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Matterport Essential Shopping List: 20-Items DanSmigrod 9 2 daysDanSmigrod (5812): This video describes the gear and accessories that I recommend - and why - to start a Matterport Service Provider business. You can buy (nearly all of the) 20 Essential Matterport Camera, Gear and Accessories in the We Get Around Forum Amazon Store: (This is only a gear and accessories budget.) Best, Dan -- We Get Around is an Amazon Associate. We Get Around is not associated with...
New to the Forum? Please introduce yourself DanSmigrod 421 5 daysDanSmigrod (5812): @3SevensStudio Welcome! Please start a new thread and share the hot tub store. Sounds like a fun use-case for the Matterport community ... Best, Dan
Why Other Cameras, Platforms & Related Tech? DanSmigrod 13 7 dayszan5hin (1): Hi, first I would like to thank Dan for this forum. I am not a current Matterport user but I am a Google Trusted Photographer with 400 shoots under my belt, doing retail and commercial spaces. I watched the videos from the Inman Connect conference that Dan shot, and am interested in the Planitar solution however it is not available outside of North America. I really want to get into the real estate market and I see floorplans are the main...
How to Embed a 3D Showcase in Forum Threads DanSmigrod 20 19 daysDanSmigrod (5812): Hi All, Making it easier to embed Matterport Spaces in the Forum is still on our development roadmap. Thanks for your patience. Dan
  Used Matterport Cameras For Sale on eBay DanSmigrod 15 29 daysDanSmigrod (5812): About Selling a Used Matterport Cameras for Sale --- A used Matterport Camera ---> in Paris, France <--- is on eBay today (Sunday, 25 September 2016): Serial Number: B913 / Model: MC200 Bidding starts at 2,900 EUR Dan
Can't load models into Gear VR tomjones2787 5 5 hoursCarlosFHdz (490): @queen_city3D , your preferences are set for that type of link to default to gear vr or default to cardboard vr (once selected it asks "always" or "just once" ). You can change that in the settings in your phone.
Video Editing Service Suggestions frstbubble 3 9 hoursArchimedStudio (241): Maybe we could do that... we've been shooting and editing more and more videos lately. Demand keeps growing. Matt
Aerial 360 + MP tomjones2787 3 11 hoursUserName (160): Looks like its embedded Flash and those clickable spots/links are in the Flash program. <embed name="krpanoSWFObject" id="krpanoSWFObject" style="outline:none;" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" src="indexdata/index.swf" allowfullscreen="true" flashvars="browser.useragent=Mozilla%2F5.0%20(Windows%20NT%2...
Virtual Reality Landscape Marcel 1 12 hoursMarcel (220): Found this interesting graphic for VR. Credit to company called Luma
Matterport is the Gold Standard davidpylyp 3 15 hoursVRealExperience (16): I agree with the product and solution, but their support is lackluster. This is not a personal shot at the people they have in support, but more the way their support is structured and operationalized Forget 24x7 which I think should be a given for them - but how they offer support in general. It's really only email and in some cases 4 days go by. Does anyone know a single real estate agent who is also patient? Most "Sales"...
Disable Dollhouse view?? Dolloff 3 18 hoursDolloff (40): Thank you Andrew. Sounds like something I should have known, but always learning new tricks! Thank you!
Matterport scan to game Engine DannyBasting 24 18 hoursJonJ (262): Nice work!
can't see the full screen icon on iPad JC3DCX 3 19 hoursJC3DCX (139): Thanks, also got the same response from Matterport Support,
Offline model crashing when viewing on iPad Tosolini 6 20 hoursChateauImage (4): Just this morning I have experienced the same issue - seems to load, then just white screen - on a 11,000 sq ft home I scanned over a month ago. Yes, slightly over 200 scans, and the model has PREVIOUSLY always displayed fine on the iPad app, but now will not. No changes to my camera firmware (camera purchased only about 2 months ago) or any other software I'm using, so I must assume this is some change at Matterport? Odd, because the exact...
New and Improved: MP2SQFT+ Now live! DanSmigrod 14 20 hoursDanSmigrod (5812): @DustinRobinson We Get Around quotes residential real estate for sale based on square feet (sq ft). Most agents already know the square footage based on the house previous MLS listing. We do charge for scanning non-heated spaces such as patios/decks. So, while a client may say 3,500 sq ft, the actual space scanned is 4,000 sq ft. The Guide to Matterport Service Provider Pricing - curated by We Get Around - is free for We Get Around...
