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New to the Forum? Please introduce yourself DanSmigrod 602 5 dayssounddronetech (1): Hello there WGANites, My name is Jay Verkamp and I currently moved to South America from Hollywood, CA. Please let me know if you need any remote help with websites, videos, or 3D tours. You can check my website at I'm excited to be a part of this community. Happy 360'ing to all of you!--Jay Verkamp
About: We Get Around Network Instant Booking Service powered by KoaWare DanSmigrod 10 29 daysDanSmigrod (17839): Grab from the front page of the WGAN Forum. @Wingman Thanks for asking ... Option #2 is limited to the United States. Option #1 is available globally. Best, Dan
How to Backup Your Matterport Spaces on iPad DanSmigrod 30 1 monthKumar (106): @Wingman, it has already there in place. iMazing, iexplorer are couple i know of. As a user I am uncomfortable with reliability point of view. And from RJ's webinar on facebook you can sense this is the way forward for MP. They are looking at platform game with inviting third party developers than doing in house. While building an eco-system is all well, I feel sad to see the OEM not delivering on basic features directly.
FAQs DanSmigrod 1 1 monthDanSmigrod (17839): Hi All, Here are We Get Around Network Forum discussions that are tagged: FAQ Plus, here are TAGGED TOPICS that are frequent questions: ✓ Large [Spaces to be Scanned by Matterport 3D Camera] ✓ Advice ✓ Newbie ✓ Capture Got a topic you feel should be tagged FAQ - or added to the list above - please post below. Best, Dan
Free! 12 Video Tutorials on for Matterport Service Providers DanSmigrod 4 2 hoursVTLV (1476): @DanSmigrod - Yeah, Rich has mentioned before that he has gotten Lynda classes through his library card. I got a city library that didn't offer it, then I was told the county library does. So I go to the county and nobody knows anything about, no material around to gain access. So I have paid for it each year not knowing if the certificates stay active or not. @@Richierichks - Are you able to link your Lynda to Linkedin still and save your...
Aleta S2C 12K 360º camera firmware upgrade - V1.04.54 - 26 Mar 2019 EricLiu 1 5 hoursEricLiu (34): Hi All, Good news!:) New Firmware version V1.04.54 for Aleta S2C camera is released. Please upgrade your Aleta S2C for better experience. Release note: ▶️ Improve HDR ▶️ Improve color and white balance ▶️ Improve OSC compatibility ▶️ Improve image quality ▶️ Fix missing shot error How to upgrade: 1. Prepare a micro SD card in FAT32 format If you are not sure what format your card is, you can put the...
Video: Insta360 ONE X: 12 Tips and Tricks DanSmigrod 2 9 hoursahojman (105): If you have a Matterport camera, I think there is no reason to use it at a Virtual Tour. - Quality not good at all without HDR. - Ipad crashed more than 20 times when we tried to change between camera and the other one. - Some alignment issues, so we had to repeat some photos. Really we could not understand what was Matterport`s idea with this change. If they want to invite more people to know Matterport, we think this was not the best way.
Matterport hosting question: if I set some of my spaces to private... Buschstu 9 10 hoursBuschstu (24): Dan thanks so much for your insights. I agree 100 percent on the recuring charge. Just hope i have not under priced the hosting so far .(At 10.00 for the year )That they will not want to pay higher monthly fees for hosting.Unless i lower the shooting fee.Nice thing is they cant make me re-shoot too much 1) they dont give much time before the move in to shoot 2) because once rented they have no acess
Video: DJI Phantom 4 Pro verrsus DJI Mavic Pro DanSmigrod 4 11 hoursrzphotoman (1070): Nothing yet. You can still find some of the Phantom 4 Pro v2 occasionally online, but DJI is not producing them anymore and are not selling them on their website.
