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'Pro2' Topics

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Why this real estate agent bought a Matterport Camera (and sold it) DanSmigrod 1 5 daysDanSmigrod (25385): Hi All, I invited a real estate agent to be my guest on WGAN-TV Live at 5 to share their Matterport journey. The real estate agent bought a Matterport Pro2 3D Camera in 2016 and sold the Matterport Pro2 3D Camera - and exited the real estate photography business - this year (2021). While the real estate agent declined to be a guest on WGAN-TV Live at 5 to discuss their Matterport journey, the real estate agent did send me a detailed...
Project for scanning a Castle JaviMorales 7 16 daysJaviMorales (4): Thank everyone for your answers!! Regarding the linking images is exactly what i though, I need to see the ones suggested by and decide which one suits better my budget and needs. That's what I need to confirm with them on the pitch, deppending on the amount of outdoors space I will see, however i picture it more practical to do it linking the images to the indoor tours. Thanks for the offering, I will take it into account, are you...
Question of the Day: How important is Matterport Pro2 Capture via Android? DanSmigrod 4 16 daysAxis360Media (305): To be honest I am surprised (and disappointed) they wasted resources on Android when they could have first perfected the release (and BETA TESTING) PROCESS for Apple iOS. For me this is like baking cupcakes , having them flop constantly and then attempting wedding cake.
Got tips for Matterport Scanning of an empty vessel hull for an .obj ...? sese 4 17 daysEaglePrecision (155): It is possible to do a 3D exterior scan of the hull using photogrammetry (a set of overlapped images that are stitched together in 3D software such as Agisoft Metashape or DroneDeploy). The exterior 3D model can then be linked to the interior 360 tour using annotations in Sketchfab.
URGENT: I get broken diagonal lines win my scans MolinaPhoto 5 26 daysDanSmigrod (25385): Excellent solutions! I would add to that, if you need to order floor plans from Matterport, duplicate the model that includes Ricoh Theta Z1 "scans" and then delete the Ricoh Theta Z1 shot "scans" (because Matterport will not create floor plans that include 360s shot with a 360 1-click camera. Dan
Matterport recruiting Pro Service Providers to compete against indepen... Bollingerphoto 23 26 daysDanSmigrod (25385): Matterport ShopTalk #19 Webinar: Matterport Capture Services Program | Video courtesy of Matterport YouTube Channel | 7 April 2021 WGAN Forum Related Discussions ✓ Transcript: Matterport ShopTalk #19: Matterport Capture Services Program (7 April 2021) ✓ Transcript: Matterport Capture Services Webinar | Thursday, 16 April 2020 Dan
Switching from Matterport to Iguide? Dcook001 10 1 monthDanSmigrod (25385): Video: WGAN-TV 3 Introduction to iGUIDE PLANIX Camera Kit (and Demo) with Planitar (iGUIDE) Marketing Manager Chris White (@Chris_iGuide) | Thursday, 18 March 2021 Grab from iGUIDE PLANIX Pricing Page @Dcook001 In the mean time: ✓ iGUIDE PLANIX is the 3D Camera Kit Matterport Wished It Created (in Many Ways) ✓...
Matterport Pro lite: processing fees on new hosting? 3dshowcaseuk 2 1 monthMatterFix (86): My understanding is that the Pro2 and the ProLite are treated equally on the new plans.
Matterport vs InsideMaps vs PilotTours Plus momenzo video Wingman 13 1 monthWingman (1959): Thanks Dan. I should have posted here that I contacted support with my some of my questions and got their reply. I can see some improvement so I will hold on my Iphone 12 Pro for a while. We heed to mention that InsideMaps does not charge anything for an account if you buy Hero so it all tours done under it are free for me. I do not remember if you need to do tours with Iphone 12 Pro to get this offer. As for variations shown it seems to be...
Question of the Day>Scan with the Pro2 Handle Always Facing Same Direction? DanSmigrod 9 1 monthcgraft (111): like @HarlanHambright said, the initial handle positioning is crucial to having a neat & professional model. I always take extra care that the handle faces to the front of the space scanned at a 90-degree angle to the front entry door. When scanning it's just good practice to always begin with your handle in the same starting position.
Anyone else experiencing Real Estate slow down? Shawn_P 13 1 monthimmersivespaces (1202): South Florida is booming, but the issue we have here is lack of inventory. Many agents sell homes before they can even get them listed in the MLS or get any imaging done. (We had a house sell while we were on property doing a capture.) We simply redirected our services to focus on the new home buyer, offering Matterport for insurance documentation and interior design services. Even with the low number of listing shoots, we've pretty much...
Matterport Pro2 with Tripod and Case Bundle DanSmigrod 1 2 monthsDanSmigrod (25385): Grab: 10:15 am EST Monday, 15 March 2021 from Adorama Matterport Pro2 134MP Professional Capture 3D Camera | $2,995 after $400 discount via Adorama Hi All, I noticed this Matterport Pro2...
What would you charge for Matterport - 25kSF commercial space? sdubose99 10 2 monthscgraft (111): Also realize that although the Ricoh cameras capture scans faster than a Pro 2 does, you have to run and hide somewhere out of the shot every time with the Ricoh. You'll be getting quite the workout scanning a large open space with that device, VS just stepping behind the Pro 2 while it spins. So wear your apple watch for the workout points! and charge accordingly. Nice work finding a big job.
BLK360 + Matterport Pro2 = 1080 scans (and crashing): Now what (please)? Harrycayman 9 2 monthsHarrycayman (248): Hi Dan i will look at new ipad with more memory as i have the BLK app on that too. Also Gerhard that's good to know Harry
High Density XYZ file to creat a game , is blk 360 good for this project? alirizacil 4 2 monthsWingman (1959): If you want to do it with Matterport you can only use a LiDAR camera that is supported by Matterport and it is BLK360. There may be some other cameras but I only hear people referring to Leica BLK360. As much as I read about it on forums related to LiDAR scanning it is not the best choice in LiDAR scanning world, Not sure(do not remember) if it's related to density but considering there are LiDARs that can see 100 and 300m probably it is an...
Long term HarlanHambright 5 3 monthsDanSmigrod (25385): @Wingman Yes. Thanks for sharing that. @HarlanHambright You may want to duplicate the space before transferring. However, spaces cannot be transferred OUT of a Free or Starter account. This is to prevent abuse by users uploading to a Free account and transferring out to avoid processing fees. If a Schematic Floor Plan or Matterpak Bundle was purchased for the space, those will need to be downloaded and sent to the new host separately ...
Transcript: WGAN-TV Top 10 Matterport Pro1, Pro2 & Pro2 Lite Camera Repairs DanSmigrod 3 3 monthsDanSmigrod (25385): @MatterFix Founder Mike Vorce A viewer writes: Very Informative. I just bought a used Pro 1 and I've tested it and it works fine. When i charge it it gives me the double blinking light but it only shows 5 1/2 hours of charge and 1/2 full on the charge bar. Should I be concerned? @MatterFix, should she be concerned? Dan
Matterport : Sensor Fault ChuckJ 8 3 monthsalirizacil (156): Hi Since i am in Turkey, and having 3 Pr2 camera, i had to solve my problems myself. Cencor fault was one of them which i solved surprisingly. This is how: I had battery problem with one of my camera. (One of the battery was off) Than i took it to one of my tecnician friend . While he was chainging the battery, he also just tried to check the cables and reconnect them( there are usd cables conecting cencors to mainboard) . And cencor fauld has...
Must Have's for Every Job? DigitalTwin 9 3 monthsPickChuck (401): @DigitalTwin I know that you already have a Pro 2. I have to second what @trueview360s is saying. I shoot with a Ricoh Z1 and get good results. It might not be a bad idea to have one as a backup or supplemental camera. My best friend has a Pro 2 and a Z1. He has mastered the Dual Fisheye technique on the Rioch as well as the in camera HDR technique of the Z1 (I taught all he knows :) and I have been absolutely amazed at what he is getting. It...
Problem With High Resolution 2D Snapshots TheRealtor 14 3 monthstoddwaddington (517): Thanks, @DanSmigrod. I'm a MAC guy and it looks like this is a Windows recommendation but there are apps that might accomplish the same on MAC OS. But the idea of using full screen capture is an interesting one. I have a 27" 5K iMac. I just tried a full screen capture of one of my scans. Ended up being 13mb, larger than what MP exports. The quality of the image still doesn't match my standard high res images, but it is interesting to...
360 to 3D using pro2? BrettMtn 6 3 monthslilnitsch (2881): The Matterport camera 360 to 3D works but, a supported 360 camera I find works more consistently
Matterport Video: Connecting the Matterport Pro2 Camera to an iPad DanSmigrod 1 3 monthsDanSmigrod (25385): Video: Connecting the Matterport Pro2 Camera to an iPad with Matterport Marketing Content Manager Amir Frank | Video courtesy of the Matterport YouTube Channel | 22 January 2021 Matterport Video: Connecting the Matterport Pro2 Camera to an iPad Hi All, From the Matterport YouTube Channel: Learn how to connect your Matterport 3D cameras to your mobile device so that you can quickly begin...
