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Matterport SEO Keywords?3849

leeverdon private msg quote post Address this user

What are you all doing about SEO?

If you search for specific things like 'mechanic' or 'cleaner' etc you get a plethora of options that pop up on the first page of Google. My business is not specific to 'real estate photography' in particular.

In essence, we're actually 'Virtual Reality Photographers' so should those words be on our site? Most users are unlikely to search for VR photographers so what alternative wording will help with SEO?
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Viewing private msg quote post Address this user
@leeverdon Hi, there are many things you can do to boost SEO but you're going to need to keep it simple unless you choose to outsource it.

I'm assuming you have no significant experience with SEO so here's an exercise that you can do and it will help.

All of the companies that you've worked with, get a FOLLOWED back link from their websites. You can ask for free or do a deal with them on a discounted scan or however you end up wangling it.

Make sure the anchor text (the highlighted text of the link itself that people click) reads something like "virtual tour provider New York" for example. Just switch New York to whichever city you are closest to. And do plenty of variations such as "3d tour provider New York" and so on. Anything you think people will type in to find your services.

You can use Google adwords to find out the most popular search terms if you want to start delving into technical stuff. You would also benefit from a site audit and competitor analysis if you want to take it really seriously. From there, somebody can set you a strategy of how to trump the competition.

Keep your site up to date with news and blog, make sure google knows what services you provide via the wording on your site and, of the utmost importance, make sure you submit a siteplan for google to understand.

They may sound complex but these are only the very basic things you can do. Get a professional SEO if you really want to get ahead would be my advice.
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Forum Founder DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user

While not a list of keywords that you are seeking, the single most important SEO that a Matterport Pro can do is use WP3D Models Wordpress Plugin to generate links (because these links point back to your website: not Matterport's website).

For example, if you do 100 Matterport Spaces 3D Tours annually and each of these Matterport Spaces gets viewed 500 times, that's 50,000 views that gets credited back to your website.

WP3D Models is SEO on Steroids.

We consider WP3D Models Wordpress plugin such an essential tool, that Standard Members of the We Get Around Network get free use of WP3D Models.

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