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Is there a Maximum number of floors? newview 1 17 minutesnewview (4): I scanned my first 4 floor property today. (3 floors + basement) I started on the first floor and worked up to floors 2 & 3. I then scanned the uppermost step on the stairs headed from the first floor to the basement. Moved this scan to a new floor ( floor 4) and then scanned my way down and through the basement - no issues. Upon processing the unit comes back as 3 floors with the basement and 1st floor mashed into one floor. Anyone...
First major space 43,000 sf DFWVT 12 8 hours3SixtyNow (61): Very nice!! I was going to contact some of the local churches around my area. I was afraid they may be to big. Thanks for proving me wrong @DFWVT!!
Image with multiple links frstbubble 8 8 daysfrstbubble (259): @RobinLycka Thanks for the link. I added it to my it is possible to do this with my scans list. Wow, it just amazes me how far people can push the limits of technology and what they can provide!
There'll soon be a major new player in town GarySnyder Jump to first page38Jump to last page 15 daysDanSmigrod (8722): Hi All, Please continue this discussion here ... ✓ NCTECH IRIS360 PRO 3D IMMERSIVE Thanks, Dan
People in Scans NKH_Controls 7 15 daysDanSmigrod (8722): @NKH_Controls Must view this people in scan in the discussion: ✓ Video in mattertags - krispy kreme Dan
Mark Features not working VTLV 1 19 daysVTLV (151): How is your Mark Features Option working on your app? My mark windows and mirrors feels useless this month. Are you getting loads of spray in your scans creating blocks in the walk throughs?
Virtual Interior Construction Products? reality360imaging 4 19 days3DVUE (31): Sent Email! :)
Is it possible to edit or blur? BobbyG 10 21 daysBobbyG (28): Although I don't know about the tech of the google cams, Not too sure I would do that. I've seen the finished work for interiors from them. Matterport images and the 3D walk through is more impressive. Pros and cons to everything.
Weirdest Matterport Model of 2017! Networker 9 24 dayswalk360 (37): I have had the same problem couple of times.... if you are able to determined which scan is making the misaligned problem... just delete that one... you might not have to go back and re-scan. Make a copy model on the iPad and delete the 'Problem" scans... and see what happenes.... if for any reason you have to go back to the model it will be just for 10 mins to re-scan few spots. Is that a building in Bogota, Colombia?
Max number of scans in matterport model? technodai 7 1 monthtechnodai (4): Thanks everyone! That's pretty encouraging if people are getting good results way above 200 scans. I wish I had thought to try this earlier as I now have two large scans of individual floors but a better approach would have been to scan one floor, duplicate the scan, continue onto the next as 3dshowcaseuk describes above...maybe I'll continue in that way from now on... Has anyone ever successfully joined two scans before? I would assume...
scanning Problem: camera/ipad kept freezing 3SixtyNow 5 1 month3SixtyNow (61): I've only had my camera for 1 1/2 months. This is only the 3rd model I've done. The iPad is new and has nothing else on it. I rebooted the iPad and camera and that did the trick. This is just very time consuming if it's going to happen all the time.
Virtual Furniture in a Matterport Scan? 3MOD 5 2 months3MOD (22): No worries, the confusion was on my side. Your write up was excellent!
How much do you charge? marcomatt 5 2 monthsMarkHak (1): Many thanks.
Shopping Mall scanning DmitriyReev 1 2 monthsDmitriyReev (28): Hi all, one question to you. Please advise. I have as target one 2-story shopping mall (total area is 6000 m2, around 40x75m building). I'd like to scan public zones (white zones on the attached picture) and outside all around. The total area of "white zones" is 1200 m2 (per 600 m2 per floor). Can I make such scanning and get nice dollhouse view (facade and 2 floors of public zones)? And after that to start making 3d tours for each...
Problems with a Matterport scan grmngrl 8 2 monthsChemistrydoc (154): Northern Gulf Coast
Can I clone a scan? jmprop 3 2 monthsjmprop (49): Easy enough even for a newbie! Thanks JC3DCX,
Missing entire spaces Sandiemcr 3 2 monthsDanSmigrod (8722): @Sandiemcr 1. Delete the scan in the wrong location 2. If you put the tripod lowest height, you should be able to complete the space successfully 3. Go back and scan at normal height 4. Disable the low scans in workshop Dan
Stained glass windows Sandiemcr 4 2 monthsSandiemcr (16): Thank you This is a Catholic Church and so is covered with stained glass. You can see some coloured light coming in but cannot see items through them. So should they be marked as windows?
NewBie Questions BobbyG 23 2 monthsBobbyG (28): But the Matterport website is very slow.
Need help with scanning a shopping mall abalkhail 3 2 monthsChemistrydoc (154): At 90,000 sq meters (810,000 sq ft), you will not be able to do as one model (in all probability). You should probably look to break the project into different models. You should also consult the guide "Scanning Large Spaces" for some tips on how to get alignment with maximum distances between scans. See: https://support.matterport.com/hc/en-us/articles/235469007-Scanning-Large-Spaces-Connecting-with-Mattertag-Posts Perhaps some...