Best way to film space with 4 floors that only connect on ground level? Virtour 6 3 monthsDanSmigrod (25385): @Virtour Thanks for sharing the tour here, once done (plus, how you accomplished it). Best, Dan
2D color flooplan options/work arounds? Padz82 7 3 monthsAlexHitchcock (182): Hi @padz82, I just replied. Thanks, Alex
My first Gallery tour - Comments and feedback welcome! rodrigocastillo 3 4 monthsron0987 (1787): I agree @ftosolini but would also add as you get use to the MP camera that when you set the camera up, don't position as close as you did on the large painting. Other than that I think it looks good.
Why I carry a Z1 along with my MP Pro camera Home3D 8 5 monthsahagert (106): @Home3D helpful, thank you very much!
BLK360 with Theta Z1? Kumar 8 5 monthsHomePlanNZ (224): (Again in our experience), using the Z1 on a project will always degrade the 3D data compared to Pro2 and BLK. The Cortex process 'makes up' a 3D model based on imagery, which will always be inferior to laser (BLK) or infrared (Pro2) sensor data. If you then combine Z1+BLK, you are mixing bad with good = bad result. Issues were alignment both ways (Z1 scan, switch the BLK; BLK scan, switch to Z1). When changing devices we typically do about...
Urgent! Traveling! Help Please! SLOW transfer after firmware update. Sibee 15 5 monthsDanSmigrod (25385): Video: WGAN-TV Top 10 Matterport Pro Camera Repairs with MatterFix Founder Mike Vorce-#1633-Show Overview And Camera GPS And Wifi Antenna Repair with @MatterFix Founder Mike Vorce Hi All, For those that are not DIY included for a Matterport Pro2 WiFi Camera repair, check-out WGAN Member: Mike Vorce @MatterFix ... ✓ Matterport Camera Repairs - topic of the day - WiFi antenna issues In this WGAN-TV Short Story (#1633, above),...
Matterport Webinar: Android for the Matterport Pro2 Camera and 360 Cameras DanSmigrod 2 5 monthsDanSmigrod (25385): Matterport ShopTalk 14: Matterport Betas for Android and iOS | Video courtesy of Matterport YouTube Channel | 16 December 2020
How to Show Side-By-Side of a Digital Twin Before and After Tour? ron0987 8 5 monthsron0987 (1787): @Wingman Thank you I though that was the same Dee, I cannot see anything on MP support page, starting to search YouTube.
Matterport Offers $700 Off Pro2 to Pro1 Owners: No Trade-in Necessary DanSmigrod 10 5 monthsDanSmigrod (25385): received from Matterport 4:20 pm EST today Friday (11 December 2020) Hi All, If you are a Matterport Pro1 3D Camera owner, did you receive this email (above) offering you $700 off a Matterport Pro2 3D Camera? Did you redeem? I could imagine that I could not redeem the $700 offer AND this offer on Matterport's...
WGAN-TV Live at 5: Four Hard Cases for Matterport AND How to Customize Foam DanSmigrod 4 5 monthsDanSmigrod (25385): 87-WGAN-TV Four Hard Cases for Matterport Pro2 Camera AND How to Customize Foam for Hard Cases Hi All, Need a hard case for a Matterport Pro2 3D Camera? Need custom foam for an existing hard case? Got questions about Pelican cases versus other hard cases? The WGAN-TV Live at 5 show that aired yesterday (above) is likely to answer many of your hard case/custom foam questions. Plus ... Special Offer for We Get Around Network...
Saving Duplicates>Can I upload it & still keep the numbered scan positions? Shawn_P 2 5 monthsCharlesHH (412): You don’t need a duplicate now. If you need to go back, you can make a duplicate then and add your scan. You could just open the original but if something goes wrong you have a problem. Back up your iPad too as standard.
Should I buy Matterport Pro 2 camera? TakingArt 7 6 monthsDanSmigrod (25385): WGAN 3rd Party Service Providers - such as MP2FP @MP2FP) – can provide floor plans from Matterport tours: regardless of which camera was used to create the Matterport tour. Dan
Is a new Matterport camera coming in 2021? dave3d 12 6 monthsbriangreul (611): @DanSmigrod I think the camera is a price point product, not a margin product. I think they picked a price that people can stomach. The challenge is all the negative noise being created by the broker out of California coupled with the stark reality about not letting anyone new into MSS/MSP. The argument about not enough volume only holds a little water as most of the established MSP's are subbing the work out to photographers. In effect...
Matterport Video: Matterport Pro2 versus Leica BLK360 versus 360 Cameras DanSmigrod 6 6 monthsDanSmigrod (25385): Great! Please do start a new WGAN Forum post for your thoughts on this topic. Another option: be my guest on WGAN-TV Live at 5. We could discuss: ✓ Measurement: which Matterport capture solution is right for the job? Best, Dan
What other Virtual Tour platforms are compatible with Matterport cameras? HunsletRiviera 7 6 monthsWingman (1959): You can use Matterport to capture a tour and then build a custom tour from Matterport scans using 3DVista or Pano2VR. You either need to use the service that Dan recommends extracting panos from a Matterport tour or submit Matterport tour to Google Maps and then get it from their in Pano2VR and build any custom tour you want. There is a difference though in resolution. With the service recommended by Dan you will get full resolution panoramas...
How to save $400 on a Matterport Pro2 3D Camera Today (Friday, 13 Nov 2020) DanSmigrod 9 6 monthsDanSmigrod (25385): Hi All, New since the original post above ... If you would like to buy a Matterport Pro2 3D Camera directly from Matterport, it's coupon code now through 31 December 2020 is: 400PRO2HW (to save $400). Dan
Anyone know if Matterport can correct this? Shawn_P 9 6 monthsimagine3d (37): That suggestion is possible but no guarantee and a lot of extra work especially if plus if you have a 4000-6000 sq ft home to scan. You will have to preview each scan to make sure the scans are not giving this issue. It'll take forever to finish the home. In my point of view, this issue is the responsibility of MP to fix. For an expensive camera such as the Matterport Pro, we should not have to deal with issues like this. Professionally we...
Matterport Pro2 vs Insta360 One R vs Asteroom (iPhone 11 Pro) picture_this 5 6 monthsEricTsai (171): @picture_this Thanks for the feedback! We know turnaround time is important for photographers, so we will continue to work on this. Our goal is to get 80% of the project turned around in 24 hours. -Eric
Will Pro 1 soon not be dropped from the device "ecosystem"? Noddy 9 6 monthsmori (779): @MeshImages IMO no Pro3 on the horizon if you think of something in the next 6-8 month.
Video: How to Scan Large Spaces with Matterport Pro2, Leica BLK360 & 360s DanSmigrod 2 6 monthsDanSmigrod (25385): Hi All, Here is a transcript of the Matterport ShopTalk #10 Webinar (29 October 2020) above. Best, Dan -- Amir Frank: Hey, everybody, thanks for joining us in this 10th edition of Shop Talk, very excited to have you with us. Let's go ahead and just get started, my name is Amir, and today we're going to be talking about, let's see here, large spaces. So, hopefully, this is something of interest and you'll be able to get a lot of information...
Asteroom versus Matterport: Buy Matterport Pro2 Camera? DanSmigrod 7 6 monthspicture_this (19): FYI - I just posted the tour comparison on this thread.
Best positioning for Highlight Reel Shawn_P 1 6 monthsShawn_P (182): A builder has request that all their vendors supply a highlight reel. Do I take the same approach as I would real estate photos? Thanks in advance.
Q&A: Can I add 360 scans/360 views to an existing Matterport Tour? DanSmigrod 1 6 monthsDanSmigrod (25385): Hi All, A WGAN Member asks: Q: "I shot a Matterport tour with a Matterport Pro2 Camera yesterday and missed some spots. Can I go back today and use a Ricoh Theta Z1 for add 360 Scans/360 Views? A: Yes. I suggest duplicating your model first. Then add scans. Then re-process. Anything to add? Best, Dan
Any suggestions to trim a scan after capture? wishing_well 6 6 monthsjpierce360 (132): The markings look better.
Scanning big spaces + repetitive surroundings SuperScanner 8 6 monthsinmerso3D (40): @Home3D Hi kevin Great work on the aviation tour. An off-topic question, what camera did you use in the 360 aerial shot? Regards
MC250 exposure / seam issue + advice? picture_this 5 7 monthspicture_this (19): Thanks Wingman- appreciate the confirmation!
"For Our Beach Resort, Do you recommend I buy a Z1 or Matterport Pro2?" DanSmigrod 2 7 monthsDanSmigrod (25385): @rodrigocastillo Welcome. For your Beach Resort question, you may find this WGAN Forum discussion helpful. Dan
Matterport services hamid167 2 7 monthsMW_VRS (16): I have 3 major add-ons that I offer my clients. The first is Aerial Drone Photography. The second is Full production exterior Video with Drone Footage and custom music. and the last is a question I give them. Is this just for the internet such as, or do you plan on doing flyers and other stuff, If so then you will want to consider adding High Quality pictures that I shoot with my DSLR. The pictures that are exported from Matterport...
Camera lens to use for real estate photography GETMYVR Jump to first page38Jump to last page 7 monthsPickChuck (401): I agree with @GETMYVR. It's camera specific. The thing I keep trying to bring home is that anything wider than 21mm full frame or 14'ish APSC makes the rooms look exaggerated. That being said shooting a bit wider in the bathrooms and closets (which I don't do unless they are magical) is ok. If I were going to choose one prime lens I would choose a 21mm FF / 14 mm APSC. If I were going for a zoom, I would choose 17-40 FF / 8-12 or...
