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New to MUG? Please introduce yourself here ... DanSmigrod 385 16 hoursDanSmigrod (4495): @vchelf Welcome again ... :cool: Yes. Invest the $600 you saved in the ... We Get Around Referral Network Essential Launch Marketing Tool Kit for Matterport Service Providers We curate the essentials for new - and seasoned Pros - to succeed faster. Best, Dan
Did you buy a MP Camera in the last 30 days? DanSmigrod 18 1 dayDanSmigrod (4495): @pixelray Only those within 30 days of buying the Camera. Worth asking :cool:
Why Other Cameras, Platforms & Related Tech? DanSmigrod 11 2 daysmori (73): Another great tech is 3D without 3D scanning. One of the best companies I know is from germany: This is german, but check the videos and try Google Translate:
Matterport Essential Shopping List: 20-Items DanSmigrod 7 4 daysDanSmigrod (4495): Here's the lasted Matterport Gear and Accessories shopping list ... (As of Sunday, 21 August 2016). Best, Dan
ICSF16-Index: MUG Forum Inman Connect Posts DanSmigrod 2 13 daysDanSmigrod (4495): KoaWare Blog (11 August 2016) 5 Things We Learned at Inman Connect San Francisco 2016 by @KoaWare Co-Founder, Kristyn Roth
Launching a Matterport Service Provider Biz? DanSmigrod 5 15 daysDanSmigrod (4495): @ploft Great idea :cool: Here's the new topic that you suggested: Matterport Pros Reseller/Affiliate Program? Best, Dan
Buying a Matterport demo phone for VR jnash70 5 12 minutesDanSmigrod (4495): @pixelray Yes! In your We Get Around We Get Around Referral Network Welcome Onboard Letter, look for the MP2VR unique promo code info. Please PM me if you need the Welcome Onboard letter resent. Best, Dan
Keyboard Control of space for Mac leeverdon 3 39 minutesleeverdon (31): Doesn't work. Have tried several options: cmd P alt P ctrl P
I did some crappy Ricoh Theta S Google Tours Metroplex360 22 49 minutesMetroplex360 (436):
Problem with bright reds, oranges and yellow manolohk 5 1 hourmanolohk (37): So I just wanted to update you guys. The response from Matterport was that they are releasing a color correction firmware and that I have to "reshoot" the place. Oh and they say "Sorry" as well. I find this kind of issues unacceptable. This was a huge client for me and now its lost. Beware of this lighting problems.
Competitor? StevenHattan 17 2 hoursMetroplex360 (436): @SteveHattan - I -love- the idea behind this. Looks like it's GoPro driven or something similar. The interface ruins everything. If this were done correctly, it would be a VERY saleable product.
Should I change the name of the MUG Forum? DanSmigrod 11 3 hoursDanSmigrod (4495): @PetraSoderling I :heart: it! #1 out of 690,000 search results. Dan
Does My Company Name Suck? StevenHattan 10 3 hoursCDM (7): Just some advice from when we started. I have 17 years experience in commercial photography and much of that stems from creating images that "brand" a product or service. So when we started INVELOP we wanted to have a name that not only encapsulated but encompassed our service. Our name is not completely descriptive of what we do but it relates in with much cognitive effect. Matterport scans envelop the viewer in the space. We...
360 View spherical photo download? Helen 2 9 hours3Dwalkmethru (187): @Helen that would be awesome!
Firmware Update 1.1.414.11204.b100b35-P Metroplex360 33 14 hoursfrstbubble (37): Sorry @DanSmigrod, I should have put it is a 9.7, not the ginormous iPad Pro.
Beta Testing New WP3D Models Feature DanSmigrod 7 15 hoursGeorgeK (136): Dan: I am pretty sure you can get away with posting the picture if it is not boosted or advertised but then there is the linking issue. I talked to Matterport about this and they told me 4 months ago this was frequently brought up. Here is the thing if you sent them to the model they have to start the Matterport. And then getting the people back to the agent from the Matterport is difficult. Most agents understand they need that contact...
Facebook disabled account due to Matterport kenman 5 15 hourskenman (1): Thanks guys, It could sent be to a web page. I didn't want to create a landing page for each scan buuuuut.... I was just thinking that hundreds of links to scans get posted daily and surely FB is not disabling every Matterport users account. The click bait thing sounds reasonable... I didn't make that connection. Explains a lot.