Plymouth Rock and Plymouth Plantation Scans RGO 2 3 monthsDanSmigrod (8722): @RGO Please do share your Matterport scans of these historic locations. Please see this forum post: ✓ Is Matterport VR Available on iPhone? There are no other options today (6 January 2017) for converting Matterport Spaces to VR. Samsung Gear VR + Matterport VR app + your scan: is the best way to showoff Matterport VR. Best, Dan
Matterport Unique Project: 30,000sf to CAD? Acomeau15 6 3 monthsAcomeau15 (52): @JC3DCX Awesome thank you!
Matterport Spaces 3D Tour: USS Hornet CIC aznparkranger 4 3 monthsSpencerlasky (34): Yes reminds me of being on the USS Enterprise, great use of this technology!
Matterport to Sketchfab? AAS 10 3 monthsMetroplex360 (3472): @AAS Download the OBJ, then upload to Sketchfab. If I remember correctly, I had to disable a few options for the tour to look right and then position the view inside of the tour.
Scans of a large scale office benn1973 5 3 monthsbenn1973 (106): Mate your a ledgend perfect!
Uploading New Scans to existing model Jamwoc 10 4 monthsGarySnyder (1177): No, as long as it's the same model there's no additional charge. Just remember that once you have a model you're happy with you should delete the other models you've uploaded to your My-Matterport account as these will count to you total models hosted.
How to get model onto clients ipad? terrygrant 7 4 monthsterrygrant (34): Thanks for your help everyone. In answer to your question Kev ...no it is not on the market. The understandably proud owners carried out the refurbishment themselves and I don't think they will be parting with it any time soon. I did the scan for free in return for letting me use it in my marketing :-)
Change Background Color Dollhouse & FP view Dolloff 13 4 monthsDolloff (79): @Metroplex360- Just wanted to thank you as well. You always go above and beyond and I am amazed at your hard work and dedication. Thank you for looking into this for me!
Is Business Slow in the North East for you? AAS 5 4 monthsDanSmigrod (8722): @AAS Great. Thanks. Hi All, Business slow? Holidays? Other? Your thoughts about @AAS post? Dan
"Editing" a room in an existing model JohnLoser 3 4 monthsJohnLoser (175): @DannyBasting Thank-you.
360 shots AAS 2 4 monthsJonJ (649): Yes, you need at least 1 scan to create a model.
Blurred panel within a scan? akirk 4 5 monthsakirk (4): Thanks I got some response from the Matterport support forum and i8tvlooks like I must have moved the camera to soon - I've deleted the scan and now it looks fine!
Service Agreements james 7 5 monthsfrstbubble (259): Staging document provided to client via email.
Scanning Issue & Should I Nuke my iPad? AdamplatinumHD 3 5 monthsAdamplatinumHD (31): Thanks @photoJoe I did another scan and didn't get any problems at all? Weird.
Just wanted to share 2 of our last scans Olivius 11 5 monthsProperty3dNZ (289): Thats awesome! I would have been worried with the movement of the boat the camera might have fallen over!
We've created a monstor! What do you think? 3dshowcaseuk 27 6 monthslisahinson (598): Glenn at Matterport Support is golden!
New Processing Images Delay RenderingSpace 16 6 monthslisahinson (598): Is it 'safe' to do the latest firmware upgrade ? I just received the firmware upgrade option and was wondering I should do it - :O Thanks for the feedback.
Disable a scan in Workshop? Dolloff 5 6 monthsDanSmigrod (8722): @Queen_City_3D Yes. We find it VERY ANNOYING that we can not disable a scan that we want for a SnapShot. For example, we want a wide shot of the kitchen for the Matterport Spaces 3D Tour "thumbnail" ... So, we would like to scan from the corner of the room. That same scan, we want to hide after we use it as a "thumbnail" ... no can do. Seems obvious to all of us. (The good news is Matterport reads every word of the We...
Has anybody done 300+ scans in one model? grmngrl 6 6 monthsNoel (91): I have done one which is 731 scans! It took over 18 hours to do. I have processed into four areas. One is the Whole floor space using 228 Scans, then 3 departments 244, 208, and 233. During scanning there are many mis alignments, and this is very noticeable in the floor view. The store is a major Australian and Global retail store. the area is 4500 sq meters and there are lots of isles with products. The ipad Pro with the max amount of...
Aligning Scans Distinctive360 4 6 monthsJohnLoser (175): Here is my very first test scan. It had alignment issues. I was scanning near one staircase on the first floor when I noticed it aligned with the other one. I made additional scans near the first staircase and also made certain I could see the mail boxes as "unique features". Then, I re-scanned and it aligned. https://my.matterport.com/show/?m=mpSdwi5LW2d
3 of the 9 lenses light up red on Matterport judysmithre 4 6 monthsJonJ (649): No, it is not broken. That is the correct operation.
Connecting 2 scans via link / mattertags FloridaProperties 22 6 monthsJamwoc (7): Here's the non-shortened link to other model, https://my.matterport.com/show/?m=npoFmoU4NXn
Capturing a retail store (dollhouse view) joez 5 6 monthssuncoastskyview (157): We always cover up any sensitive areas before scanning. Use a flower pot or other obstruction to hide it.
