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DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user
Hi All,

I could imagine that Matterport will announce at the Google Street View Summit in Tokyo (10-11 May 2017) that it will make it easy, fast and seamless to publish to Google Street View.

I feel so strongly that Matterport will make this announcement, that I am traveling halfway around the globe to be at the Google Street View Summit in Tokyo to report back to you about this seminal moment in the history of Matterport.

While I was off on my timing when I predicted this eight months ago, the sun, moon and the stars have now aligned for this big, big news.

Start thinking about scanning restaurants, retail stores and other commercial spaces that want to be on the (Google Street View) map.

What do you think? Will Matterport make this announcement?




As I previous wrote on 13 August 2016 in the We Get Around Network Forum ...

Will Matterport Add Publish to Google Maps Button?

I could imagine that there are at least three reasons that we will soon see Matterport add a button in Workshop to make it easy, fast and free to Publish to Google Maps.

Based on the Holy Grail revelation of the Matterport tech by (the extraordinarily talented) @Metroplex360 in the We Get Around Network Group Forum – and related discussion – this is (relatively) easy for Matterport to implement.

Sell More Cameras, Processing and Hosting

A Publish to Google Maps button adds huge value to the Matterport platform and ecosystem.

Using other photography solutions, many Forum Members already publish to Google Maps. With a Publish to Google Maps button, Matterport Pros could charge more for the added-value and take less time with the content creation and post production. Plus, thousands of additional Matterport Service Providers could publish to Google Maps.

We Get Around missed out on shooting a luxury hotel, for example, because the potential client wanted to be on Google Maps. It was that important to them. Adding a Publish to Google Maps button opens new markets for the Pro community. This translates to more Matterport Pros creating more content (processing and hosting).

Views of Matterport Spaces Will Skyrocket

Matterport has recently started touting metrics. For example, 200,00 Spaces have been scanned resulting in 50 million views, according to the Matterport website as of today (10 August 2016).

Now imagine that Matterport could exponentially grow viewership simply by publishing to Google Maps with the added reach of billions of people searching Google Maps.

For example, on Monday, 1 August 2016, I used the new Google Street View app (iPhone, Android) to publish 20 360º photo spheres to Google Maps – shot with a Ricoh Theta S (prior to the July 2016 HDR firmware update) – of my hotel room in San Francisco [Search Google Maps for Hilton San Francisco Union Square and select photos] (while reporting from Inman Connect 2016 for the Forum community). Today (10 August 2016), just 10 days later, these images have been viewed a combined 7,600 times. That’s nuts. Google Maps is the 800 pound gorilla in the (hotel) room. (While I only needed to shoot a few 360º photo spheres to see the room, I shot 20 to test the Google Street View beta version of automatically adding "sergeants" (navigational arrows).

Here’s why we’re seeing that kind of viewership. As reported here in the We Get Around Network Forum, at IVRPA 2016 in Quebec City, Google revealed:

When searching for businesses, consumers use mapping products 44% of the time.

✓ On average, 41% of these place searches result in an on-site visit.
✓ Listings with photos and a virtual tour are twice as likely to generate interest.
✓ 18 percent search and end-up using a mobile mapping product.
✓ Photos give us that great sense of confidence.

Now anyone can publish to Google Maps as long as you shoot where you are legally allowed and the content gets published immediately. These are two huge changes in the last 12 months. No longer do you need to be a Google Trusted Photographer to publish. No longer do you need to wait 2-3 weeks for approval of your content. And, no longer are you restricted to commercial spaces.

It’s no secret that Google wants to map the world of outdoor spaces from the Arctic to Antarctica. Now imagine Google mapping the world of all indoor spaces. And, now imagine Matterport Pros are helping Google do that while helping us help our clients.

I could imagine a time when you search Zillow and you get a Matterport Spaces 3D Tour – and floor plans – served up by Google Maps.


Syndication of Matterport Spaces is essential to an exponential growth strategy. Google Maps is just one example of a destination to syndicate content. For example, in the travel, tourism and hospitality space – a vertical that Matterport has identified as a priority, there are hundreds of online sites to syndicate content. Think about all the different portals to book travel. Each uses photography via APIs to automate the display of photography. For 3D and VR to achieve mainstream adoption, this content needs to be syndicated too. And, a great place to begin syndication is Google Maps.

Many of the Matterport job postings indicate that syndication is coming powered by various APIs and SDKs under development.

Additional Insight

In related Forum Posts like these …

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Is Matterport working with Google Maps?

… Matterport Pros have been asking for Matterport integration with Google Maps almost as soon as Matterport Spaces 3D tours (formerly known as Matterport Showcase 3D tours) was first possible in July 2014. Now that Google Maps has changed the rules (in a good way) to Google Maps – and Matterport has matured – the timing is right for Matterport to enable a Publish to Google Maps button.

When they do, look for at least one more big round of investment for Matterport to continue to scale globally to meet the insatiable appetite for visual storytelling for places.

What else? Why is it important to your business – or for your clients – for Matterport to enable Publish to Google Maps at the touch of a button?



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Panoskin private msg quote post Address this user
Well if it's going to happen, that would be the place to do it. I'll see you there Dan!
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ron0987 private msg quote post Address this user
I hate to be negative but just not sure they're ready, we will wait and see. I can see them saying in the near future they will do this but not give a release date. This would fall in line with so many other releases. Just my though.

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CelisNet private msg quote post Address this user
I think it's now or never for matterport, if it doesn't get this upgrade, nctech will lead the market with their new camera.

Hoping to matterport to get it right.
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Panoskin private msg quote post Address this user
I saw @DanSmigrod 's 360 video of the NCTech guys and based on what I heard, their new camera will have the ability to "scan" similar to Matterport. They are also offering a point cloud solution to support this. Can anyone confirm? Their first camera was so-so, So im looking forward to this new one.
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3rd Party
Metroplex360 private msg quote post Address this user
Anyone noticed the new Google-Maps powered Address verification system in Matterport Cloud that's popped up recently?
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CelisNet private msg quote post Address this user
Yes, about a week ago, it asked me to verify most of my addresses, That's a good sign?
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