How to receive the free use of an AEC Marketing Video with Logo/Website DanSmigrod 2 12 hoursDanSmigrod (17839): Video E01: Lugano, Switzerland-based dealtech CEO Luca De Alberti is a long-time WGAN Standard Member. Video H01: Lugano, Switzerland-based dealtech CEO Luca De Alberti is a long-time WGAN Standard Member. Luca @dealtech thank you for being a long-time WGAN Standard Member. Best, Dan
How to receive the free use of a Drone Marketing Video with Your Logo DanSmigrod 4 12 hoursDanSmigrod (17839): Video G01: Lugano, Switzerland-based dealtech CEO Luca De Alberti is a long-time WGAN Standard Member. Luca @dealtech thank you for being a long-time WGAN Standard Member. Best, Dan
How to change WGAN Forum Email Notifications (in Settings) DanSmigrod 3 15 hoursDanSmigrod (17839): @Gladsmuir Great suggestion. Let me check with out Forum tech and see if we can get that fixed. If I stay focused on our Members - rather than our stats - we'll be better off in the long run :cool: Much thanks! Dan
Borrow a GeoCV 3D-360º Enabled Smartphone Camera Kit DanSmigrod 3 18 hoursDanSmigrod (17839): Hi All, From this WGAN Forum discussion ... Dan
Matterport Pro2 3D Camera versus Using Matterport with 1-Click 360º Cameras DanSmigrod 7 19 hoursDanSmigrod (17839): Hello Redacted, I recommend that you invest in a Matterport Pro2 3D Camera (rather than using either an Insta360 One X or Ricoh Theta V (or the Ricoh Theta Z1 that is scheduled to begin shipping 11 April 2019. Because you are a professional real estate photographer AND you have a large client that wants you to shoot Matterport, you (and your client) are likely to be much happier with the Matterport 3D Tours when shot with the Matterport Pro2...
Aleta S2C camera review & comparison to Matterport izoneguy 9 19 hoursizoneguy (212): OK thanks, I will keep working through it. I am almost done with the video for that coach so they want to launch it all at once. I have uploaded an image capture to show the link is present in the Spaces details. The Matterport tour along with the Mattertags will be a more effective selling tool than a brochure but this client still wants he brochure, photos etc. I was going to experiment with doing an outside then inside 3D tour, since there...
SPAR 3D: How should WGAN give away 2 free SPAR 3D Expo & Conference passes? DanSmigrod 7 20 hoursDanSmigrod (17839): @Ianx @ron0987 @RichardStanton Thanks for your comments. Hi All, Your thoughts about how to give away the two free passes to the 2019 SPAR 3D Expo & Conference? Best, Dan
For Sale By Owner eggardner 6 1 dayWingman (149): Can you please collaborate on feedback from these calls? Why there was not a single sale? What most of them said why they did not want to use a tour? I understand this kind of customers as those trying to save on an agent commission but tours are a marketing thing and also a tool that are supposed to make process of finding buyers easier and run it without scheduled inspections. I know inspections alone can be a big pain for this type of...
  Matterport Pro Wanted: Dequincy, Louisiana 70633 DanSmigrod 3 2 daysDanSmigrod (17839): This opportunity is still available as of 10:30 am ET Sunday, 24 March 2019. Thanks, Dan
Can Matterport Cortex convert 360s into 3D? DanSmigrod 6 3 daysMetroplex360 (8998):
Our thoughts are with you at this difficult time DanSmigrod 13 3 daysMetroplex360 (8998): Kudos. We're all here, all online, all in the field to build our businesses. Whether it's to take care of our family, or build ourselves and our lives up so that we can gain traction in life - WGAN has always been a great place to connect with other people, share what we've learned, and make friendships. I am 'good' at compartmentalizing things. I'm having a hard time compartmentalizing things right now because things are still pretty fresh...
Ricoh Theta errors after creating tour tomjones2787 7 3 daysMetroplex360 (8998): You have holes in your floors. Because of this, the puck sinks until it lands on a floor. In Capture, I would imagine that you should have seen holes in the floor before uploading. If you did not, then this would be of interest to support, I would imagine. My 2c - don't do paying jobs with an insta360 or Theta V. While I do not speak for Matterport, I do not believe that they are marketing 'Cortex' for professional use.
Top 5 types of jobs do you do? GlennTremain 6 3 daysrzphotoman (1070): I sell my service by saying you don't need to hire a traditional photographer. I include still images pulled from the Matterport Pro 2 scan that are a close match to the HDR photos most have been getting. To achieve this I scan with the Pro 2 set at 4' 3" and then batch run all the still images I pull from the scan through Aurora HDR at a custom setting I made. My clients love them and the only still images I take with my DSLR are some...
Comparing Cupix, GeoCV, Matterport, Nodalview and Zillow 3D Home Platforms DanSmigrod 11 3 daysMetroplex360 (8998): [mpembed][/mpembed] Matterport w/MPEmbed Brightness - 102% Contrast - 112% Saturation - 172% Sepia - 2%
Video: Insta360 ONE X + Matterport - The Future of Aeronautical Education DanSmigrod 11 3 daysDouglasMeyers (764): Guess I just got lucky :)
Matterport - unclear hosting prices Drone360vision 1 4 daysDrone360vision (11): Hello, I've just double checked Matterport's hosting fees, and their sales page. The fees and explanation regarding this has changed. On the purchase page where you specify which camera you plan to purchase and the associated hosting platform, when the Pro 2 Lite camera is selected which previously received no free processing credits unlike the Pro 2. It no longer changes and appears that you now get three free processing credits...
