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3D Showcase

Downloading model from Showcase4088

freddiejojo private msg quote post Address this user

Is is possible to download one of my Showcase models that now reside on my iPad to a USB thumbdrive? Thank you.
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PHILG private msg quote post Address this user
As far as I know - No. Which is really - really frustrating.
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Queen_City_3D private msg quote post Address this user
Best you can do is have it available on your iphone or ipad offline via the Matterport Showcase app.
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VTLV private msg quote post Address this user
I've seen some guys talk about using Iexplorer - Iphone file transfer like Windows Explore on a few posts. I haven't tried it yet as the Ipad is getting full.

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Not a big fan of dumping everything to Itunes, Icloud nor am I a fan of pulling items off like this Iexplorer without some guarantee I can get my files back easily when I clients want to re-upload later.

Need better explained choices.
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3rd Party
Metroplex360 private msg quote post Address this user
@VTLV - That's just the RAW files.

@freddiejojo - The important question is: "What do you want to do with the downloaded Showcase Model?" Because certainly I could assist you in breaking the TOS and downloading all of the components that Showcase displays -- but without Matterport's Cloud based player that depends on files streaming from their Amazon-based CDN - it won't do you much good.

Queen_City_3D's suggestion is the best one - and a great solution that Matterport have provided us. Take your tour wherever you want and watch it without any buffering! What could be better than that?
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