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An Open Letter to Matterport CEO Bill Brown DanSmigrod 20 11 daysRollinryan (7): Dan, WOW... I see an opportunity and am glad I didn't invest $10,000 yet. Guess they will answer your concerns? I doubt it without being probed and usually that requires a monetary adjustment. Guess I'll hang in and see where this goes. Thanks for addressing.. seems to be very important... For Sure. Rollin Ryan
Oops, they [Matterport] did it again? jfantin 8 11 daysimad (40): Reference to my post above i believe i owe Matterport an Apology as i rushed to express my anger about them changing the TOS silently, based on a misinformed Facebook post on MOUG. But it turns out later that TOS was actually rolled back and never changed. However the reason i was angry (like most of us i think) was because we saw that Matterport's approach to the long waited echo system was going to cause a lot of trouble for all of us MSPs...
BREAKING: Matterport’s Commitment to Improve Metroplex360 9 16 daysadvancedhdr (136): Thats amazing stats.. somehow I heard it was 7% market scanned.. wow.. Now can say that, Trend has DOUBLED in popularity in the past year!
ANNOUNCEMENT: Terms of Service Rollback Metroplex360 65 18 daysrzphotoman (313): I also agree with Glenn. Let's give them a chance and see where they go with this.
Matterport Ecosystem - All WGAN Discussions DanSmigrod 3 19 daysVTLV (1036): Another great feature of We Get Around. Tracking of subjects to reference. Not seeing that in a long line of Facebook posts where people swear a post they were following got deleted 😃 Thank you @DanSmigrod from helping our minds continue with rational thought pricesses.
  Matterport 3rd Party Developer Wanted DanSmigrod 2 18 minutesDanSmigrod (14761): This opportunity is still available as of noon Saturday (17 March 2018). Thanks, Dan
Google Welcome to Light Fields MeshImages 1 11 hoursMeshImages (331): For everyone interested in Reality Capturing Google has released a must-see VR app called "Welcome to Light Fields". In a Light Field image viewers can move their heads through 3D space within the capture and see the scene from varying perspectives. ...
Evolution HarlanHambright 2 12 hoursMeshImages (331): Recently I have re-uploaded an old tour, which could not be processed two years ago (Pro 1). Now it could. Cloud rendering has significantly improved, too. This model is a 7.500 SQM (75.000 SQFT) "Matterport monster".
How to Backup Your Matterport Spaces on iPad DanSmigrod 25 14 hoursVTLV (1036): Sorry. Did the above with imazing
Matterport architect advantage Exceed94 2 15 hoursJuMP (790): I am not working on the architect area. I think the question should be go to Matterport, right? They set a price USD49.00 of that MatterPak should came from some investigation.
Adding a music track to Matterport BrokerBruce 6 18 hoursBrokerBruce (1): Thanks much.
Bad reflection strange lines 4dlegacyvision 8 19 hoursShakoure (46): @4dlegacyvision ...Future reference: Take an extra scan or two a foot apart from a scan you think might have reflective problem like this. Sometimes, the second scan at just a foot away can render a better image which you can use and Hide the problematic one.
Continuation of a scan Briski2208 5 20 hoursron0987 (802): @Briski2208 you also have to make sure that if there is a door joining the two spaces it was open during original scan or you will need to scan far enough away from the door or you will not be able to navigate thru it. You will have no issue even if there is a separate stair case, I just add a new level and have never had an issue.
Matterport to Google Street View "Wish List" DanSmigrod 3 1 dayDanSmigrod (14761): Reminder to Matterport Product Development team for publishing to Google Street View
SDK Installation on localhost TobiasRempe 2 1 dayinveon (1): Hi Tobias. Try change double quotes " with single quote ' in yours code. Minimap, Google Analytics, More Metroplex360 22 2 daysMetroplex360 (7618): Work is done for the day :) I've fixed a lot of mobile related UI issues, found a bug where the maximized minimap was blocking access to normal navigation of the space to the left of the map, and fixed some browser issues too!
Website design advice for Estage Agent site angusnorriss 5 2 daysKoaWare (103): Hey @angusnorriss, bldr, our agent website platform, offers a library of pre-formatted sections to drag + drop, add content, and customize your agent website instantly. As a reseller, you can manage, create original content and make changes in real time. Adding Matterport is instant and easy, no plugin needed. See here. You can schedule a demo with us here! Thanks for sharing the other info @dansmigrod!
