Asteroom Virtual Tour created with a Ricoh Theta Z1. Asteroom Tour courtesy of Asteroom

WGAN-TV Intro to Asteroom Virtual Tour Platform with Founder and CEO Eric Tsai #1480-"...what you've done is really amazing!" | See Entire WGAN-TV Introduction to Asteroom with CEO & Founder @EricTsai

24 Reasons Matterport Service Providers should Add Asteroom

Hi All,

If you are a professional real estate photographer and Matterport Service Provider , one of your likely challenges is that 100 percent of your real estate agent client shoots do not include a Matterport 3D tour because listing prices are likely not high enough for the agents to justify paying you for anything more than photos.

Does that sound spot on?

While you might be able to get $149 or $199 Add On for a virtual tour, the time it takes to shoot a Matterport 3D tour may not justify your time: at other of these low-end suggested price points.

BUT, what if you could get $149 or $199 Add On for a virtual tour - with a 3D Dollhouse view - and it only took you 15-20 minutes to shoot and deliver a finished tour and net $89 or $139 respectively? And, what if you could also then offer 2D schematic floor plans as an Add On?

Introducing Asteroom for Matterport Service Providers

As I talk about in the WGAN-TV Short Story video (above, #1480) ...

Among the good news: Asteroom Pay Per Tour Bundle Pricing for (WGAN Forum Members ($60) includes:

No monthly subscription
✓ create the virtual tour with up to 30 360 photo spheres (likely sufficient for 90 percent of listings)
create the 3D Dollhouse view
professionally edit all the 360 panoramas
✓ 6 months of hosting
✓ (additional 6 months hosting available for $15)
✓ (additional 360 photo spheres may be added to the tour for $1.50 each)

Plus, to test and learn with Asteroom, you don’t need a subscription. (And, to test and learn, you could even use your Matterport Pro2 3D Camera (though I advocate for using either the Ricoh Theta Z1 or Insta360 One X that you already bought to shoot Matterport 3D Tours).

Need more convincing?

Here are ...

24 reasons Matterport Service Providers Should Add Asteroom (or at least test and learn)

1. 15 to 20 minutes to shoot a virtual tour (one 360 per room: AI for line-of-sight)
2. ... and buy with the Asteroom Pay Per Tour Bundle Pricing nicely loaded including six months of hosting
3. Enables my suggested price point as low as $149 or $199 ...
4. … when shot as an Add On to a 2D residential real estate images shoot
5. Includes a 3D dollhouse view
6. Includes all 360s automatically professionally edited
7. Tour created for you within 24 hours and typically ready next morning (in USA)
8. Option to buy 2D schematic floor plans with measurements (pricing based on number of rooms)
9. Option to buy 360s virtually staged (and just the 360s you want virtually staged)
10. Shoot with any 360 camera (including Matterport) (best experience and results with a Ricoh Theta Z1)
11. Walk around 360 virtual tour automatically created for you
12. Highlight Reel automatically created for you
13. Take after-the-fact Snapshots (within 360s) in case you missed a shot!
14. Free option to add and display key measurements (you just need the camera height)
15. Free download of social media teaser video automatically created (example)
16. When you scale: subscription options (monthly/yearly) with ala carte pricing
17. Free option to add Google Maps to the About Tour section
18. Free option to add Room Labels to 3D Dollhouse view
19. Free option: add nadir logo patch to cover tripod and promote you and/or your client
20. Free tool: blur for sensitive information
21. Free tool: add a video within the tour (example: See Living Room TV)
22. Free tool: add music (mp3 file) to the tour
23. Free tool: add image to display within tour (agent’s bullet points on property?)
24. Join (free) Asteroom Photographer Network (for free potential leads)

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Transcript (video above)

So I just think what you've done is really amazing! We're excited to share it with the We Get Around Network Community. And as you did at the top of the show, this is how little time it takes to shoot.

That makes it totally affordable. We'll create the tour for you, we'll create the dollhouse for you we'll professionally edit the images for you. If you want floor plans; that's coming shortly, if you want virtual staging; that's coming shortly, you've checked a whole lot of boxes to provide a affordable product that's relatively easy for a photographer who's already into 3D/360 to create, there is a workflow that logically that makes sense mashed up with your AI.

And I think that's very cool. I had two other thoughts. I think they were are going to escape me. Dang, they were just on the tip of my tongue here on this on tour creation. I think it's actually going to escape me so I'll actually I'll tease then I'll have some new information in the We Get Around Network Forum because as soon as I hang up, I'm sure I'm going to have that, that additional thought. Yeah, literally. Eric, you were going to say.

- Yeah, I just want to close this with a remark that ... let me reiterate that I, I know I've been watching the Forum even though I don't actively participate, but I do engage. I do observe what people are saying. Also understand what other companies are doing. I have seen a lot of people discuss right, like their relationship with their tour company, right. So I just want to be honest here and be upfront.

It's that we are creating a tour solution for everyone. But we will not go steal your clients intentionally like I know Matterport pick up their phone, call your client and say why don't you buy a camera? Like we don't do anything like that, right.

We are going to continue to market to real estate professional, they want to create 3D tours with a camera of their choice. That's what I want to close with and that position will never change and it will just always stay like this.