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Topics tagged with Ricoh Theta Z1'

TitleAuthorPostsLast Post
Theta Z1 battery life 8643d 17 9 dayslilnitsch (88): @Wingman bout' $12 on Amazon:
Example: Pano2VR Virtual Tour Shot with a Ricoh Theta Z1 DanSmigrod 2 10 dayslilnitsch (88): Must require flash or another plug-in as it doesn't appear to work on Safari on my iMac ~ Works in chrome. I tend to like services that work across the board not needing a disclaimer as to which browser or device to use
Which 3D/VR Camera/Platform is right for my project in Syria? KlaraTT 7 12 daysDanSmigrod (19065): @KlaraTT Contact: @Jonathan_GeoCV or Keep-in-mind that in addition to the smartphone needing charging, the rotator has batteries that need to be charged too. While GeoCV presently only sells/ships to USA addresses. The following might be an option: ✓ How to buy a GeoCV Kit if you live outside the United States Best, Dan
Video: How to pair Ricoh Theta V/Z1 with Matterport DanSmigrod 4 20 daysKumar (192): is there any scope to edit the 360 image and then process?
Ben Claremont Video: Top 10 Tips For Professional 360º Virtual Tours DanSmigrod 5 1 monthDanSmigrod (19065): @MeshImages Other Monopods to recommend? Best, Dan
Ricoh Theta V versus Ricoh Theta Z1 ron0987 24 1 monthron0987 (1153): @Wingman thank you for the input, I definitely liked the camera quality, in some cases better than Z1 but over all versatility Z1 hits the mark on a bunch of levels and even though I would buy both I also have a wife that would probably say yes but hard to justify. I am checking on the phase shift now thank you for the info. Ron
Theta V(and Z1) fantastic plugin: saves you time & takes you out of a pano Wingman 11 1 monthWingman (517): Just a short addon. My Z1 also works with it without any problem. To be honest Ricoh has hooked me up with this plugin. I cannot imagine using something else that does not offer the same functionality. If they fix coarse location data coming from their app I will stick with their cameras at least until somebody else starts offering the same functionality and provides a better resolution. So far I have seen features to achieve the same...
Matterport 3D Tour with Ricoh Theta Z1 3SixtyNow 6 1 monthlilnitsch (88): @3SixtyNow not a problem @advancedhdr ~ I have done a little street view with the Z1 through the Streetview app for iOS stills I had no Issues I haven't gotten video mode to work yet ~ May actually have to switch the Z1 into video mode prior to using the street view app ~ for the little bit of street view for business I have done I have been using Matterport's sent to street view just for the ease of work flow
Ricoh theta gear 8643d 10 2 months8643d (32): Awesome, Thanks Dan. I found your gear kit for 360 1 click cameras, good stuff. 360 1 click camera gear
best camera for outside photos fotoguy 4 2 monthsWingman (517): I have just tried my Z1 and it is exactly the same as with my V model. Not sure why it is happening as each scan seems to cover(see) much bigger area than it allows to choose a proper distance between scan points. More than 2 meters away from the first point and it cannot align, more than 1.5 from the second and it cannot align. I cannot see any reason to try further if all this happening from a start. I do not know may be it will work with 1...
Theta Z1, the same bug with GPS precision? Wingman 5 2 monthsleonherbert (436): @Wingman the only suggestion is to ask Ricoh to attach the coordinates from the first image to the merged image. Does the theta store both the individual images as well? Is it an option. If so you can check the accuracy of the individual image. You can attach those coordinates to the merged image. There is software that can allow you to strip the gps coordinates from images, I can't recall what it is, it is a script that you run. I think the...
3D Capture and software questions newengland3d 10 2 monthsWingman (517): Here is a link to the model with the film development room captured. This space is big so to get to that room straight away just switch to the floor plan view and you will see a dark space in the middle. It is actually not so grainy in pictures quality as it has looked in scans.
Using the Ricoh Theta Z1 to Add People to Matterport 3D Tour DanSmigrod 3 2 monthsWingman (517): I am getting one in a few days for a price slightly lower than Ricoh RRP. It is US$954 with a current exchange rate. You can buy it here May be it is not worth for customers outside of Australia as I do not think they will ship it for free worldwide. However comparing to $2200 AUD on ebay from Japan it is much better at $1349 AUD. Almost half of it :-) It shows as pre-order but I got...