360 Scenes Post Original Processing vchelf 6 6 monthsThreeDImaging (73): Thank u very much frstbubble.
Conversion of Matterport scan to a SqFt diag Cabrahams 4 6 monthsPetraSoderling (355): Thanks for the email Charlie. Will continue the discussion in that thread.
Somebody else model on my showcase skycamguatemala 2 6 monthsGlennTremain (712): If you have the right membership here you can get a bunch of models to use (plus a bunch of other things to help your business). Reach out to Dan to learn more.
iOS 10 + Matterport Capture App? homepagerealty 4 7 monthshomepagerealty (25): Dan, I've been running iOS 10 on a phone all summer. I've not had any 'brick' issues. Mike, thanks for that! Their twitter told me it wasn't compatible but thats nice to see. Thank you guys!
Building with 3 floor 3500sq/m Fuse 4 7 monthsPieroBortolot (148): Yes, you can this is 4000 square meters (4 floors, 200 scans) https://my.matterport.com/show/?m=82hcDCdjgLU
Editor not loading on new scans Acomeau15 2 7 monthsMetroplex360 (3472): Alex, see my post on 'Matterport Making Huge Changes'. I believe they have just changed their processing methods to include creation of 2 new floorplan map files (not publically available) as well as a set of higher resolution tiles for future use with their platform.
Huge property w two basements Cabrahams 8 7 monthsCabrahams (61): Thanks for all of the responses to this question. Not only were there two separate basement spaces w two separate staircases leading down but also two upper level spaces w two separate staircases leading up. I guess Gary's explanation was the easiest to process for some reason. Anyway, the model turned out great: https://my.matterport.com/show/?m=C49D1Popwr2 Thanks again! Charlie
Mega Mansions Stevecosta 6 7 monthsStevecosta (1): Very helpful thanks!
Group client scans skycamguatemala 5 7 monthsRobinLycka (664): Linkable Mattertags aren´t that far away, you could then link together the scans so they´re all accesible in each model.
Yellow colored walls? NKH_Controls Jump to first page36Jump to last page 7 monthsTHRHHI (136): I agree Mori. I have one similar and All the tests I have done have worked well with it. In a small bathroom it does not give could coverage from floor to ceiling. Did a test today using a vertical LED strip light. Only had it facing into the bathroom and it did a good job. Unfortunately it is 110v so may be hard to hide cord in many instances. Was more to verify the process...now to refine it until Matterport releases the fix. I have been told...
shopping Malls ThreeDImaging 3 8 monthsThreeDImaging (73): Is that not the owner of the malls problem? Becides he wants to use the scans to show the space people can rent, he doesn't really care about the Company currently renting the store.
Timeline on Outdoor 360° Views? Acomeau15 6 8 monthsDanSmigrod (8722): I apologize ... I incorrectly wrote (above) that Matttertags will be available by the end of August 2016. Matterport reminded me that their press release Tuesday (2 August 2016) says that the new Mattertag features will be available later in the 3rd quarter [2016]. 360º Views are being targeted to release by the end of August 2016. Dan
Unique tours- post yours here EnvisionedSpaces 2 8 monthsJC3DCX (478): I have done one of a long distance doubledecker coach. https://my.matterport.com/show/?m=Tk4RNBMtiNB&help=1
to scan a propery or a photo 360 tour? skycamguatemala 4 8 monthsDanSmigrod (8722): @skycamguatemala How much is "look around" worth to your client? How much is "get more students faster with more pre-qualified parents and students touring the school in person" worth to your client? Dig deeper about what problem you are helping solve for your client and you will know which solution to recommend. Dan
Matterport Scanning Tips: Mirrors BayAreaAdam 6 8 monthsfrstbubble (259): Wonder if you had some scenic pictures on a thumb drive and put the still picture on the screen if that would keep it from acting like a mirror.
Matterport Camera Rental - Really? lisahinson 10 9 monthsDanSmigrod (8722): Has anyone in the MUG Forum community rented a Matterport Camera? Dan
Scans Appearing in Wrong Places BayAreaAdam 5 9 monthsJC3DCX (478): I have experienced the same on previous scans, especially with sunlight interfering with the camera's infrared sensing. I just keep a watch on where it place a scan and if wrong delete immediately, move camera closer to previous successful scan and try again.
MP Support Slower Than..... BrianM 7 9 monthsDanSmigrod (8722): Why Tech Support Is (Purposely) Unbearable http://www.nytimes.com/2016/07/04/technology/why-tech-support-is-purposely-unbearable.html
Scans show up in wrong room mk4au 15 9 monthsCarlosFHdz (520): Glad it worked out. :beer:
Dealing with Skylights BayAreaAdam 9 9 monthsBayAreaAdam (70): @VTLV It is tough. I try to look online for prior photos if possible but sometimes you just got to play the hand that your dealt...
