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DRKNorth private msg quote post Address this user
Hello, I was recently discussing offering 3D scans with some local realtors and some interesting questions came up, one which I was hoping to get some thoughts from the group on.

Is there an intrinsic security issue with using this high detail virtual open house. If anyone with an internet connection could virtually 'scope' a house for its security system (or lack of), type of door/window locks and actual layout of a property, what kind of artwork or high value AV equipment is present.
Is there also any risk with scanning kids bedrooms?

Obviously some type of disclaimer would be in place, and the onus is on the seller to present their property as anonymously as possible, however if requested is there a way to monitor who uses the tour, a way to sign in, or procedure to limit who can view the property. Or does this ultimately defeat the purpose of having this service?

How have others approached this issue?
Any feedback would be appreciated.

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ron0987 private msg quote post Address this user
The tour is no different than photos, if the items are left out while taking still shots, it will be in the photo and an identifiable target for a thief. So it would be no different than with the tour. I do not see a special warning needed, but just as on still shots if valuables are left out I would tell the client to remove them and secure them so they would not be seen.

How do they currently edit out paintings or large valued items. Most agent list there is an alarm present so they would know that too.

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Bryn private msg quote post Address this user
I have had the same issues come up. You have to prep you clients. We have a multiple page document that explains how you should prep your home and what to expect. Some are generally uncomfortable with it as it is very revealing. I'm sure photography was received the same when it was first used for marketing real estate.

You can always limit who access the model via your site or the otherwise.

In my opinion everyone should have dropcams in their house and on their property. It would virtually eliminate theft if everybody had them.
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GarySnyder private msg quote post Address this user
In regards to scoping out a home, this is a valid concern which I have been asked in the past. I suggest if a home owner or Realtor is concern about this they restrict access to the site to those who have registered with the Realtor. In high value properties often the Realtor will check the person out before they even show a property.

If you look at Redfin they require their potential buyers to register before they can view a site in detail. As with any solution they are all subject to being compromised. Just look at Home Depot or Target in regards to security.

In regards to photos, this is not a valid comparison as a photo doesn't provide the potential thief with a highly detailed floor plan of the property in question to include placement of PIR's and other detection devices.

Any high value property should have acquitted security in place and if used when away this will at least give the home owner piece of mind. In addition as Bryn stated they need to dress their home for the shoot and place any high value items away just as they would if a Realtor were showing their property.

What we are offering is the future for home sales. As potential buyers no longer have the time nor desire to be lead to countless home viewings just to be disappointed that it wasn't what they were looking for. And on the other foot Realtor can now qualify potential buyers and be assured that the home they have requested to view is of great interest to them.

What we're offering is a win,win solution for both parties.
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DRKNorth private msg quote post Address this user
Thanks guys. Perhaps also on the Matterport wish list should be a facial recognition option to blur out any faces in pictures (like in streetview), in family homes many pictures tend to be of the family, it feels unrealistic to ask sellers to remove/cover or replace pictures to list their house, if they have a genuine security concern.
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ccctucker private msg quote post Address this user
I can't see anyone making the address vague, its on the listing and the scans are attached to the listing.

To register on Redfin just requires a valid email address that you can change like many change socks.

Anytime someone opens their house for preview by an unknown agent/buyers, they open it up to someone scoping it out for loot, what about open houses?

Many average burglars break into "for sale" houses because they know that no one is there, and because the alarm is a hassle for agents, it will probably not be activated. With that thought process, maybe people should stop publicly advertising houses...

Most agents I know, want you to unpersonalize the house so that they can visualize themselves buying it....

I understand their security concerns, but privacy goes out the window when you sell a house and if that is going to be an issue, either empty the house of all valuables or stay at home 24/7 once it goes up for sale.

I am more finding security concerns a statement from agents that don't know or like the service and need a "legitimate reason" to say no.

I say if it sells the house faster, the less likely it will be broken into. Its not like the model stays up forever, the listing agent has control of the link and can limit who gets it.
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WGAN Forum
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user
Great question by @DRKNorth And, great input by @ron0987 @Bryn @GarySnyder @ccctucker

Many of our Forum members are both Realtors and 'Matterporters' ...

Hopefully, some of them will weigh-in too on the issues of privacy, security, safety, etc.

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Bryn private msg quote post Address this user
I think its a little overblown. We worry about security systems and scoping but forget that every single home has glass windows. If they want in they can get into any house at any time. Its just a question of if there is good stuff to steal which you can see in any MLS photograph, and how much time they have. Virtually all forms of security are more or less an illusion.

If a house is nice it probably has good stuff to steal which you can generally determine from google street view. And what about the sign in the yard? Most theft is not that organized. Just ask my missing webber grill (I mean really its like $40).

I think it is likely mostly just a general discomfort with the technology as it really gives you a very complete look at a home with something like x-ray vision and intimate perspectives and navigation like you are actually in the space.

People had concerns and still do about Facebook and how revealing that is with check ins etc. Now almost everybody is on Facebook and most don't give it a second thought. Same with Facetime and video calls. People just need to warm to it. Eventually it will be fully accepted and expected by the market. Make no mistake.

Work up three good rebuttals. And I have never heard of a break in on a home as a result of scanning. My house in on my landing page. You get used to it.
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ron0987 private msg quote post Address this user

Thank you, a very good response on this subject. I agree with you and Curtis on this. Most break-ins are crimes of opportunity at the time or place. It is not like the movies where the crooks scan listing for a quick easy score or a complex band of thief’s that plan out a detailed break in. I do agree there are people that could view high end homes, but the reality is the average home does not yield enough in a simple burglary to make it a professional thief’s worthwhile. Does it happen that a simple burglar happens on a good jewelry box, great coin collection and a worthwhile camera system, of course that would be a Nikon system, nobody would touch a Canon system. I know that comment will lead to a whole new blog. These items are not out in normal places that would be seen in photos or our tours. I think the listing agents sign out front is more of a sign ”break in here” than any listing photos or virtual tours. This is a great conversation that we need but again I would love feedback from real-estate agents to let me know how many thefts they can relate to MLS listings. We just need to remember the more we blow it out of proportion more the public has to worry about it. Dan you will know how many agents are signing up to see what we are talking about, if any, if I was an agent I would be going to this web page to see what we are talking about, especially if they are thinking about using us.

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WGAN Forum
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user
@ron0987 on any given day 50 people anonymously look at the Matterport User Group Forum that are not registered members.

I image some are:

-- potential Matterport Pro 3D Camera buyers
-- recent Matterport Pro 3D Camera buyers
-- real estate agents researching Matterport
-- media seeking potential Matterporters to interview
-- Matterport employees
-- businesses seeking Matterporters in their city

By the way, I shoot Canon

Still looking forward to real estate agents weighing-in on this topic.

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ron0987 private msg quote post Address this user
Sorry about, I always stick my foot in my mouth, but the bright side is we all agree on Matterport great tool.

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