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Use this WGAN App to Browse iPad Holders/Grips and 360 Related Gear DanSmigrod 1 13 hoursDanSmigrod (24301): Grab: [] WGAN Curated Shopping App for Matterport Gear and 360 Related Gear[/url] Hi All, How do you move the Matterport Pro2 Camera/tripod and easily hold an iPad at the same time? Use the [] WGAN Curated Shopping App for Matterport Gear and 360 Related...
Use this WGAN App to Browse Cases for Matterport Pro2 and 360 Related Gear DanSmigrod 1 2 daysDanSmigrod (24301): Grab: []WGAN Curated Shopping App for Matterport Gear and 360 Related Gear[/url] Hi All, Want a case for your Matterport Pro2 3D Camera? Use the []WGAN Curated Shopping App for Matterport Gear and 360 Related Gear[/url]. Want to come back to this app later? Go to the ...
Video: Cameras and Lenses for Real Estate Photography DanSmigrod 2 5 daysExpertise (625): I really think most of us do this wrong. You should research the lens you want to work with FIRST then pick the body. And we really should focus more on practical qualities over esoteric specs. For a lens I think you need low distortion on the edges, high resistance to lens flare and great auto-focus. That's it.
Video: 11 360 Camera Accessories for 2021 DanSmigrod 1 6 daysDanSmigrod (24301): 11 ASTONISHING 360 camera accessories in 2021 (for Insta360 One X2, One R, GoPro MAX, Ricoh Theta) | Video courtesy of 360Rumors YouTube Channel | 10 January 2021
WGAN Text2Win: Win Manfrotto MT190XPRO4 4-Section Tripod | Sweepstakes #5 DanSmigrod 4 8 daysPhilChavanne (4): The benefits of being a WGAN member! Yeehaw!
Gear of the Week: Manfrotto MT190XPRO4 4-Section Aluminum Tripod DanSmigrod 19 8 daysDanSmigrod (24301): Video: WGAN Text2Win Sweepstakes #5 Winner Phil Chavanne in Tucson, AZ Loves Manfrotto MT190XPRO4 4-Section Aluminum Tripod Prize! | Video courtesy of Phil Chavanne Hi All, The WGAN Text2Win Sweepstakes #5 Phil Chavanne (@PhilChavanne) from Tucson, AZ :heart: Manfrotto MT190XPRO4 4-Section Aluminum Tripod that he won Monday (4 January 2021) and received today (Friday, 8 January 2021). Phil sent this show and tell video with his thoughts...
Transcript>WGAN-TV | Four Hard Cases for Matterport & How to Customize Foam DanSmigrod 2 12 daysDanSmigrod (24301): WGAN-TV Four Hard Cases for Matterport Pro2 Camera AND How to Customize Foam-#1728-What Are The Different Types Of Foam For Any Hi All, Buying a Matterport Pro2 3D Camera? In this WGAN-TV Short Story (#1728), My Case Builder President, Founder and Owner Steve Holand describes the My Case Builder foam options (and which foam type was used in the cases above). Happy New Year, Dan Transcript (video above) But I wanted to now stop sharing...
Reality Capture Lighting Kit for Matterport Capture 1 17 daysCapture (13): Ideal for BIM, AEC, Restoration, Insurance and any space with subpar lighting. LitraTorch 2.0 Reality Capture Lighting Kit
Buy InsideMaps HERO Rotator and Receive 12 Months WGAN-TV Training Academy DanSmigrod 1 20 daysDanSmigrod (24301): WGAN Forum Membership Benefit of the Week --- InsideMaps HERO...
LitraTorch 2.0 Reality Capture Lighting Kit - Project Example virtualworld 5 24 daysDanSmigrod (24301): @virtualworld Thank you for taking the LitraTorch 2.0 Reality Capture Lighting Kit for a spin and sharing your experience with the WGAN Forum Community (and your kind note). 84-WGAN-TV How to (Easily) Add LitraTorch 20 Lighting to a Matterport Pro2 3D Camera | Simsbury, CT-based Matterport Service Provider Tony Healy (@Capture) with Capture, LLC did struggle with Matterport scans that needed additional light - until he helped pioneer a...
Ipad air 2020 vs ipad pro ? geemaps 6 30 daysdndavis (40): @geemaps Multi-threaded apps can divide their processes between multiple CPUs (which includes multi-core CPUs and virtual CPUs) and run those processes in parallel. This can increase performance, as well as lower costs by allowing processes to share physical resources. It is extremely difficult to code, however. Some tasks benefit little if at all from multi-threading, no matter how well coded. Problems with such things as concurrency and error...
9 Tripods/Monopods to Consider for Your 360º 1-Click Camera DanSmigrod 10 1 monthDanSmigrod (24301): MT-02 stand 360 Rumors (Mic Ty) (17 December 2020) Why the Manbily MT-02 stand is my favorite for monopods and selfie sticks
Peli 1510 case - padded dividers versus foam sandhun 4 1 monthDanSmigrod (24301): @PWIMAGING Yes. Likely the key to using My Case Builder with custom foam ( not pick and pluck) is: ✓ Same gear for every shoot, such as: Matterport Pro2 Camera and iPad Dan
WGAN Text2Win: Win a Hard Case for Matterport Pro2 Camera in Sweepstakes #2 DanSmigrod 4 1 monthDanSmigrod (24301): Hi All, Congrats to New Canaan, CT-based Stuart Emmons (@Snicky1271) of GoldScan3D whom won My Case Builder Master Case IM2600 for Matterport Pro2 3D Camera in the WGAN Text2Win Sweepstakes #2. Did you enter, but did not win? Special Offer for We Get Around Network Forum Members ➡️ Free MyCaseBuilder ground shipping in the Continental U.S. on this (and all) MyCaseBuilder cases ➡️ Private Message me for the Promo...
Free WGAN-TV Training U Course: Four Hard Cases for Matterport Pro2 Camera DanSmigrod 1 1 monthDanSmigrod (24301): WGAN Forum Membership Benefit of the Week --- Grab: Free WGAN-TV Training U Course: 87A-WGAN-TV Four Hard Cases for Matterport Pro2 3D Camera and How to Customize Foam Free Course: WGAN-TV Training U: Four Hard Cases for Matterport Pro2 3D Camera and How to Customize Foam with the My Case Builder App Hi...
