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WP3D Models embedded code to HTTP(S) Scannen 3 8 hoursQueen_City_3D (1006): @Scannen I had the same issue with a client and I added the SSL certificate to make my site https as @GlennTremain suggested. There's a fairly minor cost, but I believe doing that conversion increases your SEO and gives your clients that peace of mind. Good luck!
WP3D Models Wordpress Plugin Shout-Out Richierichks 7 13 daysRichierichks (109): @rpetersn Thanks!
WP3D Models: which Wordpress do I need? tanguyc 5 15 daysrpetersn (1228): Hi all... Thanks for the message @tanguyc. Please note that WP3D Models is compatible with WordPress.ORG software which is also known as the "self-hosted" version of WordPress. This is not the same as WordPress.COM accounts. This topic has been the source of some confusion in the WordPress world for some time, but the primary difference is this: WordPress.ORG This software is free, but must be installed at a hosting company...
How to adjust Height & Width for WP3D embed Scannen 6 2 monthsnat_vanveen (193): @rpetersn that's great info, thanks for sharing :)
WP3DMODELS TourMySpace 16 2 monthsrpetersn (1228): Hi @3dVuz - Where to paste the keys is detailed in our documentation: https://wp3dmodels.com/doc/adding-recaptcha-api-keys/ Additionally, here's that screenshot of where to paste the keys: http://forum.we-get-around.com/cached/ce826f4227faa1931d7482ebe363e74b.png Hope that helps!
WP3D Models v2.2 List of New Features DanSmigrod 12 3 monthsJC3DCX (595): I have upgraded without any problems, :-) Now trying some of the new features and quite happy, Thank you Ross,
WP3D Models Wordpress Plugin: Version 2.2 DanSmigrod 2 3 monthsGlennTremain (784): Great job on all the upgrades. Very powerful software. A lot you can do with it and now even more.
Examples of MSP Matterport Spaces Galleries DanSmigrod 4 4 monthsDolloff (85): Hello! Yes, WP3D Matterport Gallery PlugIn is amazing! We were looking for a way to showcase all of our spaces and this is it. More than that it also helps with our search engine optimization and provides a way to complete some nice single property websites or simply bring all of our material together. We have an office in Raleigh/ Durham, NC and New England, so we cover a lot of the East Coast. This helps us to show that! I cannot share...
Using WP3D Models? Which Wordpress hosting? DanSmigrod 1 4 monthsDanSmigrod (10201): Hi All, Which Wordpress hosting service do you use with WP3D Models Wordpress Plugin? We Get Around uses WP Engine. Dan