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Threads tagged with 'Urgent'

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Connectivity Problems - Ricoh Theta V Snap 11 1 monthSnap (73): Thank you @VTLV. I will have a look. @DanSmigrod the 360 camera question was meant for everyone including yourself who gave me feedback on the Ricoh Theta V. I was hoping to get opinions from people who actually use their camera of choice to help avoid those products that have known technical problems. I would presume that a DSLR is the best option for quality but being unfamiliar with the process, it sounds like a lot of backend work,...
Matterport 360 views in separate scan virtuallyreal 11 1 monthvirtuallyreal (10): Nope sorry - client wants to keep it confidential!
URL working for some but not others kaybaum 2 2 monthsDanSmigrod (13492): @kaybaum The link works for me. Perhaps a period or other character got added to the end of the URL? Also, are you using address specific websites that point to the URL? They cost less than $4 for a year and many either bundle or up-sell for $25 or $49. Plus, great link for a magazine. Much better than the Matterport URL :cool: One of our examples ... ✓ WGAN-TV: How to Create a Vanity URL, and ... Best, Dan
Update your site plugins tonight ASAP GlennTremain 1 2 monthsGlennTremain (1009): and post this on your facebook to help your agents
Matterport Pro2 "Wifi Fault" Error firoze 20 4 monthsfiroze (25): Yes, this was one of my suggestions after the second camera failed... but didn't push it much cos no one knew at that time, what was causing that error on pro2. After they diagnosed it, took them around 2 weeks to realize that firmware update is not going to come out soon so they sent the pro.
Matterport Capture app crashing dtavres 4 6 monthsDanSmigrod (13492): @dtavres Hmmmmmmm.... What does Matterport say? (3:30 am in Atlanta. Going back to ZZZzzzzz.... Dan
URGENT: Matterport Workshop Not Loading DanSmigrod 22 6 monthsmori (487): Have also experienced some issues. maybe more important: the platform seems to show issues on reuploads and duplicates and adds these when renamed or corrected as new spaces and I guess MP wants to charge them. I am really worried about MP future when I have a closer look at their development speed, quality of code & platform services. Looks like they get a 2nd Soundcloud. Soundcloud is a bad example showing how fast 100 millions...
Matterport Cloud "Saving" to Pause 12 July DanSmigrod 6 6 monthsQueen_City_3D (1381): Ugh... still can't edit details, save any snapshots or do anything else in workshop as I'm getting a "read only" error message too. ... 6:23pst currently and counting.... EDIT.... 6:42 pst and it seems to (finally) be working now.
Matterport Capture App Shutting Down: Update Invelop 9 7 monthsRadie842 (211): What's MSC?
Matterport Capture App Shutting Down Invelop 6 7 monthsInvelop (118): Update - figured it out by virtue of extensive troubleshooting, updating, power cycling, etc.
Urgent The Mark FeatInCapture App Not Woking abalkhail 12 7 monthsabalkhail (40): @DannyBasting yes we have, but we get an error -11 even on the duplicate model.
Urgent: Do NOT Update Matterport Capture App DanSmigrod 17 7 monthsDanSmigrod (13492): Matterport Newsletter to all Camera owners today (Wednesday, 21 June 2017) includes this item: New Capture App - 2.3.2 Last week, we released a new version of the Capture app which supports the new Pro2 camera, improves scan preview performance, and enables iOS location services. Version 2.3.1 had an issue that in rare instances may have caused some of your scans to have misplaced markers (trims, windows, etc.) or mixed scans from...
Matterport Hardware Sensor error - help! Rootsyloops 13 8 monthsFlightMedia (43): @kenangiguere I had the same issue when we last used our's. Internals went without a problem I wanted to try taking the scan outside on the decking, it was an overcast day but could not get the camera to align after 3/4 attempts at different heights though I'll carry out a few 360's instead, on the second 360 this same fault came up and the camera froze, rebooted and still no joy so abandoned it as a waist of time.
Urgent help needed [8:45 pm Tokyo Time) 3dshowcaseuk 16 9 monthsmp2fp (304): Great - good luck with the rest of the scan :)
Matterport Camera indicates Hardware Error GoneCoastalSC 20 1 year3DSense (4): I had the same issue today with my camera. It only managed to do a half turn and seized up. Hardware error - motor fault or similar. I finished the scan and wanted to do some 360 outside shots, when it happened. Will contact Matterport ASAP. Any tips dealing with the support?
Matterport Camera Error Sensor Fault PANOPTICMOTION 1 1 yearPANOPTICMOTION (19): Hi, We have had an error message showing - Hardware Error - Sensor Fault.... The camera will not not work even after rebooting several times. Has anyone had any experience with this? The camera has not been dropped or abused before anyone asked. It has however been working almost non stop for the last 7 weeks, so not sure if its just not built to last as a full on commercial tool!?
Urgent: do NOT update iPad iOS v9.3.2 DanSmigrod 14 2 yearsBayAreaAdam (70): @DanSmigrod Thank you, Dan!