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New to the WGAN Forum? Please introduce yourself14

rhomberg private msg quote post Address this user
Hey, I'm Matthias from Austria. Just got a Matterport camera and found this very helpful forum! Looking forward to what lies ahead.
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KeithMitchell private msg quote post Address this user
Hello! I'm a real estate photographer in Texas looking to expand into virtual tours. I bought a Ricoh Theta Z1 and subscribed to a virtual tour hosting service. I'm looking for training specifically about how to create content for businesses on the Google Street View app. I want to be able to sell virtual tours and related services to help businesses and other organizations publish their virtual tour presence on Google Street View, social media, and their own websites. My first foray into publishing on Google Street View produced more questions (about using the GSV app) than answers and I realize I need some kind of formal training in the use of the GSV app. If you know of any training for virtual tour service providers specific to how to sell Google Street View services I would appreciate it if you would share a link.
My website is
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WGAN Forum
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user

Welcome! About your request for training:

Virtual Tour Pro Coupon Code to Save 15 Percent
(Lots of help on selling virtual tours and Google Street View)

WGAN-TV Training U (in Matterport)

(You can use your Ricoh Theta Z1 with the Matterport platform.)

Happy holidays,

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vumaxxseller private msg quote post Address this user
Hi 3d Matterport community.
My Name Is: Nguyen tuan vu. ....
Nick Name: Vu Maxx
I am a Consumer Service Segment Video Maker.
After a walk to see the news I discovered 3D Matterport Scan.
Within just a few days of searching for a matterport.
I feel that is what I am looking for in the future where I live.
Everyday I Tried To Understand Everything About Matterport.
And This Is The Forum I See A Lot Of Information ....
Currently, I have Built a Private Wedsite For Matterport.
Hope everybody help please.
I Need To Buy A Matterport pro 2
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360studionyc private msg quote post Address this user
Hi! I got into 360 when Ricoh Theta came out. Unfortunately I couldn't keep playing with it at the time BUT now I can yay!
I can't wait to start virtual tours! I have an Insta360 but I am saving for a better camera. I was thinking of taking Ben Claremonts course. Has anyone here taken his course? do you think its necessary?
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brightpolaris private msg quote post Address this user
Hello All,

I am Ravi, currently living in Delaware, USA!

I am a real estate agent (in DE). I also have an IT startup - which builds websites/ mobile apps integrating new technologies like VR, 3D tours, Drone, Artificial Intelligence. We also do the Digital marketing and holistic brand building. We currently provide services in USA, India, Singapore, Malaysia, UAE

We also have a BuildingTech startup, for the Building safety and security focused primarily for first responders using VR, IoT, AI

Good to be part of this team.

Pl contact me if you have any specific needs or questions

Thank You
Ravi Gupta
[Private Message me]
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Salim private msg quote post Address this user
Hi WGAN members.
I am Salim Al Arafati from Oman, co-founder and CEO of Virtual Eye company. Our core business is to deliver virtual tours to our customers in real estate industry.
I am really happy to discover this forum.
Now we are using Richo theta V camera and we are considering to move to camera with better qulaity.
Do you know how quick relatively is matterport pro2 compared to theta V in shooting whole house? And what is the longest distance can be made between 2 consecutive scans?
And is matterport pro2 smooth if I want to generate virtual tours from cupix?
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WGAN Forum
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user

Welcome. Thanks for join the We Get Around Network Forum.

I moved your questions to a new WGAN Forum discussion:

New WGAN Member Asks>Should I Switch to Matterport Pro2 from Ricoh Theta V?

Happy New Year,

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photosintheround private msg quote post Address this user
Hello everybody..... and Happy New Decade's Eve!!!!
I am a photographer in Colorado, and I just started a Virtual Tour business, centered on Matterport for Real Estate and Google Street Maps integration for businesses (Although I really love Matterport!!!)

Looking forward to being part of this forum.


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intellection3D private msg quote post Address this user
Hello everyone! I am very excited to be here, and very glad that this forum exists. @DanSmigrod thank your for founding this forum. For us with the vision to succeed to collaborate!

I look forward to learning and passing on knowledge learned myself! Good luck to everyone out there, the real estate game is changing and we are on the train of the future.
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WGAN Forum
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user

Thank you for joining the WGAN Forum and for your kind note.

Can you tell us about your business so we have context about why you joined?

Happy New Year,

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steven_360 private msg quote post Address this user
Hey there. Stefan from Germany here
Happy to join this community and curious about all the infos and contacts here.
I´m mostly scanning with my Pro2 bigger buildings and often very old buildings and also mines. My main focus is on the digital conservation of those old stuph!
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marcoastan private msg quote post Address this user
Hi there,

I'm Marco from Halifax, Canada. I'm a real estate photographer and I work for a company that use matterport. I think this forum will be help me. Thank you for approving my account.
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skretnica private msg quote post Address this user
Hey, I'm D. from Croata. i run a small Video and television production company and we decided to expand our business on virtual tours. We have Matterport pro 2, insta Pro 2, Insta360 one x, Theta V1, Theta Z1, and lots of others non360 cameras... Forum is great ..
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VIRGENCY private msg quote post Address this user
Hey, I'm Jay. from UK. run a small video production company. We have insta pro 2, Teche Philmax. Nice to meet you guys1
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Convrts private msg quote post Address this user
HI Jay, Welcome to the forum matey, there's a lot of great info and really helpful people on here so am sure you'll find it a great resource! The Teche Phiimax looks really interesting how have you found it?
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WGAN Forum
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user
@VIRGENCY @Convrts

I started a new WGAN Forum discussion for you ...

Teche Phiimax 3D Camera: Your thoughts?



P.S. @VIRGENCY welcome; and @Convrts great question ...
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