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New to the Forum? Please introduce yourself DanSmigrod 565 2 daysIngo (1): Hi all, I'm Ingo, based in London and recently made the leap into actually doing 360º here. I have some prior knowledge of the network but thought to get sorted and contribute. Nice to be here.
FAQs DanSmigrod 1 15 daysDanSmigrod (16357): Hi All, Here are We Get Around Network Forum discussions that are tagged: FAQ Plus, here are TAGGED TOPICS that are frequent questions: ✓ Large [Spaces to be Scanned by Matterport 3D Camera] ✓ Advice ✓ Newbie ✓ Capture Got a topic you feel should be tagged FAQ - or added to the list above - please post below. Best, Dan
WGAN Forum Sample Forms Library DanSmigrod 2 1 monthDanSmigrod (16357): Hi All, I am particularly interested in added the following forms: ✓ Non Disclosure Agreement ✓ Non Compete Agreement ✓ Engaging Independent Contractor to shoot for you Thanks, Dan
How to Backup Your Matterport Spaces on iPad DanSmigrod 27 1 monthkjoman (166): I subscribe to The Deal Guy YouTube (he tries out a variety of consumer products & posts links to deals). Today was a Lightning Cable & microSD Card and Adapter for backing up iPhone, iPad, etc. The SD card choices run from 64gb to 200gb. Here’s the link
About: We Get Around Network Instant Booking Service powered by KoaWare DanSmigrod 3 1 monthDanSmigrod (16357): WGAN-TV Short Story: Demo of Booking a Matterport Pro (now available in Georgia)
Hyperrealistic renderings support other marketing materials PetraSoderling 5 2 hoursPetraSoderling (643): Great! Thank you and have an awesome day!
Menu in Visit Matterport ? Deweyyy 8 8 hoursangusnorriss (169): @Walkabout thankyou - and how did they get the menu top right corner and the logo middle left? Is that possible in WP3D Models @rpetersn
Tip: Using an iPad to Run DSLR for Real Estate Photos (and why) DanSmigrod 3 18 hoursPhotoAndVideoEdits (160): Thank you very much for the compliments.
Matterport uses MSP Program to Generate Lead for Camera Sales DanSmigrod 10 21 hoursangusnorriss (169): @DanSmigrod yes that is correct. I have proof. They canvassed 3 of my current clients to try and sell cameras to them. Each of them came though the MSP referral and I have only had 3 through it. They also pitched scan services to one them. It outrages me but I supplement my business accordingly. Why do they have to eat my lunch just because they provide the plate??? Unethical and disrespectful. It needs seriously addressing. The CMO must be...
Looking for a photosphere tour solution BrianM 12 23 hoursTrustedPhotoDC (829): The example was created in PanoTourPro(Kolor - Deprecated) Right Click on the tour.
Matterport Offering $1,000 Off Matterport Pro2 Camera + Pro2 Lite Special DanSmigrod 20 23 hoursDanSmigrod (16357): Screen Grab: From the from page on Tuesday, 18 September 2018 | $500 and $600 off offers Screen grabs from Matterport website on Tuesday, 18 September 2018
Matterport: How to Make MSPs Happy (And Sell More Cameras) DanSmigrod 2 23 hoursDanSmigrod (16357): P.S. You are not winning the hearts and minds of Matterport Service Providers - particularly potential MSPs - when you do this: ✓ Matterport uses MSP Program to Generate Lead for Camera Sales ✓ Matterport Offering $1,000 Off Matterport Pro2 Camera + Pro2 Lite Special
What CAD file types can be converted to .OBJ ...? DanSmigrod 4 1 dayneeravbm (37): BIM is the same as intelligent BIM. There is no difference. By definition, BIM is supposed to be intelligent. :) BIM is very different from OBJ file though. OBJ file has a bunch of triangles that are used for rendering geometry on screen but there is no way to know whether a triangle belongs to a wall or a pipe, as an example. Hence OBJ file is not intelligent. BIM, on the other hand, is parametric. If you add a wall, it will add a wall object...