Just wanted to share 2 of our last scans Olivius 8 1 dayLizzg (22): Beautiful work! Thank you for sharing with us!
Link back to another model- help ScanMan 4 1 dayDannyBasting (67): Could you provide some more information on what you did exactly? Exact mattertag links for example..
Misalignment - Is this fixable? Hide scans? ScanMan 1 2 daysScanMan (112): Is this classic misalignment ? Im seeing scans from the floor below appear on the upper floor as can be seen in the smaller circles in the image attached. Is it fixable other than hiding the scans.
Matterport Point Cloud Beta Program for AEC DanSmigrod 3 2 daysMetroplex360 (1282): By signing up for this, Matterport will provide you with access to the XYZ point cloud. What I find very curious is the manual nature of providing these. An XYZ point cloud file is generated for every single model, just the same way that an OBJ file is generated. The OBJ file can be downloaded via the Matterport Portal, but the XYZ point cloud cannot. Before system changes in September, it was possible to download the XYZ point cloud by use...
Hyperlinks on mattertags 3Dwalkmethru 8 2 daysScanMan (112): I've successfully linked from a model to a second one but I'm unable to get back to the original model again via another link back I've created. Is the [clickhere] option the only option ?
Budget $10,000 Matterport Gear/Accessories DanSmigrod 2 2 daysDanSmigrod (5812): If you recommend different gear and accessories, please share here. Thanks, Dan
MatterStats>a free tool for sharing MP Stats DanSmigrod 18 2 daysMetroplex360 (1282): I live in Texas and 'Averge' is a closer approximation to how we say 'Average' than the real thing. I'm kidding - I need to fix that. :)
VR glasses symbol and MLS 3SevensStudio 18 2 daysHelen (94): Do any Canadian users know if this rule applies to the Canadian MLS system?
VR Experience srennick 4 2 daysVRealExperience (16): Thats going to be a given, but I think for right now being that Samsung dominating the Mobile market will all be within reasonable variance to each other. A cracked screen on a specific phone will greatly impact negatively, but in terms of manufacturer specs I would expect little variance.
All Tools Down Metroplex360 20 2 daysgrmngrl (16): clickable text This cyber attack on major a server might be the reason why. They unleashed a DDos attack.
Matterport eBlasts to Pro 3D Camera Owners DanSmigrod 105 3 daysDanSmigrod (5812): Matterport sent this email at 6 pm EDT today (Friday, 21 October 2016). Dan -----
Matterport Marketing Includes: Landing Page DanSmigrod 14 3 daysDanSmigrod (5812): @NKH_Controls BTW, Matterport has a job opening for Manager of Customer Success :cool: Dan
How do you describe cloud hosting fees? Queen_City_3D 9 3 daysQueen_City_3D (556): @hometakes And how do you describe the hosting itself? Do you say something to the effect of, "the model is viewable on almost any device and is hosted in the cloud. There are ongoing costs for that hosting and so my prices cover 60 days free hosting and additional months cost $X?" or how do you actually describe why it isn't a one-time cost? I find that some folks don't understand what hosting is and why once the 3D model exists...
nctech iris360 Camera versus Matterport DanSmigrod 11 3 daysBrtz (1): Would it be possible to post an Istar example over here?
New commercial client .. help needed tomjones2787 7 3 daysJohnLoser (49): @SStarkey How far apart were the scans in the suite 400 large room?
Shooting over 10,000sf Bill 2 3 daysNoel (91): I scanned a 4500 square meter (48,000sq foot!) Retail space in the past month. A lot of hours to scan, as I could only do when the shop was closed. I saved on the iPad as one scan. Then duplicated several times, and edited. One tour is 256 points and is walk through the whole shop. Then I have 5 other department scans. Each about 200-250 scans. Then via the Metatags I linked them together. Slow to process in the Matterport Cloud. However it...
  Matterport Pro Wanted: Blair, NE DanSmigrod 4 4 daysDanSmigrod (5812): This opportunity has been handled. Thanks, Dan
Is There a Way to Turn Off Scan Points? plorenz 5 4 dayslisahinson (352): I've ordered from @alx3D before - awesome work!