When doing Matterport OUTDOORS with a Pro2; additional camera I should use? KfromPoland 9 7 monthslilnitsch (2881): not a problem
Shiny Shop Floors, Building the 3D Tour - issue? BlueImmersiveMedia 5 8 monthsGerhard (1243): @GETMYVR Yes did a shoot last week for a very big client and had only two days onsite. The artifacts is absolutely horrible, especially the exterior 360 from balconies, took 6 shots at different heights and distance from the railing, all had broken artifacts. Also door handles and other things like cylindrical light fittings are broken. Never had that problem when I was shooting with Geocv. And the color and textures are also getting very bad in...
Advice for scanning art galleries tinsoldier 10 8 monthsDanSmigrod (25385): @tinsoldier That problem - move all MatterTags to a replacement model - is addressed in the free course. Dan
Matterport Pro2 Wiggly Loose Charge Port cgraft 3 8 monthstoddwaddington (517): Hey @cgraft. Mine is the same. Although, I haven't tested it to see if it will fall out. I place it where I know it won't be kicked or tugged. It works but does not plug in snugly. Purchased a few months ago.
Matterport vs Ricoh ChuckJ 7 8 monthslilnitsch (2881): @GETMYVR I am using CloudPano for live video or audio conferencing within the the VR tour
Do you charge less for shooting Matterport with a Ricoh Theta Z1 than Pro2? DanSmigrod 10 8 monthsVTLV (2405): I can wrap my head around charging less For another use. If you have a classic plan, you’re putting up to $39 for upload using dual fisheye lens. Your monthly plans still need to help with costs to fund your tour slot plus other slots not currently being used. You use a pro 1 or 2, you’re out a few hours of shooting time. It’s right there with charge more for pro2 vs pro1 price comparison a couple years ago. Fund the plan, compete with...
Question of the Day>Pro2 to scan 5,000 SQ FT an hour of construction site? DanSmigrod 7 8 monthsDanSmigrod (25385): @Oboldyrev @lilnitsch @briangreul Thanks for sharing. Seems like while it may be possible to scan an open commercial space at the rate of 5,000 SQ FT in an hour, I wonder if this is the exception rather than the norm: particularly for the space that Matterport shows when they make the claim of 5,000 SQ FT an hour. I wish Matterport would provide a real-time video of 5,000 SQ FT shot in an hour using a Pro2 so that we can see the...
Matterport Scan of one house with three floors and no stairs to connect Ramojakubovic 10 8 monthsron0987 (1787): The other thing to consider if like @lilnitsch says if you get the right time do the entire stairs on all three floors so there is no major lighting difference. But remember to open the doors on each level. You will find the end product color balance is better. Just a suggestion.
Matterport photo quality joecostanza 6 8 monthsHarlanHambright (1904): They’ve been run through photoshop yes but I wouldn’t say substantial, just normal, but then I used to do all my own color printing.
Not uploading from Matterport Capture app Harrycayman 3 8 monthsHarrycayman (248): Yes. It uploaded 3 times. Two of those said zero and then I re booted iPad
Best VR Tour Product for Large Spaces??? punjuut 6 8 monthsDanSmigrod (25385): @punjuut Okay. Thank you for the additional backstory. Use-case is always very helpful for deciding which solution is right for the problem/opportunity .... I am curious how others will respond. Of the 150+ 3D/360 virtual tour platforms/software and 50+ 3D/360 cameras in our space, I would suggest looking at these solutions first: 1. CupixWorks from Cupix – Compare BIM and construction documentation side-by-side; point-cloud,...
Matterport residential scans and the rain BenAdgie 5 9 monthsrzphotoman (1619): Not sure why anyone finds a need to scan in the rain.
Matterport Pro2 repair Bose19 15 9 monthsSiteTour360 (222): Hopscotch - thanks for the input! (got you confused with Bose19 in the thread) Unictron does provide great customer service. I'm sure others would be interested in the pdf you mentioned...if you send to me, I will see if I can post it.
Matterpak XYZ pt. cloud resolution, -same whether from Pro or Pro2 correct? Noddy 2 9 monthsNoddy (178): Can anyone from Matterport comment, if seeing this? Thanks
Two phases of the same space in Matterport in one Digital Twin Virtual_Homey 11 9 monthsVirtual_Homey (55): Perfect this is precisely what I need to see, thank you.
DIY Hardcase for Matterport Pro2 toddwaddington 5 9 monthstoddwaddington (517): @DanSmigrod, thanks! @CTownMedia. Yes, Harbor Freight was on the top of my list. Their newest, 17" wide is what I had my eye on.
what Matterport pro 2 camera height are you using? adc1967 10 9 monthstoddwaddington (517): @rzphotoman, good to know. I have noticed that eye level is not ideal for pulling real estate photos. ok, for large areas, but not for medium to smaller rooms. Lower would be better. Thanks
Fear about buying Matterport pro 2...questions adc1967 12 10 monthsadc1967 (79): One would think that MP would be self sufficient at this point
Matterport tour with multiple start points BenAdgie 9 10 monthsDanSmigrod (25385): Hacks: Deep Links Shortener | Video courtesy of Actionable Insights YouTube Channel (17 March 2020) Hi @BenAdgie In this Actionable Insights YouTube Channel video (above), you will learn: ✓ how and why insurance claims use Matterport deep links [ relevant to your use case] ✓ how to create a deep link ✓ see new Matterport feature: short link for deep link A transcript of this video is available in...
How do you export full size (12866 x 6433) 360 images from Matterport Pro2? wolfind 10 10 monthsWingman (1959): There can be an easy walk around to avoid hosting your tours with Matterport. It won't give you full resolution 360s, only 32MP ones and you won't be able to do it for private properties. However for anything else, you can do scans with Matterport, then publish your tour to GSV, grab it from there with Pano2VR Pro(I am sure 3DVista can do it too) and then you have a completely ready tour made up to real scale and with every 360 linked to build...
That button below the Power button on Matterport Cams.. aerialpixels 1 10 monthsaerialpixels (216): You know that button below the power button? You can press it and it shows how much battery life is left without having to turn on the power button... I cant recall if I remember correctly, pressing that button, does it light up? I used to think it didnt. But now I see that button light up in orange when I press it. Is it just me? :P
Looking for tech service to repair matterport pro2 battery nachomorzan 7 11 monthsaerialpixels (216): @nachomorzan check out my new entry to the post
Help please with large scale models: scanning techniques? gear? BobbyG 14 11 monthsBobbyG (50): Just ran out of film with my brand new camera Pro2. Scan 209 then 187,188,189 I’ll post something
Urgent problem scanning a large camper area inside Pro 2 and outside BLK 3dblickwinkel 20 11 months3dblickwinkel (176): Thank you all for your support here. Tour has been stitched from MP, thanks to MP too. [wp3d][/wp3d]
Have Matterport 2, client wants just 360 photo (no tour), can I do it? rastas 14 11 monthsJuMP (1475): @MicFoster I suggest to do normal scan. But it is possible to do 360only capture. The only requirement is Matterport can process it and return you a result link address. We can provide you a DEMO, please send me your trial showcase link which include only one 3D point and <20 pcs 360 only points.
Buy Theta Z1 or Matterport Pro 2? wvirtualhomes 19 11 monthsJonJ (1745): I have wrestled with this same question for some time since I have been using the Pro 1 since 2014. Long story short, I decided to go with the Theta Z1 instead of upgrading to the Pro 2. The reasons for this are below. 1) I did not want to further invest into the Matterport ecosystem as there have been many decisions made that I do not agree with. 2) While the quality of the Pro 2 imagery is superior to the Theta Z1, I do not believe that...
I had to expand on the previous, so here is Matterport Capture Compare 2.0! RichardStanton 9 11 monthsahojman (275): Thanks for your answer!
Matterport new pricing structure, over 100 scans? toddwaddington 16 1 yearDanSmigrod (25385): Yes. That would be cool. See the livestream within the Church. Please let us know what you figure out: especially with YouTube Livestream. Dan
Can Matterport camera be used for anything else? itsrichphoto 12 1 yearleonherbert (901): @JuMP This makes absolutely no sense. I have been a Matterport user for quite a few years and understand the ecosystem. I am not sure what you are trying to sell. With Matterport you can archive unlimited number of virtual tours if you are on the new plan. What prey tekk is this third party program that can make these tours come back to life?
Matterport Pro 2- Popped your top? (WLAN Antenna) BSSMedia 2 1 yearChemistrydoc (1494): Thanks for posting this - I've never actually had a crash, but I've lived through the near-heart-attack of watching a tripod leg collapse and catching the falling camera in time. Hopefully I never need to use these instructions, but I am very thankful to be a part of a community where this knowledge resides! Best, Keith
First Apple Scan .. and the demise of Matterport Bollingerphoto 5 1 yearGETMYVR (747): Consider the iPhone the Honda Accord of Digital VR Photography. It's built for the masses & you can live contently knowing you have attained what everyone else has, no hurt feelings, and requires just a free plan from Matterport. Averages 12 megapixels & a cracked screen. Consider the Pro2 3D the Mercedes G-Wagon of digital VR photography. It's for professionals only, for those who evoke Rembrandt levels of quality, and requires a...
