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One mistake that you first made?942

nwihomes4sale private msg quote post Address this user
Just bought the camera what would you say would be the one mistake that you first made when doing your first shots?
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cdpmedia private msg quote post Address this user
Just turn it on and scan, its that simple.
biggest hassle for me is doors, but they're manageable.
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Maria private msg quote post Address this user
My first mistake was not ensuring the house was exactly as I wanted it in my scans. All lights on, doors open, cords and clutter hidden, toilet seats down, window shades open or closed properly, etc. My second mistake was under estimating the time it would take to set up and shoot. (with shorter days and fast changing outdoor lighting during winter, plan ahead.)
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HarlanHambright private msg quote post Address this user
I continue to find myself in scans, forgetting which direction the camera started as i dart around a door. 2 or 3 jobs and you'll get the hang of it. And it's funny how getting through a small hallway may take longer than scanning a whole major space. And use your level.
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Mikesobay private msg quote post Address this user
I left an empty water bottle on a shelf as I was working and when I saw it sitting there, I had to re-do a few scans when I was already running long.
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nwihomes4sale private msg quote post Address this user
Awesome keep them coming
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davidpylyp private msg quote post Address this user
Get a lanyard to hold the ipad around your neck
really saves pick it up look for where to put it down wasted steps

Welcome to the club
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APN private msg quote post Address this user
I purchased the recommended tripod and level. On my first house I must not have tighten the camera enough and it about fell off. Now I am always checking. Also a suggestion, read this forum everyday, awesome info by individuals that have "been there, done that" and always willing to provide valuable info.
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falconshakka private msg quote post Address this user
doing staircases ...I find that shortening the distance between steps gives you better alignment especially doing winding staircases

and doing exterior shots, I find working from the inside out works best for me and making sure the doors are open from any scan point the camera will see that open door, I tried going back to a shoot the next to to go through a once closed door thinking the scan would work out fine ...later to find out that the 3D mesh still had an old scan point where the door was closed in one scan preventing me to not go trough the door
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