Matterport Workshop Workflow Tip: Hide scans before taking SnapShots DanSmigrod 1 1 dayDanSmigrod (16357): WGAN-TV Matterport Cloud and Workshop for Newbies #176-Workshop Workflow with WGAN Founder Dan Smigrod Hi All, If you are just starting out with Matterport, when you begin Matterport Workshop Workflow, start with hiding scans. Then, when you go to create SnapShots you will NOT be able to take a SnapShot when the scan is hidden. I explain why that's a good thing in this WGAN-TV Short Short (#176). This 5 minute video (above) is from...
Floor Plan Tip: Laser Measurer (for one measurement) + CUPIX + Blue-Sketch DanSmigrod 1 1 dayDanSmigrod (16357): WGAN-TV CUPIX Short Story #222-Tip for Creating 2D Floor Plans from CUPIX 3D Tours Hi All, If you would like Blue-Sketch to create 2D floor plans from a CUPIX 3D Tour, you'll need one reference measurement such as the length from wall-to-wall in the living room. You can do this one measurement - quickly - with a laser measurer. With this one measurement, Blue-Sketch can scale the floor plans to the correct measurements. In the...
Question of the Day: Any neck/back pain as a result of Matterport scanning? DanSmigrod 2 1 dayron0987 (931): No, my pain is a little lower on the backside with some agents and Matterport CS. 😁😁😁😁😁
Working with Auctioneers jerryran 1 1 dayjerryran (19): Does anyone work with Auctioneers to show properties and the items in the homes? Any thoughts on best way to market to this segment? Thank You Jerry Ran JR Photographic
  Matterport Pro2 Rental of Camera Wanted: Ludlow VT DanSmigrod 1 1 dayDanSmigrod (16357): About Matterport Pro Wanted Posts --- The We Get Around Network has a need for a Matterport Pro2 Rental of Camera in in or near Ludlow VT. A WGAN Member for many years has reached out to the We Get Around Network to source a Matterport Pro2 Camera that can be rented. Here are the details: --- ✓ Matterport Pro2 Camera to be rented the 1st or 2nd week in October 2018 to scan two 6,000 sq. ft. homes. Timing still TBD ✓ ...
  Matterport Pro Wanted: Danville, VA DanSmigrod 4 1 dayDanSmigrod (16357): This opportunity is still available, as of 11 am EDT Tuesday, 18 September 2018. Thanks, Dan
  DSLR Photographers Wanted: Catskill & Hudson Valley, NY DanSmigrod 4 1 dayDanSmigrod (16357): This opportunity is still available, as of 11 am EDT Tuesday, 18 September 2018. Thanks, Dan
  Matterport + DSLR Pros Wanted: Washington, DC DanSmigrod 2 1 dayDanSmigrod (16357): This opportunity is still available, as of 11 am EDT Tuesday, 18 September 2018. Thanks, Dan
  Matterport + DSLR Pros Wanted: Seattle, WA DanSmigrod 2 1 dayDanSmigrod (16357): This opportunity is still available, as of 11 am EDT Tuesday, 18 September 2018. Thanks, Dan
  Matterport + DSLR Photographer Wanted: Coeur d’Alene, ID (VRBO Listing) DanSmigrod 5 1 dayDanSmigrod (16357): This opportunity has been handled. Thanks, Dan
Cell Phone Wide Angle Lens Zillow 3D VTLV 5 1 dayleonvanzweel (403): @VTLV I have just received a MOVI Freefly with Moment lens and the wide angle (not fisheye) lens with case attachment for my iPhone8 is a professional product and easy to use.
Matterport on temporary access / pay-per-view ELAN42 16 2 daysJuMP (952): @ELAN42 @sbl110 Yes, you can click "dollhouse" , "floorplan view" and "highlights button", because I didn't disable them that I leave them there open for you to see inside. That I mentioned in my post: (We didn't disable them for DEMO the e-ticket function only, it is not a real e-ticket showcase.) If I disable the "dollhouse" , "floorplan view" and "highlights button" you can't...
Question of the Day: Will you place 360º Views in Matterport Workshop? DanSmigrod 3 2 daysHome3D (142): I haven't tried the new Workshop placement system, but thought I would chime in on the past beta for placing external 360's in the model. The idea is great, but it's clunky and I've abandoned using it so far, for a different reason. In the past you have had to elect to engage the "new version" of showcase in order to add 360's. My problem is that I vastly prefer the "walkthrough" mode of the old showcase over the new...
