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'Asteroom' Topics

TitleAuthorPostsLast Post
EyeSpy360 versus 3DVista? simbany1 10 3 daysMarshallartsmedia (50): @andreabortolot Sorry to just get back to you now. They have a bunch of scheduled developments and they also update the software regularly, sometimes every week as they develop new features. in Q3 they have planned moving to working with Z-depth or 3-dimensional space so movement through the model would be more like matterport or metareal. For those of us who use lots of tags this is a game changer because we only need to tag each item...
Asteroom versus Matterport DanSmigrod 10 16 daysEricTsai (52): @bryanhscott - thanks for your feedback. The artifact that you were describing was probably the imaging "ghosting" that was resulted from the user using the mobile phones plus the rotator setup. Of course, Asteroom also supports all the 360 cameras out there. When shooting with Z1 or any of the 360 cameras, there will be no "ghosting" of the images
Asteroom 3D Dollhouse - New Gerhard 6 2 monthsJuMP (1250): @EricTsai Sorry, I don't know it is not your floorplan view. When I click the "birdEyeModeOnButton" at the left bottom corner, the result is not facing to screen. It looks like the result when you click "floorplan" button in Matterport showcase. If it is not a floorplan view, what do you call this? Thank you.
Eyespy 360 Virtual Tour - Staging simbany1 10 2 monthsina1979 (1): I don't even know what to advise you
Matterport versus iGuide? CuttingEdge 9 2 monthsmdezz (4): Just starting out in this end of the business and I already own a THETA z1- but looking into Matterport and now iGuide. Matterport supports the 1 with good results but alas no floor plans. Will dig into iGuide a bit. Thanks!
I need help choosing a 3D Virtual Tour Platform for by Real Estate Listings ExmouthGroup 7 3 monthsDanSmigrod (22104): @Alex_iGuide Gareth gets around! I visited with him at the 2019 Google Street View Summit in London too. What's different about Metareal meets 360ยบ photos meets floor plans meets dimensionally accurate is that you can calibrate the floor plans with known measurements. Plus, Metareal will create the 3D model and 2D floor plan for their customers if they do not want to use the DIY option. @ExmouthGroup When you place your order for floor...
Inman: "Need a virtual tour solution now? Here are our top picks" DanSmigrod 4 4 monthsEricTsai (52): Thanks for sharing Dan! We are honored to be featured on Inman again as we continue to ramp up our operation here in the US.
Questions about Asteroom... DanSmigrod 6 4 monthsEricTsai (52): @jthorstad - sure! You will shoot using our App (We have direct integration with Z1,v, and One X) and then simply upload the panos. Our back-office and AI will put together the dollhouse for you. For users that use other 360 cameras- they can upload the panos using our web editor. Here is a youtube video of how a photographer is able to put together an Asteroom tour in 15 minutes
Asteroom was selected in this year's HW100 along with Matterport EricTsai 1 4 monthsEricTsai (52): Hi all, I would love to share with you that Asteroom was chosen to be one of the 100 most innovative companies in real estate along with Matterport by HousingWire. It's a great honor for us and we look forward to continuing to work with members of WGAN. What's really unique about us is that Asteroom caters to all segments of real estate professionals by allowing the possibility to create high-quality 3D tours with a phone easily and...
Asteroom 3D Tour Creation leeverdon 5 11 monthsHome3D (2259): If my NodalView didn't load, I think it's something on your end. Works fine for me on all browsers.