterport would most likely combine in the stitching and publishing and give you back only one floor.
Shopping Mall scanning DmitriyReev 1 2 monthsDmitriyReev (28): Hi all, one question to you. Please advise. I have as target one 2-story shopping mall (total area is 6000 m2, around 40x75m building). I'd like to scan public zones (white zones on the attached picture) and outside all around. The total area of "white zones" is 1200 m2 (per 600 m2 per floor). Can I make such scanning and get nice dollhouse view (facade and 2 floors of public zones)? And after that to start making 3d tours for each...
Do I need a Custom MP VR App for this? ArtisticConcepts 5 2 monthsArtisticConcepts (238): Thank you guys! What about mattertags in VR?
More Matterport Stats, Analytics & Reports? PHILG 7 2 monthslisahinson (598): @metroplex360 Exactly what is the Avg Scan Visits referring to on the MatterStats? thx
For Sale By OWNER Approach Increase sales GeorgeK 1 3 monthsGeorgeK (352): I am always looking for ways to promote the use of Matterport and Real Estate Sales. Really my focus is Real Estate First but Matterport can help, or so I think. Here is a little video I did. Maybe it will give you and Idea or @ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fHcPJ6jD0Co
More Videos To Promote is my goal GeorgeK 1 3 monthsGeorgeK (352): I figure we are in an image revolution so why not use video to spread the word. Here is 40 seconds I put on my new YouTube Channel. I have separated my Broker Videos from these three d scan video. I figured why not try that this year 2017. I am going to try and get this Youtube channel so if you want to see what I do next go ahead and like or subscribe. This is only 40 seconds long. https://youtu.be/_TE9A_gp_r0
Video - Moving Furniture Not what U Think GeorgeK 1 4 monthsGeorgeK (352): Realtors are slow to get the importance of image until they see one that pleases them and it's free. I am my best client being a Broker and I wanted to do a promotion video for my farm. Some of my friends around the country liked this so much I labeled it for them also. Enjoy the next 27 seconds. It has a business message at the last 3.7 seconds or so. https://youtu.be/2Cux2kMRYXw
Anyone ever scanned a cavern? ArtisticConcepts 6 4 monthsHawaiiTour (22): Hawaii Big Island Lava Tube. LED lighting. https://my.matterport.com/models/Y7ZQrZoYgp5
Slip Matterport into your videos. GeorgeK 3 4 monthsGeorgeK (352): I am using the GoPro Hero 4 Black as the camera and a 3DR Solo drone for the flying. For still shots I use the canon 80D Thank you very much for the kind works. I just crank these out as fast as I can to stay relevant in my geographic farm area.
360 views extraction possible? Wonderdawg 5 4 monthsDanSmigrod (8722): @Wonderdawg Unfortunately, Matterport told developers that offering Panos from Matterport Spaces was in violation of their terms of service. This functionality is completely doable - -and multiple 3rd party developers would like to offer this service - if Matterport allowed this. Dan PS We Get Around uses a Ricoh Theta S to fill this void...
How Can we see offline Matterport models? walk360 3 4 monthsMetroplex360 (3472): In addition, if you have an Apple TV and use AirPlay, you should be able to 'cast' the tour to a television or separate display.
Theatre cast experiment ArtisticConcepts 12 4 monthsArtisticConcepts (238): Baxter & Lisahinson, thank you for the encouragement!
WP3D Models link workflow frstbubble 15 4 monthsMetroplex360 (3472): Some MLSs like NTREIS (North Texas) only allow approved domain names for submission to MLS. In that case, it doesn't work.
Vacation Rentals? photosbyhopsing 9 4 monthsCartoBlue (16): AirBnB is testing Matterport in the Sonoma Select market and may be bringing it to other test markets soon. There is a Vacation Rental site coming soon that supports Matterport tours I found, called Vacation.Vision - Looks promising for us to sell as an add-on product for individual rental owners looking to promote their property with Matterport tours.
Use Matterport to Recruit Agents to a Broker GeorgeK 1 4 monthsGeorgeK (352): I look for all the ways possible to use the Matterport.. It was not cheap and Leverage is the rule. Here is a 23 second recruiting video... Agents will not sit through the long ones. https://youtu.be/RXvBy-G9hFE
Split Screen heard Idea and ran with it GeorgeK 3 4 monthsron0987 (541): Great video. :):):):):)
BannanaPort I mean Matterport Video GeorgeK 2 4 monthsMetroplex360 (3472): Love the video, hate the banana.
Tiny House scan Wonderdawg 6 4 monthsTrustedPhotoDC (373): Value added to a small space would be to scan the entire house including the exterior like we did with this yacht. https://my.matterport.com/show/?m=YFjuoxSuG4N Exterior done during golden/blue hour. Plan your shoots with PhotoPills.
Does Video build Matterport business youtube GeorgeK 3 4 monthsGeorgeK (352): I have been doing video for 5 year and what amazes me is the stuff I really like does not hit like I expect and then I do something like this and BAM it is a giant success.. I did this sorta using "Mission Impossible" editing style. It is only 30 seconds long. The fade at the "transition edits" using the drone is something one of my older friends hated and the younger people loved. Reality is the human "minds...
Realtor Team Video Promotion for Matterport GeorgeK 3 4 monthsGeorgeK (352): Justin: This video was shot with a Canon 80D.... I have a studio set up in my house where I can control the light and sound a little better but I can see some lighting errors in this. For Real Estate this is pretty good but there is always room for improvement. I have several other cameras including GoPro 3plus and 4 that I put on my drone. I also have the DJI Osmo hand held gimble but I do not use it that much. Cheer Brother. g.
Interactive 3D Shopping the right way. ArtisticConcepts 6 5 monthsArtisticConcepts (238): http://forum.we-get-around.com/cached/f7e979ee1706915ff07667429246671e.jpg Good News! It is per post. :-)
Is Matterport Marketing Misleading? grmngrl 5 5 monthsgrmngrl (187): @Property3dNZ you make me smile. Egg on my face... Haha!
