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Hack for navigating a 3D model in Cardboard1954

Tosolini private msg quote post Address this user
Inspired by the great work of some forum members (@vrealstudio), I decided to research an alternative hack to navigate Matterport OBJ models using Google Cardboard, without the need of going through a game engine like Unity.

Granted the quality of OBJ mesh files are not as good as the native Matterport app for Samsung Gear VR, if you follow this short video tutorial and the instructions below, you'll be able to navigate your 3D OBJ models in a matter of minutes.

Here are the steps to follow:

- Sign up for an account with https://sketchfab.com/, which is a sort of YouTube for 3D models. The free account will limit you to 50MB models
- Export one of your models in OBJ
- In Sketchfab (desktop), import your OBJ as a ZIP. After a few minutes of processing, your model will show up, probably with the wrong orientation
- Straighten your model, by going to Settings > 3D Settings and playing with the X,Y,Z values, even better by selecting the Advanced Rotation mode. Then Save your model
- Take your smartphone, open Sketchfab in your device browser, login into your account and look for the 3D Matterport model that you have imported
- Select VR mode > First Person View
- Rotate the device in landscape mode and put it into a Cardboard v.2 (the one with the real button, not the magnets)
- Look around and to proceed step by step, quickly click the button

And here you are, navigating your model using Cardboard :-)

The example in my video is The Impact Hub Startup Accelerator office in Trieste, Italy.

I recorded the screencast from my iPhone using Reflector 2 by Squirrels.
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RobL private msg quote post Address this user
Kickass! Does it display left and right as two distinct points of view of the 3D model? Or is it the same for both?

VR with cardboard (and quality VR headsets in a near future) will unlock the true potential of MP.
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Tosolini private msg quote post Address this user
@robl Sketchfab seems to make the split view in stereo.
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RobL private msg quote post Address this user
Good stuff! Do you have a sample for those of us without a MP camera yet?
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craigsauer private msg quote post Address this user
I've been thinking about creating an OBJ file from a really densely scanned room or two and seeing if the OBJ is of higher quality than our standard ones we make for Matterport Spaces.

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Tosolini private msg quote post Address this user
@craigsauer it's a good idea. I'm wondering if scanning 2x or 3x will make a big difference. Let us know!
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Tosolini private msg quote post Address this user
@robl Sorry for the delay. Here is a sample of 3D model uploaded to SketchFab and viewable with Cardboard.

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DanielDI private msg quote post Address this user
I can see what your saying but it seems one of the docs knew there might be a way around the issue and decided to give it a try. It worked and now by the looks of things it may be adopted as a better way to do things.
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