Oddest Thing... Black Squares GeorgeK 14 9 monthsjntooker (109): Just had this same experience. Blackout boxes...they disappeared when I processed but it was weird. I noticed that the black areas appeared after placing trim elements because the scan was fine until then. Luckily, they didn't affect the model. I do suspect it is specific to trimming multi-floor models but haven't been able to pinpoint the exact cause.
Windows Viewed from two sides DigitalImageries 8 10 monthsJonJ (649): There are a number of reasons to mark windows that are apparent in the final product. 1) If you mark the window, in the dollhouse view, the image on the window will be fixed. It will not change as though you are able to look through the window into the yard or patio space. This would be the desired effect if there are no scans on the opposite side of the window. If the window was not marked, often times they will appear as black holes in the...
More than 200 scans walk360 14 10 monthsBarrieFisherPhoto (34): Thank you 3DscannUK, I know that's a real stretch (1500), and alot of work. I will approach my client with the per floor concept. The only thing is, the builder would like to have the whole building. Maybe I'll have to let him know it's not feasible. I just completed a 250 scan - 15,000 sq ft and all went well. I'm glad to know I can get up to 450 scans (@Jamie, did it try to crash at all, while working?) Has anyone done over 450 scans?
Recovering iPad Scans Cabrahams 5 10 monthsWashingtonState360 (37): Fabulous news. Thanks for sharing the resolve. :)
Some window shots good, others bad DigitalImageries 1 11 monthsDigitalImageries (43): Even when scanning in the late afternoon, spins further away from windows display ultra brighty. Spins closer to the windows are great. Is there a way of balancing the light across all spins?
First scan open up into wall. EnvisionedSpaces 3 11 monthsWyzlo (97): Hi Jennkeen in the Workshop !! you can set your starting point and view ! an many other things !!
Hiding a scan in Workshop JCHAFE 3 11 monthsJCHAFE (19): excellent, it worked great, thanks Grtz Rene!
Re-use partial scan? MagnusM 10 11 monthsBarrieFisherPhoto (34): Thank you!!!
Multi-Building projects? Hawaii360 3 11 monthsHawaii360 (4): Thanks VTLV
Upload Partially Complete Before I Upload BrianM 6 11 monthsmk4au (7): I've never had one begin uploading on its own. However, all scans this week have taken over three hours to upload - over full signal wi-fi, not LTE. Yesterday a scan took FIVE AND A HALF HOURS to upload! Talk about frustration! Now the question: From that scan yesterday I moved a couple of incorrectly placed windows and uploaded it again today - over three hours. But it is now a different model and I have already adjusted the first one...
New Cave scanning light setup 360Verbeelding 13 11 monthsDanSmigrod (8722): Rene, @360Verbeelding And, great job keeping the camera out of the reflection in the glass cases. Dan
Pre/Post Matterport Scan Check List htimsabbub23 8 11 monthsjscottsmith (106): For reference, here's a thread I started a while ago. I'll be comparing the above to my notes to build a master list. Thanks for all the suggestions! http://forum.we-get-around.com/topic/1424/page/1/master-check-lists/
Scanning bathrooms & Walk in closets lisahinson 6 11 monthslisahinson (598): Thanks @petrasoderling & @Maria
2 homes 2 iPads 2 Cameras - they connect! Bill 5 11 monthsBill (127): The WIFI from Matterport camera is open network and should be password protected - IMO. While 1 ipad cannot connect to 2 cameras simultaneously I don't see why 2 ipads wouldn't be able to connect to single camera at the same time. Not sure of any added benefit here but might be fun to do a little experimenting :-)
Super Size Properties leeverdon 17 11 monthsny360east (22): Thanks @garysnyder. Appreciate it.
Handling blown out windows pixelray 15 11 monthspixelray (241): I seem to be doing a lot of educating about the whole window thing...Did that in full detail WITH PHOTOS as visual back up and proof of what I was talking about...and she still wanted the blinds open after I just proved they would look way better closed. I am going to start bringing up the blown out widows to every client now and giving them the option up front...closed or open. It will look like this and it will look like that...your choice.
Parade of homes htimsabbub23 8 11 monthsSeventhsunrise (64): Interesting take. The builders I worked with loved it and saw both additional post show online revenue and numerous new contracts based on the scans associating the builders with the parade of homes.
Scanning a Cave 360Verbeelding 7 11 monthsBrianM (28): Send that out for the new schematic floor plan and see what comes back. That wound be interesting.
Mobile charging? 9,000 SQ FT project Jake 10 11 monthsAdamplatinumHD (31): @jake I scanned a huge mansion (5 hours) and the ipad battery lingered on 2% for a while before dying on the second to last scan. I charged and scanned the remaining scans. Like others have said the MP is great, it's the ipad that is the problem. Just don't chase the battery life like I did!
Infrared BarrieFisherPhoto 3 11 monthsBarrieFisherPhoto (34): Thanks so much for all of that info, I will let him know. Barrie
Matter port won't align any image 2bookpix 5 1 yearDaK (19): An ipad mini first version? Will not work. I ran into the same thing. Got an ipad mini 3 and haven't had a problem since.