New model ready almost 500 shots Wyzlo 23 5 monthsWyzlo (97): @JohnLoser Yes, every day you open the same model In capture app And add the new ones. I will go again to finish a better view in Dollhouse. (and the parking spaces (entrance to the House)
Cold calling and knocking on doors cire385 9 5 monthsDanSmigrod (8722): I just did a Skype chat with a new Member of the We Get Around Referral Network. The Member starting a Matterport Service Provider business and is cold calling real estate agents. He likes people. He likes the process of cold calling. What advice would you have given him? (Either about cold calling or a different marketing strategy?) Thanks, Dan
Don't Use the Word Matterport in Marketing ChrisH 7 5 monthsMarcel (256): I dont really agree with hiding the Matterport name. I've had a MP for a long time +- 2.5 yrs. Initially I made the mistake of trying to hide the name Matterport. It didnt take off as customers were confused with all the choices. The market has been saturated for decades with '3D Tours' and '360 Tours' products. It was not until we started including the name Matterport that business started to boom. REA (one of the worlds largest listing...
Last model is very bright Wyzlo 6 5 monthsLizzg (43): Hi Willow, Any luck with your model? Lizz
Matterport stealing our customers jfantin 8 5 monthspirusan (181): There might be 5 threads about the same issue Matterport is marketing to our customer base. In no way I am going to defend Matterport Marketing strategy of which I have been always critical. But I humbly submit that this very predictable race to the bottom was led by many Matterpot owners who are willing to scan properties for values that barely amount to minimum wage per hour. With that said, we thought that many photographers were using...
Google launches Tango AR smartphone system GarySnyder 23 5 monthsUserName (565): @JC3DCX - That was my concern not only about price but feasibility. A realtor would probably have to keep adding office space just to hold his physical dollhouses unless the realtor could print dollhouses on demand AND make them vanish when they're no longer needed. I keep forgetting we're still living in the 21'st century but maybe in the future, every tech device we think of as amazing may sit in the antiquated devices section of a...
Unique Value Proposition presentation in 23 GeorgeK 1 5 monthsGeorgeK (352): At least in my market, Matterport is not being used like it should be. In "marketing" there is a term used "unique value proposition" If you can exploit that your supposed to be able to grow your business. Here is another approach to talking about Matterport in 23 seconds. This is posted on Youtube to be shared with my professional peers but it is designed as a paid promotion in Facebook. ...
Matterport Video Stay with IT GeorgeK 1 5 monthsGeorgeK (352): I have to be honest if I am going to ever really grow my business with Matterport. That is after all the reason I purchased the system. But, daily I still run into Realtors who do not even know what Matterport is. I have elected to take the battle to the public. Some of you may have seen some of my videos. This is a new concept I am working on as I have to keep it fresh in my farm. OK. Enough of the explanation...
How do you describe cloud hosting fees? Queen_City_3D 13 5 monthshometakes (196): My whole ordering system is customized by my programmer....Expensive, but targeted exactly for my needs and therefore on point.....
5 Story Dallas Uptown Townhome Matterport Metroplex360 11 5 monthsMetroplex360 (3472): 212
Pro Tip: How To Find Plagiarism RenderingSpace 5 5 monthsVRealExperience (115): Nice job rendering. I must admit, when I first started and tried getting the word out, I almost did this. Then I thought, and decided against using the old "How would I feel". I settled that if I ever wanted to I will seek permission, as that's what I would want". It was this very experience, that made me rethink my whole strategy. I decided to go big or go home, and now am hiring a professional web developer/hoster, and...
16 second video sneaks in Matterport. GeorgeK 2 5 monthsVizocube (28): Man...I could see them yellow spots even in this few seconds clip...they got to do something about that
23,000 sq ft scan? samgaetz 3 5 months3dshowcaseuk (349): 32000 Sq ft here Originally 324 scans reduced to 273 Scans. Works great http://galgorm.3dshowcase.co.uk Mark
Total Out Box SPIRITUAL Matterport Idea GeorgeK 7 5 monthsUserName (565): Countless virtual tour sites tell sellers that they need virtual tours. I'm looking for recent hard stats to prove that. The only stats I've found are several years old provided by Fusion Virtual Tours which aays, == 54% of buyers who use Realtor.com will not look at a property unless it contains a virtual tour. (National Association of Realtors, January 2006) Listings on Realtor.com receive 87% more views if they include a...
Connecting the dots - home improvement hanske 4 5 monthsJamie (1498): Depends. Are you wanting people to walk through an existing home to think about ideas of improving it? Or using a virtual model as a renovation tool for visualization of a final product?
Think and Grow Rich with Matterport Really GeorgeK 5 6 monthscire385 (61): http://forum.we-get-around.com/cached/1d889fe6300d05c28d210849978208b5.png
WP3D Models and Me. And You. srennick 17 6 monthsDouglasMeyers (148): So what is a Plug -In ???
Experience with Publicity/Press srennick 2 6 monthsGlennTremain (712): @gonecoastalsc has AND had a TV station feature them.
Advertise with sticker on camera valen_felipe 6 6 monthsRenderingSpace (601): Pro Tip: Never show the mirror Over the last 100 scans I've done, I've only shown a mirror once or twice. You can almost always find ways to avoid them. It's a huge distraction to see the camera in the mirror and putting some sticker on the camera makes it even more distracting and tacky.
Word Tracks htimsabbub23 2 6 monthsDouglasMeyers (148): In sort, I first design a flyer that I will send either before of after (once I get all of their cards and they are always on the counter when you walk in). You will pretty much only ever meet the receptionist, get her name and the name of the Broker in charge. Ask when they do sales meetings and if you can talk to someone that can say yes. Leave the same flyer you designed and will send in an e-mail either before or after. Take your i pad in...
Mattertags Again Lizzg 4 6 monthsLizzg (43): Thanks JC3DCX and stepbystep3D. Lizzg
Need Out of the BOX Idea GeorgeK 7 6 monthsMetroplex360 (3472): Anyone want to do a scan for @RealDonaldTrump? He has some large buildings in multiple cities. More seriously though - perhaps a scan of a campaign HQ luncheon. I highly doubt that scanning a location where canvassers are gathered would be good as there might be sensitive information there.