WGAN-TV>bldr Platform for Real Estate Agents DanSmigrod 9 2 daysKoaWare (103): Check out our new website here!
Saving Matterport for offline reference 3drama 9 2 daysJuMP (790): Could be full function and cross-browser and cross-os, but it need more time to code and test. Matterport have not released cross-os standalone application yet, it could be not easy.
New to the Forum? Please introduce yourself DanSmigrod 542 2 daysDanSmigrod (14761): Hi All, New to the WGAN Forum? Please introduce yourself. Best, Dan
Newbie Questions BrokerBruce 3 2 daysBrokerBruce (1): Thanks John!
Before and after scan rzphotoman 8 2 daysrzphotoman (313): @kjoman Well done.
Bad Image Quality in Showcase - all modells LeventeSolczi 18 3 daysJuMP (790): @advancedhdr Thank you. I assumed you have new showcases that suffering the safari issue.
Relahq Single Websites, Anyone using? ploft 4 3 daysMeshImages (331): I just wanted to give Relahq a try, but they are not selling to Europe? Only USA, Canada and Australia. Maybe the WGA 14-day free trial works for European clients.
Multimedia Mattertags example needed jfantin 8 3 daysjfantin (1576): @4dlegacyvision thanks in advance for sharing your project with us.
Recommendation for Floor Plans Chemistrydoc 3 3 daysPetraSoderling (520): Hi @Chemistrydoc creates floor plans based on requirements. We can show beds and bed sizes and pretty much anything else your client wants. The price is $99.95 and as a Basic, Standard or Premium WGAN member you get a 60% discount. [Private Message me]
Business advice after news release VRimpact 4 4 daysVRimpact (103): Sorry guys I'll repost link in a few minutes.
Newbie Question - Single property website Virtuality22 9 4 daysmikeland (10): Hi @Virtuality22 - Mike from here... Rela's platform makes it easy to create single property websites for your agents. Our platform is also white-labeled, which allows you to automatically set up the domains for the property websites exactly as you described "" - You also have the option to attach a custom domain like You can give us a try for free by signing up at...
MSP acronym:Fingernails on the chalkboard Nerdvice451 8 4 dayssrennick (313): Proud to be a Matterport Service Partner. We are providing a service to the clients we serve. There is so much more service involved when you hand over a virtual tour to a client. It's an ongoing relationship if we use the 3D technology, the deliverable, to its fullest capability. Also, we are bound to the Matterport ecosystem, so why not be a partner with them? Partner also speaks to the idea of partnering with the client, to come- on-...
How to Save 10% for Life on WGAN Membership DanSmigrod 11 4 daysDanSmigrod (14761): Hi All, Reminder: Leverage your Matterport expertise by offering your services anywhere and make the difference between what you charge your client and what you pay another Matterport Service Provider. Best, Dan
Alert for Safari Users|Burnt white showcase LeventeSolczi 16 4 daysJuMP (790): @LeventeSolczi Did the safari brightness issue still exist now? Do you get any solution? Thank you.
[R&D] From MP OBJ to Facebook 3D post Tosolini 3 4 daysTosolini (1969): @leowanzweel You may be right that a cleaned up floorplan will likely be a better option. We wanted to test the output from MP, but the limitations are so severe that I'm not really sure it's a viable option.
WGAN Meetup San Francisco: Tues, 29 May 2018 DanSmigrod 2 4 daysMetroplex360 (7618): I'll be there. And there are quite a few neat restaurants around (and a Rubio's!!)
Current Matterport Firmware Version BobbyG 11 4 daysMetroplex360 (7618): 1.623.19630 is the latest public beta. 1.623.19637 is the newest private beta that will be rolling out very very soon.
Embedding a tour in a linkedin article Jamie 3 5 daysRichierichks (493): I haven't taken the time to really look at Embedly. I can't figure out what the actual advantage to them are over an iFrame. The limited amount that I have looked at them it appears that you can only embed them places that you can embed an iFrame which is free and unbranded. Can someone please enlighten me?
Windows showing blinds in dollhouse Jamie 4 5 daysJonJ (1342): Next time you may want to only close one shade at a time and put the camera in front of that one while all other treatments are open. Not sure if that is possible, though.
