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Still no clarity on Matterport hosting costs!8986

Queen_City_3D private msg quote post Address this user
Matterport has me shaking my head sometimes!!!!

They had a video webinar on their "Matterport Official User Group" Facebook page where they said that large models no longer count toward the "free" processing credits that you get with your plan (e.g., 3 free with basic, 7 with professional and 11 with business accounts). This would mean that if all of your jobs for a month happened to be 100+ scans that you would be paying $38 USD per model and have a number of wasted credits.

I am not aware of any other announcement of this other than on the video (note: you must become a member of that Facebook group to view). I've also heard people complaining about billing discrepancies that seem to be related to this.

I had put in an inquiry to Matterport Support 7 days ago.

At that time I was told,

"Thanks for contacting Matterport Support.

Currently, we are waiting for the higher management to clarify this.

As soon as we have more information, I will get back to you.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Thanking You,"

I got a follow up today which read:

"Please accept my apologies for the delay in responding to your query.

As of now, we do not have any further update on this. If anything changes, we will keep you posted.

Thanking You,"

To add further confusion, I noticed that the basic, professional and business accounts no longer show on Instead they have Free, Starter, and Pro. You can compare that to what USED to be there (web_archive_version_of_site)

I have been on the $149 USD/month business account for the last few years. Why doesn't my plan even show up any more?

I can't believe there hasn't been any adequate communication through official channels to clarify what is going on!

Has anyone else received any answers?!?!
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MeshImages private msg quote post Address this user
I also contacted Matterport support and they wrote the following last week on Thursday:

Good news is, that Matterport credits me the 38 USD for large spaces in February. Bad news is that the update or an official statement is 3 days overdue.
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PeterWolf private msg quote post Address this user
Unbelievable, Matterport is lacking the very basics of good communication with the ones that are generating its income. I am also still waiting for the answers.
And I also have issues with the billing and the VAT added of another country.
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Matt19 private msg quote post Address this user
Matterport should stop trying to nickel and dime us at every point! You get 3 credits but only for small scans...nearly worthless! We should be able to use them for large or small. Why make a change before you even know the terms and then to not clearly communicate Matterport!
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Southlake, TX
Metroplex360 private msg quote post Address this user
There are things that Matterport never really guaranteed.

They had hosting limits, but never enforced them. They had free processing credits, but never defined what that meant.

Personally, I'd like a 100+ scan to cost 2 credits rather than being ineligable.
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MeshImages private msg quote post Address this user
I would like to see Matterport rewarding their customers for growing the business instead of narrowing the opportunities.

Why not switch to a credit system, where customers pay everything with Matterport credits?

- Small spaces (1 credit)
- Large spaces (2 credits)
- Matterpak (3 credits)
- Floorplan (1 credit)
- Streetview uploads (1 credit)
- Hosting 50 spaces extra (1 credit)

and also future products like

- Convert to true 3D VR (e.g. 3 credits)
- Download highres Panos (e.g. 1 or 2 credits depending on size)
- Extra large spaces (e.g. 3 credits)

And Matterprot could offer extra large hosting plans, e.g. for

- 500 spaces with 18 credits
- 1000 spaces with 35 credits

I am sure, that Matterport would sell much more credits and products with a flexible system like this.

I am (now) constantly deleting spaces. With a flexible growth plan and an open credit system, I would probably keep all spaces. And I would buy more by switching to the (extra) large hosting plans.
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mori private msg quote post Address this user
@MeshImages - I am of the same opinion, but I am out. They will never get it and waste the new funding as before with marketing instead of product development.
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sbl110 private msg quote post Address this user
I thought I was alone on this problem. I have never had a charge for a "large" space, and then my last invoice is $38.00 higher. When I went to verify things, I also found that with the new consolidation of services, you can only view the last three invoices on your account. Anything before that are considered archived and must be requested through tech support.

I registered a tech support incident regarding the charge for a large space. I hope I have the same luck as @MeshImages. A refund is only a band-aid, my guess is that this will be come the norm and we'll all have to suck it up. Personally, Matterport should honor the free processing credits due on whatever plan you have. They already have a revenue stream, don't get greedy. Oh wait, too late.
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sbl110 private msg quote post Address this user
Hi Everyone,

I finally got a reply (3 days not counting the day I submitted) from a human at Matterport regarding the overcharge for processing a "large" space when the amount should have been absorbed by a processing credit.

Marcus informed me that my account has been flagged for a credit (next billing cycle) for what he termed an "erroneous" charge. I sent a reply asking whether or not the (3) credits on my basic subscription is supposed to cover spaces over 100 scans. If he replies "yes," then it goes directly against their posted charge:

If he replies "no," then what does he mean my erroneous charge? Furthermore, this means that the credits will be worth basically nothing considering that most spaces exceed 100 spins of the camera -- not to mention that 360 views which technically aren't part of the 3D tour are counted against the total.
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sbl110 private msg quote post Address this user
Ok, according to Matterport support, the first three uploads are gratis:

I'm on a basic plan, but I think it would go without saying that if your subscription allowed 3, 7 or 11 (Basic, Pro, Business) processing credits, it shouldn't cost anything for small or large spaces.

I still find it interesting that the web site shows large space processing ineligible for free processing credits. At least for now, it seems to be siding with the MSP's.

I would recommend opening a tech support incident if you've recently been overcharged and request a "refund."

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