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New to the Forum? Please introduce yourself DanSmigrod 660 10 daysDamato1005 (2): Hello. My name is Dan and I live in the Tampa Bay area. I look forward to learning from you all.
FAQs DanSmigrod 2 2 monthsDanSmigrod (19062): Moving to the top
How to Backup Your Matterport Spaces on iPad DanSmigrod 33 2 monthsWingman (514): BTW, since we can see now files for each job in the video about IMazing workflow it has made me wondering why Matterport has no functionality to keep job scans in their cloud and restore them on demand. As we can see form the video a folder for a job has a lot of similar files with ids in their names in great numbers that are probably store each scan point, two thumbnails and some extra folder(do not know what inside as I am yet to try...
3D Exteriors including Dollhouse in full direct sun with GeoCV Home3D 9 20 minutesangusnorriss (464): I agree.
Doorway Issue Biggles 3 3 hours3DVirtuallyThere (43): I've started with the door in the open position at the start and then scan the door in a closed position when you are 20ft away. I've also started with the garage door closed during the first pass, then opened the door. Rescanned at the threshold. The door automatically opens and closes as you Walkthrough the space.
Lawsuit: Matterport, Inc. versus GeoCV, Inc. - All Legal Documents DanSmigrod 34 4 hoursKumar (188): GeoCV should get through this. @DanSmigrod, why do you think that GeoCV is on losing side? MP should not get anywhere in the frame of GCV for the benefit of market.
Copyright again romainreparage 15 11 hoursChangesin3d (59): @Jwbuckl The Terms of Service in my view is not clear. And then you factor in so many people talking about the "sales and value of "Data" what is and MSP supposed to think? Tell me Mr. Buckley you seem to state (correct me where I am wrong) you are saying the entire purpose Matterport takes licensee is so you may process our data. Except for product development. Again correct me if I am wrong, but did Matterport not use the...
  Article - 3D Cameras Mean More Than Just Virtual Property Tours Ghagendorf 3 16 hoursDanSmigrod (19062): Hi All, Please continue the discussion here: ✓ 3D Cameras Mean More Than Just Virtual Property Tours Thanks, Dan
How do you handle this objection: "There isn't any privacy in the tour ..." DanSmigrod 4 1 dayWingman (514): And the same TV, computer or electronics are on pictures. I do not think it is any of a privacy concerns. It is just an excuse not to use tours, probably because they will show vendors that even an agent can be replaced with a tour.
How do you handle the objection: We want people coming to an open house ... DanSmigrod 3 2 daysKumar (188): they are most welcome, one who comes, they still need to tell the story to someone else in the home/outside - so virtual story will complete the cycle a lot QUICKER either way - deal or no deal.
How to Enable - or Disable - Highlight Reel in Matterport Workshop 3.0 DanSmigrod 3 2 daysDanSmigrod (19062): @Craig You're welcome. :cool: Dan
How to receive free full credentials to Commercial UAV Expo Americas 2019 DanSmigrod 7 2 daysDanSmigrod (19062): Hi All, If you would like one of these full credentials, please post here and/or private message me by 3 pm EDT Friday, 20 September 2019. Thanks, Dan
Question of the Day: #1 objection you receive about doing Matterport Tours? DanSmigrod 5 2 daysDanSmigrod (19062): @Home3D Thanks for the objection. Posted to this WGAN Forum discussion: ✓ How do you handle the objection: “I don’t want to pay for it.” @schaferu Thanks for the objection. Posted to this WGAN Forum discussion: ✓ How do you handle the objection: We want people coming to an open house ... @coulee360 Thanks for the objection. Posted to this WGAN Forum discussion (to see how others over-come this objection). ✓ How do you...
How big is big Harrycayman 11 2 daysDanSmigrod (19062): Thanks for letting us know. unfortunately, 4-6 week backup is not helpful for clients that are use to getting their space delivered in 1-2 days. Dan
PLNAR SNAP App brings virtual interior property claims to life bryanhscott 8 2 daysDanSmigrod (19062): We did not discuss ... We did not discuss. We discussed that we can source a 3D/360º photographer anywhere - for their prospects that would prefer to engage a Pro rather than ask the (distressed) homeowner. Wow! That's a cool gadget/software. Yup! My wife and I experienced three unrelated floods in our home. The general contractor, insurance adjusters and floor covering vendor loved my Matterport 3D Tour of the house, floor...