MP For Home Builders & Construction Snap 9 5 daysSnap (139): Thanks so much @VLTV and Mimax_Solutions_Ltd really appreciate the input
I made a new advertising video grmngrl 5 5 daysnat_vanveen (589): @grmngrl Excellent!! Great job :D
WGAN Meetup Anaheim, CA Tues., June 5, 2018 DanSmigrod 1 5 daysDanSmigrod (14761): Hi All, Are you attending the SPAR 3D Expo & Conference June 5-7, 2018 in Anaheim, CA? Join your WGAN Forum peeps for dinner on Tuesday, June 5th at a TBD casual, affordable restaurant within walking distance of the Anaheim Convention Center. We've done WGAN Meetup dinners in New York, Quebec City, San Francisco, Tokyo and Brunswick, Georgia. It's...
WGAN-TV: 3DVUE Services for Un-Built Spaces DanSmigrod 4 5 daysDanSmigrod (14761): @DouglasMeyers We update the links here. Here is the 3DVUE website. It will be updated in conjunction with this WGAN-TV Live at 5 show ... Best, Dan
Large Touchscreen Monitor with Matterport? DanSmigrod 14 5 daysDanSmigrod (14761): Open thread to view post.
WGAN-TV Schedule: 19-23 March 2018 DanSmigrod 1 5 daysDanSmigrod (14761): Hi All, WGAN-TV Live Events Programming Schedule | Monday, 19 March through Friday, 23 March 2018 ✓ Monday, 19 March - Recorded Programming ✓ Tuesday, 20 March - 3DVUE 3rd Party Services for Un-Built Spaces with 3DVUE Director Amreet Gill. ✓ Wed, 7, 21 March - Recorded Programming ✓ Thursday, 22 March - Recorded Programming ✓ Friday, 23 March -...
How do you market to realtors in you area? rzphotoman 3 5 daysrzphotoman (313): @lifelikeview Thanks for the info.
Reactivating an old model Cindiewozniak 4 6 daysQueen_City_3D (1507): @Cindiewozniak I guess it depends on your working relationship with that agent. It doesn't cost you anything to push a button to have it active again, and so far it seems that Matterport has been holding off with their insane idea to charge for going over the hosting limits (MATTERPORT: Remove that from your plans and you will 100% sell more cameras!!!). Personally if it was me I'd let him use it again. He paid for it once and I'd want to keep...
Can U transfer un-uploaded tour to other MSP MarkCantu 5 6 daysQueen_City_3D (1507): @MarkCantu You were asking if the raw data could be transferred, right? Did you find out if that's possible? We've had other MSPs do scans for us, and we've always just given them an email address to a collaborator account we've set up... but that's just having the processed scan show up in our workshop... we've never had the pre-upload raw data sent to us. We've had to rely on the other MSP to do the uploading, and if there were any tweaks...
Issues uploading scan to GSV Bryan 4 6 daysChi3d (7): anyone know if they are working on it. Been trying for days to upload for a client with no luck.
Interactive Video Featuring MP Scan Video Richierichks 8 7 daysBernardhhi (40): Kudos! This a very cool integration of the Matterport tour into a website! I loved the interactive floor plan. When I first viewed on my desktop using chrome browser the menu overlay was not visible - so I only saw the video play. Tonight I picked up my iPad and everything worked just fine. Bernie
How to make Private Showcase popular by all? JuMP 5 7 daysJuMP (790): @Metroplex360 Thank you for notice the TOS risk here. But we already think about it and we will keep the JuMP-UV as the TOS friendly application. JuMP-UV will be a system with some iframe pages generation to make the private showcase presentation easier than current mode. We think it will be something like the WP3DModels Application that you used popular now. But JuMP-UV provide quite different functions to the WP3DModels. If Matterport...
Tips for Publishing to Google Street View? DanSmigrod 5 7 daysVTLV (1036): Be patient!!!! It takes a couple hours to get all the scans on there. It could take up to a week for Google to have it all straight after you update each scan point. Download Google Street View App and update your linking next time you're sitting on the John.
Have questions for industry leaders? immersivespaces 5 7 daysimmersivespaces (337): Has two good meetings yesterday... I'm collecting my notes/thoughts and will give you all some info in the coming days.