Just a heads up for any of you that have in the past or want to in the future incorporate VR into your workflow, I just finished testing the new WebVR release changes from Matterport last night and I am happy to say that the Oculus GO is once again usable for viewing your spaces via the WebVR integration! (performance was so poor previously that would stutter constantly when tracking head movement). This release also fixed some of the issues with "big" headset viewing on Firefox for Vive and Rift which I also tested. And the surprise kicker, the WMR (Windows Mixed Reality) headsets using Edge yield EXTREMELY smooth results! Pair the WMR with a Samsung Odyssey (higher resolution, same as Vive Pro) the walkthroughs of the Matterport Pro II output really show the difference in the scans of the higher end devices.

So, if you had given up on WebVR or are coming in fresh, definitely check it out, I for one am a happy camper, and it sounds like more performance tweaks to come - it would be great to see WebVR be a viable platform again! If new or just entering VR and you have questions feel free to message me as well, happy to help the proliferation of VR in any way that I can!