  Matterport Pro Wanted: Rapid City, SD DanSmigrod 3 2 daysDanSmigrod (16357): This opportunity has been handled. Thanks, Dan
Background Music for Videos VTLV 4 2 dayssbl110 (208): You might want to also look at: This site is free. Be sure to view the license guide to make sure the item you select it truly free. This is a pay site. I think it's still $99/year for unlimited downloads. There sound effects and loops available on this site as well. Scott
Street View Scam? DanSmigrod 6 2 daysIngo (1): LOLs I got the same. I get stuff like this daily.
Hair Nets Verse Alcohol Wipes BlueImmersiveMedia 4 2 daysDouglasMeyers (616): Oculus go is your best bet. We took cardboard and the Samsung to the Cruise Ship convention and both failed to give out clients a good and comfortable view the Samsung was soooo glitchy and the cardboard is a cheap version and customers know it. One of these days Matterport might go REAL VR and you can use Vive or Rift headset but they do NOT play on real Virtual Headsets.
Create 360 Degree "Live" Photo tour Amsterdam07 3 2 daysDanSmigrod (16357): @Amsterdam07 At the high-end Pros-Consumer 360º video camera is the Insta360 Pro 2 ( Pre-Order for $4,999) or Insta360 Pro ($3,500). The advantages of this 360º video camera (livestream, 360º photos, 360º video) are: ✓ quality of video ✓ long livestream If you just need a few minutes of 360º livestream video, you might look at the Insta360 One ($289). Livesteaming to Facebook is super-easy: just connect your Facebook account and...
Re-Review of GemTune DY-60i leveling base rzphotoman 6 2 daysrzphotoman (637): @MiB I tried one like the EZ Leveler and found it frustrating and time consuming. I would stick with the MENGS.
How to Publish a Matterport 3D Tour to Google Street View DanSmigrod 8 2 daysMiB (1): Does it make a difference using the google my business account holder when uploading? I have a client here in the UK that wants to be able to walk in from the street view.
Newbie to WordPress: suggestions for my new Matterport website? rgestevens 7 3 daysChemistrydoc (472): GREAT job! Sleek and simple, and yet shows sophistication. You might want to feature the possibility of converting and publishing a space to Google Street View. I can only heartily second what rzphotoman said: The WP3D plugin is a MUST HAVE in my opinion - not only the SEO, but also the ability to "pretty up" the showcases and create simple, functional and VERY POPULAR single page website designs. Great first start - best wishes...
Zillow Virtual Tour Link and Matterport? PlusUltra 3 3 daysPlusUltra (22): Haha yeah i almost put "up and coming" or "potential" competitor to MP since I know they're only doing test markets right now, but I did get the impression Zillow would maybe try to block anything MP-related on their site so thank you for confirming it would work!
Download Matterport 3D Scan? APN 2 3 daysDanSmigrod (16357): @APN The architects likely want Matterport MatterPak: it's the data that they can use in their CAD programs. If they want the 3D Tour offline; no, Matterport has not budged on this point. CUPIX offers download everything; including a player for a local computer. To best answer your question, what would the architects like to use the 3D Tour and/or data from the 3D tour. Best, Dan
Question of the Day: What are your thoughts about Matterport MatterTags? DanSmigrod 6 3 daysDanSmigrod (16357): Moved from a WGAN Forum discussion ....
Question of the Day: Thoughts about the Matterport Collaborator feature? DanSmigrod 2 3 daysJohnLoser (262): I have been contracted to work for two separate companies and have used Matterport collaboration to upload my sons to their account. I use one of our company email accounts as the login - different from the email we use for our Matterport account. It works well for us when we work for others.
Making Money Idea of the Week #4: One Order for Many Markets DanSmigrod 1 3 daysDanSmigrod (16357): Hi All, Imagine a Client that places an order with you for Matterport 3D Tours of [redacted] in many states. Many WGAN Members do this now. I know because they reach out to me for help sourcing Matterport Pros when they do not see a public profile on the We Get Around Network Find a Matterport Pro Map. These WGAN Members make the spread: the difference between what their client pays them and how much they pay the Pros. Be strategic...