Time Saver Tip!!! How to Move Many Scans judysmithre 6 1 yearcraigsauer (751): The Capture App and Matterport processing actually don't care if you do all the scans on one floor. But it makes a mess of the floorplan sketch view on the Capture app if you do it.
Closets and wardrobes to fill dollhouse RobinLycka 7 1 yearRobinLycka (664): @Jamie I tried your method yesterday, worked like a charm. I was surprised that I could even move into the area where the door was closed in the first round. I kind of expected it to be perceived as a "wall" in the walkthrough, and that you could only move up to the scan point outside the door. Very happy that the result was otherwise, albeit not needed as it was only a utility and a small cloakroom. Thanks for the suggestions :)
How much Black is acceptable? Cabrahams 7 1 yearpixelray (241): I have learned to try and avoid it at all costs - but it's just unavoidable sometimes. When you trim around your windows, do you have the red line cutting into what actually looks like the last part of the wall where it begins to get fuzzy or do you just trim the spray only and leave the fuzzy areas? Hope that makes sense
Pro Camera image quality problem yguo 17 1 yeargofastpro (43): @RGO I haven't had any problems on Safari (desktop or mobile) and I use it daily. hmmm Can you forward a copy of the link and I will test it on this side for you?
Getting Caught in Scans lisahinson 11 1 year360Verbeelding (334): Your welcome.
Client Want To Add Garage to Tours BrianM 6 1 yeardanmorell (73): I've gone back and completed a walk up and through a front door with what @ron0987 is recommending and it worked out fine. The initial time of day for the original scan had way too much sunlight in it, hence revisiting once the sun moved.
Delete A Snapshot BrianM 8 1 yearsuncoastskyview (157): We usually take a lot of snapshots then dump them into Dropbox. The customer can select their favorites and download them as required.
clean up Dalivingston 3 1 yearsuncoastskyview (157): After your work is processed by Matterport there are times when certain artifacts appear outside the dollhouse. You can use the "trim" process to clean up these anomalies. It is not difficult and only takes a minute. Then you re-upload your file and have it re-processed. They do not charge you for that. I agree with the Beckers regarding taking still captures from the Matterport scans. They are excellent. Most of the time, I...
One Model - Multiple People Want It pixelray 17 1 yearpixelray (241): I am following the advice of a long time real estate photographer. He DOES NOT use agreements/contracts. He said in over 25 years of service, he has only had 3 issues and those issues were easily handled. I have researched this subject too - it seems it's about half and half. A lot do contracts and a lot don't. I see both sides and decided for myself to keep it simple. The only thing I use is a simple email informing clients that they are...
Free Matterport MP 3D Tours for Your Website DanSmigrod 1 1 yearDanSmigrod (8722): Promoted Post --- https://my.matterport.com/models/vNtptZXMm8U Frequent Asked Questions (FAQs) by Matterport Pro 3D Camera Photographers getting started are: 1. "Does any one have some Matterport 3D Tours I can include on my website to help me launch my business?" 2. "I am trying to get business in [category]. Does anyone have an example that I can embed in my website?" I (try to) listen hard to solve...
Tip of the Day: Scan an area twice RenderingSpace 8 1 yearProperty3dNZ (289): I do this on a regular basis and it works just fine! - keep in mind that the on the 3D model it sometimes has the curtains shut
Saving data - Retrieving data? ScanMan 8 1 yearRobinLycka (664): ok, makes sense now, thanks @DanSmigrod!
3 newbie questions Dutchinny 2 1 yearJamie (1498): No merging multiple cameras Once you delete the scan from your iPad, it's gone. You can rescan a room after its been processed, assuming it's mostly unchanged Yes you need to keep an active account going for that model to be alive. If you win the lottery, just pay for it with your winnings :)
Matterport Cloud and File Downloads BDPelton 3 1 yearron0987 (541): Hi @BDPelton, the actual models are all hosted in the cloud/Matterport server and accessed thru their access portal and there is no way to download a finished model. You can download an OBJ file which can be used with other software programs but in that format are useless to show as a model. An OBJ is more of a 3D modeling format that can be converted to be used for again other programs. I hope that helps. Ron
What happens to models if I cancel account? ianatcatoimages 9 1 yearfburch (28): @JohnBecker,thanks, you've helped me solve a major problem.
Blacked out Area / Upload hung up processing stevenp92 6 1 yearstevenp92 (1): We were able to reach tech support so with sand blasted windows I guess the glass shoots light everywhere and confuses the camera which is why those areas were black as for the hang time they are having a technical glitch on their end thank you for all your help anyway Maria really appreciate the support.
Distance between scans for warehouse? Cindiewozniak 16 1 yearvincent (52): bring some objects to place in the wide open space the more objects the better consider sticking large squares of different colored paper to the walls every so often too zig zag as much as possible last thing pay attention to where the last scan is placed delete it if its been misplaced before you proceed
Trouble Scanning Townhouse mallir 4 1 yearQueen_City_3D (847): Only way I know would be to scan an exterior pathway leading from the one area to the other... You wouldn't be able to do it in direct sunlight though.