Opinion of the Ipad (7th generation) and Matterport Pro 2? wvirtualhomes 5 1 yearMeshImages (1355): @wvirtualhomes Yes, the ipad is the brain of your camera. The camera itself does not do much more than capturing the data, but the ipad does all the processing and is repsonsible for speed and maybe future features (if you think of the new ipad pro 2020 with the built-in lidar).
Clarity on Matterport Smartphone Capture aiMBackwards 13 1 yearDanSmigrod (25385): Hi All, WGAN Forum Related Discussions ✓ Matterport Capture iOS App 4.0: Scan with your iPhone or iPad (4 May 2020) ✓ All WGAN Forum discussions tagged: Matterport SmartPhone Capture Dan
Ricoh Theta Z1 versus Matterport Pro1 versus Pro2 rastas Jump to first page40Jump to last page 1 yearHome3D (2990): From what I'm told, the answer is "Yes". Not ready yet, but one developer is working on it. Expectation is that it will improve measurement accuracy, though not necessarily to Matterport / GeoCV level of 99% because the Apple lidar has a big mesh. We shall see.
B&H Photo Video Now Selling Matterport MC250 Pro2 Professional 3D Camera DanSmigrod 15 1 yearDanSmigrod (25385): received 20 April 2020
Video: How to (get started) scan with the Matterport Pro2 3D Camera DanSmigrod 1 1 yearDanSmigrod (25385): How to scan with the Matterport Pro2 3D Camera with Matterport Content Marketing Manager Amir Frank Hi All, If you are thinking about buying a Matterport Pro2 3D Camera, Matterport Content Marketing Manager Amir Frank shows and tells you about how to scan using the camera and an Apple iPad. If you would like a deep dive in Matterport training: ✓ WGAN-TV Training U (in...
Matterport Pro 2 Camera sticking / not rotating fully trevornelson 19 1 yeartrevornelson (25): Thanks Dan! It was new, so well within warranty, and their customer service was exceptional, it didn't take long at all. Just got done with a pretty big house and it's looking fantastic. Thanks again for all the help here!
Annual Classic Plan coming to an end, what's next? Thea_VR 11 1 yearWingman (1959): I am sure Dan is right on spot. If they had not wanted you to continue on the same plan they would have contacted about it already
Matterport Pro 1 versus Matterport Pro 2 Integratedman 13 1 yearIntegratedman (508): @ron0987 Ron..good on ya....morning chuckle...
What to charge residential builders for Matterport? Shawn_P 2 1 yearrzphotoman (1619): @Shawn_P That all depends on what significantly larger is. I have one client that gave me 150 homes last year, and he's on track to double that this year with his expanded team. The deal I have with him, and him only, is that that I don't bill by sq ft, I bill by number of scans. I have a flat rate for any homes up to 99 scans. If it's over 100 scans I charge an additional fee for that. I explain how Matterport pricing works and I basically...
Windows, Windows and More Windows Shawn_P 6 1 yearShawn_P (182): @June Thank you. I'm trying to attract builders/neighborhood developers. I want to avoid holes in the mesh. I've already had someone point out a window that wasn't marked and easy fix, but this particular client had a "Zero tolerance" policy.
unplug camera zhijieyuan 7 1 yearzhijieyuan (4): pro2:)
How to remove a weird artifact from a Matterport Digital Twin? Shawn_P 24 1 yearShawn_P (182): @Gerhard I did 3 scans around the table. I think I may have removed one. I believe I had the tripod at a about 5ft. I usually have it a bit higher but was told by Matterport to lower it. Could you explain a bit more about marking the top railing? Not sure I follow but I certainly don't need anything jumping around either ;) Thank you for the advice.
Help Please! Matterport Pro1 3D Camera versus Matterport Pro2 3D Camera? kearnj62 14 1 yearlilnitsch (2881): @Home3D I do not have a simple variation handy on my phone but this is a 3D variant Contact info in a pm
Help Please: Matterport Pro2 3D Camera “udo port”? idaptllp 2 1 yearbryanhscott (837): @idaptllp If you can log on to the camera's web management page, I suspect you can reveal this info. Maybe check with Matterport support, but I suspect (to them), this might be tantamount to Apple unlocking an iPhone for the FBI!? I've never had a reason to try/attempt it, but maybe a wireless sniffer tool will tell you what you need to know?
Matterport Pro Wanted: Miami, FL IFTI_Lindsey 3 1 yearIFTI_Lindsey (371): This opportunity has been handled. Thank you!
Matterport Pro2 goes back to warming up mode Craig 5 1 yearHarrycayman (248): just got this Good afternoon, Thanks for contacting Matterport. I hope this finds you well, in regards to the different issues you are encountering, it may be caused by the capture update. I will be attaching your ticket to a Jira ticket that has been created for our engineering team to investigate these issue. I don't have an eta at this time, but I will keep you posted as I am updated. Best regards, Adrienne Matterport Customer Support
Moving objects or people in MP scans - problem with alignment? bryanhscott 10 1 yearlilnitsch (2881): @3SixtyNow I was in every scan of the tour above (far too many people to leave my Z1 alone) early the next morning I did go through and re-scan & I am in a scan or two but this was for my own purposes and got a lot of contacts doing so
40,000sf into only 2-3 Matterport models. Possible? bryanhscott 18 1 yearExpertise (654): HI Dan... I look forward to hearing about the basketball project. We did a somewhat similar space, a car museum about a year ago. It was basically a nightmare. The space was very same/same. It has super tall ceilings, and endless rows of cars that all look pretty much the same to the Matterport. The walls are also same same. It was very frustrating, with the MP sometimes eating up nice sized chucks of space happily, and then suddenly spitting...
Matterport Comparison: Pro1, Pro2, Ricoh Theta V/Z1, Insta360 One X lilnitsch 5 2 yearslilnitsch (2881): @Ghagendorf with any of the 360 cameras you will have to use a 3rd party for floor plans. I use Siva he does good work with just a Matterport link he is reasonably priced and turns around in short order
Matterport floor plans if theta is included with other scans. leonherbert 8 2 yearsVTLV (2405): @lilnitsch - go this route. Siva is Bad Ass!
Buy a Matterport Pro2 3D Camera between May 1 - Dec 31, 2019 and get free DanSmigrod 2 2 yearsDanSmigrod (25385): Hi All, If you are thinking about buying a Matterport Pro2 3D Camera - or just bought one - reminder of this WGAN offer (above). Best, Dan
What's in your case. leonherbert 3 2 yearsleonherbert (901): @DanSmigrod I have a theta V but I also have a backup Matterport from the company I am sub contracting too. It really sucks to see something you baby around crash to the ground. If anyone has wondered how the repair options work with Matterport here is a basic breakdown. Matterport charges a minimum amount of USD$400 to diagnose and estimate the full repair costs. The USD$400 is charged regardless of whether you decide to repair the camera or...
Video: Matterport+BLK360+Pro2-> MatterPak->Autodesk ReCap->Autodesk AutoCAD DanSmigrod 1 2 yearsDanSmigrod (25385): 3D Data of the Picasso in Daley Plaza in Chicago | Video courtesy of Mark Carroll YouTube Channel (26 August 2019) Hi All, In this video (above), Matterport Sales Engineer (AEC) Mark Carroll did a Matterport scan of Chicago's Picasso in Daley Plaza, using: ✓ Matterport 3D Capture iOS App ✓ Leica BLK360 ✓ Matterport Pro2 3D Camera In the video: (above) ✓ Shows measurements in...
Transcript: Should I buy a Matterport Camera? If so, how to get Started? DanSmigrod 1 2 yearsDanSmigrod (25385): WGAN-TV: Intro to Matterport for Professional Photographers with Matterport Representative Jonathan Buckley ( @Jwbuckl ) and Matterport Marketing Manager Amir Frank (Tuesday, 20 August 2019). Hi All, If you are a professional photographer thinking about adding Matterport 3D Tours to your service offering, you likely have a lot of questions about if and how to get started with Matterport. The following is a transcript of the WGAN-TV...
Question RE: Confirmation of whether its a Pro 1 or Pro 2 scan Queen_City_3D 16 2 yearsinmerso3D (40): Congratulations for solving the problem. I also believe that pixel counting works best as evidence. The "zoom cliks" I think serves to have a quick idea of the type of camera as a visitor of the tour without being a user of the workshop. This topic was interesting. Regards!
Cleaning the lens on Matterport Pro2 3D Camera fotoguy 1 2 yearsfotoguy (732): Does anybody know can the Zeiss lens cleaning wipes be used to clean the lenses on the MP2 camera? If not, what do you recommend? Thanks.
Quality Comparison between Pro2 - Theta 1 & Insta360 kkc1006 5 2 yearsrzphotoman (1619): @kkc1006 Thanks for sharing. Pro 2, winner hands down.
