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Business model idea: in-app purchase1000

Tosolini private msg quote post Address this user
This might be a wild idea. Imagine a scenario where you know ahead of time that your client is looking for a 3D model with Mattertags (I know they are not here yet, but wait...).
This is particularly true for museums, corporate training, online manuals attached to 3D models.

Similar to iPhone in-app purchases, the client benefits from a 3D scan for little or no money. Once they start using the model for their marketing / training / etc. it becomes entrenched in their processes. Then Mattertags come along, and you recoup the cost of the original scan by helping them tagging the model as needed.

As you license the scan retaining the original rights (after all it was a freebie), you secured a client ahead of time and invested in a longer term relationship, betting on future revenue.

Silly idea? Viable? Too risky?
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franmts private msg quote post Address this user
Interesting. I rather up-selling the mattertags later than possibly selling something later. Loss chances seem to high when compared to profit chances (you start by investing with no security), so I call that very risky strategy. Future is very uncertain when it comes to new technologies. Make your money now when you can. This business of "Matterport scanning professional" (which MP in fact never proposed) is already weird and risky enough with a mobile version coming 2016

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