Why Matterport Pros Sell Their Camera DanSmigrod 21 4 daysgrmngrl (16): @UserName that is great! Love the different transition options. I would know the difference, I don't think the average user would. Not 100% sure but I think you could add music to the kolor tour which is a definite plus.
Send Daily Email to Clients with their Stats DanSmigrod 8 4 daysMetroplex360 (1282): Hi All - I wanted to post a link to the MailChimp mail campaign preview This is a filtered feed -- and what's nice is that MailChimp doesn't expose a link back to the RSS feed -- so for those who might worry about their feed URL being publicly 'played with' -- no worries.
Profile story in Toronto Integratedman 1 4 daysIntegratedman (52): i thought I would post an article that was posted this morning in Toronto Ontario on arguably Canada's largest website dedicated to New Homes Have a read..,hope I had the major points covered..:)
"No internet connection" kaybaum 7 4 dayskaybaum (19): When talking to Matterport Support, they informed me that the "no internet connection" is something new added by Apple with the latest iOS version. It really had nothing to do with the issue I had yesterday. It was just a coincidence that it popped up at the same time I was having connectivity issues related to the home's wifi. Thanks for all the input! This forum has helped me tremendously over the last few months!
Challenges scanning This 60,000 sq ft Space DanSmigrod 3 4 daysDanSmigrod (5812): @tomjones2787 Yes and No. If the "only" thing the client wants is Object File (.obj), then yes, shooting it as one model should work (though I would not promise the client that). The model is so big that is may take a week to process or not process at all. Then, the likely 12gig file would need to be duplicated 2-4 times; delete scans (not in the master) and resubmit as multiple jobs. It's important to manage the client's...
Two large scans KPunsvik 1 4 daysKPunsvik (37): Two scan jobs I did for the Narvik War Museum: The old and the new museum. Old Museum (January 2016): New Museum (August 2016):
Which 360 camera should we buy for video? 3dshowcaseuk 8 4 daysDanSmigrod (5812): @3dshowcaseuk Dan
Help in pricing a 5 star Hotel Wyzlo 6 4 daysWyzlo (67): So after we have the minimum $150 per model is ok $1 for square meter? after de 150 mts2? thanks guys
Turning models into an app 3dshowcaseuk 10 4 daysJamie (1165): Could we add recorded audio rather than text to speech? :)
Matterport to CAD by Veriscian: Save 50%* DanSmigrod 2 4 daysDanSmigrod (5812): Open thread to view post.
Gotcha Gyrados! Metroplex360 4 5 daysMetroplex360 (1282): @TrustedPhotoDC - It's still a thing with my kids :) Is it still active? I'd love to see it :)
MSPs: Do you market directly to Homeowners? DanSmigrod 3 5 daysDanSmigrod (5812): @JC3DCX Can you Private Message (PM) me the script you would like and I will have it created for you? Dan
Custom :60 "Handwritten" Explainer Video DanSmigrod 4 5 daysDanSmigrod (5812): Video: 3A "I am a Matterport Pro. You Are a Homeowner" We added another "handwritten" whiteboard video to the We Get Around Referral Network marketing tools. This video is for Matterport Pros "speaking" directly to homeowners. The call-to-action is for the homeowner to ask the Matterport Pro for a free referral of a real estate agent that includes immersive 3D tours in their marketing of listings. To learn...
  Used Matterport Camera Wanted DanSmigrod 1 5 daysDanSmigrod (5812): Used Matterport Camera: For Sale | Wanted ----- A Matterport Service Provider in the Orlando area has expressed interest in buying a used Matterport Camera. If you have a used Matterport Camera for sale on eBay, please Private Message me the link and I will forward it on to the Pro in Orlando. Thanks, Dan
A Member's First Attempt>Requesting Feedback DanSmigrod 5 5 daysJC3DCX (139): Very well done, I would have tried to not have the camera in the mirror doors, where possible,
First big scan AAS 4 5 daysJC3DCX (139): very well done,
  Matterport Pro Wanted: New Haven, CT DanSmigrod 3 5 daysDanSmigrod (5812): Hi All, Two related discussions ... ✓ Challenges scanning This 60,000 sq ft Space ✓ Large Matterport Scan Projects - Forum Index Best, Dan