Matterport Pro2 Lite 3D Camera Clearance Sale DanSmigrod 2 2 yearsDanSmigrod (25385): Hi All, Reminder that the WGAN Offer applies to the Matterport Pro2 Lite 3D Camera too. ✓ Buy a Matterport Pro2 3D Camera between May 1 - Sept 30, 2019 and get free the first 12 months of WGAN Basic Membership. (This free Membership offer is by WGAN.) Best, Dan
Matterport cameras compared: Ricoh Theta V & Z1, Insta360 ONE X, Pro2, Pro1 Jwbuckl 4 2 yearsChangesin3d (124): The interesting part of this is the Closed System "business opportunity" to an open system with other peoples hardware. Matterport sells a amera and sells a business opportunity with an expensive camera and then allows others to have almost the same presentation at a fraction of the cost. At least to my eyes the Z1 is equal to the Pro Cameras. Put this on a mobile devise and the comparisons get even closer. Most consumers for...
Question of the Day: Do you Provide Matterport Camera SnapShots to Clients? DanSmigrod 3 2 yearsrzphotoman (1619): @June, I use Aurora HDR 2019. It does a great job with single images as well as multi mage shots. I also use Photoshop CC occasionally.
Question of the Day: Matterport Camera at 4 feet to capture 3D Tour-Photos? DanSmigrod 6 2 yearsron0987 (1787): Nice these look really good.
Help with space re-scan ... ELAN42 1 2 yearsELAN42 (125): We did this recently: Due to sunlight and rain, the 3D model is bad in the main outdoor area. Id you look further, you will understand the problem is my umbrella above the camera (that was sometimes spotted by the camera itself and puddles that was reflecting sunlight creating "holes". Question is, is...
First Post - 360 Newbie - Need Advice Theta Z1 and Matterport zacharysmiller 5 2 yearsJwbuckl (337): The 360 cameras do not have the accurate depth sensing that the Matterport cameras do. So a floorplan would only be within 4-10% accuracy which is why they are not offered with the 360s. The Matterport Pro cameras are within 1% accuracy and the Leica BLK360 is within .1%.
Same Space: Ricoh Theta Z1 versus Matterport Pro2 3D Camera (You Decide!) HarlanHambright 7 2 yearsShakoure (313): Zooming via both the MP player and browser definitely reveals that MP Pro produces finer details. But I agree the coloring from the Z1 seems more vivid. Not bad Z1.
This MSP is Buying a Pro2 Camera Today: How I Answered His Questions DanSmigrod 4 2 yearsfoxwrth13 (113): As long as they keep allowing the overages on the classic plans I have no problem paying for the new plan in addition to the old one. Would have liked a few more collaborator accounts but ya can't have everything. I think what has MSPs the most worried is the uncertainty of whatever business model they are using will still be viable in the future.
Can You Create a Tour with a Combination of Pro1 and Pro2 Cameras? Chemistrydoc 2 2 yearsDanSmigrod (25385): Hi @ChemistryDoc While I have not done this, it WILL work fine. Dan
FYI to my fellow MP VR enthusiasts: WebVR RichardStanton 1 2 yearsRichardStanton (213): Just a heads up for any of you that have in the past or want to in the future incorporate VR into your workflow, I just finished testing the new WebVR release changes from Matterport last night and I am happy to say that the Oculus GO is once again usable for viewing your spaces via the WebVR integration! (performance was so poor previously that would stutter constantly when tracking head movement). This release also fixed some of the issues...
Matterport hosting/charging questions Thea_VR 5 2 yearsDanSmigrod (25385): @Wonderdawg Great advice. As a WGAN Standard Member, you get the free use of Panoskin Pro: a tool for removing excess arrows (sergeant). Plus, with the Panoskin Custom Builder, you can create a tour using the Google Street View version - annotated for a website. Best, Dan
VIDEO - How I Matterport - Solving Problems with Cortex Power Metroplex360 7 2 yearsMetroplex360 (9377): @izoneguy Yes, I'm using Capture 3 for all production work despite Matterport cautioning users to not use it in this manner. For me, it's perfectly stable on my iPad Pro 10.5" and iPhone XR. I absolutely love using the latest betas and always have. How can one beta test unless it counts? Being able to fill holes with Cortex rocks!
Matterport discounts Pro2 by $400; Pro2 Lite by $500 DanSmigrod 1 2 yearsDanSmigrod (25385): Grabs from Hi All, Matterport slashed prices today (Monday, January 2019): ✓ Matterport Pro2 3D Camera - Originally $3,395, will be available for $2,995 [$400 off] ✓ Matterport Pro2 Lite 3D Camera - Originally $2,495, will be available for $1,995 [$500...
Matterport Rental Advice Wonderdawg 2 2 yearsDanSmigrod (25385): @Wonderdawg What's different today than when you and I bought a Matterport camera on a leap of faith is that your friend can: ✓ engage a Matterport Pro to shoot his house and ask to watch the workflow ✓ get 1:1 training from a Matterport Pro near by ✓ subcontract Matterport scans to a MSP until if/when there is enough business to justify the investment ✓ rent a Matterport Camera from a nearly Matterport Pro (other than you :cool:...
Pro2 vs Pro2 lite Wonderdawg 6 2 yearsWonderdawg (331): If acollaborator is willing to host (no fees) does the Pro2 Lite make more sense? Only because of the lower bar to entry for purchasing. And if the output specs are the same, and hosting costs can be passed along, why not use a Lite?
Question of the Day: Why did you buy a Matterport Pro2 Lite 3D Camera? DanSmigrod 4 2 yearsDanSmigrod (25385): @BrokerBruce Do you shoot Matterport for your listings only? Side hustle offering Matterport? Happy holidays, Dan
Combining scans from the same location in order to remove "people" passing leonherbert 2 3 yearsJavieB (62): @leonherbert That would be great ! GSV Matterport App should publish on GSV the shots in 360.
Matterport Pro 2 lighting issues rzphotoman 10 3 yearsrzphotoman (1619): Update...just got the scan back after re-processing and it looks the same.
First time with Matterport Pro2 Dolloff 2 3 yearsHelloPado (148): I've been trying to decide if I want to make the change to a Pro2. I've only been an MSP since March and am impressed by the Pro1. Knowing what you do now about the Pro2, would you have made the change sooner? Thanks!
Matterport Pro-2 is now $3,395 - New Price Metroplex360 8 3 yearsDanSmigrod (25385): Hi All, An update ... WGAN Member got is RMA number to return his Matterport Camera (within 30 days). Since the Member sees his business headed in the direction of AEC - including progress documentation, CUPIX is likely the best choice. (The WGAN Member has a call scheduled with CUPIX.) Best, Dan P.S. Matterport is a great solution; it's just there is a better solution for this Pro.
Matterport Offering $1,000 Off Matterport Pro2 Camera + Pro2 Lite Special DanSmigrod 21 3 yearsDanSmigrod (25385): Hi All, After running the $1,000 sale, Matterport dropped the price of the Matterport Camera: ✓ Matterport Pro-2 is now $3,395 - New Price Best, Dan
Question of the Day: Your thoughts about Matterport $1,000 Off Pro2 Sale? DanSmigrod 11 3 yearsDanSmigrod (25385): Matterport Pro Codes to save $1,000 off the Pro2* US: 18PRO2SAVINGS UK: 118PRO2SAVINGSGBP EURO: 118PRO2SAVINGSEURO *Discount applies to new customers purchasing their first camera only. Offer valid until September 3rd, 11:59pm [No Time Zone Specified] [2018]. Matterport reserves the right to cease this discount at any time. Dan
3DVista opinions? (Versus CUPIX and Matterport) CFster 15 3 yearsGarySnyder (1822): I've use 3D Vista for 2 years now and I can tell you there is nothing that compares to it if you really use all of its functionally. You can create a VT’s that looks and feels just like MP with hotspots and even turn items in you photos into hotspots which can launch anything. You can drop in any image you want or blur an image. You have complete control of every pano. To top it off you can do the same magic with 360 videos, try that with MP....
Hardware Error - Sensor fault richeshkolhar 1 3 yearsricheshkolhar (1): Hey Fellas, Accidentally, My Camera (Pro2) dropped on the floor due to a technical issue in Tripod. We are getting error of "Hardware Error - Sensor Fault" now. Contacted Matterport Service and received quote of 1200 USD. At the moment, Camera is in Bangalore (INDIA). Shipping charges comes upto 500 USD. Bit confused to invest 1700 USD for repair or to buy new one at discounted price. Secondly, If I buy new one, Can we...
Original Matterport Pro1 Camera Now $1,899 DanSmigrod 4 3 yearshtimsabbub23 (904): Way to kill any resale value we did have. This company has been a joke from day one. Would never ever suggest anyone to buy one . The end user experience is amazing. The back end company is a joke.
Help. Matterport wont stay connected to IPAD FedTheRealtor 8 3 yearsProperty3dNZ (616): @FedTheRealtor Hi There Sorry I have just seen this post now. A long time ago when I first started shooting with this camera I experienced something similar and wasted alot of time trying to figure it out! MP advised me that something else was interfering with the signal and advised me to turn off all electrical things in the area that could be interrupting the signal. This was not an option as I was scanning an apartment in a Retirement...
New Capture App and firmware update crashing tocha 6 3 yearsVirtualView (28): What model is your iPad? Maybe it doesn't have enough memory for the speed that you are moving at?
Matterport or DSLR HDR? rzphotoman 18 3 yearsHome3D (2990): Most of my clients represent high-end properties averaging about $3M and ranging from 2500 to over 12,000 sq ft. They expect the best in each of the products I deliver, MP, HDR photos and professional video. In this regard, only RAW format stills and the dynamic latitude they provide when processed through Lightroom and Photoshop achieve the professional level required. I shoot with the Sony a7sii as it's incredible low-light sensitivity...