Customers option to pay for own hosting ? ScanMan 6 6 monthsScanMan (247): Indeed I hope Matterport can also see benefits. Its a win win for everyone. My main concern right now is that I can't offer my high paying exclusive long term clients the guarantee that their scans will live on beyond my involvement with the company. I'd really like to be able to offer my customers the piece of mind that they can take control over the hosting if I'm not in a position to manage it for what ever reason wether that's me moving on...
Still Doing Consumer Vids 2 Share Matterport GeorgeK 1 6 monthsGeorgeK (352): I try and knock out at least one short video a week that incorporates Matterport as one of my marketing tools. This week it is about 42 seconds long. Down from my normal minute. https://youtu.be/7VMYLXV2aqM
Increasing Public Demand in Real Estate GeorgeK 3 6 monthsHasteninc (1): Surely, attractive images do good for sales, maybe your friend will also change his mind in some time. We also propose you to try our virtual staging service, which helps to impress buyers and sell faster. Hasten is leading company in NYC, among our partners are Compass, Douglas Elliman, and Corcoran. We would be glad to cooperate with you as well. You can find more info and examples of our work here: www.hasten.me
Matterport marketing questionable 3Dwalkmethru 23 6 monthsDSPhoto (97): The last thing I would want to do is a sell a camera to someone I could have as a client. The guy living across the street from me has 135 Remax agents. Why would I try to sell him a camera when I could do the work for him? If I had only found out what he did a year earlier... If you are worried about your clients buying the camera then you have 2 problems; The wrong clients and the wrong approach to selling your services. I come from an...
Example of Matterport specific Proposal Cabrahams 2 6 monthsDSPhoto (97): I don't have a proposal to offer you but part of my consideration for using Matterport is how to license the work. If you are creating content to be used in marketing you have to license the use of the work for a specific amount of time. If not you will eventually pay for the hosting of your clients scan out of your own pocket. As for what that licensing fee should be? Good question.
Using video and Matterport for listings GeorgeK 4 6 monthsGeorgeK (352): @proertyguyclt Our team did this video we do all our own stuff in house.
Longer Promotional video for Matterport GeorgeK 2 6 monthsPropertyGuyCLT (10): Fantastic and very informative and well done!
Add a Rider to For Sale Sign davidpylyp 9 6 monthsDBurroughs (46): http://forum.we-get-around.com/cached/e09a6971fbb6b1efbbb37857805e8afa.jpg I have to show mine. The QR code/HTML directs to a page that re-directs to the one I host the tour on. I can re-use the same signs over and over again. I always clear it with the realtors and generally only do it with one or two I am very close to business-wise. That way I am sure I get it back.
Slipping in Matterport everywhere VIDEO GeorgeK 2 7 monthsGlennTremain (712): nice.
Cross Selling with Video GeorgeK 1 7 monthsGeorgeK (352): Being a Realtor and playing with photography and video I am able to make an acceptable product. I am having good results from doing community videos and sharing them on my Facebook page and Youtube. Maybe if you build a little background footage and do something like this for one of your Realtor Clients it will turn into more work for you. I am just thinking outside the box and sharing. https://youtu.be/9cq_KtOYwMk
How long does it take you to scan ?? ScanMan 12 7 monthspirusan (181): Forgot to comment on the issue of this thread. I average about 1,300 sf per hour on my iPad Air2 I also manage expectations like @DanSmigrod I tell the customer to allow 1.5 hours per 1,000 sf. I do double scan bathrooms at normal height and at lower height to avoid the camera to show on mirrors in the final Space.
licensing and pricing schemes jntooker 2 7 monthshometakes (196): I am in the tour business and I license "Amenity and town tours" for my videos through Vimeo. The cool thing with Vimeo is that I can set the licensed 'embedded videos' only to play on what ever URL's I tell them to play on. This way, I have control over the videos as to whether they plays on the licensees website. They don't pay the bill, I take their URL off off Vimeos system and of course their videos won't work anymore. It would...
360 View Pricing Helen 7 7 monthsMetroplex360 (3472): I think I'm just going to do it for free ... unless we can link to and FROM them into our tour with Mattertags. Then it might be a small upcharge.
iOS Showcase app and sharing with clients alsangio 8 7 monthsfrstbubble (259): @Integratedman you can have them use an iPad to HDMI adapter, connect the iPad to the monitor via one of the HDMI inputs and let them control the tour from iPad. This is the Best workaround I know of.
I need to connect two separate models KateKratochvil 17 7 monthsHarlanHambright (685): parameters in the URL defeat the starting location when traveling between models and dumps you in a random spot. i wanted to use &start=1 to kill the dollhouse and my continuity was lost. https://my.matterport.com/show/?m=h9cg5FUdoQH this is 3 models (and 2 copies of 2 of them to account for different start locations.
Using Tours for Advertising Listings jencoates 3 7 monthsjencoates (13): Thank you, jen
How to make a Scan go Viral CDM 15 7 monthsJRMaddox (106): Now thats just funny... =) But it is always nice to have correct spelling...
Can Matterport bring more Sellers Video? GeorgeK 7 7 monthsGeorgeK (352): @vchelf the second video is not made yet. It will start production in a few minutes. This is part of a Facebook only campaign. The lead capture page will be an extension of my wedsite. This is part of a complex, area farming campaign system that I am trying. There are 4000 homes in the area that I am going after this is just one of about 15 different ads that are being broadcast on Facebook. Expensive and I am hoping worth...
Ready Action Tablet Mounts Cabrahams 4 7 monthsskycamguatemala (22): Nise product. I am using this with an iPad mini, so then I free my arms to move The tripod around I got It at Amazon too. http://forum.we-get-around.com/cached/dcaccf9f4a90792a7fd61adddaba2f80.png http://forum.we-get-around.com/cached/193bd941e81b54cd70b2982aeeac1a30.png http://forum.we-get-around.com/cached/a7705dabc1490fb82ccaf8212d248103.png
Viability/ risks DMR 8 7 monthsJC3DCX (478): From South Africa, 1 It will happen, but wont be free, and MP will ensure that they stay relevant. Look at MicroSoft... all these years and still around. 2 Yes, I am concerned but nothing I can do about it, so accept it. The USD - ZAR is biting me quite hard, and every time our president opens his mouth the ZAR takes another dip... ouch! 3 Can do outside scans under certain conditions and 360 scans introduced and working good 4 use WP3D...