WGAN-TV Live at 5: Four Hard Cases for Matterport AND How to Customize Foam DanSmigrod 4 1 monthDanSmigrod (24301): 87-WGAN-TV Four Hard Cases for Matterport Pro2 Camera AND How to Customize Foam for Hard Cases Hi All, Need a hard case for a Matterport Pro2 3D Camera? Need custom foam for an existing hard case? Got questions about Pelican cases versus other hard cases? The WGAN-TV Live at 5 show that aired yesterday (above) is likely to answer many of your hard case/custom foam questions. Plus ... Special Offer for We Get Around Network...
Question of the Day: What unexpected gear helps you with Matterport shoots? DanSmigrod 21 1 monthDanSmigrod (24301): Grab | See Live Popup to Right in WGAN Forum WGAN Collection: Master | $259.99 (My Case Builder Model Number: im3600)| You are a Matterport Pro2 3D Pro Master. You deserve a Pelican Master Case for...
Question of the Day: What photo gear should Santa get you on Black Friday? DanSmigrod 6 1 monthDanSmigrod (24301): @johnwheatley @JPPeron @coulee360 @Expertise Did Santa get you everything on your list for Black Friday? Hi All, What would you like Santa to bring you later in December? Happy holidays, Dan
New! My Case Builder Adds $189.99 Hard Case for Matterport Pro2 Camera DanSmigrod 1 1 monthDanSmigrod (24301): Gear of the Week --- Grab: We Get Around Network Collections of Cases for Matterport Pro2 3D Camera WGAN Master D2011-7 $189.99 | WGAN Pro $219.57 | WGAN Master $259.99 | WGAN Maestro $419.30 --- ...
Exterior 3D Scans for Construction DylanWilcox 8 2 monthsjohnwheatley (136): You can get roof or property data for an address with Geomni without taking any shots. I believe they use satellite images. I do not know the price or anything else.
Video: Quick Release Mount for Ricoh Theta Z1 (and other 360 Camerass) DanSmigrod 2 2 monthslilnitsch (2573): I like the idea in theory however, I rarely have the need to swap 360 cameras on the fly and this blocks the charging port should the shooter need shore power while shooting
Free Shipping on Three Hard Cases for Matterport Pro2 3D Camera DanSmigrod 5 2 monthsDanSmigrod (24301): @Matt19 The Maestro is likely too big for most. It is HEAVY and BIG, but it does have ALL my gear - except the tripod - (and is very impressive when you show up for a shoot). And, I don't recommend designing a case to include a tripod. Get a tripod bag. You might gather all your stuff and design a case that is unique to you and your stuff. Best, Dan
Laptop: how much power to be able to do photo editing, virtual tours, and.. Floridaboy 24 2 monthsFloridaboy (13): I would politely point out that originally the post was about "how much power would I need to be able to do photo editing, virtual tours, and anything else necessary", which dovetails into someone starting a new business. But that's the beauty of forums. As responses come in, new questions arise. I'm in a course right now, and thinking of taking Ben's course, possibly Eli's. But maybe I didn't clarify my situation enough. I also do...
Questions regarding MP 2 accesories. rodrigocastillo 11 2 monthsrodrigocastillo (42): @Gladsmuir Thank you for your kind response. Looking forward to add Virtual Tours of our properties. We have that Dolica dolly tripod so I will test it out! Cant wait to share our tours, Rodrigo
Question of the Day: What is your most recent piece of gear? DanSmigrod 7 3 monthsDouglasMeyers (1068): A Mavic Pro 2 with a Hasselblad camera...
Your number 1 tip sandhun 12 3 monthslilnitsch (2573): @MatterVids Good tips Chris ~ I also will pre-mark mirrors after shooting these tours for a few years you can anticipate approximately where the mirror(s) will be in an upcoming room
EOS R5 vs R6 vs Sony A7S III. Which camera, and why ? ChuckJ 7 4 monthsHome3D (2672): I’ve been shooting HDR with the Sony A7Sii for over three years. It was my first still camera with a digital viewfinder and on this issue, I will NEVER go back to an optical one. The usefulness of focus peaking and zebra improve accuracy and accelerate my shooting dramatically. Many of my clients hire me to shoot HDR stills, a 3D or 360° virtual tour, AND a production video all in a single visit. I arrive with six different cameras. Add...
Keep your Matterport Camera Safe with this Lenses Facing Down Pelican Case DanSmigrod 7 4 monthssandhun (70): Thanks Dan, some useful stuff there, I'll take a look at the accessories since I also need an iPad case. Sorted now in terms of a Pro2 case as a friend has offered to give me a Peli 1510 case for free,
Matterport vs Ricoh ChuckJ 7 4 monthslilnitsch (2573): @GETMYVR I am using CloudPano for live video or audio conferencing within the the VR tour
Photographer dipping my toes into 3D/360. Am I on the right track? condra 12 4 monthsGETMYVR (676): I would suggest use the iPhone for making phone calls, texts, taking selfies, but if you're looking to do matterport, you want to use the best camera possible to get the best results. Theta Z1 at the minimum. I tried an iPhone and an iPad on a sample matterport tour, and at the same time I connected a Z1 and I also did a portion of the house with a pro 2 3D to see how they work together. Worst tour ever produced.
What is the best camera/system for producing a 360 tour of a college campus HunsletRiviera 1 4 monthsHunsletRiviera (7): Hello WGAN I'm looking for some advice, I am the proud owner and operator of a Matterport Pro 2, and have recently received an enquiry about creating a virtual tour of a college campus here in the UK. The campus is rather large, sparse grounds with many different faculty buildings. I know that Matterport struggles to cope over a certain amount of scans, and I 100% believe that this campus is too large for Matterport to handle in a single...
How many of you offer a ONE STOP SHOP? thereal360 15 5 monthsthereal360 (266): @DanSmigrod link doesnt seem to work
DSLR gimbal for video tours? 8643d 6 5 monthsahojman (232): Crane, Ronin, etc.
How to shoot sharp images for Matterport with the Ricoh Theta Z1? Tjawi 3 6 monthsTjawi (13): Anybody ever tried to find out what kind of aperture that Z1 uses when taking pictures under MP Capture's control? Is it always be the smallest aperture? F/5.6? Regards, Tjawi
WGAN Collection Pro Hard Case to Keep Your Matterport Camera-iPad-Gear Safe DanSmigrod 3 6 monthsDanSmigrod (24301): Hi All, Reminder about this case for Matterport Pro2 3D Cameras. Best, Dan
WGAN Collection>Three Hard Case Solutions for your Matterport Pro 3D Camera DanSmigrod 5 6 monthsDanSmigrod (24301): Hi All, Thinking about buying a Matterport Pro2 3D Camera? Reminder to budget for a case. Best, Dan
FYI in case you want a spare power supply for your Matterport Camera briangreul 6 7 monthsbriangreul (593): I'm using a power inverter that is hardwired.
