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Unity works, showcase no walking in bedroom1029

seanminor private msg quote post Address this user
The upper bedroom next to the laundry room I cannot walk into in showcase. Unity fine. The circle in front of the door opens the door and then I can walk in.


I checked for trims or windows below, I can get in through dollhouse but not out. Any suggestions?

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DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user

Please include screen grabs of ALL floors ... zoomed in around this area.

Screen capture within 3D Showcase would be a plus.

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CarlosFHdz private msg quote post Address this user
@Seanminor, the issue is that the door was closed for multiple scans before getting near the door. This creates an imaginary wall in the geometry of the model. When you look at the doorway in dollhouse view, you clearly see that there is door fragment blocking the path of the user into the space, even though you can see around it.
I've been analyzing how the scan builds the 3D models since I started the business and can easily see how problems are created, how to avoid them, and how to correct them.

This image shows the imaginary wall created by the scans.

In this image, you can access the bedroom from the model only from this stand point, that's because this standpoint can see behind the piece of the door that was created.

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seanminor private msg quote post Address this user
Thanks Carlos for you insight. I went back to the home and rescanned about 4 locations with the door open and now everything is right as rain. We had to lock the cats up in that room and scan the room last. My gut was telling me to do a few more scans further away with the door open and then move closer and through the doorway, but my ego got in the way. I thought I could accomplish with only two scans with door open. Great lesson though. Thanks
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