Matterport Support: How long to hear back? DanSmigrod 8 16 hoursDanSmigrod (4495): @MitchRvGuy Sweet! Dan
360 video 3Dwalkmethru 4 16 hoursDanSmigrod (4495): 360º spherical video created with the Ricoh Theta S @3Dwalkmethru Get a Ricoh Theta S. While the video is not great, it will take you months to develop workflow and get fast at shoot, view and social share. Then, when the next generation comes out, you will be a super-star with 360 spherical video. Dan
Atlanta Mixed Reality Meetup: HoloLens DanSmigrod 1 18 hoursDanSmigrod (4495): 360º Video YouTube 360º Photo-Round.Me 360º Photo-Twitter 360º Photo-Google+ 360º Photo - Facebook 360º Video on Facebook --- During the Atlanta HoloLens Meetup / Atlanta Mixed Reality Meetup about the HoloLens tonight (24 August 2016), I shots some 360º photos and video with the Ricoh Theta S. The examples above show how quickly content can be turnaround - even during the...
360 view HarlanHambright 41 19 hoursJonJ (172): @JRMaddox, Once you are in the workshop, expand the section for 360 views. Once there, double click the view that you would like to see. Frame your shot and then capture the image just as you would with any image. When you navigate to the highlight reel, you will see your 360 image and you can add it to the the highlight reel. Be aware, that you must have at least one 360 scan in your highlight reel as well. Don't forget to hit...
Tell me again how Virtual Reality is no big GlennTremain 6 22 hoursUserName (82): Good points. Today's VR may flourish when people must wear bulky headsets if they want to reap a specific benefit. This award-winning Gear VR app has room for improvement, but it may be an example of a must-experience VR app for people who must give a speech. You either don the bulky headset or you miss the learning experience. (link) Imagine practicing a...
Create different starting points mori 3 1 dayjntooker (28): And what do we do with them? Can you provide some more detail on "using these codes combined with coordinates"?
Top 20 "Wish List" for Matterport for 2016 DanSmigrod 10 1 dayMetroplex360 (436): @JonJ The door mark feature is a nice one. Very simple idea with huge implications!
Backend Errors on My Website hometakes 1 1 dayhometakes (4): My developer sent me this email, doesn't anyone know the answer to this? I thought I would try here before Matterport due to the time it takes to get a response from them. Below are errors that coming from the backend of your menu ordering system regarding 3D Tours: ---- From: [main] 18.691s Starting Showcase... -...
Group client scans skycamguatemala 5 1 day3DscannUK (385): Linkable Mattertags aren´t that far away, you could then link together the scans so they´re all accesible in each model.
Airbnb, VRBO and HomeAway: Tactical Help DanSmigrod 4 1 day3DscannUK (385): @DanSmigrod Sorry, I wasn´t being very clear. I reached out and they replied that it was a beta program, embedding Matterport spaces would be by invitation only. It´s kind of annoying that they´re not just making it publicly available, because they´ve obviously built support for it, Matterport has even adapted their CSS with a smaller logo etc. I guess what we could do is try to put some figures together and send an email to...
What ever happened to Matterport 3D Studio?? sstarkey 23 1 daymori (73): Finally I can say they are working on "something".
Transfer scans from one iPad to another iPad tomjones2787 4 1 daymori (73): Another option is Copying file from and to the device works very well.
Low budget video showcase skycamguatemala 5 2 daysskycamguatemala (7): Thank you all, good points. I did it, with a HDMI recorder, and edited on final cut, to trim some mistakes and crop the top, where it shows iPad. regards from Guatemala
Great news for huge models HarlanHambright 17 2 daysMetroplex360 (436): @craigsauer Doesn't work for me (and it -should- if you know what I mean). Weird. I think I got kicked out of the testing program :)
3D Tour - Maori Pa, Aotearoa natiDigital 4 2 daysProperty3dNZ (160): @natiDigital Hi Tiffany Your the first kiwi I've seen post in We Get Around! Would love to have a chat sometime message me if you're interested in catching up! Marcia
  Matterport Pro Wanted: Melbourne, Florida DanSmigrod 4 2 daysDanSmigrod (4495): This opportunity has been handled. Thank you. Dan
EVOX Images: 360º Photo Spheres Inside Cars DanSmigrod 9 2 daysDanSmigrod (4495): @smcclell I recall that it is General Motors for their "5th tier" dealerships (that will not have cars!) Dan
Promoting Matterport with Video to Public GeorgeK 11 2 daysGeorgeK (136): ODDLY this was one of my best preforming videos. This is part of "NOT" a Complete Story. This was a remarket piece, most everyone that saw it was directed to and had already seen another group of videos. I posted this on Instagram and it was one of my most liked videos. Go Figure! And your right Steven, I am going to travel to the tune of the Drummer that got me where I am, and I do not come without some serious REALTOR street...