Matterport Fast Capture Bug??? RedRock3D 4 3 yearsProperty3dNZ (616): @Metroplex360 Hey Chris thats what I thought but when I went to check last week that option wasn't there... odd...
Matterport Pro vs MP Pro 2 3dvirtualview 3 3 years3dvirtualview (119): @DanSmigrod Thank you Dan. I will check them out.
Side by side still photo comparison leeverdon 11 3 yearsDanSmigrod (25385): @MarkCantu Did you know that your WGAN Standard Membership includes two free books (via rebate): ✓ Getting Started in Real Estate Photography ✓ The Business of Real Estate Photography Best, Dan
Are the quality of pro1 tours getting worse? JCHAFE 11 3 yearsjasondavidpage (199): In the first example you provided, those "beams" seem to remind me of when your cell phone lens has been cleaned but there are oils still on the lens. You may need to get a qtip with and alcohol pad or lens cleaning pad and do a thorough cleaning of the protective glass in front of it. On another note, I too have the first version and feel like the processing is getting worse for most scans that I do.
Evolution HarlanHambright 2 3 yearsMeshImages (1355): Recently I have re-uploaded an old tour, which could not be processed two years ago (Pro 1). Now it could. Cloud rendering has significantly improved, too. This model is a 7.500 SQM (75.000 SQFT) "Matterport monster".
Pro2 Power Button Issues newview 3 3 yearsron0987 (1787): @newview I hate to ask the obvious but have you call MP tech support to see what they say about the issue.
Turn off Matterport Pro2 GPS xavierchardon 4 3 yearsrzphotoman (1619): Not sure...there's a lot to read thru, but I bet something about that is in there. I would read it thru before attempting to disconnect it.
The Best Benefits of the Pro2 Property3dNZ 15 3 yearsDavidHothersall (55): No effect on the quality of the imagery (apart from the Beta issues with the occasional 'black square') I meant the increase in scanning speed is noticeable and it is possible to move through the scan process much quicker which is a benefit if as I suggested you need to progress quicker because of lighting conditions or just time constraints etc.
Matterpot 360 Snapshot to Google My Business 3DSNAP 3 3 yearsleonvanzweel (521): Search your Business on Google Maps and upload from there or alternatively from the Google Street View app
How Do I get Safari NOT' to blow out Tours? advancedhdr 7 3 yearsMetroplex360 (9377): The problem is with Safari 11.0.2. SketchFab are also experiencing it. It is an Apple bug -- however, I think I know a fix that will at least make it tolerable... working on it.
Feedback/Question about Pro2 snaps vs. pics tombook 15 3 yearsrzphotoman (1619): @tombook Thanks...the learning is not bad at all. There are many training videos that come with the program. For $99 I don't think there's a better solution.
Matterport Pro2 versus Pro1 Images 3dshowcaseuk 17 3 yearsmori (779): As a pro DLSR user I would state that MP could never beat the quality of a good DSLR setup when also a pro is behind the cam. But for the average user it should be pretty ok.
Fast Matterport Scan... Wow! ArtisticConcepts 22 3 yearsMontreal3D (202): @ArtisticConcepts Mind to share the OBJ? Would'nt mind to sign NDA, simply have high interest in the current output data.
My Platform Before Matterport... Metroplex360 3 3 yearsron0987 (1787): I like it, what was the setup, DSLR, Nodal Ninja, and software would you mine share with us. Still looks great. Ron
Controlling Matterport Embeds and URL links Andyh2o2 2 3 yearsMetroplex360 (9377): If you hit the 'u' key on ANY tour you can get an embed link :) You can discourage by turning sharing off and embedding in WP3D Models. But if someone wants your link, there's really nothing you can do right now.
Matterport: Faster Scanning for Pro and Pro2 DanSmigrod 18 3 yearshtimsabbub23 (904): Anyone else still waiting on this beta update? I still haven't got mine yet, I signed up 8 hours after it was announced.
photos: MP vs Nikon D810 HarlanHambright 10 3 yearsMetroplex360 (9377): @HarlanHambright While I cannot confirm this, I think that the Matterport Camera does do 5 exposures... just not sure on what the intervals are. Of course, I would suspect that the sensor is by no means comparable to a DSLR - but is quite capable in its own right. @NestorSarmiento It's one of those use-case things. For a Realtor who might not own a DSLR, the Matterport is a single device that can produce photos that are automatically HDR. ...
November 11 - iPad Pro (2nd Gen) Sale Metroplex360 5 3 yearsShowcas3D (145): @Metroplex360 I was just about to post this as I just picked up a 512 gb model
Hire a Matterport Pro and WeddingWire Metroplex360 9 4 yearsDanSmigrod (25385): @tomasdunbar Imagine that you have a great venue for a wedding, BUT you are not getting as many in-person visits by potential brides. Using a Matterport 3D Tour to help generate more in-person visits, may well be worth the investment. For example, my wife and I stayed at a nice hotel in Atlanta during a recent hurricane. While there, I learned that they do many Indian weddings that typically last three full days and have many out-of-town...
Should I buy a refurbished Matterport Pro1? Liam_Tayler 4 4 yearsMetroplex360 (9377): Resolution, wider color ranger, faster speed. Google Street View publishing at > 100MP per Pano (coming soon). If successful, you'll be able to pay off your camera in no time. AND -- at the current moment and foreseeable future -- Matterport is a trusted brand that is in demand. With the recent integration with, I'm seeing more Realtors appreciate the value in the tool. With the integration of LEICA BLK360 next year, it's...
Are Matterport pictures High Quality? MagnaShow 3 4 yearsMagnaShow (32): Thank you for your reply!
Matterport Pro2 "Wifi Fault" Error firoze 20 4 yearsfiroze (25): Yes, this was one of my suggestions after the second camera failed... but didn't push it much cos no one knew at that time, what was causing that error on pro2. After they diagnosed it, took them around 2 weeks to realize that firmware update is not going to come out soon so they sent the pro.
Video: Connecting the Matterport Camera DanSmigrod 1 4 yearsDanSmigrod (25385): Hi All, If you are just getting started with Matterport - or thinking about buying a Matterport Pro2 3D Camera – this Matterport created video will be helpful to understand how the Matterport Capture app on an iPad connects to the Matterport Camera. Video: Connecting the Matterport Camera to the Matterport Capture App | Video courtesy of Matterport Looking for other videos to help you succeed faster?...
MP Business Listings Beta>Google Street View justinv 25 4 yearsDanSmigrod (25385): x
Matterport Syndication: a Blessing or Curse? DanSmigrod 29 4 yearsHopscotch (115): Chiming I don't know how many of you have used LoopNet and/or CoStar for marketing commercial spaces, but I used it for a client for about a year. Every time a photograph is uploaded to the system, it stays there indefinitely and becomes part of the property's photo stream from which you can then select on the backend. If a property is sold or changes hands, or is up for lease again, then as an admin in the LoopNet/CoStar account I could...
Matterport Pro2 3D Camera Scan Samples Metroplex360 20 4 yearsMetroplex360 (9377): @JCHAFE Yes, they are better. HDR on windows is still not DSLR quality. I wonder if Matterport just blindly takes each image and HDRs -- rather than spot metering ... that would be interesting if it would spot meter for the brightest and darkest areas.
Matterport Innovates with 5m Investment Metroplex360 2 4 yearsMetroplex360 (9377): Matterport raises $5 million to improve and enhance 3D-capture Matterport has announced that it has secured $5 million towards developing its 3D-capture technology. The California-based company are market leaders in technology that facilitates the building of digital representations of 3D spaces. Their technology has been particularly applicable to the world of property, where potential investors can see a dimensionally accurate model of a...
Matterport Pro2 Shipping Issues?! runsweetlew 4 4 yearsrunsweetlew (7): So a not very clearly understood (at least to me) aspect of ordering was that if you took them up on their upgrade program, you got put at the end of the line. If you ordered new, you went to the top of the list. I was opting for the trade in program as I doubted the original would be worth as much as they were offering me. Then when I offered to buy a new one and the trade in one to get it sooner, they refused to put me any higher on the list....
Pro2 Time to Ship? CLE3D 9 4 yearsCLE3D (193): Ironically enough, the day I post this, I received the tracking number, thanks for everyone's responses!
Pro 2 errors? tocha 15 4 yearstocha (166): This is what I got back from support: Matterport - Dee (Matterport Support & Community) Jul 28, 8:27 AM PDT Todd, Thanks for contacting Matterport Support. I'm sorry that you have experienced issues with your recent Space. The issues that you are experiencing have been fixed in our latest update. Please make a copy of the model in Capture and re-upload. If this does not fix the issue, please let me know. Best, Dee Matterport Support...
Our first paid tour fotoguy 9 4 yearsfotoguy (732): @tocha, I found on my Iphone that I did get stuck in the hallway but on my laptop I don't. Not sure why that is unless it's a sizing issue. I will look into doing the mesh to fix the problem.
Why won't Matterport take my money??! Queen_City_3D 11 4 yearsQueen_City_3D (2773): @GlennTremain That would be nice. They did just now finally send me an invoice and so after a month and half I do have some actual confirmation that they have my order. And as suspected there must not have been anything up until now as this invoice is dated for today. To make matters worse, they have it for full price and have not applied the $500 "customerloyalty" discount. I've obviously asked for that to be revised as I've got...
