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Wonderdawg private msg quote post Address this user
Does anyone have a template to notify that a tour has been published?

For instance as a Google Trusted Photographer, I use this email -



Hello Christian and Jonathan,

I’m happy to let you know your Google Maps Business View has published. Soon, the virtual tour of your facility will be live across Google - in Search, Maps, and Google+, on desktop, mobile, and tablet.

You can check your Google+ Local page to see the "See Inside" preview box.

Click here: http://maps.google.com/maps/place?cid=15543694228688673300
to access your +Local page. When you click on the "See Inside" preview box on your Google+ Local page, you can enter your virtual tour and navigate through the facility.

If you want to add additional feature photographs to your Google+ Local Page, edit your business information, or manage your reviews, you can verify and manage your business with Google My Business. Learn more.

To embed your tour on the website:

Click on See Inside
When you go to the tour, you can navigate to the starting position whether it's inside the Grey Room https://goo.gl/yZwV94 or one of the CYC Studio areas: https://goo.gl/XgCDWg .
(Just keep the vertical line straight up and down for a professional look.)

You'll see three dots in the sidebar upper left. Click on it and it will give you various options and sizes with the proper embed codes (just like YouTube.)

Keep in mind if you wish to feature another part of the practice on a separate part of your website, simply navigate to the area, and repeat the steps to add the embed code.

Here's the link for the still images -
(drop box link)

Thank you!



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sshannon private msg quote post Address this user
Here's my typical email to first time Matterport clients:

The 3D tour is complete! See below for information on links and embed codes. Branded is for sharing on the web in general (Facebook, Twitter, etc). Unbranded is for the MLS. Embed codes are for embedding the 3D Tour onto a web page just like a YouTube video. Let me know if you have any questions.

Branded link: http://www.seanshannonphotography.com/3d-model/1491-falcon-ridge/skinned/
Branded full screen tour link: http://www.seanshannonphotography.com/3d-model/1491-falcon-ridge/fullscreen/
Branded embed code: <div id='wp3d-1898'><a href='http://www.seanshannonphotography.com/3d-model/1491-falcon-ridge/fullscreen'>LOADING - 1491 Falcon Ridge</a><script src='//s3-us-west-2.amazonaws.com/wp3dmodels/js/embed-iframe.js?id=wp3d-1898'></script></div>

Unbranded link: http://www.seanshannonphotography.com/3d-model/1491-falcon-ridge/nobrand/
Unbranded full screen tour link: http://www.seanshannonphotography.com/3d-model/1491-falcon-ridge/fullscreen-nobrand/
Unbranded embed code: <div id='wp3d-1898'><a href='http://www.seanshannonphotography.com/3d-model/1491-falcon-ridge/fullscreen-nobrand'>LOADING - 1491 Falcon Ridge</a><script src='//s3-us-west-2.amazonaws.com/wp3dmodels/js/embed-iframe.js?id=wp3d-1898'></script></div>

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davidpylyp private msg quote post Address this user
Do you load the model twice to get branded / unbranded

Why would you host to http://www.seanshannonphotography.com/3d-model/address/nobrand/

vs the Matterport URL?
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sshannon private msg quote post Address this user
Anything that goes on the MLS has to be unbranded. =)
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sshannon private msg quote post Address this user
I link to my site because then I get more exposure and I get more Google juice. Why link to Matterport which doesn't really help anyone when you can link to your own site and do a custom landing page with a much better presentation? My clients love it.

I couldn't have done it without RPeterson's awesome Wordpress plugin. http://wp3dmodels.com/
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3rd Party
rpetersn private msg quote post Address this user
Oh man...thanks @sshannon! Really appreciate the support and glad to hear that WP3D Models is working well for you.
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StevenHattan private msg quote post Address this user
@rpetersn getting really close to buying....
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