Matterport released a new version of Showcase today (4 November 2015).


According to the Matterport Support Webpage, here are the improvements:

1. Removed extra buttons for Highlight Reel navigation
2. Reduced memory consumption, thereby fixing certain crashes on mobile devices
3. Scroll bar for Highlight Reel only shows up as needed
4. Walkthrough guided tour - path start marker now showing from outside view
5. Walkthrough guided tour - speed of rotation reduced
6. Walkthrough guided tour - slideshow transition used in various cases where moving through model was not possible or created poor experience
7. Clicking Previous on first Highlight Reel thumbnail takes you back to the last thumbnail
8. On Safari and Firefox browsers, text blocks in summary are now individually selectable
9. Dollhouse no longer spins indefinitely in certain cases
10 Various other UX improvements and bug fixes

New Known Issues

Interacting with dollhouse or floorplan erroneously changes the switch view icon


As you dive in, feel free to comment away ...