Looking to purchase a DSLR 8643d Jump to first page53Jump to last page 7 monthsExpertise (625): 80D, 10-22. You'll do great.
Used GeoCV Kits Wanted DanSmigrod 2 8 monthsDanSmigrod (24301): Hi All, A WGAN Member seeks a GeoCV Kit. [Tuesday, 2 June 2020] She (just) posted in the WGAN Forum Private Group: Buy-Sell Used Matterport Cameras. Join this WGAN Private Group: Buy-Sell Used Matterport Cameras (and Related Gear) (No charge for WGAN Basic, Standard and Premium Members whom can Private Message me to be added.) Dan
Matterport Pro 2- Popped your top? (WLAN Antenna) BSSMedia 2 8 monthsChemistrydoc (1464): Thanks for posting this - I've never actually had a crash, but I've lived through the near-heart-attack of watching a tripod leg collapse and catching the falling camera in time. Hopefully I never need to use these instructions, but I am very thankful to be a part of a community where this knowledge resides! Best, Keith
Scanning large space - advice for using BLK360 with Pro 2 SpencerLasky 8 8 monthsleonherbert (901): @SpencerLasky Cool project
Rich Baum Video>What's in my camera bag for real estate photography in 2020 DanSmigrod 1 9 monthsDanSmigrod (24301): What's in my camera bag for real estate photography in 2020 | Video courtesy of Rich Baum YouTube Channel | 29 April 2020 Hi All, From the Rich Baum YouTube Channel: Many people want to know what gear I use that helps me be successful in real estate photography, so in this video I take you through everything that I take on a typical real estate photo shoot. Please know, this is just what works for me...
iPad Mini 5 and Madea works at Matterport Support briangreul 5 9 monthsbriangreul (593): @leonherbert Which mini did you have? I'm finding the Mini5 to be pretty snappy.
House rehab - Matterport + Cupix Joakim360 18 9 monthsscott_cupix (272): Hello, nice samples Joakim. There is a slider in Cupix to remove the yellow and also a blurring mask: Original: Yellow Removed (Cupix Adjust Color): You'll find these same controls in any image editing program in case you want to make adjustments before uploading to Cupix....
Need a Pro 2 Alternative that can scan in 35 F. degree temps. 3Din360 5 9 monthsGerhard (1168): @3Din360 BLK360 , I have shot in 115F in direct sunlight. Yes it starts to overheat just keep a cooler handy or umbrella. It will handle the cold also, just confirm with your Leica agent in your area and ask them for sale data or examples they can supply you. Work flow might be a little longer but the end results and data is worth it. It also gives you much wider coverage than Matterport so you can do less scans and move further between points,...
Looking for Timelapse Camera Options coulee360 5 9 monthsSaarikor (17): BCC2000 haves 1080 also. But it is not enough.
Gear of the Week: MAXOAK Power Station 500Wh Portable Power DanSmigrod 2 10 monthsThalore (18): I've been using what looks like the baby brother of that one. I've charged my Mavic 2 pro, and matterport camera many times on it and hardly ever have to recharge it.
Camera and gadgets- real estate videos michaelakinyemi 4 11 monthsmichaelakinyemi (84): Thanks @JonJ @Chemistrydoc We currently use matterport for videos but we am looking for a professional solution (camera + Gimbal) that we can use for Real Estate Videos and Photography as we feel we are losing business by not offering professional video option to my clients. Budget is somewhere around $1,000-$1,500 for both Camera and Gimbal. I don't want to overspend on a camera with features i wont need. That's why i am looking for a cost...
New! $300 RICOH Theta SC2 for Business 360 HDR Camera with Special Timer DanSmigrod 5 1 yearPeter360 (23): The (not released) but planned latest matterport app beta has listed a: "Split" mode for 360° cameras There is an existing plug-in for the z1 (and v?) which allows one then other lens shooting with 5s delay so I think they have integrated in firmware of SC business and should (?) therefore filter down to z1 in next (not in current 6 feb update) firmware update).
9 Rooftop Car Mounts for 360º Cameras for Google Street View DanSmigrod 16 1 yearDanSmigrod (24301): Grab from @Wingman Google Street View Tour (nadir/bottom) Yes. I :heart: his nadir logo patch too :cool: Dan
Question of the Day>Matterport on Construction Site: Must have Safety Gear? DanSmigrod 3 1 yearWonderdawg (331): I would add thin gloves for a good grip, a rocket dust blower for your lenses and some kind of “booties” for your tripod feet. Gaffers tape will work so it doesn’t pick up dirt or grime (which shows up on the nice carpet on the next shoot!) I also have a small reflector to hold over the Matterport at an angle to shield the sun when necessary. Happy shooting and keep those prices up.
Commerical Drone Convention with Steve Holland VTLV 6 1 yearVTLV (2317): Try it now. Thanks for the heads up guys.
Ben Claremont: The Top 3 Virtual Tour GEAR Questions I Get Asked… DanSmigrod 2 1 yearDanSmigrod (24301): Hi All, I am 17 percent done with Ben's course. It's excellent. I'm learning a lot. His course includes a bonus of three months free Membership in the WGAN-TV Training Academy. Best, Dan
Forbes: The Best Power Banks for Laptops DanSmigrod 1 1 yearDanSmigrod (24301): Forbes (29 October 2019) The Best Power Banks for Laptops Got a portable power bank that you like better? Dan
Need advice about the purchase of a DSLR or Mirrorless camera. Mungo 5 1 yearJonJ (1745): Hi @Mungo, If you are looking for a budget setup, I would recommend a Canon T6 paired with the Canon 10-18mm f4.5/5.6. This is a great starting place that will not break the bank. If you are able to spend a little more money, or if you can find a used camera, I would recommend stepping up to either a Canon 70D or 80D. These cameras have much higher resolution and have the additional feature of being able to bracket up to 9 images without the...
