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Matterport open in new window - skinnedview mikerodin 4 20 days3SixtyNow (178): The user can toggle the "View Fullscreen" in the lower right-hand corner of the tour when loaded.
wordpress website fotoguy 12 2 monthsRichierichks (298): @fullpreview Really like the website! I also like the way you made the P out of a Matterport camera....clever!
Free website builder RichardByers 13 4 monthsrpetersn (1435): Hi all, Ross here from WP3D Models...jumping in to assist if anyone has any specific WordPress hosting questions/etc. One important thing to note re: using WordPress is that you'll almost certainly want to be using WordPress.ORG vs WordPress.COM. The "ORG" flavor is used by each/every hosting company mentioned in this thread (and many more) and allows for the installation of 3rd party plugins (like WP3D Models!). This is very...
WP3D Models: which Wordpress do I need? tanguyc 5 5 monthsrpetersn (1435): Hi all... Thanks for the message @tanguyc. Please note that WP3D Models is compatible with WordPress.ORG software which is also known as the "self-hosted" version of WordPress. This is not the same as WordPress.COM accounts. This topic has been the source of some confusion in the WordPress world for some time, but the primary difference is this: WordPress.ORG This software is free, but must be installed at a hosting company...
Embedding a 3d tour (iGUIDE) in a website Chris_iGuide 3 6 monthsKoaWare (94): Hey @chris_iguide & KoaWare users, With KoaWare Property Websites, simply copy & paste the embed code OR url directly into the 3D field section! http://recordit.co/ot16953gXn
Rate WP Matterport Shortcode Gallery Embed Metroplex360 3 6 monthsMetroplex360 (6184): @CelisNet A plugin could be made for Archilogic models, but it doesn't really make sense to add Archilogic support to this plugin.
wp Matterport plugin issues BrookHampton 4 7 monthsMetroplex360 (6184): I've just submitted v1.5 which includes full support for all Matterport parameters. I've also fixed the examples to NOT show curly quotations -- this is a bug that has affected many plugins on Wordpress.org. The documentation has been restructured to parallel the documentation on Matterport's parameters list. Enjoy!
VR Video Support Arrives for WordPress Blogs DanSmigrod 2 10 monthsfrstbubble (319): This is good news for us all! VR making inroads! The more platforms that support it the more in demand it will become!
20 Questions: WP3D Models WordPress Plugin DanSmigrod Jump to first page61Jump to last page 1 yearsrennick (271): @DanSmigrod thanks. I've learned a ton since that post.
WP3D Models and Me. And You. srennick 17 1 yearDouglasMeyers (298): So what is a Plug -In ???
Panorama/photosphere as a Wordpress Backgr. alsangio 10 1 yearUserName (583): Some say jQuery can do anything. That may not be true but it, or regular JavaScript, can scroll a background for you. You could put your panoramic image in an HTML div and animate it. Here's an example of someone doing that with a few lines of jQuery code ( link) (the moving image is at the bottom of that Web page). As you can see, jQuery makes it possible to use a ridiculously small amount of code to produce this animation effect. If you don't...
WP3D Advise needed on Themes and Maps aerialpixels 9 1 yearrpetersn (1435): Good deal! You're very welcome. :)
WP3D Models WordPress Plugin Version 2.1 DanSmigrod 2 1 yearGeorgeK (775): I use this this plugin and I love it. What I am finding in my local area is that few people what to spend the time to learn another computer system. There is one person I know that is relying solely on sales to real estate agents who just want the scan to do matterport linked presentations in the MLS. I am finding the time to set up may pages and do it right is about twice as long as it takes to scan. I seem to chase a lot of information...
Wordpress Matterport 3D Shortcode Metroplex360 Jump to first page46Jump to last page 1 yearMetroplex360 (6184): v1.4.4 - Fixed Broken Non-Dollhouse Images - Whoops
Avada Theme Updates - embeds disappear GlennTremain 3 1 yearGlennTremain (949): It all depends on what Avada version you have and if you upgraded avada to latest and Wordpress to 4.5.2
Free! WP3D Models WordPress Plugin (SaaS) DanSmigrod 1 2 yearsDanSmigrod (12664): Promoted Post ---- http://forum.we-get-around.com/cached/5ed15dbad84e147930025123a861be8f.png http://forum.we-get-around.com/cached/edf5f3ecec4d50bb8bd7acf95b06cb9a.png Free! WP3D Models WordPress Plugin (SaaS) Whether you are just getting started – or a seasoned Pro – WP3D Models is a WordPress plugin "must have" Content Management System (CMS) and Single Property Website solution created by and for Matterport...
Wordpress Issue Cabrahams 25 2 yearsrpetersn (1435): Hi @Cabrahams... Shoot, I'm afraid that I'm still a bit confused. :) Re: the code that you've posted, are you saying that you (or your client) got an <iframe> to work within a WordPress.com site? If so, can you send over the link to the working page? Otherwise, I'm afraid I didn't follow your message all that well. You describe code that works and other that doesn't related to the word "Original", but I see that word...
Matterport + WordPress (& HTML long titles) DanSmigrod Jump to first page51Jump to last page 2 yearsUnrealerAleksi (49): We don't have an API yet, just our own admin-system to upload and handle content. We might be interested to develop an API if there are multiple customers requesting it.
Embed in Wordpress.COM Blog Erika_D 4 2 yearsJamie (1549): Gotcha
AD-Professional MP Wordpress Websites RenderingSpace 3 2 yearsjimmanning (1): Hello @RenderingSpace, Thanks for this post. I believe creating a website from scratch is indeed a hassle, as it requires lots of efforts and time. Same thing can be done easily by using a suitable travel template without struggling with complicated code. The link you have suggested is very helpful.