Too many scans? suncoastskyview 7 1 yearMikesobay (112): This is the summary of Matterport's recommendation, similar to what @Lbelland stated above. Source, with full explanation in the context of creating a complete mesh "As you’re creating models now, keep in mind that this data could be used for a number of applications in the future. That’s why it’s so important to scan thoroughly, and try to get behind furniture and into every nook and cranny. (Remember, if you over-scan, you can...
My first scan BabluN 8 1 yearBabluN (49): @Queen_City_3D and @Max_Sodomovskiy, thanks, will try that...!
Tip of the Day: Don't Ignore This Warning RenderingSpace 9 1 yearRenderingSpace (601): I'm 99% sure my camera was level at the time and I remember that the warning message came right at the connecting scan.
When to mark? DigitalImageries 4 1 yearHarlanHambright (685): Yds, mirrors must be marked sometimes to allow alignment. i missed a mirror today, unaligned a scan, marked the mirror and successfully scanned without moving anything. An unmarked sliver of a mirror went unmarked last week. It caused an errant 3D object in the hall beyond which showcase would not walk through. Marking the mirror and reprocessing the model fixed it. So you can mark stuff anytime you want.
Hiding scans timmath 5 1 yearJRMaddox (106): I accidentally found out if you go into edit scans then click on each one that you want disabled you can do more then one at a time.
# of Models per client? smcclell 3 1 yearsmcclell (154): Yeah I'm thinking in the 5-15 range I guess or close.
Color correction? Hopscotch 7 1 yearHopscotch (49): Thanks Ron, super helpful!
Proposed 17,000 SQFT Matterport Tour Metroplex360 17 1 yearPieroBortolot (148): @TopSnapCoomera we worked about 12-13 hours
Undo'ing a deteled scan from the App Shane 3 1 yearShane (91): Wise words, thanks. I'm not in too much trouble. I spotted that I had left my slippers at the door step only in one scan between outside and inside. So I figured I would delete that scan and hope that the tour will still work going through the door. What I did wrong is I deleted it from Floor two balcony and not floor one. Note to self... pay more attention. Thanks
Needing Volume Floor Plan & Sq Ft. Partner tydowning 14 1 yearMarcel (256): @RenderingSpace, does good work and helped me once with an urgent job. I think hes just very busy since he has a good service at a low cost.
Missing Room in Dolls House Noel 4 1 yearron0987 (541): On your Ipad did you use the trim tool, I have seen this when the trim tool was not complete and or not used appropriately. I also saw that when you went outside it was extremely bright which does not work good with this system. I also saw you could not come in from the outside on the patio, was the sliding glass door ever shut? But back to the original issue, you usually see the missing rooms when you do multiple floors and trim tool not...
Re-decorating using MP?? pixelray 10 1 yearpixelray (241): Queen City 3D: That's the first time I have seen that video. That is pretty cool. I wonder if that will ever happen. That video is pretty old.
Need some REALLY good retail space examples Cabrahams 10 1 yearCabrahams (61): Thanks! Keep them coming! I think it's useful for all.
Deactivating sweeps in current workshop MikeLjungbergTvedt 1 1 yearMikeLjungbergTvedt (4): It seems we are unable to deactivate sweeps in the current workshop. We haven’t been able to produce models with the level change function either. Both functions have played a key role in our production method. We have just recaptured a mezzanine in a model initially produced in April and in order to connect the upstairs sweeps we had to capture 2 sweeps downstairs. Since the downstairs scene had changed we were planning on...
LARGE house scans pheller 11 1 yearfalconshakka (67): yea looks pretty good man, you got lucky with the courtyard door, having the door closed in some of your scans almost blocked the entrance, you can only exit through a specific way Doing a large mansion is tricky, especially when you are in a crunch for time...you end up sacrificing the doll house view which ends up leaving a lot of holes in the 3D mesh but the walk through is pretty good...good job man on such a large scan
Stairs Dgitin 5 1 yearron0987 (541): @Dgitin I also try for the landing if there is one and if not I usually try to go for the top of the stairs. I would also recommend not doing more than 3-4 steps at a time and to make it look good in the model I would keep it the same number of steps each time. Ron
Have You Ever Been Caught? BrianM 7 1 yearmikeE (34): Thanks Bill! Very kind of you.
On Camera Lighting RenderingSpace 14 1 yearDanSmigrod (8722): @chdsi80 I successfully use my iPhone flashlight to "burn" in light. I am a few feet behind the camera - holding the iPhone high - and while the camera rotates, I "brush" in light. I contacly keep the phone moving so that I do not create sharp lines of dark and light areas or shadows on walls. The Camera does very well in low light with out this. I only do this in very, very dark areas. Practice and review your...
Yesterday I did my first two scans. BrianM 5 1 yeartradetickers (10): I find the highlight tour guided system to be annoying. Not smooth enough yet. Not yours, just in general.
Builders Scan Maxx90 14 1 yearMaxx90 (7): Just wanted to thank everyone that shared their scans! My meeting with the builder went great due to those. This matches up so well with my aerial business.