Review of the Major Players in 3D Tour Technology! Sara_iGuide 2 1 yearmori (776): He didn´t mention a company from munich as also one from ireland.
Popular Photography: The best new camera gear at PhotoPlus 2019 DanSmigrod 1 1 yearDanSmigrod (24301): Popular Photography (25 October 2019) The best new camera gear at PhotoPlus 2019 Hi All, Any announcements that you are excited about? Dan
Video Review: Why this Bushman Monopod is the best for 360º 1-Click Cameras DanSmigrod 15 1 yearDanSmigrod (24301): Grab: CreatorUp --- BEST 360 VR Travel Monopod for Professionals - Review, Build Guide & Shooting Tips | Video courtesy of CreatorUp YouTube Channel (17 October 2019) Video: Best 360 Travel Monopod for Pros-Review, Build Guide/Shooting Tips Hi All, From the CreatorUp YouTube Channel: ---- Gear List for this build...
Gear of the Week: Two Electric Outlets for your Car + 2 USB Ports DanSmigrod 3 1 yearDanSmigrod (24301): @Narvan891 Ah! Great tip! Best, Dan
Soft Case for a Matterport Pro2 3D Camera DanSmigrod 1 1 yearDanSmigrod (24301): Grabs from this Amazon page Hi All, Just wondering if a Matterport Pro2 3D Camera would fit in this case? Perhaps you are using it? Or, got a soft case that you happy with? Dan
Ricoh theta gear 8643d 10 1 year8643d (161): Awesome, Thanks Dan. I found your gear kit for 360 1 click cameras, good stuff. 360 1 click camera gear
Video: The Best Monopod/Tripod for 360 Cameras DanSmigrod 1 1 yearDanSmigrod (24301): The Best Monopod/Tripod for 360 Cameras | Video courtesy of The 360 Guy YouTube Channel Hi All, From The 360 Guy YouTube Channel: After much trial and error I think I've found the best monopod/tripod kit for 360 cameras. The Bushman Monopod Kit is especially designed to be used with consumer 360 cameras and I've been using their full kit for the past few months The full kit comes with an...
Three Tripods to pair with Matterport Pro2 3D Camera DanSmigrod 4 1 yearDanSmigrod (24301): WGAN Forum Related Topics ✓ Two Tripods Heads to Pair between Matterport Pro2 3D Camera and Tripod ✓ My Matterport Gear and Accessories Shopping List Best, Dan
Two Tripods Heads to Pair between Matterport Pro2 3D Camera and Tripod DanSmigrod 2 1 yearDanSmigrod (24301): WGAN Forum Related ✓ Three Tripods to pair with Matterport Pro2 3D Camera ✓ My Matterport Gear and Accessories Shopping Lists Dan
3D Capture and software questions newengland3d 10 2 yearsWingman (1624): Here is a link to the model with the film development room captured. This space is big so to get to that room straight away just switch to the floor plan view and you will see a dark space in the middle. It is actually not so grainy in pictures quality as it has looked in scans.
Amazon Prime Day: Insta360 One X for $340 DanSmigrod 2 2 yearsDanSmigrod (24301): Insta360 One X PRIME Day Deal! Should you buy now? GoPro Fusion compared | Video courtesy of 360Rumors YouTube Channel (15 July 2019) Hi All, From 360º 1-Click Camera Subject Matter Expert Mic Ty's YouTube Channel ( 360Rumors): "You can get the Insta360 One X on sale from July 15-16, 2019 (Amazon Prime Day) for the lowest prices ever! Should you buy now? In this video, I compare Insta360 One X...
Gear of the Week: These Walking Shoes! DanSmigrod 1 2 yearsDanSmigrod (24301): Gear of the Week ---- Gear of the Week: These Walking Shoes! Hi All, After 4+ years with these shoes - in black and brown - from The Walking Company, I just bought another two pair - in black and brown. [Mens Item: #5284-117 ABEO Jasper with Max Performance Orthotic.] These walking shoes are insanely comfortable (as I wrote about here 4+ years...
High Quality Images and 3D modeling in tight spaces newengland3d 2 2 yearsJamie (1848): Either a hand scanner or lots of photos and use a photogrammetry software. Hosting
Gear of the Day: Portable AC Outlet/2 USB Battery Pack by ChargeTech DanSmigrod 1 2 yearsDanSmigrod (24301): Screen Grab Hi All, ✓ Do you shoot properties that do not have power? ✓ Do you find yourself in need of a charge, but can not locate a power outlet? ✓ Do you attend conferences that do not have power for audience members? If so, check out this: ✓ Gear of the Day: Portable AC Outlet/2 USB Battery Pack by ChargeTech (USD $199) Find this –...
My First GeoCV Experience Convrts 19 2 yearsMikhailBombin (21): I'd like to mention that the map you see on the device is not final, it only represents the basic alignment of panoramas one by one, and no actual alignment of the ones from different parts of the scan. But of course it's done during further processing, so in 100% cases final model would look better and more aligned then the one you see on the phone. Of course it doesn't mean you don't need to check it time to time, not to miss some serious...
Gear of the Week>BRAECN iPad AIR 10.5” 3rd Gen 2019 Case/iPad Pro 10.5 Case DanSmigrod 3 2 yearsron0987 (1676): I do have the you are showing Dan and love it.
Is the MC-200 Matter Port Camera Still Supported Homefinder3d 3 2 yearsHomefinder3d (18): thanks
Virtual Tour Logbook tresdepro 6 2 yearstresdepro (345): @AtlanticAerialworX good idea thanks, will add that feature in the second edition
Power supply 8643d 6 2 years8643d (161): Update: New power adapter arrived today. I plugged it in and camera immediately began charging. What a relief! Thanks for all your input.
Starting a business theone05 10 2 yearstheone05 (8): Thanks for all advices. Somebody of you said something about pricing per building. How much would cost me scanning 2 floor house ? 315 sq meters. I cant find exact pricing list to know how much i profit on the building.
How much for a Matterport Camera, Case, iPad, Gear and Accessories? DanSmigrod 2 2 yearsJune (411): And that’s U.S. pricing. Goes up significantly when you add exchange. 😬
Matterport Piece of Gear of the Week: Tripod Dolly DanSmigrod 2 2 yearsleonherbert (901): Absolutely, When you are using a new iPad Pro you would be wasting time, lifting and placing the tripod all the time. The secret is to have a second tripod for stairs. One issue I have with my manfrotto 190 (three extension)is that I have too not fully extend the legs so I get the camera at the best height. I need to try and find a tripod that would only need the middle column raised a little. I am looking at getting another dolly to use on...
