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Real Estate

Stats on Homes selling faster with 3D Tours?585

RobV private msg quote post Address this user
Hi Guys

Are there any stats on homes selling faster with our 3D Tours?

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Jamie private msg quote post Address this user
Would be hard to find that out unless you asked the agent and they said the buyer found the house because of the scan. Unless the buyer fills out a feedback form or something like that, not sure how it would work
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RobV private msg quote post Address this user
I remember reading somewhere that when video tours first came out quite a few years back, that agents were promoting that those homes sold 30% quicker, than homes without video tours.

I'm sure our 3D tours help, but just don't have hard facts to back it up.

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CubiCasa private msg quote post Address this user
This is not directly a stat on 3D tour, but we did a questionnaire earlier this year on 'space visualization'. 40% of respondents said space visuaization increases realtors credibility and 47% said it may be increasing raltors credibility. Feel free to quote and use when source is mentioned

- Petra
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RobV private msg quote post Address this user
Great, thanks Petra.
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ScanDimensions private msg quote post Address this user
This is what we use as talking points within Matterport and with our ScanDimensions clients:

While there are no formal metrics for proving that our technology sells home faster, we know from our many partners and clients that it sells them better. What do we mean by that exactly?

We know that this technology speaks to Millennials, Mids and Gen-Xers. We know it appeals to them because it allows them to control their schedules and viewings and creates an enterprise storefront which is familiar and intuitive.

We know that buyers who have viewed the homes via Matterport Technologies are more likely to write an offer at the first showing than those who have not viewed a Matterport listing. When a buyer chooses to tour a home after viewing a scan, it is to confirm, rather than establish interest in the property. This shortens the sales cycle and creates an unprecedented efficiency in the market for both clients and Realtors.

We know that the benefits to sellers are numerous and valuable. Young families are no longer required to vacate their homes on a moment's notice for a showing. There is less need for perpetual readiness and/or the space being subjected to multiple open houses and photography sessions.

Lastly, homes which are showcased with Matterport listings have higher click counts, viewings and Social Media engagements. More eyes means more prospective buyers. And more buyers means higher sales prices, shorter time on market, and more buzz for the agent.
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CubiCasa private msg quote post Address this user
Hey, Canadian just published this, too
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al9901 private msg quote post Address this user

There is a good study by VFM Leonardo, google it and you should find the slides. They showed that (in the travel industry at least) virtual showcases were 5-10 times more engaging and did significantly better than those without.

As someone who has worked in Digital Ad Agencies for the last 10 years, I can tell you that there is nothing more valuable than engaging content. Even if the client had a huge budget to buy all the traffic they wanted, nothing engages, raises profile, branding or converts more than great content. What you could try to show the clients you work with in real estate is this:

Content is a lot of work. It can be expensive. But what is more valuable than a genuine experience of the property? Nothing. They can blog all they like about the industry and buying and selling tips, but nobody is really interested in that. They can invest in flashy videos, but that is expensive and even they are becoming far too common to be interesting. A 3D capture is more likely to be shared, more likely to convert and much easier and cheaper than any other content you could produce about a property.

Virtual reality is a game changer for real estate. And you need to politely but firmly challenge your clients and prospective customers:

- This is 2015. There are no more early adoptors, just innovators and the late majority. Do they want to be the late majority and spend more just to catch up and reduce the damage? Or do they want to get the most reward and growth as a result?

- Just because your industry is safe last year or immune from change in major events doesn't mean that will be the case in the next few months. Innovation can turn an indtrusty inside out, just look at what UBER is doing to the taxi industry. Do they want to let a small, disruptive start-up connect with young first and second time buyers leveraging 3D and virtual reality? Do they want an more tech savvy service with lower costs and more momentum to take some of their market?

- A final tip: focus on some benefits, but make sure to spend more time on the benefits of what they will miss if they don't act (new competitors, damaged reputation). Studies show that humans are twice as motivated to avoid pain than they are to seek pleasure. "You can stop classified sites and search engines taking away control", "You can lose fewer customers to your competitors" etc

Hope that helps.
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RobV private msg quote post Address this user
Wow...that's awesome advice!

If you're ever in Sydney, you have a job with me! haha

Thanks again
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RobV private msg quote post Address this user
Also, forgot to thank @ScanDimensions and @cubicasa for their feedback and advice.

Very useful guys, much appreciated.

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