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Threads tagged with 'iOS'

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Mattertags Desktop vs iOS:2 different models valen_felipe 3 3 monthsJamie (1531): Clear the cache
Best Goggles for iOS Matterport VR? bellyjelly 5 4 monthsProperty3dNZ (460): We also have the Zeiss which we purchased well in advance to the release. Headset is amazing the quality of the iPhone Screen - not so much. Incredibly disappointing in fact!
Warning: Do NOT install iOS 10.3 Wait Until DanSmigrod 11 4 monthsjfantin (1099): I have updated about a month ago and everything works fine.
How to View 360º YouTube Video on an iPhone DanSmigrod 1 7 monthsDanSmigrod (12100): The following first appeared in the discussion: ✓ How to View 360º YouTube Video on GearVR Below is the discussion about how to view 360 YouTube Video on an iPhone (iOS). ... Dan ---- Thanks to @FloridaProperties for asking the question and thanks to @UserName for the detailed reply ... --- Other thoughts about viewing 360º YouTube Video on an iPhone? Dan
Room Labels on Floor Plan View missing PHILG 5 9 monthsalsangio (40): They shut down when you download your models on iOS .
Matterport on iOS in Virtual Reality conVRts_JB 6 10 monthsVRealExperience (115): Does anyone know how? I assume will be through the Cardboard App? Apple needs to do something soon...and I think they will and it could be good. But it will be the first time the company will be staring the next mega trend in the face without Jobs calling shots. Since has passing, the big thing was just maintaining their dominant posture in the mobile game.
Capture App Update PhotoJoe 2 10 monthsMetroplex360 (5695): It might be an update that included firmware updates.
How to View YOUR Matterport Spaces Offline DanSmigrod 24 1 yearDanSmigrod (12100): Many of you have discovered the Matterport iOS Showcase app so that you can demo Matterport anywhere at anytime without an internet connection. (That said, you do need to download your show and tell models when you DO have an internet connection.) Another great use of the iOS Showcase app is enabling your client to show off the Matterport Spaces 3D Tours that you created for them - and do this (thankfully) without having to be a collaborate...
Competitive landscape: RoundMe iOS app Tosolini 3 2 yearsTosolini (1600): I bet the best panoramas were created with professional gear and uploaded through the web interface. That said, the workflow is viable with the phone alone, just maybe not as high quality.
iOS 8 Experiences Tim 9 3 yearsGarySnyder (1315): Thank you :)