Two New Matterport Marketing Videos: Insta360 ONE X and Ricoh Theta V DanSmigrod 5 4 daysrzphotoman (1070): @DanSmigrod Matterport + All 360º Cameras = Exponential Growth (for all of us) that a question? I saw the original post so for me, it's still a big question.
May I get your help with this few-minute WGAN Forum Survey? DanSmigrod 19 4 daysDanSmigrod (17839): @Kumar If you look at the search results of the Matterport website example, it is returning search results from August 20, 2016 and January 17, 2017. That does not look very helpful. We have been using Google for search because it returns WGAN Forum search results that are most helpful. Our current thinking is that Google does a better job doing search than we could do on our own. The trade off is that the results includes Google Ads. Any...
Matterport + All 360º Cameras = Exponential Growth (for all of us) DanSmigrod 14 4 daysDanSmigrod (17839): Seems like a good time to revisit this topic
Linking two tours CharlesHH 6 4 daysDanSmigrod (17839): @CharlesHH A Matterport Deep Link takes you to a specific spot within a Matterport 3D Tour. For example, one Pro uses it on elevators. That MatterTag Deep Link take you to the same spot on the next floor. You can use the ThreeSixty Tours platform with Matterport as the digital assets that you display. You can get one aerial 360º photo sphere from WP3D Models is a WordPress plug-in. This means that you need...
Video: How to create and use Matterport MatterTags + Matterport Deep Links DanSmigrod 1 4 daysDanSmigrod (17839): hi All, Do you have - or can you create – a short video demonstrating how to create Matterport MatterTags + Deep Links and include a sample Matterport 3D Tour that uses them? Thanks, Dan
Should I return my Matterport Pro 2 camera? Drone360vision 10 4 daysJune (262): Yes now that the Beta version is coming to an end for the Theta V and Insta One it won’t even be possible to use those if you already have an account with Matterport. Someone can correct me if I’m wrong but I thought I read somewhere (or in Dee’s video) that it would only be available to people that don’t already have an account with Matterport.
Techniques to enter a new market using 3D tours Drone360vision 1 4 daysDrone360vision (11): As a new service provider of 3D tours, after previously offering relatively low quality 360 tours. What techniques did service providers use when first starting out? Particularly for real estate, corporate, hotels etc Did you get a killer example and use that to push the tours? Did you visualise the deliverables and provide a succinct document with ROI/greater traffic to websites etc Any insight is welcomed, Thank you!
Video: BEST 3D/360 Camera?! Insta360 EVO vs. Vuze XR vs. Qoocam DanSmigrod 1 4 daysDanSmigrod (17839): BEST 3D/360 Camera?! Insta360 EVO vs. Vuze XR vs. Qoocam | Video courtesy of Ben Claremont YouTube Channel Hi All, 360º Camera Subject Matter Expert Ben Claremont compares the 180º Virtual Reality (VR) experience of: ✓ Insta360 EVO ✓ Vuze XR ✓ Qoocam How might you use 180º Virtual Reality (VR) to make more money? Best, Dan
Today on WGAN-TV: Comparing Matterport, GeoCV, Nodalview and Zillow 3D Home Home3D 4 4 daysHome3D (745): In case helpful, here again are direct links to the four finished walkthroughs: Matterport model - GeoCV with exterior terrain - (in WP3D wrapper with my video and stills, FYI) [wp3d][/wp3d] Nodalview -...
Insta360 eBlast: Announcing: Matterport + Insta360 ONE X Integration DanSmigrod 4 4 daysahojman (105): We used the Insta inside the cars in this tour: Without HDR (at this moment we don't have the option to use it) quality was very poor, unacceptable by our client. Not a good experience for us. Now we have to travel to repeat interior photos with Matterport camera.
Is this Matterport rumor true?!?! Queen_City_3D 27 4 daysMeshImages (465): Good news! Matterport refunds the extra 38 USD large scans.
Question of the Day: How is your ROI with Leica BLK360 + Matterport? DanSmigrod 2 4 daysMeshImages (465): I am a big fan of the leica blk360 integration. It makes Matterport a better product. My ROI is very good. In Germany we have a supplier where I can rent a Leica blk360 for EUR 700 per week (all in).