Matterport in Europe mori 13 7 monthsmori (142): @Wyzlo That´s really great for you - congrats. Wish we had such a project also.
Article makes us pro sound like a kid can do 3Dwalkmethru 20 8 monthsthebiggerpicture (13): I have had multiple realtors seek me out after talking to Matterport and despite the "easy" pitch they were still nervous about difficulty (the details Matterport left out), cost, time, and liability. I would rather be seen as a professional with a skill set (thankfully supported by more than my ability to work their camera) than a monkey pushing the one button.
Selling points of matterport to realtor? MadHusband 18 8 monthskdsmiles (7): Hi JR! I was that Agent looking for a Matterport specialist, and I struck the jackpot when Dan referred you, my friend! You are by far not only the best photographer I've hired for a long, long time, but you are truly an authentic person inside and out. I'm glad I was able to hook you up with my broker, and I honestly hope you get a s**t load of upper-end business from our company! You deserve it! ~ KSmiley
VR and how this is being used? Cabrahams 7 8 monthsMetroplex360 (3472): Matterport VR should be free. It's a bell and whistle feature that they need to offer to stay competitive. Upload a Street View tour with Ricoh Theta S and you can view in VR with Street View.
Quickest and Easiest Method .gif production? Queen_City_3D 9 8 monthsfranmts (169): I enjoy creating a simple tour on video (Camtasia) of 20 seconds, save it to MP4 and upload it to http://ezgif.com/video-to-gif, where there are several optimization options, play with them until you get optimal filesize/quality. For emails I recommend GIFs until 2Mb. It's a 15 minutes process once you get it right and just repeat.
to scan a propery or a photo 360 tour? skycamguatemala 4 8 monthsDanSmigrod (8722): @skycamguatemala How much is "look around" worth to your client? How much is "get more students faster with more pre-qualified parents and students touring the school in person" worth to your client? Dig deeper about what problem you are helping solve for your client and you will know which solution to recommend. Dan
Matterport account for clients cswartz 7 8 monthscswartz (22): Thanks to all! Very helpful input!
Business Plan Help alsangio 5 8 monthsDanSmigrod (8722): @alsangio In this Matterport User Group Forum post ... Three Ways to Get Started With Matterport ... I discuss getting clients first (before you buy). You might see if you can line-up clients BEFORE you buy a Matterport Camera and related gear and accessories. Matterport Essential Shopping List: 20-Items For potential camera buyers - where there are other Matterport Pros - I recommend engaging a Pro and shadow while they scan, plus post...
All Encompassing Photography Business Examp Cabrahams 5 9 monthsjntooker (109): My new site just went live today. It is custom by CJ Designs. She is amazing. She also did my real estate website. Www.sneakpreviewphotography.com
Matterport Versus 360º Spherical Photography carissa0316 10 9 monthsDanSmigrod (8722): Moving this topic to the top of the MUG Forum since it is a frequent discussion topic. Best, Dan
Building a Social Media presence 3MOD 1 9 months3MOD (22): What are your thoughts on Social Media sites to build up awareness of your company? Has anyone "boosted" a Facebook post? What kind of results did you get? Finally, if you are starting out like me, I'd appreciate if you would find us on FB @3modtech and like our page. Glad to return the favor.
Using Matterport for Moving Sale Hopscotch 4 9 monthsEnvisionedSpaces (7): There could be s market for Estate sales too.
Media is coming to 3D see this article. GeorgeK 6 9 monthsDanSmigrod (8722): VR venture capital alliance forms $10 billion investment fund http://flip.it/U6t6N
What do you think? GlennTremain 30 9 monthsDanSmigrod (8722): @Tim WOW! So cool. Thanks for sharing. Sweet to see how you integrate the aerial with the Matterport Spaces and hear which tech you use to assemble this. Dan
Must begin on lowest level? BayAreaAdam 17 9 monthssstarkey (16): @Bill,very impressive model by the way. One question I have is why don't you outdoor scans show up in the dollhouse view? you can move around and go between the house and casita and also down by the pool but done of the walkway is in the dollhouse view. I guess I'm confused why its not shown.
Processing Progress (wish list item) Queen_City_3D 4 9 monthsDanSmigrod (8722): @Queen_City_3D From more than a year ago, look what I found ... :cool: MUG Forum Thread: Matterport Cloud Processing Wish List Look like we still (all) want it ... On 9 June 201 5, I emailed Matterport this consolidated Cloud Processing and Hosting Wish List based on the Clouding Processing and Hosting wish list threads. If you have additional wish list items, please post below (or to the appropriate wish list thread). Thanks, Dan...
Scanning the inside and outside of a house sstarkey 15 10 monthsBayAreaAdam (70): @sstarkey ahh, got it, thank you
Response when-whats the name of that camera? EricThomas 10 10 monthsLowell (25): A company could also buy their own dslr for photographs instead of hiring a photographer. When they want quality they'll hire a professional.
What keyword gets you the most business GlennTremain 8 10 monthsthebiggerpicture (13): @GlennTremain I agree with thinking local first, but every local market is different. In my area, very few people even know what matterport means so I could easily dominate rankings for {City} Matterport but who cares if no one is searching for that term. There are several keyword research tools out there to discover which search terms have a high volume. Combine that research with knowledge of your local target audience.
Camera Connection Drops Trade show Wifi prob VTLV 9 10 monthsVTLV (151): Matterport is on shirt staff so I don't expect to hear back from them anytime soon. But I just saw Facebook allows 360 Ricoh shots today. Something else to get excited about ;)
Disruptive Technology GarySnyder 15 10 monthsRRapp (46): @GarySnyder and @smcclell Great input. It might be worth noting here that most of Faro's (and other companies') technology pertains to laser scanning, versus photogrammetry (which MP is using). Both technologies have benefits and deficits of course. And while laser scanning was developed in large part to overcome the accuracy issues with photogrammetry, it certainly seems that photogrammetry's continuing evolution is making it increasingly...
