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Topics tagged with Firmware'

TitleAuthorPostsLast Post
Matterport firmware available GlennAronwits 4 4 monthsMatt19 (142): I almost chimed in on “lack of information on updates”! Well I guess I just did! 😉Glad it’s not a poor management decision and it’s right on the update like it should be(and an email heads up too)! It is almost to easy to get pissed at Matterport because of past decisions which can quickly cause one to jump to incorrect conclusions! Trust from your customers is huge!
Updating Firmware halfway through a Matterport project? Briski2208 4 6 monthsBriski2208 (127): I thought as much, but just wondered with it being a camera firmware update rather than a capture app update it wouldn't bother the scans already there but I'm not willing to try.
How to Make Your Matterport Camera Scan Faster DanSmigrod 1 6 monthsDanSmigrod (16891): Hi All, The following is from the Matterport newsletter today (Thursday, 7 June 2018). Feel free to comment. Best, Dan Matterport FAQ: How to Update Firmware to Matterport Fast Capture Update...
New Capture App and firmware update crashing tocha 6 7 monthsVirtualView (25): What model is your iPad? Maybe it doesn't have enough memory for the speed that you are moving at?
Matterport Updates Capture App and Firmware DanSmigrod 2 7 monthsVTLV (1366): My newsletter read "This update applies to the Pro 3D, Pro2 3D, and Pro2 Lite 3D cameras." The rumors are true! :eek:
Fast Capture Firmware Update leeverdon 2 7 monthsrzphotoman (814): I updated last night and did a job today. Worked great, no hang ups for the first time in a while. Bug fixed as far as I can tell.
Firmware Update #6 for Fast Capture Beta DanSmigrod 1 7 monthsDanSmigrod (16891): Hi All, From the Matterport newsletter today, Friday, 4 May 2018. Dan -- Matterport FAQ: Fast Capture Beta Join Matterport Faster Capture Beta
ANNOUNCEMENT: Fast Capture Beta 6 Firmware Metroplex360 2 7 months3dshowcaseuk (643): Happy days I thought I had a dodgy camera
MP Firmware Update - PART 2? Shakoure 1 9 monthsShakoure (133): About a month back, I updated my Pro2 Camera to the (15-sec) fast capture update via the iPad Capture app. A couple weeks later, I noticed that another firmware became available for upload on the capture app, referenced as v.1.1.623.19630. Does anyone know what this (2nd) update entails? I'm hesitant about updating without knowing what this one is about. Thanks.
Current Matterport Firmware Version BobbyG 11 9 monthsMetroplex360 (8620): 1.623.19630 is the latest public beta. 1.623.19637 is the newest private beta that will be rolling out very very soon.
Matterport Speed Scanning: New Opportunities HarlanHambright 1 10 monthsHarlanHambright (1453): So with the new firmware, I'm knocking out modest 3 BR homes in under 45 minutes. I've not changed my pricing on $800k + listings, but have been able to drastically lower my entry price which has opened up a whole new market for small listings that most realtors would never have even considered getting a MP tour of before.
Matterport Faster Scanning: available yet? KenBanks 6 10 monthsBiggles (43): I now have the faster scan and the scan time has reduced on average from 35 sec to 25 sec, it's great
Any Matterport Firmware Issues with Pro1? GarySnyder 2 10 monthsGarySnyder (1522): I've heard back fro MP instantly via chat that I should not have a problem with the latest firmware update for my camera, so it good news.
Fast Matterport Scan... Wow! ArtisticConcepts 22 11 monthsMontreal3D (184): @ArtisticConcepts Mind to share the OBJ? Would'nt mind to sign NDA, simply have high interest in the current output data.
Matterport 3D Camera Firmware Update DanSmigrod 1 1 yearDanSmigrod (16891): Hi All, In Matterport's newsletter today (1 November 2017), is this item about the Matterport 3D Camera firmware update via the Matterport Capture App. Dan
stuck at "Shutting down..." after Firmware! PedroPretell 3 1 yearGerhard (694):
Matterport Firmware and Capture App Updates DanSmigrod 23 1 yearmori (634): Shot done & all is o.k.
Current Matterport Firmware Version? BenedicteDamm 3 2 yearsDanSmigrod (16891): It would be nice if the Capture app let us know this is happening. If you ever get to a job and you get the firmware update notice – as we have - here's how I suggest you change your workflow. 1. If you do not use Matterport Capture app daily, before your next job, pair your iPad with the Matterport Camera for 30 minutes. 2. Restart the Camera and iPad. 3. See if a new Firmware update is ready Note: As much as I would like the benefits of a...