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MP Showcase + Samsung Gear VR785

CKC private msg quote post Address this user
Hi all,

I am using a Samsung S6 and wondering if anyone has tried viewing Showcase models with the latest Gear VR?
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CarlosFHdz private msg quote post Address this user
yeah, it's pretty cool. If you want to try it out, most Best buy stores have a demo set you can use to try it.
Truly believe it's part of the future.
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edirwin private msg quote post Address this user
I tried it yesterday and, yes, it's a mind-blower. Not exactly sure how I'll use it, because it's applicable for only one client at a time, whereas a website is applicable for multiple parties without using the special goggles. But I'm a small office. For a larger real estate office, for example, I can sure see how having these VR goggles in the lobby could be entrancing and captivating for people as they are waiting. Or for real estate brokers who want to send goggles and a phone to someone faraway with 5-10 homes to view, in hopes they will purchase based on viewing them via the goggles, this system could be a real winner.
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CKC private msg quote post Address this user
Hey Edirwin,

Thanks for your reply.

Was it shaky at all when using Gear VR? Was the quality good? How did the Walkthrough do especially?
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vrealstudio private msg quote post Address this user
Hello, CKC

My model of historical museum is converting to VR Showcase by Matterport team. When I get this VR Showcase next week, I will review for you and share recorded mirroring video at forum. And about walkthrough event, I guess it is similar with a navigator plug-in for Unity - Google Cardboard.
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CKC private msg quote post Address this user
Sounds cool, will look forward to your sharing!
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edirwin private msg quote post Address this user
I wasn't looking at a walk-through on a 3D M'port showcase. I was looking at a couple of sample VR presentations, one of the interior of a property that I don't believe was shot with a M'port camera and the other inside a stunning underground cave. Both were captivating and the stability depended only on the stability of your head as you move the goggles.
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