Terrafranca A new Tour by wyzlo Wyzlo 10 10 monthsNoel (91): @Wyzlo if 'flows' now. Great work and the sun set is a nice feature.
What are the top 3 things about MUG? GlennTremain 4 11 monthsDanSmigrod (8722): @GlennTremain Thanks for asking. 1. A community that gives/gets help 2. Real-time response time when peeps are scanning and run into a challenge 3. Crowdsourcing answers from peers I :heart: learning new things. Just when you think every possible question has been asked - 1,400 threads so far - another new topic gets posted. What an incredible Matterport knowledge base created by the community. Dan
How to Add our own Logo? Wyzlo 14 11 monthsVTLV (151): Stick with the promise of making the single property website pages for the agents and get more clicks to your site as they share your page or link. Keyword up your site for now as being the Only Matterport Service Provider in your country for now. Perhaps later you can get traffic from their sharing the link and make some coin when the opportunity for your logo comes around. My agent pages look like this
Pre/Post Matterport Scan Check List htimsabbub23 8 11 monthsjscottsmith (106): For reference, here's a thread I started a while ago. I'll be comparing the above to my notes to build a master list. Thanks for all the suggestions! http://forum.we-get-around.com/topic/1424/page/1/master-check-lists/
HTML Code to create intuitive Facebook Tour Dolloff 4 11 monthsDanSmigrod (8722): @Dolloff Great! BTW ... Also, your Standard We Get Around Referral Network Membership includes the free use of WP3D Models WordPress Plugin. Among the many features, simply check the Auto-Start box rather keeping track of things like: &play=1 Here's a Summary of Membership Benefits. Here's more about WP3D Models ... Dan
Handling blown out windows pixelray 15 11 monthspixelray (241): I seem to be doing a lot of educating about the whole window thing...Did that in full detail WITH PHOTOS as visual back up and proof of what I was talking about...and she still wanted the blinds open after I just proved they would look way better closed. I am going to start bringing up the blown out widows to every client now and giving them the option up front...closed or open. It will look like this and it will look like that...your choice.
Parade of homes htimsabbub23 8 11 monthsSeventhsunrise (64): Interesting take. The builders I worked with loved it and saw both additional post show online revenue and numerous new contracts based on the scans associating the builders with the parade of homes.
Transfer models from Ipad to Ipad? Wyzlo 5 1 yearDanSmigrod (8722): @Wyzlo Yes. Correct. There is no other way to transfer Matterport Spaces. (I hope it is a very, very good friend.) @CathieRasch Yes. Backup/Restore/archive/collaborate has been on the MUG Forum Wish Lists for more than a year Dan
Facebook Matterport Users Group VTLV 7 1 yearVTLV (151): Thank you for sharing your experience Matt. Facebook seems to be a sensitive space for starters. This experience has shown me to focus on help in forums. Matterport help and support here first and nowhere else before contacting Matterport Tech support. Social Media sites appear to have members looking more for social interaction. When I saw our members contributions getting posted on Facebook. I couldn't help but to get sensitive and not see...
Is MP better than Google's "See Inside" BrianM 11 1 yearron0987 (541): @Metroplex360, I think this would be great and just an additional tool for us to use. We can only hope they are trying to work with Google.
Hosting fees strategy CKC 13 1 yearMetroplex360 (3472): Hosting fees for Matterport is silly IMHO. Out of curiosity, if you guys were able to setup sub-accounts under my.matterport.com wherein your clients were billed by Matterport and you didn't have to worry about it, would you opt for that instead? As it stands, if they get a collaborator account and are (now) able to view stats and all that, it kind of makes sense. If there was a billing system in place in the same screen it would be...
Questions for Vendors, from a newbie candy4me 1 1 yearcandy4me (19): Hello All I plan on purchasing a MP camera within the next few weeks to vendor in NYC after some research. I stumbled across this forum after attempts to gain a variety of service providers through matterport (slow, unresponsive!) To help me along, if some of you members could answer some of these questions, it would help me out tons! *How long have you been providing 3D services? *Issues with Camera? Software? (Does it REALLY last 10...
Customer wants tour file for forever use? EricThomas 5 1 yeardavidpylyp (175): The model is not a model unless they keep paying a hosting fee. I tell customers that the model pricing works out to near $15.00 per month and is billed every 6 months for $90. There is an option the FLATTEN the model into a screen capture [but then it no longer functions] They can BUY that version for an EXTRA $[How Big was it / Time]
Connecting with the real estate market? Dennis_N 17 1 yearfburch (28): I agree with @StevenHattan about persistence; this link has some very interesting statistics that bear him out. I also agree with @PetraSoderling ; find people who believe what you believe and focus on them. This is one of the messages in Simon Sinek's excellent book Start With Why. Research potential customers on LinkedIn, evaluate their web presence; do they resonate with you, do you feel like you're part of the same tribe? If so, you have...
PayPal alternative suggestions? pixelray 15 1 yearpixelray (241): Update: I started using Wave Apps, so thanks to you guys that mentioned it. I love how it does invoicing and connects to my business account and I really love their receipt app that lets you take pics of your receipts and then tracks it all. Love the financial reports too! Fantastic product imo.
Tip of the Day: Two scans of the Garage RenderingSpace 10 1 yearkreativelement (4): hasn't Matterport stated they will be rolling this part out soon ?
Tip of the Day: Scan an area twice RenderingSpace 8 1 yearProperty3dNZ (289): I do this on a regular basis and it works just fine! - keep in mind that the on the 3D model it sometimes has the curtains shut
Blacked out Area / Upload hung up processing stevenp92 6 1 yearstevenp92 (1): We were able to reach tech support so with sand blasted windows I guess the glass shoots light everywhere and confuses the camera which is why those areas were black as for the hang time they are having a technical glitch on their end thank you for all your help anyway Maria really appreciate the support.