Tip: How to place a Matterport 360º View in Matterport Capture App DanSmigrod 2 4 daysShakoure (228): @DanSmigrod ...While this method has been around for some time now, thanks for re-introducing it. However, anything on the converting 360 panoramas into 3D views? The Cortex announcement from MP seemed to include this type of conversion as a recent capability, although I might very well be reading it wrong.
How to get your free library card to the WGAN Forum Sample Forms Library DanSmigrod 2 5 daysDanSmigrod (17839): Hi All, We added another Matterport Service Provider invoice example today (Thursday, 21 March 2019). Best, Dan
Matterport using cookies on every tour 3dshowcaseuk 11 5 daysGarySnyder (1661): Thanks @DanSmigrod, GDPR clearly states that any website operating within the EU need to notify all users that any form of cookies are being attached to the device the viewer is viewing the content. This is why you clearly see a popup notice on most websites that states if you wish to proceed cookies will be added to your device. Most website now go even further and allow you to opp out of non essential cookies but all notify you that cookies...
WARNING Are you aware of this? GarySnyder 19 5 daysGarySnyder (1661): Thanks @DanSmigrod, GDPR clearly states that any website operating within the EU need to notify all users that any form of cookies are being attached to the device the viewer is viewing the content. This is why you clearly see a popup notice on most websites that states if you wish to proceed cookies will be added to your device. Most website now go even further and allow you to opp out of non essential cookies but all notify you that cookies...
What do you use to hold *ALL* your kit? thorn604 5 5 daysthorn604 (40): Hopefully the GeoCV scanner will fill the matterport space nicely...
Forbes: Oculus Unveils Its New VR Headset, The 'Rift S' DanSmigrod 1 5 daysDanSmigrod (17839): Oculus Rift S product video | Video courtesy of David Ewalt YouTube Channel Hi All, Forbes (20 March 2019) Oculus Unveils Its New VR Headset, The 'Rift S' While it may not seem obvious today, Virtual Reality (VR) meets Matterport will 'Matter' to you. When you create a Matterport 3D Tour, you are automatically creating a VR version too (though I would disable VR unless you are curating the best VR...
Robot 360º - An Insta360 Pro 2 mount on an RC car for Cupix 3D Tour? DanSmigrod 1 5 daysDanSmigrod (17839): Screen Grab from Danny Wong Hi All, Got a 100,000+ SQ FT of commercial space to scan to create a Cupix 3D Tour? I could image the " Robot 360º" programmed to take a photo every x feet. What spaces could you imagine that this Robot 360º would work? Shopping List ✓ Tarzan-A 360VR Stabilizer for Aerial Photographing ✓ 360...
I apologize>Matterport does not use these cookies for Camera Ads to Viewers DanSmigrod 3 5 daysMeshImages (465): Thanks you Dan! This is good news 👍
360Rumors: Insta360 Generates Record Profits: the Secrets of Their Success DanSmigrod 1 5 daysDanSmigrod (17839): Hi All, A great read by Mic Ty ... (20 March 2019) 360 Camera Company Insta360 Generates Record Profits: the Secrets of Their Success "The compact camera industry has been declining steadily since 2010, shrinking by as much as 24% in 2018, as more users rely on their smartphones. But in the past two years, 360 camera manufacturer Insta360 (Shenzhen Arashi Vision Co.) has generated five times revenue...
Borrow an Insta360 One X from the WGAN 360º Camera Loaner Program DanSmigrod 5 5 daysDanSmigrod (17839): Hi All, Reminder to complete the WGAN 360º Camera Loaner Program Order Form. Best, Dan
Video: How to charge for real estate photography DanSmigrod 1 5 daysDanSmigrod (17839): How do I price my real estate photography business? | Video courtesy of JRDNPWRS YouTube Channel Hi All, Whether you are just starting out or a seasoned Pro, it's likely helpful to hear how another real estate photographer prices his real estate photography services. ✓ Pricing (tiered based on SQ FT) [Originally: 3,000 SQ FT = $125; 6,000 = $200; and 9000 SQ FT = $275, etc.] [Then: 2,000 SQ FT =...
Please create "How to" videos to share in the WGAN Forum DanSmigrod 2 5 daysJonJ (1428): Hi Dan, Here is a video I did on elevated photography. I hope it helps. Thanks, JonJ
GeoCV Camera First Impressions with Los Angeles Based @Home3D Kevin Dole DanSmigrod 2 5 daysTosolini (2734): Thanks for this video episode. I think the loaner program is a smart idea, especially for MSPs who don't have a justifiable reason to invest on new hardware and subscriptions, but they are open to try a new capturing system.