How can you use this LED Backpack - swap-out photos/text - to make money? DanSmigrod 1 2 yearsDanSmigrod (24301): Futuristic LED Backpack for $100!! | Video courtesy of Kevin Kunze YouTube Channel Hi All, Got some ideas on how to make money with this new LED backpack that lets you swap-out photos/text on the fly from your smartphone? ✓ Client gift with "their" photos? ✓ Your messaging walking into meetings (super-geeky) ✓ Conversation starter? ✓ Prize? ✓ Other? Best, Dan
WGAN Collection: Maestro Case for Matterport Pro2 3D Camera and Accessories DanSmigrod 2 2 yearsDanSmigrod (24301): Hi All, Looking for a case for just your Matterport camera and iPad? Please see this WGAN Forum discussion: ✓ Keep your Matterport Camera Safe with this Lenses Facing Down Pelican Case Dan
Question of the Day: Which iPad Holder do you use while Matterporting? DanSmigrod 7 2 yearsHome3D (2672): My favorite for three years is this simple handstrap case. I've purchased two of them, quick, easy, sturdy, light. LapWorks 9.7 iPad Pro Case with Soft Neoprene Handle with Apple Pencil Holder and Cap Pocket Stand - Adjustable Velcro and 360 Degree swiveling
Matterport Gear DanSmigrod 2 2 yearsRichardStanton (213): Hey there, I use one of these: It is scary but this thing was somehow just MADE for the Matterport II body.. it fits so snugly it does not wiggle in there even before reinforcing. I add a small bit of padding - but the other nice thing is that it is stackable, and has a gasket seal so it is completely waterproof to boot. I find around construction sites I get a lot more of the...
Video: What's in my Drone Bag? 2019 DanSmigrod 2 2 yearsahojman (232): Ronin of course
Should I return my Matterport Pro 2 camera? Drone360vision 10 2 yearsJune (411): Yes now that the Beta version is coming to an end for the Theta V and Insta One it won’t even be possible to use those if you already have an account with Matterport. Someone can correct me if I’m wrong but I thought I read somewhere (or in Dee’s video) that it would only be available to people that don’t already have an account with Matterport.
What do you use to hold *ALL* your kit? thorn604 5 2 yearsthorn604 (85): Hopefully the GeoCV scanner will fill the matterport space nicely...
Any good tripod for a Matterport camera with legs locking? Wingman 3 2 yearsGladsmuir (270): Manfrotto used to do a Triaut which had central bracing and goes up to about 12 feet. I bought one in 1979 and it's still going strong. It does weigh a ridiculous amount. Manfrotto currently do the similar Aluminium Pro Geared Tripod with Geared Column - Black SKU 475B which is listed at £400, but available for less on Amazon. They also do video tripods that...
What's my Matterport camera worth? KenBanks 3 2 yearsDanSmigrod (24301): @KenBanks I wonder if you could call Matterport Sales and say something like: 1. If the last ___ three years, I have spent ___ with Matterport. 2. In the next three years, I am likely to spend ___ with Matterport. 3. In exchange for me pre-paying for __ years of Matterport Cloud, how about you repair the camera for free? ... or ... 4. How about I buy a new Matterport Pro2 Camera and trade you my Pro1 for a credit of _______ AND pre-pay for...
Video: Best 360 camera tripods & selfie sticks - 2018 Ultimate Buying Guide DanSmigrod 3 2 yearsBlueImmersiveMedia (287): @ericlien I just purchased this Monopod as well. Love it! When walking around it looks like a walking stick. I leave the Theta attached for quick shots in interesting places. Great buy. Came w a nice bag w shoulder strip too!
Question of the Day: Which Tripod Head do you use with Matterport? DanSmigrod 2 2 yearsChemistrydoc (1464): @DanSmigrod Desmond DLEV-1 + Distal Clamp, yet I usually still adjust level using the tripod legs and a Home Depot el-cheapo bubble level. Keith
360 tour solutions for small spaces? CFster 3 2 yearsleonvanzweel (521): @CFster I use a bushman panoramic Eben VR tripod which I had modified (single leg and top extenders) by an engineering shop to reduce the height further. It is mounted on a wooden triangle that fits on the seat for stability and weighed down with a 10kg Kettlebell. This is my 5th prototype. Not perfect yet, but damn close.
Matterport obsolescence flexcopmusic 5 2 yearsDanSmigrod (24301): Technology will always change (get better, cheaper and new features) For someone starting out, I always shared: ✓ getting business is the hardest part: not the technology ✓ get business BEFORE buying a camera/platform ✓ outsource the work – WGAN Find a Pro Page – and when you are busy to justify the purchase If you bought an Insta360 One and used CUPIX, it would be a way to put your toe in the water without a lot of upfront...
Desmond DLEV-1 Leveler issue? PlusUltra 11 2 yearsPlusUltra (41): @Home3D strong rec, ordering as we speak to give it a go :) thanks again
Re-Review of GemTune DY-60i leveling base rzphotoman 6 2 yearsrzphotoman (1532): @MiB I tried one like the EZ Leveler and found it frustrating and time consuming. I would stick with the MENGS.
Matterport Gear and Accessories (That Gear Tab Above) DanSmigrod 1 2 yearsDanSmigrod (24301): Screen Grab: Gear Tab Above Hi All, If you are thinking about buying a Matterport Camera, you'll need gear such as: ✓ tripod ✓ tripod head or quick release plate ✓ iPad holder ✓ camera bag or case ✓ portable battery (for your iPad) ✓ door stops ✓ disposable...
Magnets in lights okay with Matterport Camera? Seaweedsoul 2 2 yearsDouglasMeyers (1068): Has not been a issue yet but I use velcro to attach and there's not no metal in the case.
Tiger Pro is a Fraud company run by cheats!! Gulzarmalhotra 11 2 yearsGulzarmalhotra (4): I also heard that their cases are really great and hence ordered from them. I ordered directly from their website and paid about USD 270 including priority shipping! Unfortunately, I don’t have any number to all them on and am left with mails like this one!!
