Hi All,

Good news!

New Firmware version V1.04.54 for Aleta S2C camera is released.
Please upgrade your Aleta S2C for better experience.

Release note:
▶️ Improve HDR
▶️ Improve color and white balance
▶️ Improve OSC compatibility
▶️ Improve image quality
▶️ Fix missing shot error

How to upgrade:

1. Prepare a micro SD card in FAT32 format

If you are not sure what format your card is, you can put the card into the Aleta S2C camera, then FORMAT the SD card by AletaS2C Viewer app.
Format Steps:
1-1.Press the 3 dots on the left down corner then press the gear icon.

1-3. After the formatting finished, the dialog box will disappear.

2. Download the firmware ( a zip file)
clickable text

3. Copy the zip file to SD card root
• DO NOT unzip the zip file, if you use MAC safari browser to download, safari may automatically unzip the file, if so you can use Google Chrome browser to download
• Make sure there is no other zip file in the SD card root

4. Put the SD card into the camera
• Make sure the battery are full charged or use 12V DC adapter
• Upgrading will start automatically
• Upgrade information would be up-side-down
• The process would be 2~3 minutes
• After finishing the camera will reboot
Do not shut down the camera during rebooting‼️
• Please wait until the OLED shows camera information

You may check the firmware version on app “About” menu

Scroll down the list, you will find "About"

You will see the version in V1.04.54

If you upgrade unsuccessfully, please re-download the firmware zip file, and change to another file name, then re-do the step 3 to 4.

What will add in the future:
We have focused on fixing the color problem for a few months and hope this version can produce right color.
For better image quality, addition to fixing color, the bracketing is necessary.
Right now Aleta S2C take 3 different EV to merge into one image (HDR mode),
or just output 3 images with different EV (HDR ORG mode) then the photographer merger them by computer software because some photographer prefer this way.
We know 3 is not good enough so what we are working on is 5.
Hopefully we will release in a few weeks.

Should you have any question, Please feel free to contact us.