New Selfie Drone: Mantis G from Yuneec DanSmigrod 1 2 daysDanSmigrod (19062): Mantis G from Yuneec | Photo courtesy of Yuneec UAVCOACH (11 September 2019) Yuneec Expands Mantis Series with New Selfie Drone: Mantis G "Yuneec announced Mantis G at Interdrone last week in Las Vegas. The new drone is an upgraded version of the Mantis Q (launched last year) with a new integrated gimbal for smoother videos and sharper...
Matterport Pro: Customer Journey: Harlan Hambright (St. Simons Island, GA) DanSmigrod 1 2 daysDanSmigrod (19062): Service Provider Harlan Hambright (@HarlanHambright) on St. Simons Island (Georgia) | Image by We Get Around Network Photographer Dan Smigrod --- Matterport Service Provider Customer Journey: Harlan Hambright (St. Simons Island, GA) Hi All, On WGAN-TV On Location this morning (Friday, 13 September 2019), I interviewed Matterport Service Provider ...
How do you handle the objection: “I don’t want to pay for it.” DanSmigrod 3 2 daysmichaelakinyemi (25): We think of how we can leverage on the relationship if we are offering it for free. We have scanned some expos in the past in exchange for an exhibition stand at the expo.
10 Reasons Matterport will acquire GeoCV DanSmigrod 14 3 daysDanSmigrod (19062): Hi All, Here's an update on the Matterport versus GeoCV lawsuit: ✓ Lawsuit: Matterport, Inc. versus GeoCV, Inc. - All Legal Documents Best, Dan
Commercial UAV Expo Americas 2019 | 28-30 Oct 19 - Las Vegas DanSmigrod 1 3 daysDanSmigrod (19062): Sponsored Post --- 100+ Presenters and Panelists on Roster for the 2019 Commercial UAV Expo Americas | October 28-30, 2019 in Las Vegas ---- Industry leaders will provide insights into key issues related to commercial drones Las Vegas, NV – September 12, 2019 – More than 100 thought leaders in the commercial UAS industry will present at the 5th...
Webinar: Actionable Insights from Matterport’s Top Service Partners DanSmigrod 5 3 daysDanSmigrod (19062): Grab from Matterport Webinar: Build A Thriving 3D Photography Business Hi All, Above is another slide from the Matterport Webinar. The slide says: ✓ Homes with Matterport sold for 9.7% more than homes with still photography and video only ✓ Homes with Matterport sold 24% less time on average than homes with still photos and videos only Source: ...
Your experience using Cupix for commercial real estate or Construction? Joakim360 1 3 daysJoakim360 (4): Hello I'm very interested in hearing Cupix users success and/or failure stories. If you have a story that you would like to share please do :) Currently I'm trying to learn as much as possible while I'm targeting Commercial Real Estate and Construction businesses. Regards, Joakim360
Multiple floors in GSV grmngrl 4 3 daysRos (1): Quite confused, can Matterport camera & Matterport "Capture" app achieve the Multiple-Floor in GSV? Especially, when there is no straight line-of-sight connection between the floors? Obviously, Matterport capture app cannot scan multiple floors without a line-of-sight connection, 1.should i Matterport a few floors as separate apartments and combine them somehow somewhere? 2.Should i use a different app to scan? I have...
3D Cameras Mean More Than Just Virtual Property Tours Jonathan_GeoCV 2 3 daysHome3D (1255): Beautifully put, Jonathan. And on that note, I need to talk with you and the team concerning a client outreach to me this morning regarding scanning to CAD files. As you aptly put, right now we’re merely taxiing down the runway.