Help: What is the best platform to scan large outdoor construction site zacharysmiller 4 2 monthsDanSmigrod (19065): @zacharysmiller After using the Cupix SLAM app to automate the Cupix capture process, please let us know what you think. You had mentioned, "I’m not convinced [Cupix] is the best option for outdoor projects." Why? Best, Dan
What to buy next Briski2208 3 2 monthsDanSmigrod (19065): @Briski2208 Great question for WGAN Members that are using a Ricoh Theta Z1 - with or without Matterport Camera. Thanks for asking ... Dan
Video: Best 360º 1-Click Camera for Photography in 2019 DanSmigrod 1 2 monthsDanSmigrod (19065): Best 360º 1-Click Camera for Photography in 2019 | Video courtesy of The 360 Guy YouTube Channel Hi All, 360º Camera Subject Matterport Expert The 360 Guy writes on his YouTube Channel: "Most 360 cameras focus on shooting high quality video and have fewer features for 360 photos. I've chosen 4 cameras to compare as they all have specific features for shooting photos and can all shoot DNG RAW...
Free Matterport Test Drive with Your Ricoh Theta V/Z1 or Insta360 One X DanSmigrod 1 3 monthsDanSmigrod (19065): Hi All, You can "test drive" creating a Matterport 3D Tour - including Matterport Workshop 3.0 - for free if you have a: ✓ Ricoh Theta V ✓ Ricoh Theta Z1 ✓ Insta360 One X Simple sign up for a free Matterport Cloud account here. ✓ Amazon links to buy these cameras and related gear and accessories. Related WGAN Forum Discussions ✓ WGAN-TV Training Academy: Matterport Workshop 3.0 Training - All 5...
Matterport - Just lost all my respect - Disgraceful - Embarrassing zacharysmiller 9 3 months3D_Hoffa (143): This post is important and should not be buried *bump*
Matterport cameras compared: Ricoh Theta V & Z1, Insta360 ONE X, Pro2, Pro1 Jwbuckl 4 3 monthsChangesin3d (59): The interesting part of this is the Closed System "business opportunity" to an open system with other peoples hardware. Matterport sells a amera and sells a business opportunity with an expensive camera and then allows others to have almost the same presentation at a fraction of the cost. At least to my eyes the Z1 is equal to the Pro Cameras. Put this on a mobile devise and the comparisons get even closer. Most consumers for...
Ricoh Theta Z1 Test in Matterport 3D Tour HarlanHambright 19 3 monthshtimsabbub23 (759): Thank you!!!
Chicago (18 June 2019): Hands-on with Matterport 3D Virtual Tour cameras DanSmigrod 16 3 monthsJwbuckl (280): @ron0987 I understand your point. I was responsible for the planning of and then ultimately the canceling of the Chicago event (due to poor sign-ups). We are still committed to the hands-on format of these Meetups and will try the same in other cities where we think demand warrants. We are looking to the San Francisco Bay area for the next one. Unfortunately, Matterport does not yet have a true users' conference in the works at this time, but I...
A MSP Business Model & Workflow to Ace VRBO/HomeAway for Property Managers DanSmigrod 21 3 monthsJwbuckl (280): @DanSmigrod @THRHHI Gents - sorry to hear of these troubles and thank you for your patience. We have had but a few isolated cases where the process flow with HA needed to be honed and the Teams are on it. This is what the public beta is for - getting optimization on all systems between the companies, not just the bits. I will follow up with the Product Team/Dee at Matterport and see if I can learn anything about this case from our side beyond...
The 360º Guy Video: Best NEW 360 Camera in 2019? DanSmigrod 1 3 monthsDanSmigrod (19065): Best NEW 360 Camera in 2019? | Video courtesy of The 360 Guy YouTube Channel (12 June 2019) Hi All, From 360º 1-Click Camera Subject Matter Expert Daniel The 360 Guy (Daniel) YouTube Channel: Since the start of 2019 there have been more than a few new 360 cameras released. Let's take a look at the strengths and weaknesses of them all so you can make a more informed decision as to which 360 camer ais...
