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'Privacy' Topics

TitleAuthorPostsLast Post
Matterport model privacy? hamid167 7 5 monthsDanSmigrod (22889): @hamid167 Also found this from 4+ years ago in the WGAN Forum: ✓ Password protection Dan P.S. WGAN Standard and Premium Members receive the free use of WP3D Models WordPress Plugin
National Privacy Day was Yesterday (Wednesday, 28 January 2020) VTLV 1 8 monthsVTLV (2136): So National Privacy Day was Yesterday. Want to listen in on some chatter on what we may need to do? I got busy and missed it. Have you had issues with your websites getting hacked. Has your information been lost due to Data Breeches with companies such as Yahoo, Wells Fargo, Equifax or other sources? I had some sites get hacked and been named in some of these breeches. I've heard a lot out an alumni WGA member GeorgeK talking about...
Matterport Privacy - CCPA - Will Matterport answer Basic Questions? Changesin3d 9 8 monthsDanSmigrod (22889): [Placeholder]
Matterport Updates Privacy Policy | Wednesday, 18 December 2019 DanSmigrod 1 9 monthsDanSmigrod (22889): Grab of Matterport eBlast received Thursday, 19 December 2019 Hi All, Here is the link to the Matterport Privacy Policy (updated...
Tip: How to offer a Password Protected Matterport Virtual Tour DanSmigrod 6 1 yearSteven_Kounnas (14): Hi JonJ & Gerhard You are both correct, in that if the Matterport model is set to Public and you are smart enough to know where to look for the Model ID you are able to access the 3D tour. However there are a number of ways to safe guard against this. Firstly, as i mentioned in my first post, for complete security you can set the tour to private and add the individuals you would like to access via Collaborators on Matterport. The second,...
Matterport Meets Privacy, Confidentiality and Security of Data DanSmigrod 2 2 yearsDanSmigrod (22889): @PBStone1 Regarding these concerns, have you looked at 3D Tour platforms Cupix or GeoCV? Best, Dan
Can Matterport tours be private? izoneguy 3 2 yearsizoneguy (459): OK thanks - lots of info.
Video: CUPIX Executive on Confidentiality And Data Ownership DanSmigrod 1 2 yearsDanSmigrod (22889): WGAN-TV Short Story #84 - CUPIX Confidentiality And Data Ownership Hi All, If privacy, security, ownership and control of your 3D Tour content 'matters' ... check out the CUPIX platform for 3D Tours. In this (above) WGAN-TV Short Story video #84, CUPIX Director of Sales Scott Anderson talks about the privacy, security, ownership and control of your 3D Tours when you use the CUPIX platform. Best, Dan
Matterport 3D Showcase behind a paywall? tocha 5 3 yearsMetroplex360 (9290): Just embed it on a page that is behind a paywall. Turn off social sharing. I would imagine that the type of person who would pay to see the tour in the first place is unlikely to share the link.
Option to Remove MP Share Button On Tour Snap 4 3 yearsSnap (187): Thank you @DanSmigrod I feel really foolish, I never picked up on that... @alsangio if the page is password protected and you share the html I believe it would lock you out unless you know the password no?
Matterport Mattertags: set private content? tmtrnnt 4 3 yearstmtrnnt (1): Thanks for the replies, guys. Using a password protected page wouldn't work in this instance, as the media would still be public facing (unless I use my workaround in conjunction) as it's embedded from elsewhere. I suppose if a Tour could be secured and the media that is embedded is actually embedded in (i.e. part of) the tour, as opposed to embedded with embedly from another web service it could work. We are looking to embed...
Keeping Tours Private For Clients Snap 5 3 yearsSnap (187): Thank you @rpetersn, I will have a look. @JonJ that is actually a great idea, I went through the prompts as a collaborator to see what they see on their end and I'm not too impressed with the fact that in the sign-in information it has a box automatically checked off for the collaborator to receive 'marketing communications' from Matterport... I'm beginning to understand the frustration service providers are experiencing with the lack of...
Security concerns BrettMtn 26 3 yearsmori (772): @Tosolini Have you ever made a google search with "Confidential filetype:pdf". You will be surprised. But as long as this is acceptable for your client while knowing all the details and risks that´s maybe ok. ;-)
International Shipping of Matterport Camera DanSmigrod 14 5 yearsjoelE (37): it should be duty free but probably some brokers fee and of course GST Mine is on the way, bought an used one and shipped UPS, will also probably pay GST
Blur Out Faces GarySnyder 22 5 yearsNoRC (16): It is a shame that this is not possible, I am sure the JPEG images are there it is just they are all wrapped up in a proprietary container (SWL). Would be nice if there were a simple way to touch up an image or two (paint out items). I had to re-shoot several shots last night due to a roach appearing somewhere mid shoot. Since I had no way to tell if it was in any shots, chase the roach out and re-shoot. Would have much more preferred the...
MATTERPORT BANNED MY ACCOUNT!!! sam 4 6 yearsVincentlublink (63): I hope 😀
Security DRKNorth 11 6 yearsron0987 (1445): Dan Sorry about, I always stick my foot in my mouth, but the bright side is we all agree on Matterport great tool.;) Ron