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360Ben ClaremontCUPIXMADVNewbie

360 camera and Cupix8126

ericlien private msg quote post Address this user
just got on board creating 3D tours with MadV 360 camera & Cupix. It is a big learning curve due to very flexible sw so it is more involved if you want to get similar 3D tour results to MP

scott at Cupix has been a big help as I get started and do some newbie mistakes.

I found another good online resource for "how to" on Ben Claremont youtube channel ...
. It is really well laid out with tons of simple yet helpful tips for using Cupix and 360 cameras

would love to hear others experiences and will keep you posted as I perfect my results on this journey with 360/Cupix

have an awesome day
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ericlien private msg quote post Address this user
just received a pdf from Scott @ Cupix with very detailed instructions called

"2BR 2BA in 8 minutes for Realistic Virtual Tour and Accurate Floor Plan"

will test new process/methods on my next Cupix space and give an update
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WGAN Forum
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user

Wow! That's great!

Would to hear about your test using this CUPIX provided workflow (so detailed: that's awesome).


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3rd Party
Metroplex360 private msg quote post Address this user
This guide will result in a bad user experience.

Scanning in the middle of each room will ensure that the apartment will look small and that no one will be able to feel the size of the room.

Imagine if a photographer shot his MLS photos from the center of the room.

One of the reasons that I really do love Matterport is that the walkthrough experience is often misunderstood as being a 'video' by clients. This is because the individual panos are a means for people to pick a direction and keep moving. The movement between each pano is seamless and it's just 20 seconds to capture each pano.

While Cupix is quite similar in the regard that it is easy to capture many panos, the transitions aren't as smooth, which can make the tours feel a bit more cumbersome than a Matterport Space.

When I shoot a Matterport tour of an apartment, I shoot either side of each door jamb, each corner and the center of each room. If it's a rectangular room, I'll shoot the center of each of the short sides too. If it's a long room, then the room gets divided into multiple spaces as one might naturally do with their furnishings.

The shot in the center of the room is taken to ease navigation to one of the ideal vantage points for understanding and appreciating the space.

The shots in the corners that have the best vantage points also serve as a great place to take a snapshot if you're into that sort of thing.


My point is, if you review this PDF, consider what the end experience would be.

Sure, you've captured an apartment, but the end result is underwhelming.

Not good.
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