If you are using Google Forms, the next step up is WuFoo forms.

WuFoo makes it super-easy to create forms and manage data. The form generator (and database) are designed for both non-techs (garden hose) and coders (fire hose).

You can also use the forms to collet payment, though we use MoonClerk for recurring monthly revenue and one-time payments.

We use WuFoo to help with fulfillment of various solutions - KoaWare, AgentImpress.Me, WP3D Models, Custom Marketing Videos, our VR Masters Class registration – we provide Basic, Standard and Premium Members of the We Get Around Referral Network.

We also use WuFoo to collect Member logos so we can help add the logo to their Referral Network Public Profile on the Map above. (WooFood turns the logo into a URL).

When we pair Wufoo with Zapier, we're able to move the data to other apps, such as Google Sheets.

WuFoo enables us to scale operations - without adding team members.


WuFoo has a free tier to get you started.

For $129 annually, you get many forms, reports and More.

Here's the WuFoo Pricing Page

If you use WuFoo - or another data collection tool, please share your thoughts below.

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