Distance between scans for warehouse? Cindiewozniak 16 1 yearvincent (52): bring some objects to place in the wide open space the more objects the better consider sticking large squares of different colored paper to the walls every so often too zig zag as much as possible last thing pay attention to where the last scan is placed delete it if its been misplaced before you proceed
Help with business model for businesses... Queen_City_3D 6 1 yearNoel (91): You could set them up so they have their own cloud account. which is charged direct to them. Which would save your admin costs.
Password protection Aghachi101 9 1 yearAghachi101 (7): @rpetersn thank you for the info.. Please let me know when you have a moment to chat.
Published Notification Letter to Clients Wonderdawg 7 1 yearStevenHattan (886): @rpetersn getting really close to buying....
Too many scans? suncoastskyview 7 1 yearMikesobay (112): This is the summary of Matterport's recommendation, similar to what @Lbelland stated above. Source, with full explanation in the context of creating a complete mesh "As you’re creating models now, keep in mind that this data could be used for a number of applications in the future. That’s why it’s so important to scan thoroughly, and try to get behind furniture and into every nook and cranny. (Remember, if you over-scan, you can...
Cold calling.... yep.... Dennis_N 11 1 yearJCHAFE (19): thank God I dont have to cold call. I was doing real estate photography, yard sign installation and measurements for over 6 years for 100's of agents. All I had to do to get started was fire off a sample via email to my contact list that had a 90% open rate, and add a sample to my email signature and watch the inquires come in. Everyone loves it!
Mini HD Projector Perfect for Presentations Cabrahams 14 1 yearsmcclell (154): Good to know. I think you may be right. You can get medium sized ones that may do the job better but still be portable enough to take around. Thanks for the update :)
Tip of the Day: Don't Ignore This Warning RenderingSpace 9 1 yearRenderingSpace (601): I'm 99% sure my camera was level at the time and I remember that the warning message came right at the connecting scan.
show or hide pricing? Dennis_N 12 1 yearWonderdawg (82): People who shop for the lowest prices aren't really the clients one would want to attract. What use to bother me is having a 360 tour competitor automatically advertise "we will beat anyone's quote by 20%". Turns out it hasn't affected my offerings. In the early days I hated losing a $2000.00 quote for $189.00. A wise pastor friend tells me "Go with those who want to go with you and bless the rest."
Web Host Contracts Noel 3 1 yearNoel (91): @3DscannUK fair/good idea, thanks
Showcase Skins pixelray 10 1 yearandreabortolot (43): Marcel thank you for the product!
Legal protection justinS Jump to first page31Jump to last page 1 yearcswartz (22): Hi Jamie, I would like to get a copy if possible. Thanks!
Crazy Shoot / Crazy Solution Metroplex360 4 1 yearMetroplex360 (3472): Tosolini - Thanks for posting the link to that thread. I read it and it was VERY interesting. I will say, the method I used relied on being able to run around with the Matterport and look VERY silly. I imagine in the church that you shot, running outside and back in would have been IMPOSSIBLE.
Farming Email Cabrahams 4 1 yearBabluN (49): I am looking for Real Estate as well...!
My Business Plan StevenHattan 6 1 yearStevenHattan (886): Hi- Thanks. I'm familiar w EXP Realty. In fact, I interviewed the owner. :-) Steve
Short Survey for data gathering Tateo 18 1 yearfranmts (169): Maybe it's a matter more of technology adoption timing and familiarity. What I mean by that is that any agent knows what to do with good quality photos and videos, 'cause they play nicely on MLS, any portal, people click and it plays. On the other hand we're selling mostly software, which isn't featured yet in Zillow and yet gives brokerages quite a hard time to embed on properties, there's lots of improvement on the back-end yet to be done......
Pleasant surprise. (I hope) Dennis_N 1 1 yearDennis_N (88): I did my first scan today, of a beautiful property (made by the best builder in the area) and afterwards I realized how much a bottleneck uploading will be. I'll definitely have to bring my ipad home because Time Warner cable treats home connections with a far better upload bandwidth than a business connection. (isn't that ridiculous) The pleasant surprise is that the app supports resuming uploading, and didn't freak out once it lost...
standard documents - contract sebastien 2 1 yeartradetickers (10): http://improvephotography.com/8196/photography-contracts/
Going up against a "3D Tour Provider" Gerhard 8 1 yearGlenda (217): But can Google StreetView (or any other 360 tour) do this? http://forum.we-get-around.com/cached/68b5a7914a5bd4377c5ad774cba22925.jpg Hint: this is the "sizzle" ;)
How Do You Deliver The Final Product? BrianM 3 1 yearUnrealerAleksi (49): In my view the best option is to think about the customer first, and plan the delivery accordingly. Most of the people in real estate are not very tech savvy. So I would just send them the matterport tour link + photos OR combine photos/3D-tours/video in smartgallery.io player and send a link to that. As a message we have a very generic text, that highlights common problems with matterport and also gives some ideas for "best...
Stairs Dgitin 5 1 yearron0987 (541): @Dgitin I also try for the landing if there is one and if not I usually try to go for the top of the stairs. I would also recommend not doing more than 3-4 steps at a time and to make it look good in the model I would keep it the same number of steps each time. Ron
Share Measureable Showcase With Client BrianM 7 1 yearsmcclell (154): It would be great if there was a way to easily give clients the ability to take measurements other than collaborating. I am finding that with how inaccurate it is I'm not sure what purposes it holds other than for me to measure for basic floorplans.
Scans that are permanently on the cloud? Dennis_N 3 1 yearDennis_N (88): Thanks for the suggestion. I'll give that a try.
Digital furnishing & renovation UnrealerAleksi 16 1 yearchdsi80 (1): Correct. And that is the point. There is no Affordable user-friendly, high-precision solution out there at the moment. Handheld devices (Laser & IR) are painfully slow, yet cheap. the big ones are a combination of slow and/or expensive. Can someone invent something awesome, please? :D:D:D:cool::cool:
Success in non Real Estate markets? Dennis_N 5 1 yeardavidpylyp (175): OLD FOLKS HOMES who want to demonstrate their interiors to the kids who "help" decide online; Bars and Restaurants with live entertainment, where the customers see the venue and their seats; but the band can plan their stage. Why not a car dealer to display their garage and Services plus their showroom.... Insurance companies for risk assessments or claims verification. The uses are merely starting wherever anyone wants to share a...