Question of the Day: What is your close rate? DanSmigrod 6 3 daysDanSmigrod (19062): @Jwbuckl Thank you for an okay to post this to the WGAN Forum ... --- Grab from Matterport Webinar: Build A Thriving 3D Photography Business Hi All, For all existing and potential Matterport Service Providers, I recommend that you watch a recording of the Matterport Webinar. ✓ [On-Demand Webinar] Build A Thriving 3D Photography Business There's a ton of...
Workflow Workaround for SnapShots That Can Not Be Hidden DanSmigrod 5 4 daysDanSmigrod (19062): @3SixtyNow Awesome! Your recommendation completely changes my reply. No need to duplicate the model: simply hide the "special scans" that were shot solely for exporting photos. (If you use a scan in Highlight Reel, you can not Hide it.) Thanks, Dan
How to have multiple rooms/floors in Google Street View? Ros 2 4 daysGladsmuir (70): Hi Ros, This previous topic response from @Metroplex360 might help. ✓ Multiple floors in GSV Oliver
WGAN Forum - Events Calendar of Photography, Real Estate and AEC DanSmigrod 2 4 daysDanSmigrod (19062): Hi all, Seeking a conference or trade show to attend? Please see the WGAN Events calendar. Best, Dan
WGAN List of 50+ 3D and 360º Hosting Platforms DanSmigrod 1 4 daysDanSmigrod (19062): WGAN Forum Membership Benefit of the Week -- Hi All, Below is a WGAN List of 50+ 3D and 360º Hosting Platforms. If you would also like to see a WGAN Google Sheet that includes ... ✓ 3D and 360º Hosting Platforms website URL ✓ 3D and 360º Hosting Platforms Pricing Page URL ✓ (and more) ... join the WGAN Forum (free). (You will automatically receive a message from me that includes a link to this Google Sheet (and...
Any advice pls? workshop 403 error. No tour loading angusnorriss 1 4 daysangusnorriss (464):
Seeking somebody who can create promo video from Matterport Tour DougMagners 8 4 daysadamhenry (8): @Wingman That's great a friend of mine uses this software.
3D walkthrough of a digitally rendered small condo ftosolini 7 4 daysbryanhscott (176): @ftosolini Thanks for the info. Yet another option for floor plans!
A Death at Matterport lisahinson 27 4 daysVTLV (1816): That’s a good start to acknowledge consumer demand. I like seeing updates Announcements vs Shut Down responses. Thank you @Jwbuckl
How accurate are Matterport 2D Schematic Floor Plans? Use SQ FT in MLS? DouglasMeyers 4 4 daysJwbuckl (280): @DouglasMeyers To be clear, each room is measured from the inside of the wall to the inside of the opposite wall. However, the total sq footage at the bottom is from the inside of the exterior wall to the inside of the opposite exterior wall, which does include all the walls in between. It’s also possible to request the floor plan team provide a total that accounts for the 6" thickness of the exterior wall, which I think is the...
How to scan a floor plan in 5 minutes with an app (Matterport comparison) ftosolini 13 4 daysftosolini (68): Thank you for the update! @bryanhscott
Early Results of WGAN Pricing Study of Nearly 200 USA Matterport Pros DanSmigrod 2 5 daysDanSmigrod (19062): Webinar: Actionable Insights from Matterport’s Top Service Partners (Wednesday, 11 September 2019 Hi All, Interesting to see how Matterport study of MSP pricing slide (above) compares to the early results of the WGAN Benchmark Pricing Study of nearly 200 Matterport Pros in the United States that have public rate cards. (See my previous post above) Your...
Is it possible to buy the GeoCV scanner kit from outside the US? Pau 6 5 daysadamhenry (8): A fascinating discussion is going here.
How to Get a Free Before/After Photo Editing Widget for Your Website DanSmigrod 12 5 daysPhotoAndVideoEdits (222): If you are asking if you can mark up a photo with pointing arrows and text annotations where you want to to remove something specific in a photo, then the answer is yes you can do that.
Blur Faces and Sensitive Info SNFmarkerting 7 5 daysKumar (188): @SNFmarkerting GeoCV is the answer.
GeoCV Commercial Scan of the Month - Shoppers Stop Mall Jonathan_GeoCV 17 6 days3SixtyNow (360): @Kumar it looks amazing!