Remove security cameras from a business BrianM 10 1 yearBill (127): This is good information mwaychoff as we are GSA Schedule Contract holders and we will soon be offering 3D Matterport Services through GSA. thx
Upload speeds Kracka60 26 1 yearpixelray (241): Ok, I think I figured this out - at least I hope so anyway. Late last night, I took apart my router. Cleaned it and then reset it and then did some updates. Changed a security setting. Re-uploaded one more time. Woke up this morning and everything was uploaded and I had final 3D models. So, I'm guessing all this was a problem with my router. It's just weird b/c I have done many other uploads that worked fine. If this happens to me...
South Carolina Insurance Scans immersiveprop 2 1 yearMaxx90 (7): I live here in Charleston and have an UAV aerial business. My camera should be here this week and one of my partners is an agent so he is currently trying to get this setup. Feel free to email me and maybe we can collaborate. jp@dev28.com Jon
Blinds Open-Blinds Shut seanminor 4 1 yearDanSmigrod (8722): @seanminor 1. I begin capture with a compass so that, when possible, I do not have direct light into the windows. 2. If I can not avoid bright sun, I will do my best to capture the room anyway. Then, I will return to that room (during the same shoot) to add the "walk around" scans. (All other scans where needed for the Dollhouse, Floor Plan and to keep moving to the next space, BUT these "sunlight" scans get...
Is it possible to extract ALL of the images JonJ 4 2 yearsRenderingSpace (601): JonJ, I don't think you have to worry about the viability of Matterport. They're hiring like crazy, receiving tons of VC, and partnering with large firms across the world. In the end of the world scenario, if they were to go bust, I'm more than willing to bet a 3rd party application would be released allowing existing models to be hosted.
Sanning times REMAX_EDGE 2 2 yearsCarlosFHdz (520): At first, it takes longer because you're being conservative on the distance from scan to scan point. As you get more practice, it will be faster. You will start to push the distance from each scan, specially in bigger rooms. Now, we're at about 35 min per 1000 sqft. I personally did a 6300 sqft property in 3 hours and 4200 sqft property in 2 hours. The layout of the home is also a determining factor in time to scan. I would recommend...
Does a scan ever expire on the ipad? Ramyr 3 2 yearsdavidpylyp (175): WOW Once a property is sold is there a need to keep the model on my CAPTURE? As it is sold, I deleted it Under our rules [Toronto Canada] I would need the permission of the new owner to continue using this as an advertisement.
Matterport Staircases-Bottom Up or Top Down? DanSmigrod 15 2 yearsHarlanHambright (685): Here's something I just did: I'm scanning a HUGE beach cottage with 2 separate second floors. After finishing the first one, I got halfway up the stairs to the second one. After a scan, without moving the camera, I switched to 2nd floor then scanned again figuring that might help the device figure out where it was. It posted the new scan in exactly the right spot relative to the initial series of 2nd floor scans. Maybe a waste of a scan but it...
Industrial Scan GarySnyder 8 2 yearsGarySnyder (1177): Hi Canada That would also be great, can you please provide me with a link to the scan. Many thanks Gary
Improving My Scans THRHHI 3 2 yearsTHRHHI (136): Thanks for the input Jamie. I understand what you said using the workshop. I went and researched and like your idea of shooting the closets if for nothing else to capture the data to fill in the dark spaces. That has been annoying me. Next on the list is the video aspect for my wife's real estate videos. So far the screen capture is way to choppy for my liking. I have tried several that i already have but not happy with the results. Always...
Rendering 3D furnishings in showcase Conor 3 2 yearsConor (13): thanks @DanSmigrod
Scanned area completely black EricThomas 9 2 yearsEricThomas (109): I did not submit a ticket to Matterport....Once i deleted those scans and started over it was fine. I was reaching out to this community to see if others had the same issue, and if I should be concerned long term about it.
Best way to make a walk through video. Aghachi101 18 2 yearsJerry_D (7): https://youtu.be/BIBiB0x-QW8 Created this using snagit. Worked really well. It's more a promo video but includes a 'walk-through'
Scanning Levels not physically connected Conor 7 2 yearsccctucker (151): If you had a staircase, you might connect the scans through it and then just turn off the scans in the model...just an educated guess-i havent tried it.
What's the average processing time? CarlosFHdz 11 2 years3dHouseScan (52): UPDATE: After 12 hours of processing and emailing/calling Matterport, my model is complete! Weird part is, I didn't receive an email saying that the model is ready to view. Oh well. When it doubt, reach out.. to Matterport. https://my.matterport.com/models/Xq2o9b33FjQ
Long Hallway scan issue craigsauer 5 2 yearscraigsauer (751): Ah! That's what I was missing. I was stuck thinking both these issues were related to the long hallways, but actually they are unrelated issues. The hotel issue was that the hallway was long and featureless and the house issue was that because the hallway was too sunny I tried to scan outside before completing the house. Thanks! Craig
Second Jet Scan Drew 7 2 yearsdaveaustin999 (16): This a fantastic model, Drew. Could we (3D4RE.com) feature it in an upcoming email newsletter? If so, please send me the link to the showcase. Many Thanks.