How do you compete with Google? tradetickers 6 1 yeartradetickers (10): Matterport may get bought out by google at this rate
On Camera Lighting RenderingSpace 14 1 yearDanSmigrod (8722): @chdsi80 I successfully use my iPhone flashlight to "burn" in light. I am a few feet behind the camera - holding the iPhone high - and while the camera rotates, I "brush" in light. I contacly keep the phone moving so that I do not create sharp lines of dark and light areas or shadows on walls. The Camera does very well in low light with out this. I only do this in very, very dark areas. Practice and review your...
volume discounts offered to clients? Showcas3D 3 1 yeardavidpylyp (175): Multiple discounts could apply if I did the job once and sold it to six people Doing the job 6 times for half my regular price does not work for me IMHO Everyone wants something unique This is unique
Matterport Powerpoint Sales Decks? Cabrahams 4 1 yearCabrahams (61): Thanks for sharing.
invisible doors Showcas3D 7 1 yearmikeE (34): I think the trick the distance at which you transition.
Google 360 photographers Wonderdawg 7 1 yearmikeE (34): Have you looked at the iris360 from ntech? I'v already ordered one but I'm a little torn on which one to go with.
Service contract and Disclaimer cnrfaber 3 2 yearsdavidpylyp (175): What kind of service contracts? I invoice for services rendered.
Anxiety over MP model risks cdpmedia 6 2 yearsccctucker (151): If your going to pay the money and buy this machine, your job is to make back your investment as soon as you can and then make as much after that, until the ride is over. Technology only lasts until something perceived as better comes out.
Subterfuge in Marketing CathieRasch 1 2 yearsCathieRasch (112): We had an interesting revelation tonight. We are an early adopter in our area and, I believe, we have the first Matterport camera in our area. I've been working hard on our search rankings because Matterport is coming for the SC/NC Association of Realtors Convention which begins tomorrow. I did a search to see what my rankings are, imagine my surprise when videos came up when I typed Matterport Hilton Head Island! Turns out that someone is...
Oculus intergration inna 4 2 yearskc1302 (16): Better to build it maya, 3dsmax, modo or whatever you use. Should be easy and fast. Just make clever use of substances (SBSAR)and your good to go. Performance The mesh chunks are randomly cut. The mesh have holes not very suitable for frustum/occlusion culling. The mesh will require decimation especially if you wish to port it to gearvr, cardboard etc. Where the limit is currently set at 100.000 vertices / 100.000 triangles / 100...
Business Outside US Faga 4 2 yearsDoyleRealtor (511): I agree with the statements above and would add that a professional digital camera is reasonably affordable as well and yet all of the wedding & property photographers do just fine. Promotion of the technology in general is good for everyone involved regardless of what provider or solution being used.
Zillow virtual tour are not featured anymore inna 2 2 yearsCathieRasch (112): Inna, I don't know but I hope that they do, I just got my camera and would love to use that button! How else are you marketing your Matterport, both with buyers and sellers. I am working on my marketing plan and would love to corroborate if you're interested.
Privacy / HIPPA rules Wonderdawg 6 2 yearsQueen_City_3D (847): A few months ago I inquired to Matterport Support about the ability to obscure/"blur-out" objects in a scan. I mentioned that if a picture frame or something else is captured that the client would rather not be there, it would be neat to be able to draw around it in the Matterport Workshop and have that section then be obscured when scanned from the public model. They responded stating "a feature like you describe is already...
Consumer Trouble Shooting Guide Queen_City_3D 11 2 yearsRenderingSpace (601): @Queen_City_3D Just noticed that that you posted more on that thread and have had the same problem.
Building website justinS 11 2 yearsjustinS (13): Wow I love these members Dan. You guys are so helpful I will take on a challenge and let you all know what the end result may be. Wordpress seems like a very good idea. I'm short on time, but sounds like word press has benefitted you guys. Thank you!
Marketing/users collaborate justinS 2 2 yearsCathieRasch (112): Justin, I am a real estate agent and I just ordered a Matterport. I can't wait for it to arrive. From an agent standpoint it 1)allows me to provide my sellers with better service and market their home in an innovative manner 2)gives the buyer the opportunity to view their home in 3D which may reduce the number of showings to people that were looking for a home that had x that this home does not 3)provides the prospective purchaser with a...
Tracking Web Traffic Queen_City_3D 15 2 yearsrpetersn (1069): @josephthomp Thanks Joseph...please reach out if you have any questions? Oh...and thanks re: our artwork piece. Fun to try to use this tech in different ways. :)
Shooting Detached Garage and Above Gameroom seanminor 9 2 yearsJohnBecker (385): When you scan the second floor of the garage, it should be a separate "floor" that isn't the same as the second floor of the house. I had a situation like that and Bob Horn at Matterport said that two non-contiguous "second floors" would have to get separate floors assigned to them in Capture. This may have changed since then, but it seems like the safe way to do it.
Door Strategy RenderingSpace 8 2 yearsDanSmigrod (8722): Yes. 😎 It should work. Sometimes I can walk into the pantry (and can not walk out. Manage clients' expectations. This is art: not science.) Worst case, if you can wal-in, but not out: keep these scans for the dollhouse and floor plan views; and deactivate from wal-around view in 3D Workshop. Dan
Survey -Real Estate services for matterpeeps Queen_City_3D 12 2 yearsJamieSher (184): @ron0987, I hear you. These are better for premium properties. I know I'm not a 'pro' real estate photographer so they'll get better results having someone else come in and shoot but sometimes you can offer hi-res shots and capture it decently saving everyone time. But yes, premium properties are sort of where we all are I guess? @Jamie, cheers mate. Indeed music is really hard to choose with this kind of work but whatever the client wants!...
