Hi All,

An elevator pitch means you have 30 seconds to tell your story. (It doesn't have to be in an elevator )

If you presently say something like ...

"I am a Matterport Service Provider"
"I create 3D tours for real estate agents"
"I am a photographer"
"I am a photographer, videographer, aerial photographer and added 3D Tours ..."

... it's a missed opportunity when you are telling your story to friends, family and colleagues.


How about something like this that focuses on creating value?


==> Elevator Pitch <==

[Company Name] helps real estate agents - help their clients - get more offers, faster, for the most money with the least amount of stress.

We do this by creating Google Street View-like tours on Steroids.

Our services are free for home sellers. Agents pay us. Do you have a friend that is about to sell their home? Please help your friend by making an introduction to me. I am [name] with [Company Name].


How would you improve this 30 second elevator pitch?


Notice that this pitch is not about helping real estate agents win more and bigger premium listings more often. Save that pitch for your meeting with the real estate agent.

The pitch above is about generating leads of people selling their home.

Imagine making an introduction of the prospective home seller to one of your real estate agents. Now you are not a vendor-client relationship; you are a team. Charge a premium when you bring prospects to a real estate agent.

At the very least, the home seller is telling their agent that they want what you got!