Matterport Camera Multi-camera mode??? lucadeal 15 4 yearsMetroplex360 (9377): @mori Content belongs to the photographer. Showcase and Processing belongs to Matterport. Matterport allows export of 360 Snapshots (4096 x 2048), HD Snapshots, OBJ Files, Point Clouds and Google Street View (Which you can extract and rebuild panos from - therefore, I'm not sure how they will police/monitor that). Matterport can be downloaded to the Matterport Showcase App for offline use. What more do you need concerning copyrights? If you...
Matterport Reads Every Word of This Forum DanSmigrod 25 4 yearsnat_vanveen (598): @DanSmigrod that's a great turnaround :D
We've come a long way baby HarlanHambright 13 4 yearsAndrewWilliam23 (64): @HarlanHambright Your current new Pro2 camera scan is superb! Your more seasoned skills and knowledge as a Matterport photographer plus the help of the new Pro2 camera really shows off where you're at now. Fantastic work Harlan! My Pro2 will be here by the end of this month or first few weeks in August....can't wait. You've inspired me!
Matterport Pro2 vs Matterport Pro1 3D Camera HarlanHambright 3 4 yearsmori (779): I asked the MP support about the 360 panor download pixel dimensions for the Pro2 which was advertised with 134 Megapixel. What I can download is 4096 x 2048 (= 8.39 Megapixels). Not comparable of course, but my 150 Eur Insta360air can capture 3008 x 1504 (Megapixels = 4.52 Megapixels). What I suggested to get is: Size = 16400 x 8200 = 134480000 pixels Megapixels = 134 Megapixels Aspect ratio = 2.00 Will make an extensive test...
Come aboard the Peacemaker HarlanHambright 6 4 yearsnat_vanveen (598): @HarlanHambright Wonderful job! What a joy viewing it. Thanks for sharing your insights on scanning too. :D
Matterport Street View "Late Summer 2017" DanSmigrod 4 4 yearsDanSmigrod (25385): Hi All, Here is the sign-up link for the Matterport Google Street View Beta Program. ✓ Matterport Business Listings Beta Program Best, Dan
Matterport Pro2 not aligning Jamie 3 4 yearsTrustedPhotoDC (1108): My thought is that the IR is more sensitive in Pro2 and scans that Pro1 has no issues with, the Pro2 could struggle. One space done last week had a a wall not align, but processing did not show any artifacts, and there was no issue with the processed result.
How much to get started as a Matterport Pro? DanSmigrod 6 4 yearsDanSmigrod (25385): Hi All, If you are planning to buy a Matterport Pro2 3D Camera, have you calculated the cost of all the essential gear and accessories that you will need to buy? This (free) We Get Around Calculator makes it easy! Best, Dan
Outsourcing to MSPs w/ Pro1 vs Pro2 Queen_City_3D 7 4 yearsnat_vanveen (598): @Queen_City_3D Should your original question not also include vetting the ability of the MSP to take good photos LOL... and not just whether they have the latest camera version... won't matter how good the image quality is if the person behind the camera isn't any good at it... ;) Also, have you considered, you may not be able to find an MSP with the latest camera in the location you need???
Matterport Pro2 - Impressed with Photos HarlanHambright 8 4 yearsecko360 (1): that's still pretty good.
Dropping like a Rock? More like a Meteor! hometakes 12 4 yearsNamecomingsoon (13): @Gerhard agreed. I'm thrilled with the product, the customer experience just leaves a lot to be desired. I just feel like a dummy because like you said- the writing WAS on the wall. Live and learn.
Matterport Pro2: Longer Processing Time HarlanHambright 3 4 yearsStevenHattan (1513): Where does everyone sign up!?!?
Matterport: Daily Updates Starts 7/1/2017. StevenHattan 11 4 yearsMetroplex360 (9377): I would love Matterport to have a public development log. I find it interesting and when the 3rd party SDK is opened up, it will be increasingly of interest to developers.
Matterport Pro2 Camera, day 2 Results HarlanHambright 6 4 yearsHarlanHambright (1904): old system would have been way over an hour. i just extracted a still from yesterday's scan for a view i missed the client wanted. it may be a viable substitute. haven't put it thru the paces yet. there's potential. i'm down with the speed, worth it.
360 Pano Downloads, Teaser Videos, SQFT Metroplex360 Jump to first page37Jump to last page 4 yearsJC3DCX (823): Have done it already a few days previously and it works 100%, :-) Just the time to upload, wait for the model and then download the 2x vids and 1 gif. just change something small on the model and then you'll be able to upload again,
Buying a Used Matterport Camera? Pros/Cons DanSmigrod 1 4 yearsDanSmigrod (25385): Hi All, This post was was inspired this related Forum discussion. Now that the Matterport Pro2 3D Camera has started shipping, it's likely we will see a flood of used Matterport Pro1 3D Cameras for sale on eBay: especially for those not eligible for a trade-in for the Pro2. Cons 1. Camera may be stolen. Email the serial number to Matterport Support before buying and ask. 2. Camera does not come with a warranty (warranty good for...
Pro 2: My Initial Observations HarlanHambright 3 4 yearsHRLOCATELL (13): Thank you for the insight. I super bummed as I bought my system in January and I'm still on the fence as to what to do? Stick or upgrade ? Uggg Pic sure looks good!!!
$500 Off Pro2 Until 6/30/17 for Pro1 Pros DanSmigrod 2 4 yearsDanSmigrod (25385): Note from @Dan Smigrod The App Store shows the new version number 2.3.2 - but shows the app last updated on 16 June 2017. This says to me - WAIT WAIT WAIT until the Update on the App says 21 June 2017. I could imagine that the app has not fully populated the Apple App Store servers around the globe, even though the description has. Yikes! New Capture App - 2.3.2 Last week, we released a new version of the Capture app which supports...
Upgrade or not? What would you do? tocha 11 4 yearsQueen_City_3D (2773): We've also ordered the new camera and plan to keep our existing as a back up and to scan 2 different properties at same time if required by hiring some help. Ideally we want to use the PRO2 as much as possible to give clients the better imagery when we're able, but in a pinch we still think the PRO1 will be okay. @tocha If you plan to continue down this path I'd say order the PRO2, and as you aren't currently doing enough to warrant having to...
The Next Generation: MatterBabies StevenHattan 30 4 yearsVTLV (2405): How can I become a card carrying member of the Matterbabies? We invested in the company being told future product capabilities were coming down the line. The wait times have been frustrating after watching videos from Matt Bell talking about upcoming product capabilities and not seeing the results come to us anytime soon after his announcements. Many members helped speed up the innovation while...
Why GPS on the Matterport Pro2 3D Camera? leonvanzweel 10 4 yearsMetroplex360 (9377): @Property3DNZ - Nothing has changed. GPS is not being used for automatic location information -yet-. @leonvanzweel - Nothing has changed. GPS is not being used for 360 Views yet. One thing that GPS can do is establish true north, and I would guess this is going to be used for GSV for aligning the tour with the map.
Matterport Pro2/Pro1 & GSV OpenHouseOptics 2 4 yearsDanSmigrod (25385): @OpenHouseOptics Matterport Pro1 and Pro2 can both publish to Google Street View, once offered. Dan
Export 360º Photos From Matterport->Soon DanSmigrod 14 4 yearsmori (779): @DannyBasting / I often had mentioned this feature to MP before as this would really bring a great value.
Matterport Pro2 Bought today; shipping July DanSmigrod 2 4 yearstocha (166): I just talked to my sales rep an hour ago and he said they haven't sold more than 1000 yet so I am still early. Which one is making a sales pitch?
Matterport Pro2 Webinar: 2 pm ET Today 6 Jun DanSmigrod 4 4 yearsDanSmigrod (25385): Hi All, Here is a video of the webinar. Dan ---
Updated Pro2 Discount and Trade-In Programs Metroplex360 15 4 yearsAwesome360 (4): Same thing here. I purchased April 28th 2017 and was told no new cameras are in the works! That is pathetic.
Matterport Sales Rep. Email hometakes 1 4 yearshometakes (1134): So I just received this: [7 June 2017] Did you hear the news? On May 31st Matterport announced the NEW Pro2 3D Camera, an all-in-one device that creates stunning 3D tours and print quality still shots. The Pro2 Features: 4K Lenses 4X the resolution of the Pro1 Faster Capture Times Automatic HDR Processing and White Balancing GPS and more... Please see the website for more info: As an...
Preparing Matterport for IPO or Acquisition DanSmigrod 8 4 yearsVTLV (2405): @DanSmigrod - You hit the nail on the head of where was Matterport is at and where have they come since the beginning. In there, I think the CEO is having issues moving inventory as they try to create better quality and hang onto his job with investors waiting for a return at years 3-5 on their investment. Most right offs happen in the first five years before failing or hiding growth into costs of doing business. It's obvious, that our hosting...
Matterport Pro2 Webinar - All Slides DanSmigrod 8 4 yearsFlightMedia (75): Hi Have I read this right if I trade my camera in I will get a refurbished camera with new and second hand parts. Text from Matterport's website. (Note, all Pro2 orders bought in association with the trade-in program will be fulfilled with Certified Refurbished Pro2 3D Cameras. These cameras are built from new and used parts, but have the same performance and carry the same 1-year warranty as a new Pro2 Camera. A little disappointed as when we...