IVRPA Video: Shinobu Fujiki and Thijs Ekelschot | Ricoh Theta DanSmigrod 1 3 monthsDanSmigrod (19065): Video: Shinobu Fujiki and Thijs Ekelschot | Ricoh Theta - IVRPA Conference 2019 Belfast (Day 1 | Monday, 10 June 2019) | Video courtesy of the IVRPA - International VR Professionals Association YouTube Channel Hi All, The following is from the | Video courtesy of the IVRPA - International VR Professionals Association YouTube Channel ... FIlmed at the IVRPA 360° Virtual Reality Panoramic Photography...
IVRPA Livestream RICOH Keynote Today, June 10, 2019 DanSmigrod 4 3 monthsDanSmigrod (19065): Livestream is available now for $$$$
Ricoh Theta Z1 Officially in Matterport Public Beta Testing DanSmigrod 2 4 monthsizoneguy (328): Motor Home shot with Z1 - [wp3d][/wp3d]
RICOH Tours - Automated VR Tours DanSmigrod 2 4 monthsizoneguy (328): They need to get rid of old cameras. Most RE Agents would not know the Z1 was available. I have been using the Z1 shooting Motor Homes with superior results than Matterport. The Motor Homes only require about 5 scans so it is easy enough to put together..... Plus Matterport just sent out a release to let you know that the Business plans are only $309 per month for 100 spaces.....
Video: How to use Ricoh Theta Stitcher+ Adobe Lightroom with Ricoh Theta Z1 DanSmigrod 4 4 monthsleonvanzweel (507): The quality of a one-shot spherical camera will always remain built in. Poor contrast and parallax error. To improve on the parallax error a two lens solution is used to minimize the nodal point offset, but it exacerbates the lighting contrast. Using a four or multi-lens solution improves the lighting contrast but exacerbates the nodal point offset. The main advantage of one-shot cameras is the speed and ease of use. One just has to compromise...
Zillow 3D Home Tour using the Theta Z1 TomLeinbaugh 4 4 monthsTomLeinbaugh (6): The Zillow app automatically adds many of the navigational arrows between spaces, but I added some myself later. While taking photos you are given a choice of area/room labels from a list in the app, which you can change later when editing the tour.
Has anyone produced a Zillow 3D Home tour with the Ricoh Theta Z1 camera ?? RichardBurt 3 4 monthsbmnyphoto (16): OK, here’s a little more feedback. My main matterport user, Emailed me. I have done to Zillow tours for him so far. He likes the product but is very disappointed in how you walk-through/flow of the home. He feels it’s a little cumbersome. We are back to matter port :-)
How to scan a pool with Matterport (without black hole) DanSmigrod 6 4 monthsTHRHHI (230): Here is a home i did for a friend whose house is on the short term rental market. Still have a few more tags to add. clickable text [mpembed][/mpembed]
The 360 Guy Video: Ricoh Theta Z1 versus Insta360 One X-Ultimate Comparison DanSmigrod 1 4 monthsDanSmigrod (19065): Ricoh Theta Z1 vs Insta360 One X: Ultimate Comparison | Video courtesy of The 360 Guy YouTube Channel Hi All, 360º 1-Click Camera Subject Matter Expert The 360 Guy compares the Ricoh Theta Z1 versus the Insta360 One X. Based on all the reviews I have read/viewed, these are likely the two most likely contenders for WGAN Members to consider for: ✓ Matterport ✓ Cupix ✓ ThreeSixty Tours ✓...
Video: How to shoot Matterport 3D Tour with an Insta360 ONE X and Workflow DanSmigrod 2 4 monthsDanSmigrod (19065): Insta360 ONE X 360º Action Camera | REVIEW (4K) | Video courtesy of AuthenTech - Ben Schmanke YouTube Channel Insta360 ONE X: 12 Tips & Tricks! | Video courtesy of AuthenTech - Ben Schmanke YouTube Channel Hi All, These two previous videos by Ben Schmanke about the Insta360 One X might be helpful too. Best, Dan
Theta Z1 Matterport compatibility tomjones2787 4 4 monthsJwbuckl (280): The Ricoh Theta Z1 is currently supported by Matterport in Beta and should be exiting Beta in the near term. Testing is going well.
Ben Claremont Video: "Ricoh Theta Z1: The DSLR of 360 Cameras?" DanSmigrod 1 4 monthsDanSmigrod (19065): Ricoh Theta Z1: The DSLR of 360 Cameras? | Video courtesy of Ben Claremont YouTube Channel Hi All, 360º Camera Expert Ben Claremont compares the Ricoh Theta Z1 to its four nearest competitors in this video. Ben writes on his YouTube channel: "Ricoh have been teasing their new 360 camera, the Theta Z1, for the past few months. It’s the first all-in-one 360 camera to feature 2 x 1 inch...