Threat to Matterport Users? Queen_City_3D 8 2 yearsTosolini (1099): If I were Matterport, I'd focus on the magic of their software. The writing is on the walls that the hardware is not going to be a big differentiator in the future, and prices are coming down. I think they are smart embracing threats like Google Project Tango, which allows you to scan a room in 3D using a simple device. The quality might not be there yet, but it's a matter of time that everybody will be able to do basic scans with their tablets...
Max Listing scannings per day. Whats your #? alegonzabot 18 2 yearsjustinS (13): What percentage of your work comes thru the wegetaroud website? Very glad I found such a great resource of information and fellow photographers. Dan you seem to know a great deal. What's your average price per 1ksqft?
Seinfeld Apartment 3D model Queen_City_3D 2 2 yearsAdamplatinumHD (31): :D thats Awesome. now do Kramers apartment!!
Marketing Idea Queen_City_3D 10 2 yearsjimduquette (10): Items are always market to market. I ran a couple of properties on individual pages and had good traffic. We've had very good luck on the weekends with people texting in. At the end of the day, its all about lead capture. In an industry where we spend $1,000's/month on lead capture, getting 6-8 text ins every week off of 6-10 signs for $20/month is a good return on investment.
Stats that shows listings sell/rent faster alegonzabot Jump to first page31Jump to last page 2 yearsjackye (13): Thanks a lot.
How can you scan a home larger than 20,000SF Aghachi101 17 2 yearsGarySnyder (1177): Hi guys, here are two threads that cover the topics above and bring up issues you should all be aware when shooting large jobs. http://forum.we-get-around.com/topic/339/mp-capture-app-kept-crashing-out/ http://forum.we-get-around.com/topic/316/page/1/camera-refused-to-see-any-additional-scans/ One last comment in regards to shooting a 20,000 SqFt property. If the property is occupied with loads of furniture this could take you far longer to...
Retail Pricing davidpylyp 16 2 yearsccctucker (151): I definitely think this is a regional discussion. Here in Seattle, business is starting to pick up, but agents are a fickle bunch that either get it, or don't. We have a few that do it for all of the houses, and some that only use it for mil + homes. Either way, price is everything and we are at 250 base plus 100 per floor. The sq footage issue is a discussion that we would like to have, but it makes pricing convoluted and this just makes...
Disclaimer Forms Queen_City_3D 6 2 yearsdavidpylyp (175): Thank you That would an interesting and valuable disclosure
First Scan/Showcase Tconroy21 7 2 yearsseanminor (40): Nice job Tim. Why on Tim's scan did it not think the step down was another floor? I've seen complaints posted here. Did MP change something?
Running Lean book - Recommended Lecture alegonzabot 1 2 yearsalegonzabot (25): Hey MUG, I Just wanted to share with you guys these book im reading that teaches an strategic aproach to starting a business FROM PLAN A TO A PLAN THAT WORKS. As we all are trying to create and grow our photography business i think these is an excelent read for you all. Cheers! Running Lean http://www.enactusryerson.ca/wp-content/uploads/2014/03/RunningLean.pdf
Best filming timings CKC 3 2 yearsJamie (1498): I like shooting around dusk. The glare is a killer. We need exposure controls
Gov agencies requiring secure MP Model Links Rentertainment 7 2 yearsDoyleRealtor (511): Have you considered Toursler? There has to be a way to keep the content private. It has been a concern for a few homeowners we've shot for already, but we were able to just delete the scans of areas of concern like offices, closets etc. The public not wanting their private residences completely mapped is a legitimate concern. Most of the homes we've been doing are vacant, but we already present it as an option. In most cases the pros will out...
Feedback on Squarespace websites Using 3Ds? SummerMayhugh 12 2 yearsDoyleRealtor (511): Theirs includes the HD photos and floor plans in price. I owned a Matterport before, and was still hiring a professional photographer to shoot stills because the screen grabs from matterport weren't up to our standards. Now I'm getting everything all in one and am saving time by just having them do it. I do miss the doll house but in long run I believe this is a better consumer experience
E-commerce & smart journalism CKC 1 2 yearsCKC (76): Hello, I have got clients asking how we can integrate MP and E-commerce and even VR-based reportage...right now what we can offer is a) the link, b) the embed code and c)obj files...are these enough for clients as a base to further create online shopping experiences and virtual reporting? Big and perhaps a bit vague questions, thanks!
Won't upload Canada 12 2 yearsMat (22): It sorted itself out. After 2 hours of sitting in Limbo, the upload % has started to increase.
Matterport for Apartments in Michigan TrueSpaces 1 2 yearsTrueSpaces (52): In addition to residential and commercial real estate listings, we're exploring using Matterport for apartment community rentals too. Have you had success in offering apartment communities 3D Showcases? Seems like it would a great fit to help get new residents; especially relocations. Thanks!
Realtor Asks: How to Get Listings via 3D SummerMayhugh 7 2 yearsalx3D (619): Awesome Eric! Great to see some TX success.
Competition WarrenVandal 12 2 yearsGarySnyder (1177): Hi Warren There are no plans on Google using the Matterport camera. I tried to get it approved but due to the closed nature of the MP system there was no way that Google would even consider it. Another issue with MP is you can not blur faces or other details which are strictly enforces when shooting for Google. There are other devices coming online that may be approved to shoot BV jobs like the wide range of 360 cameras so watch this...
MATTERPORT BANNED MY ACCOUNT!!! sam 4 2 yearsVincentlublink (52): I hope 😀
New company vs. division of existing company BrettMtn 3 2 yearsJohnBecker (385): I can't see any need to split it off as a separate business, unless you have separate expenses or liabilities. Or if you employ someone to do the scans for you, whether as an employee or collaborator.
What is Matterport's Business Model? Bryn 6 2 yearsBryn (133): How would you feel if you knew that matterport gave those units to Redfin for free. If Greylock Partners is the major investor in both its all the same money anyway. Redfin is simply setting up their website to optimize for the digital showings. They don't care if you do it with a matterport or a tablet or a mobile phone. That would actually be best for Redfin so they could get more out of their agents by having the ability to get it done with a...