Google Street View Will "Count" Towards Scan DanSmigrod 6 4 yearsDanSmigrod (25385): If Matterport does not offer 1-click to export all 360ºs, perhaps one of the 3rd party developers can offer this service. Dan
Dear Matterport, About your new camera... StevenHattan 16 4 yearstomasdunbar (88): I have my camera 8 months. I love the camera but this latest development is going to hurt. I will not be able to afford the new camera and it is a huge slap in the face. The price is significantly less for someone else to enter my market than what I originally paid and they will now have a better camera than me. Matterport have lost my respect
Pro2's push into 2D pictures LewisBishop 11 4 yearsMetroplex360 (9377): @Chadcloses In the future, you will not need to specify the snapshot quality -- it will be an option at the point of download. This will fix a lot of headaches for everyone. The photos you are seeing about are shot at 80% zoom -- good catch there. I shoot all of my snapshots at 80% zoom because in my opinion, they look more like a wide angle photograph.
I'm apparently STILL stupid! StevenHattan 29 4 yearsHelen (763): I wonder what will happen 8 months from now when a Pro1 camera breaks down? Will there still be the service some people have been getting where they send you out a camera while yours is getting fixed. Or will it be sorry we no longer service that model!
Is the Pro2 a Competitive Advantage? DanSmigrod 8 4 yearsjustinv (1043): My prices are going to stay the same with my old camera. I hope everyone in my market upgrades and raises their prices. For the most part, Realtors are cheap here and everywhere else.
Matterport Pro2 Early Bird Increased to $500 DanSmigrod 13 4 years3SixtyNow (450): I received an email today about the updated program to "better support our newest customers" but the trade in value for my camera hasn't changed. So, how is that "better support"?
How fast can you scan with a Pro1 vs Pro2? DanSmigrod 19 4 yearshometakes (1134): Ok. Heres one thats 4000 ac and took just 55 scans.
Pro2: I guess I'm Stupid. NOT impressed. StevenHattan 18 4 yearsStevenHattan (1513): @mike02h You'll have to ask Ross about that overlay. I'm not sure how he does it. ;)
New Matterport Pro2 has new Terms of Sale DanSmigrod 17 4 yearsJC3DCX (823): @Richierichks "I'm just curious as to where all of these "certified refurbished" cameras ..." I believe they will have some older cameras already refurbished and the rest will be the one's returned for an upgrade, seems that they replace a few parts and add GPS + bigger batteries and give a year warranty on it. @Metroplex360 : :-) thups-up @grmngrl : Yes you paid $4500, me too and $4500 in ZAR = 12 months salary (income)...
The Matterport 3D Pro2 Camera is a Joy! Metroplex360 23 4 years3dinsights (40): The transfer speed on the Pro2 at 5Ghz is 2 - 3 times faster than the older 2.4ghz wifi protocol. So if the Pro2 is transferring more data its probably not noticeable as its moving from camera to iPad at a much quicker rate.
Video: Matterport Slams Pro Photographers DanSmigrod 19 4 yearsMetroplex360 (9377): @DanSmigrod Without any reservation, I will say that it provides a very viable option for a Realtor with a lot of free time who was previously shooting photos with his/her iPhone. I appreciate Bill Brown's statement that it 'can act as a replacement' and fully support that statement. It infers that the Pro1 was never really an option due to the quality just NOT being good enough for them to promote it as such. In the end, I think it all...
Matterport Pro2 GPS: Why this Matters DanSmigrod 3 4 yearsDanSmigrod (25385): Hi All, Imagine that you shoot Matterport: scans indoors and 360º photo spheres outdoors. Today, it is ckludgy to "walk" indoors/outdoors as easily as you do "walking" within scans only. While the 360º photos are discoverable in highlights reel, it's awkward. Now image that since GPS enables Matterport to know exactly where the 360ºs are located, I imagine that in a TBD back-end release, Matterport will enable us to...
Matterport Pro2 Camera: Links to Research DanSmigrod 2 4 yearsDanSmigrod (25385): Hi All, I updated the links above. If you are trying to decide to upgrade or buy for the first time - Pro2 - the links above should be helpful. You can locate all the Pro2 We Get Around Network Forum discussions with the tag, Pro2 Dan
Matterport PR: Matterport Pro2 3D Camera DanSmigrod 2 4 yearsPaulj (1): They are offering a trade in on cameras purchased after 1 December 2016, based on how old it is. The deal will get you a refurbished Pro 2 as the text following- (Note, all Pro2 orders bought in association with the trade-in program will be fulfilled with Certified Refurbished Pro2 3D Cameras. These cameras are built from new and used parts, but have the same performance and carry the same 1-year warranty as a new Pro2 Camera. So is this...
Pre order new Matterport Pro2 Camera? DannyBasting Jump to first page73Jump to last page 4 yearsDannyBasting (1171): @Queen_City_3D you can use just one account. It doesn't matter what camera you are using, you just need to be logged in to the account where you want the model to be hosted when you upload it. Unless you want to work with a sepparate account for a big client that wants to cover his own monthly fee and conversion costs, I don't realy see the benefit in getting multiple accounts.
Comparing Matterport Pro1-Pro2 Image Quality DanSmigrod 10 4 yearsMetroplex360 (9377): Just added to Pro1: Pro2:
Press Coverage: Matterport Pro2 3D Camera DanSmigrod 4 4 yearsQueen_City_3D (2773): Ugh... This is why I stopped subscribing to Inman Connect. You have to be a paid member to view the articles. I WAS a paid subscriber but found it frustrating not being able to share articles of interest with clients who couldn't see it if they were not also subscribers and so I cancelled my subscription. (Sorry... my rant has nothing to do with Matterport or the new camera... just voicing my frustration with Inman as I can't read the full...
Two Matterport Cameras: Pro2 3D and Pro DanSmigrod 7 4 yearsMetroplex360 (9377): @Wanderfish360 If you can afford it, do it. The quality of the Pro2 is a joy. Also, consider that you may not want to miss out on the first production run!
New Camera Price justinv 4 4 yearsGeorgeK (958): @Justinv We think alike Justin, I am still singing the benefits of having it but saying it has a higher resolution is not that big of a thing to me. I bet there is more on its way, in the digital space but right now in San Diego the percentage of Realtors even using the system is embarrassing given we are a high tech center and our prices are through the roof. Hope all is good your you in the TVA... george
Why Return Your Matterport Camera... DanSmigrod 5 4 yearsDanSmigrod (25385): Hi All, Just spoke with a new Matterport Pro. He got his camera in the last 30 days. He was not planning on returning it because s/he has places to scan and does not want to be without a Camera. I suggested: 1. Buy a used Matterport Camera on eBay. There will be a ton. And, eBay guarantees the purchase. 2. Make sure you get a photo of the serial number so that you can confirm with Matterport that the Camera was not stolen. 3. Return the new...
Keep calm and use your old Matterport camera jfantin 4 4 yearskevshed (106): hear hear .. i'm staying put.
Should I buy a Matterport Pro2 Camera? DanSmigrod 1 4 yearsDanSmigrod (25385): Hi All, "Should I buy a Matterport Pro2 Camera?" is question that many of you are asking yourself as a result of Matterport announcing its new Pro2 Camera today (31 May 2017). Real Estate Agents - If you are a tech savvy real estate agent that was considering buying a Matterport Pro Camera, your timing is great. Before diving in, engage a Matterport Pro and ask to watch the workflow - both during and after the shoot. Then, if...
Matterport Pro1 Compatible with Street View? DanSmigrod 3 4 yearsDanSmigrod (25385): @Metroplex360 That's great news for all of us that own the original Matterport Pro 3D Camera (Pro1). Thanks for letting the We Get Around Network Forum Community know!!! (!!!) Best, Dan
Sell Your Used Matterport Pro Camera Here DanSmigrod 1 4 yearsDanSmigrod (25385): Hi All, Here's how you can advertise the sale of a used Matterport Pro Camera in the We Get Around Network Forum: (No charge for Basic, Standard and Premium Members of the We Get Around Network.) This is the only We Get Around Network Forum thread for posting notices about used Matterport Cameras for Sale on eBay. If you would like to advertise a used Matterport Camera for Sale on eBay,...
Dear Gen 1 camera, do we know your role? ArtisticConcepts 2 4 yearsDanSmigrod (25385): @ArtisticConcepts I have moved your question here. ✓ Pre order new Matterport Pro2 Camera Dan
New camera Announcement Integratedman 2 4 yearsDanSmigrod (25385): @Integratedman I am moving your question here ... ✓ Pre order new Matterport Pro2 Camera Dan
Matterport Newsletter 31 May 17: Pro2 Camera DanSmigrod 1 4 yearsDanSmigrod (25385): Hi All, @DannyBasting first to spot - and publish - to We Get Around Network Forum the announcement by Matterport of the Matterport Pro2 Camera. Here is the Newsletter Matterport sent today (31 May 2017) to its customers. If you would like to comment on the Matterport Pro 2D Camera announcement, please join the discussion in teh We Get Around Network Forum here: ✓ Pre order new Matterport Pro2 Camera Dan --- ...