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What do you first say to business owners....7101

Virtuality22 private msg quote post Address this user

Just curious. What do you guys first say to business owners to get their attention for Matterport? Does anyone have any suggestions on approach or do you simply "ask," for the decision maker or business owner when walking into an establishment in hopes to book a tour?


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3rd Party
ArtisticConcepts private msg quote post Address this user

I show first and then I don’t have to say much because they are typically mesmerized. 😂

Pre-load a nice tour (downloaded) in the showcase app on your iPad (works best on an iPad Pro 12” because they see it furthar away)

Go to an interesting spot in the tour and hit the dollhouse view and slightly rotate the model... then, when you are approaching the first person, make sure you are holding the iPad in a way that doesn’t look too “pitchy” and casually (as if you are trying to get “prepared” swipe to rotate the model back and then tap on the inside view button. (Make sure you are smooth with it to highlight how simple it is to interact with the product.

(ProTip: load a tour similar to their industry)

If you do that while asking for the person you need, you’ll have their eye.

If you can research the company ahead of time and be able to ask for the decision maker by name, that’s a plus, but at any rate, ALWAYS ENGAGE THE GATEKEEPR and let them play with the tour. Don’t ever steamroll them to get in the door.

I think the key element is letting them see the magic of that transition from dollhouse to inside view and it helps them realize this is something amazing.

I hope that helps!

God Bless,
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Virtuality22 private msg quote post Address this user
So.."mesmerized at first sight?" Got it! lol

Thanks for sharing. I tried that yesterday walking into few stores having one of the sample models ready and sharing that with them. The response was positive and engaging. I tried something else, I turned the phone around in dollhouse view and gave it to them to "slide your finger left and right on top of the image," when they saw the dollhouse moving..their eyes lit up and questions started flowing.

Just curious to see if anyone else is doing anything different.

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