Something Strange want to call Ghostbusters Gerhard 4 2 days3DscannUK (385): I`m going to place my bet on the palmtree that´s captured outside the bedroom. Probably happened due to the way the pointcloud splits the floors, and the palm tree is perceived as ground floor, the first floor bedroom right next to it is perceived as part of ground floor due to it being the same height to the slanted ceiling. There´s a hole in the mesh in the bedroom wall, maybe a trim line that´s placed to close to the wall from the outside....
Matterport in Europe mori 13 3 daysmori (73): @Wyzlo That´s really great for you - congrats. Wish we had such a project also.
Storing models on Icloud tomjones2787 6 3 daysfrstbubble (37): The merging of the two iPad Minis did not work. The database could not be merged as there were duplicate keys. So I have stored the models as backups under different folders. I can restore each one separately but cannot have all of my models in one place. The only thing that I would worry about as was mentioned before is if they change the database structure in a future release of the capture app you may not be able to access your past models....
SketchFab: Outdoor + Drone DanSmigrod 3 3 daysfranmts (109): His video with Autodesk is very nice, comparing LiDAR to Drone photography and different camera setups! Was watching the other day.. And I pinned to top my Sketchfab post on Facebook. If someone needs help converting models to Sketchfab, let me know, I've spend quite some time optimizing textures, vertices and rendering quality to look good and load quicker. Also, you will see many watermarked...
20 Questions>KoaWare Single Property Website DanSmigrod 29 3 daysKoaWare (61): You're very welcome @DanSmigrod! Each week we'll showcase a Property Site from one of our user's as part of our #KoaWareSpotlight series. We know how much work goes into creating great content for clients, so we want to highlight the beauty of seeing it all come together!
Huge Scan HarlanHambright 16 3 daysUserName (82): Thanks. I just tried it and it works great. Maybe they can tweak that feature so you can jump around a model quickly via clicking links you've bookmarked. Currently, the model reloads the entire Matterport model from scratch before navigating to the linked location. Some people viewing a large model, such as the Little Hawkins Island property, might love the ability to explore 20 or 30 interesting locations randomly and later backtrack to...
Matterport $600 Off Extended to 5 Sept 2016 DanSmigrod 1 3 daysDanSmigrod (4495): Matterport has extended its $600 off offer through Monday, 5 September 2016 using the promo code: SPECIAL16 And, Professional hosting ($99/monthly) is free until 1 October 2016. [If you read this post on or before 5 October 2016, reminder that Matterport Camera Terms of Sale includes a 30 day money back guarantee. As reported in related MUG threads, MUG...
  Matterport Pro Wanted: Marrakech, Morroco DanSmigrod 2 3 daysDanSmigrod (4495): This opportunity is no longer available. Thank you, Dan
Scanning outdoor tours in bright sunlight joez 6 3 daysmori (73): If you want to scan outdoor direct sunlight will kill the 3D, especially on reflective floors. If you want 3D outdoors, scan early in the morning, evening or at night and best with a light cloudy sky. But it works:
Floor plan only from Matterport tomjones2787 6 3 daystomjones2787 (22): Thank you.. and thank you Dan for this App.. I'll be doing the Job today.. If I have issues or need assistance I'll be in touch Petra!
Top 3 Questions to Ask Matterport Leadership DanSmigrod 11 3 daysMark (1): Hi CKC, We were working on offline app for Win/Mac using the Panotour/Krpano VRs files. The need for making separate app was the fact that Panotour Viewer does not support embedding mp4/audio and pdf files that was used by custom interactive VRs tours. Does anyone know if there is possibility to host Matterport files offline? If possible, we could port the app to support the Matterport files for offline viewing. Thanks Mark 360viewlabs Team...
Giroptic 360 Review CarlosFHdz 8 4 daysCarlosFHdz (472): I think using a service like roundme and embedding the picture to your website is one way, but it has to be hosted by a 3rd party.
Share Examples of 360 Views Here AerialMG 12 4 daysProperty3dNZ (160): @mori Just to let you know the link you have shared above lets me go into your workshop!
Why doesn't an electronic auto-level exist? Metroplex360 6 4 daysMikesobay (94):
Velcrow the Level tomjones2787 7 4 daystomjones2787 (22): If one side of velcrow is higher