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Topics tagged with Ben Claremont'

TitleAuthorPostsLast Post
Video Review: Why this Bushman Monopod is the best for 360º 1-Click Cameras DanSmigrod 10 6 daysDanSmigrod (17777): @Expertise Actually, if you view this link, you will see that the monopod, tripod and weight are sold as a bundle :cool: .... Can you post a nadir (bottom) screen grab within a 360º view rather than the equi-rect view? thanks, Dan
Ben Claremont: Insta360 ONE X Review: Why It's The Best DanSmigrod 1 9 daysDanSmigrod (17777): Insta360 ONE X Review: WHY IT’S THE BEST | Video Courtesy of Ben Claremont YouTube Channel One X: TEN NEW FEATURES | Video Courtesy of Ben Claremont YouTube Channel INSTA360 ONE X: Best 360 Camera Right Now? | Video Courtesy of Ben Claremont YouTube Channel BEST FEATURE of the ONE X | Video...
Video: Ultracker Aleta S2C: The Ultimate Virtual Tour Camera? DanSmigrod 3 1 monthDanSmigrod (17777): Best 360 Camera for Virtual Tours (2019): Aleta S2C Review Tutorial Comparison | Video courtesy of YouTube Channel Hi All, Mic Ty also released a video review of the Aleta S2C 360º Camera today (above) Monday, 18 February 2019. From the YouTube Channel "Are you looking for the best 360 camera for virtual tours? This is an IN-DEPTH REVIEW, TUTORIAL and...
Tips: 5 360º Mistakes to Avoid! (Video from Ben Claremont) DanSmigrod 1 2 monthsDanSmigrod (17777): FIVE 360 MISTAKES To AVOID! | Video courtesy of Ben Claremont YouTube Channel (in collaboration with Daniel Pharaoh aka The 360 Guy Hi All, These are five great tips for mistakes to avoid when using a 360º 1-click camera. Ben Claremont always has helpful videos on his YouTube Channel about buying the latest 360º camera or tips using them (or post production). This video (above) was done in...
Video: Which Under $1,000 360 Camera Should You Buy in 2019?! DanSmigrod 1 2 monthsDanSmigrod (17777): Which Under $1,000 360 Camera Should You Buy in 2019?! | Video courtesy of Ben Claremont YouTube Channel (1 January 2019) Hi All, Ben's videos are always helpful. Check-out the WGAN 360º 1-Click Camera Loaner Program. Best, Dan
360 camera and Cupix ericlien 4 5 monthsMetroplex360 (8988): This guide will result in a bad user experience. Scanning in the middle of each room will ensure that the apartment will look small and that no one will be able to feel the size of the room. Imagine if a photographer shot his MLS photos from the center of the room. One of the reasons that I really do love Matterport is that the walkthrough experience is often misunderstood as being a 'video' by clients. This is because the individual panos...
Video: CUPIX Part 3: MORE Virtual Tour Tips & Tricks! DanSmigrod 1 7 monthsDanSmigrod (17777): [cupix][/cupix] Video: Cupix Part 3: MORE Virtual Tour Tips & Tricks! | Video courtesy of Ben Claremont YouTube Channel Hi All, Ben Claremont creates two CUPIX 3D Tour of his new apartment shooting with a Ricoh Theta V and Xiaomi Mi Sphere. (Shooting for documentation in time-lapse model (every 2 second). At 5:05 into the video, Ben shows his CUPIX workflow, including: ✓ measurement. Great tip...
LIFE in 360 with Ben Claremont: Top Ten 360 Cameras In Mid 2018! DanSmigrod 2 8 monthsJune (260): I don’t care for the Theta V because the clarity is not there. I would rather have sharper photos. 😉
Video: A Beginner's Guide to 360 Video DanSmigrod 2 10 monthsJonJ (1425): This looks like a great resource! I will definitely be checking this out. But I am curious to know if anyone has had demand and/or success with 360 video. I am looking at potentially using this for large venues, possibly in combination with Cupix. Any thoughts? Jon J
Which 360º Camera Should I Buy? (April 2018) DanSmigrod 2 1 yearadvancedhdr (217): I was hot over the GP Fusion, until I washed this video from a well respected reviewer..