Best Tripod Revised 2018? VTLV 12 2 yearsCFster (271): I think this thing costs like $5k or something, but I like idea, and I wonder why some other manufacturer hasn’t come up with something similar. Acadalus Self Levelling Tripod Head
iPhone 360 tour blacusta 4 3 yearsblacusta (4): This was exactly what I was looking for! thank you for being so quick in your response
Smartphone Stabilizers that support wide-angle lens attachment? DanSmigrod 4 3 yearskjoman (242): I'm waiting for my backordered flowmotion. Hopefully it will arrive this month.
Entry Level SLR Camera Recommendations? leeverdon 4 3 yearsleeverdon (244): Thanks for your suggestions. If I'm going to go over the $1k mark (body only) then it would make sense to go with the Panasonic GH5. Great for video and stills, it can shoot HDR images using the bracket feature. Lots to consider.
3D Scan ANYTHING!- Leica BLK Gerhard 4 3 years3dvirtualview (119): Extremely Impressive! Odd to see rechargeable batteries instead of a built in one. Wonder how long the charge is but anywhoo this thing is definitely a business bucketlist as it gets into a good price range. Thank you for sharing and keeping us up to date on new technology out there!
Best walking shoes for men ParkPrince 2 3 yearsDanSmigrod (24301): @ParkPrince Please see this WGAN Forum discussion: ✓ Matterport: These Shoes Are Made For Walking Dan
Must Have Matterport Scanning Accessory? DanSmigrod 11 3 yearsDanSmigrod (24301): @TeresaPhillips22 That's great!
Newbies favorite tools for scanning rzphotoman 10 3 yearsrzphotoman (1532): I saw those also but I haven’t experienced anything like that yet. Works great so far.
3 Free Rotators for Zillow 3D Home Testing DanSmigrod 27 3 yearsVTLV (2317): Wife wanted to upgrade her phone. So I talked her into taking mine and sprung for an iPhone7. Hit up Zillow and time to add another service.
Top VR Goggles Matt19 7 3 yearsimmersivespaces (1187): @DavidHothersall I ordered 500 of them from Mushang Silicone & Plastic (+86-769-831-88549). If you have someone who speaks Chinese, it's much easier to negotiate with them. It took some haggling to get the price point.
360 Video Solution For GSV! Richierichks 4 3 yearsMetroplex360 (9293): You know what's interesting is that the Matterport Camera could shoot video ... although it's not capable of shooting 360 video for obvious reasons ... I wonder if the capability could ever be useful, or if the amount of data transfer and lack of onboard storage would make it a worthless thing to investigate...
NCTech iris360 Pro pjeffery 4 3 yearsmori (776): I also believe their current focus is on the LASiris and related services.
Powerpoint Presentation Wanted 4 @VTLV Wife DanSmigrod 1 3 yearsDanSmigrod (24301): Hi All, I noticed in this WGAN Forum discussion ... ✓ DJI Mavic Air Foldable 4K-36 MP Panos-IR 3D That @VTLV writes ... Seems like we ALL could use the SAME MAD LIBS Style Powerpoint presentation for our spouses - for the latest camera, drone and gear? Hey @VTLV ... Let us...
Desmond DLEV-1 Leveler versus these ... DanSmigrod 9 3 yearsDanSmigrod (24301): On the leveling head, do you attached a quick release plate when using the Matterport Camera? On the head, do you see it in your scans? On the tripod, can it shorten to go into a suite case on an airplane? Best, Dan
Ipad Pro Users Matt19 7 3 yearsVTLV (2317): Order yourself a pack of these and hand them out to your clients when they look at you funny.
Extra lights for Matterport Matt19 12 3 yearsDouglasMeyers (1068): Yes I went to Serv Pro and they loved it... Serv pro loves the idea that after the damage and when they are packing it up they will use my tour to put everything back exactly where it belongs...
Which 360 Camera for a Street View Project? DanSmigrod 11 3 yearsDanSmigrod (24301): ...
View matterport in VR and watch on a screen? 3dvirtueletour 6 3 yearsFoundry45 (34): We used Chromecast back in 2016 (centuries ago!) and screen casting, but it was super hard to setup and didn't work at all if there was any traffic on the WiFi.
Customized VR Viewing Devices srennick 2 3 yearsDanSmigrod (24301): @srennick ✓ Which VR Viewer Artwork do you like best? Happy holidays, Dan
Matterport: These Shoes Are Made For Walking DanSmigrod 5 3 yearsdouglogan (46): Socks of course! I actually get a lot of comments from my clients and their sellers about my various interesting socks.
What do you hope Santa Claus will bring you? DanSmigrod 2 3 yearsChemistrydoc (1464): Please, Santa, please get Matterport to roll out the GSV integration!
Using an iPad holder/sling while scanning? DanSmigrod 2 3 yearshtimsabbub23 (901): I use the otterbox sling and love it. Put it over my neck, hangs right in front of me and I never need to put the iPad down. clickable text
November 11 - iPad Pro (2nd Gen) Sale Metroplex360 5 3 yearsShowcas3D (145): @Metroplex360 I was just about to post this as I just picked up a 512 gb model
New Samsung 360 Round Camera Radie842 1 3 yearsRadie842 (254): This camera is 10,000 YSD over priced
New Guy: Ordered Matterport; Tripod & Case? JimFain 2 3 yearsDanSmigrod (24301): Video: We Get Around Network Forum Founder Dan Smigrod does show and tell with the We Get Around Atlanta Matterport Service Provider Gear Kit. @JimFain Congrats and welcome ... Gear and Accessories Shopping list curated by We Get Around ✓ Tripods ✓ Tripod Heads ✓ Cases Calculator: How much does it cost to be a a Matterport Service Provider? Best, Dan P.S. We Get Around is an Amazon Affiliate. Consider it a...
How you Scan inside cars ? DroneProjects 17 3 yearssbl110 (283): Hi Dan, This was one of those "let's try this for fun" scans. My son photographs cars for a living and he gets his hands on some pretty nice rides every now and then. It's not often that one gets to play with a $177,000.00 vehicle. As an alternative, I was going to try and scan a Smart car as a comparison! Not sure the Matterport camera would even fit. Another reason is that it allows me to experiment with Mattertags. This...
If your iPad does not support iOS11, do this DanSmigrod 2 3 yearsMetroplex360 (9293): It's iPad Pro time!