Does Matterport allow Theta Z1 to shoot in HDR? zacharysmiller 8 4 monthsDanSmigrod (19065): @Jwbuckl Thanks for clarifying. Much appreciated. Dan
First Post - 360 Newbie - Need Advice Theta Z1 and Matterport zacharysmiller 5 4 monthsJwbuckl (280): The 360 cameras do not have the accurate depth sensing that the Matterport cameras do. So a floorplan would only be within 4-10% accuracy which is why they are not offered with the 360s. The Matterport Pro cameras are within 1% accuracy and the Leica BLK360 is within .1%.
Same Space: Ricoh Theta Z1 versus Matterport Pro2 3D Camera (You Decide!) HarlanHambright 7 4 monthsShakoure (270): Zooming via both the MP player and browser definitely reveals that MP Pro produces finer details. But I agree the coloring from the Z1 seems more vivid. Not bad Z1.
Matterport Pro2Tour versus Matterport Tour Created with Ricoh Theta Z1 DanSmigrod 3 4 monthsHarlanHambright (1621): You drive the theta like MP with iPad. That’s not the issue. Technically you can eliminate the blk but it will still be best solution in certain circumstances. A garden path I did in bright sun had to shoot every 4-5 feet to get alignments. Blk more accurate and goes like 30’ or better.
Video: Ricoh Theta Z1 Review: Worth the Hype? DanSmigrod 4 4 monthsDanSmigrod (19065): @HarlanHambright I moved your Matterport Pro 2 Camera versus Ricoh Theta Z1 review to a new discussion: ✓ Matterport Pro2Tour versus Matterport Tour Created with Ricoh Theta Z1 best, Dan
Video: Ricoh Theta Z1-The ULTIMATE Virtual Tour Camera? DanSmigrod 2 5 monthsDanSmigrod (19065): "I've NEVER SEEN a 360 camera do THIS!!!" (Theta Z1 Review and Comparison Part 2 of 2) | Video courtesy of YouTube Channel
Los Angeles-based Kevin Dole on Nodalview: "I Love it!" DanSmigrod 1 5 monthsDanSmigrod (19065): Video: WGAN-TV Los Angeles-based Kevin Dole in this WGAN-TV Short Story #519, Kevin talks about GeoCV, Nodalview, Ricoh Theta V and Ricoh Theta Z1. Hi All, Starting at 2:56 in the above WGAN-TV Short Story, Los Angeles-based Kevin Dole talks about Nodalview ("I Love it!"), Ricoh Theta V, Ricoh Theta Z1. We cover a lot of ground in this under 9-minute segment from this WGAN-TV show, including 360º video...
SPAR3D: Ricoh Theta Z1: a high-res 360° camera for pros DanSmigrod 13 5 monthsHarlanHambright (1621): Rocoh confirmed that the Z1 is compatible w/ MP. The guy said it looked fantastic.
Ricoh Theta Z1 HANDS-ON First Impressions Review: Comparison with Theta V DanSmigrod 2 6 monthsDanSmigrod (19065): Ricoh Theta Z1: Example Images, Specs & What You Need to Know | Video courtesy of The 360 Guy YouTube Channel (25 February 2019)
Digital Camera World: Ricoh Theta Z1 Hands on Review DanSmigrod 4 6 monthsDanSmigrod (19065): ✓ Video Review: Why this Bushman Monopod is the best for 360º 1-Click Cameras Dan
Video: Ricoh Theta Z1: Example Images, Specs and What You Need to Know DanSmigrod 3 7 monthsizoneguy (328): Do you think these cameras will take better 360 stills than the GoPro Fusion. I had a GoPro Fusion but the stills were crap.
How to Get Early Access to the Ricoh Theta Z1 DanSmigrod 7 7 monthsrzphotoman (1212): @DanSmigrod Good news...Thanks Dan
Ricoh Announced $1,000 Ricoh Theta Z1 to Ship March 2019 DanSmigrod 7 7 monthsrzphotoman (1212): Think I'll wait for this instead of buying the Theta V.