Cupix Storage Documentation options Amsterdam07 7 4 daysAmsterdam07 (13): That is what I was hoping for, will let you know once I get clarification.
Matterport to Google Street View Publishing: $19 Each Starting 1 Oct 2018 DanSmigrod 3 4 daysDanSmigrod (16357): @leonvanzweel As a WGAN Standard Member, you get the free use of Panoskin Pro to moderate your tours (including Matterport to Google Street View. ( CUPIX offers a flat monthly price for unlimited publishing to Google Street View, that include many additional features too.) Dan
Question of the Day: Do you ask your clients for a shout-out video? DanSmigrod 1 4 daysDanSmigrod (16357): Brian Ashley with Luxe 3D Tours in Detroit Gives We Get Around Network Founder Dan Smigrod a Shout-Out Hi All, The WGAN Forum Question of the Day for Saturday, 15 September 2018) is: Either after the shoot – or after you deliver your digital assets – do you ask your clients for a shout-out video (testimonial video for your website)? If so, kindly share an example. I will start it offer. (see above) Thanks, Dan
Public Beta: Place 360º Views in New Matterport Workshop Week of 4 Sept 18 DanSmigrod 4 4 daysDanSmigrod (16357): Links: ✓ Place your 360º Views in the Capture App ✓ Place your 360º Views in Workshop ✓ Matterport Blog: (4 Sept. 2018) 360...
GoPro Kills Kolor DanSmigrod 2 5 daysmori (586): Some details to this from the IVRPA FB-Page: What does this mean? • As of September 14, 2018, Kolor products will no longer be for sale from • For existing Kolor users, you will be able to use your account login to retrieve your license keys and activate your software. The download links are still available for now. • Existing Kolor products will no longer be updated. • For support on Kolor products, the documentation...
Security issue? Access to all detail pages of spaces from every MP user mori 1 5 daysmori (586): Dear Community, how do you see the issue that every other MP user has access to your capture detail pages by just changing the space ID to view space details and even download pictures? E.g. from the latest MP Blog feature everyone - also not logged in users - are able to access the detail pages of a space e.g. and see details of the photos and information when the captures have been made. As logged in MP user I could even...
Question of the Day: How is Hurricane Florence Affecting You? DanSmigrod 6 5 daysTosolini (2401): I think it’d be a positive move by MP to create a Hurricane Florence account and let MSP upload models donated to people affected by the flooding. Imagine how many insurance claims there will be that may benefit of a scan. I bet several MSP would be open to donate some time if they are not being hit by the fees
Create a floor plan with your smart phone with an app indoorreality 3 5 daysDanSmigrod (16357): @indoorreality Do you have a video showing a person using the Indoor Reality app? That might help us visualize how easy/hard fast/slow it takes to capture a space. Thanks, Dan
  DSLR Photographer Wanted: Tacoma, Washington DanSmigrod 2 5 daysDanSmigrod (16357): This opportunity has been handled. Thanks, Dan
Matterport Face Blurring (Beta) versus CUPIX Blurring: Which do you prefer? DanSmigrod 4 5 daysDanSmigrod (16357): WGAN-TV Short Story #123-CUPIX Blurring Face Out Example --- Yes. Absolutely. Matterport should have implemented face blurring in Workshop: not in the Capture App (which gives you zero control). CUPIX nailed it with faceblurring so that you have total control. The WGAN-TV Short Story (above) is about CUPIX versus Matterport face blurring and color correction. These two CUPIX features are available in CUPIX Studio Pack Add...
Free Nadir Logo Patch to Replace Tripod View DanSmigrod 14 5 daysDanSmigrod (16357): WGAN-TV Short Story #126-CUPIX Nadir Branding Opportunity in Nadir for Google Street View @tresdepro Thank you for sharing examples of the nadir logo patches that you are creating for WGAN Members. Hi All, With CUPIX, you can upload your nadir logo patch once and "Apply All" 3D Tours (or use a different logo patch for each client. Bonus, when you publish to Google Street View from CUPIX, you can automatically add your/your...