Which Tripod and ipad to buy? TechnicTouch 2 3 yearsMetroplex360 (9293): The MT055XPRO4 folds smaller and has 4 sections and costs $218 on Amazon right now. The MT055PRO3 costs $180.05. All other features are the same. Between the two, I'd get the XPRO3. Personally, I have the MT055XPRO3, which extends 5" higher, is the same folded length as the MT055XPRO3 (20-24'9") and has a more sturdy build and supports more weight (not necessary). What I like about the MT055XPRO3 is that by extending the bottom...
VR: HTC Vive or Oculus Rift htimsabbub23 2 3 yearsDanSmigrod (24301): Video: People experiencing Matterport VR for the first time. Video courtesy of We Get Around @htimsabbub23 How about using this video on a flat TV screen so you can focus on talking with people? Dan
MyGearVault - Inventory your gear - Free VTLV 5 3 yearsfrstbubble (613): @VTLV Thanks for the info. I might look into it for the interim. I am anxiously awaiting the release of the GearEye. GearEye Anything that is automatic is much better for me. Just hope it works as shown!
Best Tripod for Matterport? JAX1979 7 3 yearsTrustedPhotoDC (1108): @JAX1979 for a number of reasons, you really want the carbon version of any tripod you purchase.
How much can you make as a Matterport Pro? DanSmigrod 10 4 yearsDanSmigrod (24301): Hi All, In light of today's discussion (18 July 2017) ... ✓ Matterport now pricing their own 3Dscan cost ... you may want to revisit this calculator. Dan
Matterport with Oculus Rift mikerodin 4 4 yearsmori (776): No - currently no way exists as the 3D is too bad quality.
Desmond DLEV-1 Leveler-Manfrotto MT190XPRO4 DanSmigrod 12 4 yearsMetroplex360 (9293): I recently purchased a DESMON DLEV-1 and have had the SAME problems. I've found that it's necessary to have the top washers tightened to not get this. Problem is, with the DLEV-1 tight, it loses flexibility and kind of defeats the whole purpose. I have been meaning to start a thread about this little accessory to get some feedback as I have been racking my brain trying to figure out how to take advantage of it. Many people swear by...
Did we almost miss this Gear VR upgrade? ArtisticConcepts 11 4 yearsDannyBasting (1171): No problem. When you do, let me know so that I can back you up with a vote ;)
How much to get started as a Matterport Pro? DanSmigrod 6 4 yearsDanSmigrod (24301): Hi All, If you are planning to buy a Matterport Pro2 3D Camera, have you calculated the cost of all the essential gear and accessories that you will need to buy? This (free) We Get Around Calculator makes it easy! Best, Dan
Matterport cameras on Ebay Helen 6 4 yearsDanSmigrod (24301): @LetMe3D ✓ Buying a Used Matterport Camera? Pros/Cons Dan
What do you wear on shoots? StevenHattan 11 4 yearsDanSmigrod (24301): @StevenHattan I :heart: these shoes so much, I wrote lengthy article about them! ✓ Atlanta Matterport Photographer Expects to Walk Nearly 1,000 Miles in 2015 Feels like I am walking on air! Dan
Buy an Apple iPad Pro 10.5 512GB Wi-Fi+Cell DanSmigrod 2 4 yearsDanSmigrod (24301): Hi All, If you have been on the phone with a Matterport Sales Rep, which iPad are they recommending and why? Dan
Core VR - What happens after the 1st June? tomasdunbar 6 4 yearstomasdunbar (88): Great. I will worry about thinking about an upgrade when it settles down haha. For now I am just happy that the Core VR has remained free for the time being :)
Newbie - Changing the start point in VR BobbyG 3 4 yearsjustinv (1043): @BobbyG You know you have a scan point but cannot pass through the door? You can go into workshop and use the pull down menu to enter mesh mode. You can usually find the source of the problem. Look into the capture app and make sure everything is marked correctly. It could be the door is marked as window, mirror in another area not marked properly. Or do the easy way, in capture app, use the trim tool. First make a copy of model so you...
Virtual Reality Run Around to get app again VTLV 4 4 yearsVTLV (2317): I sat with the client and the issue came straight from the website on an S4 smartphone. I tried the same with my S6. Both phones got cycled into get the Matterport app with no tour showing up on the app. Tried it again this morning on my phone and it worked fine. Called up my agent, just got a text saying it works. Went straight to the Matterport App with the tour. I'm taking a guess that someone at Matterport came across the issue posted...
Best Goggles for iOS Matterport VR? bellyjelly 5 4 yearsProperty3dNZ (616): We also have the Zeiss which we purchased well in advance to the release. Headset is amazing the quality of the iPhone Screen - not so much. Incredibly disappointing in fact!
Video overview of Leica BLK360 Richierichks 11 4 yearsDanSmigrod (24301): @Richierichks 360º Video: Leica Geosystems Director of Software Engineering Gregory Walsh chats about the Leica BLK360 Imaging Laser Scanner and Autodesk Recap 360º with We Get Around Network Founder Dan Smigrod at SPAR 3D Expo & Conference in Houston, Texas on Tuesday, 3 April 2017. I discuss this SPAR3D presentation in []this Forum...
Facebook's New 360 Cameras for VR Woods 2 4 yearsDanSmigrod (24301): @Woods Thanks for sharing ... From Engadget (19 April 2017) "But before we get into all that, let's talk a little bit about what sets these cameras apart from normal 360 ones. With a traditional fixed camera, you see the world through its fixed lens. So if you're viewing this content (also known as stereoscopic 360) in a VR headset and you decide to...
Mobile Recording Studio Suggestions? GlennTremain 9 4 yearsGlennTremain (2234): Thanks everyone.
Matterport Explosion Proof? 💥 ArtisticConcepts 11 4 yearsArtisticConcepts (659): @DanSmigrod, 👍🏽 gotcha.
iPad 9.7 (2017) Vs iPad Pro Vs iPad Air 2 DanSmigrod 8 4 yearsGransky (103): Normally, my day to day iPad is the iPad Air 2. However, due to a broken charging cable, my iPad didn't charge over night so I borrowed my son's iPad Mini 4. Call me crazy, but I felt it processed the scans quicker than my iPad Air 2. Personally, I'm waiting to see the new Pro offerings coming down the pipeline.