BoxBrownie & GeoCV Partnership Expands Into 3D Commercial Virtual Staging Jonathan_GeoCV 10 6 daysJonathan_GeoCV (203): @VTLV please note that you may use your preferred virtual staging provider(s) as well.
How (and why) to mark mirrors as you do your Matterport scans DanSmigrod 1 6 daysDanSmigrod (19062): WGAN-TV Training U - Matterport Scanning with Harlan Hambright-Short Story #976-How To Scan Rooms With Mirrors (From WGAN-TV Training U Course: Watch Harlan Hambright do a Matterport scan of a Multi-Million Dollar Ocean-Front Home --- How (and why) to mark mirrors as you do your Matterport scans Hi All, In the WGAN-TV Training U video (above) from the Course Watch Harlan Hambright do a Matterport scan of a Multi-Million Dollar...
Nodalview raises €1.7 million for its virtual tour platform DanSmigrod 2 7 daysHome3D (1255): Congratulations to NodalView. I have created dozens of NodalView Tours and rank it with Matterport and GeoCV as a “must offer” service for my clients. I now create NodalView on ever project I shoot which does not elect for Matterport or GeoCV. Nodal view is gorgeous plus has an easy and elegant system for retouching panos and adding aerial panos. I love NodalView! [nodalview][/nodalview]
How to use a 'Matterport Sandwich' (and How to Avoid Having to Use it) DanSmigrod 1 8 daysDanSmigrod (19062): WGAN-TV Training U - Matterport Capture App and Matterport 3D Showcase App - Short Story #950- Capture App Matterport Sandwich (From WGAN-TV Training U Course: Matterport Capture App and Matterport 3D Showcase App --- How to use a 'Matterport Sandwich' (and How to Avoid Having to Use it) Hi All, In the WGAN-TV Training U video (above) from the Course Matterport Capture App and Matterport 3D Showcase App, you learn about what is a...
Theta Z1 battery life 8643d 17 8 dayslilnitsch (88): @Wingman bout' $12 on Amazon:
SquareSpace & Matterport Ghagendorf 4 8 daysDanSmigrod (19062): This question came up again today :cool: If you are just starting out, I recommend using WordPress so that you can take full advantage of WP3D Models WordPress Plugin: an essential tool for Matterport Service Providers. That said, I can appreciate that many still want to get started with SquareSpace. So, the above will be helpful. Best, Dan
WGAN-TV Training U (in Matterport) | Succeed Faster DanSmigrod 3 9 daysDanSmigrod (19062): Hi All, WGAN-TV Training U | (in Matterport) We are so confident that we can help you succeed faster with Matterport that we added this Double-Your-Money-Back-Guarantee to the WGAN-TV Training U ... --- Double-Your-Money-Back-Guarantee: Complete one of 25+ courses within the first 30 days and if you are not succeeding faster in Matterport scanning, Workshop 3.0 – or other course completed – we will refund double your first...
Buy a Matterport Pro2 3D Camera between May 1 - Sept 30, 2019 and get free DanSmigrod 2 9 daysDanSmigrod (19062): Hi All, If you are thinking about buying a Matterport Pro2 3D Camera - or just bought one - reminder of this WGAN offer (above). Best, Dan
That's my photo! A life lesson in copyrights. immersivespaces 38 9 daysDanSmigrod (19062): @GFHoge Glad to hear that you are okay .... As the photographer, you own the copyright of the Matterport 3D Tour and photos, unless you assigned that copyright. What does your local MLS say about photos uploaded to their platform? For the Matterport 3D Tour, you can always disable the tour; not so with photos. Again, glad you are okay. Best, Dan
NEWS: Google Street View Summit 2019 Announced Metroplex360 11 9 daysDanSmigrod (19062): Hi All, I look forward to seeing you at the 2019 Google Street View Summit. I will be covering the event for the WGAN Community for those that can not attend. WGAN Forum related discussions: ✓ WGAN Forum Meetup in London on Monday, 23 September 2019 (Day before GSV19) ✓ London Urban 360º Photo Jungle Tour | 10 am Saturday, 21 Sept. 2019 Best, Dan