Pre Scan Checklist smcclell 8 2 yearsDanSmigrod (8722): @falconshakka I recall capturing for 12 hours on one charge, so I never bought the inverter car charger cable for the Matterport camera. Matterport Car Charger Inverter Cable (USA) http://support.matterport.com/support/solutions/articles/1000090717-additional-matterport-camera-chargers-and-charging-in-a-car Because the iPad will not go 12 hours on one charge, I always charge the iPad Air via a battery in my pocket. iPad batteries...
problems with scans PieroBortolot 20 2 yearsPieroBortolot (148): Hi guys, I rescanned the abbey and now the SC works good I deleted the old scans where there was the problems and add new scan The blue stains disappeared and I can go through the door between the 2 little rooms (2nd floor) Problem solved here the SC clickable text
Areas Displaying on Wrong Floors George 18 2 yearsGeorge (7): http://forum.we-get-around.com/cached/0423c1eaeaff416e3c61b9155b44bf27.png http://forum.we-get-around.com/cached/033fd087de3c1ef769e983153cba83f9.jpg The master bedroom is on the same 'floor' as the basement three floors below. Areas across the entire model are completely mismatched up like this.
Anybody body know virtualwalkthrough.com? gofastpro 15 2 yearsal9901 (55): I have seen this too. I wouldn't get too caught up with these 360 photo tours. As Gary said, the future is 3D. I met with one of the countries largest real estate brokers here and they were trying to work out how much it cost for them to back out of a deal they signed with a 360 photo company because they liked the Matterport captures so much better. 360 photos have terrible problems with fish-eye; the photo is projected on to a 3D sphere and...
Over 100 scans AdamplatinumHD 17 2 yearsAdamplatinumHD (31): 5YZG73eAWc9
Why I Shot 300+ Scans for this Model + Risks DanSmigrod 14 2 yearsAdamplatinumHD (31): Thanks @DanSmigod Great advice!!
Camera Placement versus alignment/stitching DanSmigrod 4 2 yearsDanSmigrod (8722): @CKC Wow! Thank you for this update about the firmware update. I imagine that the MP team will want to get this fixed pronto. Glad you helped them identify this ... Dan
Some scans not registering? EricThomas 5 2 yearsEricThomas (109): The area I am having trouble with is an outdoor covered patio. Sun was going down and this patio is huge...Its about 12-15ft wide and the covered ceiling is about 12ft high. So there was plenty of shade in my opinion, but Im guessing I was wrong. The funny thing is once I use the dollhouse view to access those points I can move freely between them. If I want to come back inside the house I am unable to reach the scan closest to the door but...
MP Capture App Kept Crashing Out GarySnyder 10 2 yearsGarySnyder (1177): Update from Bob at MP support Hello Gary, I suspect you have already heard this through the grapevine but since it had been a few days since we chatted thought i would update you directly. While there continues to be investigation into the cause of this issue, there is some indication that it is memory related. Engineering is currently working on some improvements in this area which will likely make their way into the next release of the...
People in the Scan GarySnyder 21 2 yearstxgreg66 (49): @tim I checked the display on my ipad4 so I know iOS works. I presume you can see other scans so this is beyond my support capabilities
Loosing connection between camera and ipad Dan 5 2 yearsDanSmigrod (8722): @Dan For help on scanning stairs and multiple floors, please see this Forum thread about stairs and second floor scan. If you do not see the answer to your question about stairs/floor, please post your question there. Thanks, Dan (Smigrod)
First gen camera and new app update 2.0.7 issues Jamie 3 2 yearsJamie (1498): Interesting. Thanks Charlie. I will email support as well and see what they have to say.
25,000 sq/ft TrueSpaces 8 2 yearsDanSmigrod (8722): @TripleSpaced Wow! I wonder if 25,000 sf is the record. I recently created this 16,000 sf model with 212 scans. (I probably shot nearly 400 scans; duplicated the model then deleted until I was at about 280 scans and then deactivated scans until I was at 212. I had managed our client's expectations that we might need to deliver as two separate models since officially Matterport supports up to 10,000 sf and update 200 scans. Plus, manage...
Issues with Capture JakeRees 10 2 yearsDanSmigrod (8722): @judysmithre @Tim I got the wobble message while positioning the camera on top of a bed: a different way to generate this message. :cool: (By placing a flat board on the bed, I was able to get the scan I wanted.) https://my.matterport.com/models/YtVn3jUVoNv
Yachts Drew 14 2 yearsDrew (79): https://my.matterport.com/models/vb3WoufciYz Night scan of a cool yacht from December. Heading to the Miami Boat Show this week to grab some new clients. Jet scans are coming soon...
Camera Placement for Sweeps CharlieB 12 2 yearsVincentlublink (52): Thank you John Becker. Ok i am out. there are to much downsides on this system. - logo in every tour ( my god Matterport thake out the logo) - low res foto's - very low res 3d model (.obj ) - a lot of money for only the hosting and still pay 19 dollar per scan!!!!!! - you can not buy the camera the normal way outside the US, wy?????????? And when you buy it and there is someting wrong with the camera?, what then?, when you are in the...