360º Video: WGAN Meetup in Houston, Texas during SPAR 3D Conference

Kon'nichiwa (Hello),

If you live in Japan – or are planning to attend the Google Street View Summit – would you like to get together for the first We Get Around Network Forum Meetup in Japan?

I have some flexibility about when to get together.

I arrive in Tokyo Friday, 5 May 2018 ...
I depart Tokyo on Friday, 12 May 2018 ...

It's fun getting together with Forum Members all over the world.

(Thank you very much)


Previous We Get Around Network Forum Meetups have been held in:

New York City (2016 and 2017 Inman Connect conference)
San Francisco (Inman Connect) (360º Photo Sphere)
Houston (SPAR 3D) (360º Video)
Quebec City (IVRPA) (360º Photo Sphere)
✓ Brunswick, Georgia