Protect your iPad from Turkish Crime Family frstbubble 2 4 yearsnat_vanveen (598): @frstbubble That's nasty!:O thanks for the tip :)
synciOS - Anyone Using This App For Backups? Gransky 10 4 yearsfrstbubble (613): I copy the entire contents of the Matterport folder to a backup hard drive after I come back from a day of scanning. I only have the scans I did that day on in the backup. I just move everything to the hard drive. When I start the capture app again it makes all new files database and folder system. Then if I want to work on a model from a previous scan I just drag that dataset back to the iPad. I have multiple iPads and can work on a model on...
Display the VR content on a TV garyben 4 4 yearsDanSmigrod (24301): Video: ImmersaCAD CEO Lee Martin's interview with Local Channel 8 News WVLT about vCAD | Video courtesy of WVLT, Knoxville, TN -- @garyben Great question ... [url=New for Pre-Built: CAD to VR on a Smartphone]vCAD[/url] offers one unique view versus two separate views like this. The vCAD solution works best for CAD to smartphone (iOS, Android) for un-Built spaces. While you can upload the Matterport...
360 Video camera on a robot? craigsauer 9 4 yearsfrstbubble (613): I am waiting some time to implement 360 video walkthroughs for the following reasons. #1 I don't think the quality of the video is good enough for the perceived standard we would like to convey. #2 The amount of data required to play these videos. I am looking at the fact that a large percentage of people would be viewing it on a mobile device over a cellular connection with limited data. Although data packages are growing, I do not think...
How to start a Matterport Business? fragache 5 4 yearsfragache (13): thanks, I would follow your advice.Regards,
Zillow Certified Photographer Program DanSmigrod Jump to first page92Jump to last page 4 yearshometakes (1134): This is exactly what I am talking about from my above post. This article was from the LA Times about CBS morning show with the CEO of Zillow. See here
Problems with Unofficial Cardboard jmprop 25 4 yearsDanSmigrod (24301): @benn1973 Great suggestion. Time for a "time out" ... I will disable posting to this discussion for two days. You can PM me if you think otherwise ... Dan
VR Headsets for iPhone jmprop 7 4 yearsBiggles (43): I email the link to myself and open it on my iPhone
VR with Oculus Rift or HTC Vive xavierchardon 3 4 yearsVince_MccrayT (4): As for the price difference, obviously they will be much closers in price once the rift controllers are purchased.Also,can anyone imagine the ps4 or Xbox one being released without controllers,and I don't mean a stand in Xbox one controller until your actual equipment is ready.
Proceed With Caution: Atome 360 Pano Head Gransky 8 4 yearsGransky (103): @chemistrydoc - Please let me know if you receive anything. I too received a notice that it shipped without a tracking number. It's been well over a month for me and NOTHING!
Getting Started with Matterport? How much? DanSmigrod 1 4 yearsDanSmigrod (24301): Video: How much to get started as a Matterport Service Provider If you are thinking about buying a Matterport Camera - or one of about 20 related 3D/VR scanning Camera/Platforms - keep in mind that getting started costs more than just the Camera, tripod and hosting plan. This video walks you through my recommendations for Matterport Gear and Accessories. ( Shopping List Via Amazon) For example: 1. Get this tripod head or this...
Wedge-It Door Stops for Big Doors / Wind DanSmigrod 5 4 yearsDanSmigrod (24301): @frstbubble Thank you for your fire service. Dan
Matterport: These Shoes Are Made For Walking DanSmigrod 5 4 yearsDanSmigrod (24301): Video: See 5:24 in this video about essential gear and accessories. Hi All, Disposable Shoe Covers are on the We Get Around Matterport Gear and Accessories Shopping List. (#11) When I scanned a water-damaged home for an insurance claim, I wore disposable shoe covers to show respect to the homeowner (even though the water-soaked carpet was to be...
Matterport Case George_WALKINTOUR 7 4 yearsGeorge_WALKINTOUR (85): Yes, like what JonJ said, like an Otterbox. It would make it a bit bulkier when scanning, but as long as it doesn't affect the camera it should be fine. When we got our camera from Matterport they added a sticker to the bottom that reads "Precision instrument, handle with care."
Matterport Lens focal length? ShahBatroukh 1 4 yearsShahBatroukh (40): Anyone happen to know the Matterport lens focal length or 35mm equivalent? Thanks
Google Cardboard VR Viewer $5.99 AmazonPrime DanSmigrod 9 4 yearshometakes (1134): @metroplex. From what I understand, none. Its for the design of your logo I think. Please anyone correct me if I am wrong.
Unofficial Cardboard lisahinson 1 4 yearslisahinson (785): Received my order from Unofficial Cardboard this past week. They do a beautiful job of putting these things together! I have a question however. It is sometimes confounding to load a VR using Google Cardboard vs. VR Gear (for me) ... and I'm really having trouble getting the UOC to load up. So, what's the trick? Thanks and hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!
The Virtual Reality Report: $1 Billion 2016 DanSmigrod 1 4 yearsDanSmigrod (24301): Promoted Post --- Reprinted from Business Insider by Jessica Smith The virtual reality (VR) market has made significant strides throughout 2016. New VR headsets like the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive debuted amid great consumer anticipation, while VR content launches kept pace, with Batman: Arkham VR and Chair In A Room garnering encouraging download...
iStaging LiveTour - Anyone Used It? ChrisH 10 4 yearsChrisH (55): Please let me be clear I still promote and film most of my stuff with Matterport. I was just looking around online for ideas one night and came across this product. For the money it was worth playing around with. Essentially its a web based software platform you enter all the info into. Nothing too difficult or complex. If you read there website and watch their YouTube clips you will see. The $60 literally gives you access to login to the...
Scanning Issue & Should I Nuke my iPad? AdamplatinumHD 3 4 yearsAdamplatinumHD (31): Thanks @photoJoe I did another scan and didn't get any problems at all? Weird.
Can you download the 360 exterior shots... Aghachi101 5 4 yearsVTLV (2317): Did I miss a piece on how to download a 360 shot using as Basic user on We Get Around? Is there a how to I could get referred to?
Samsung Gear VR Headset User's Guide immersiveprop 5 4 yearsfrstbubble (613): Thank you for providing that!
Matterport VR Transitions immersiveprop 7 4 yearsimmersiveprop (166): Here is the response from Matterport on this topic. It looks like they charge $500+ to do instant transitions. It looks like we are doing the fade to black transitions moving forward. ------------------------------------------------ If you mean changing transitions with VR gear, then there is two options: -CoreVR which fades to black and is currently free for your models. -Instant transitions which needs to be configured and the starting...
Which Tripod & Clamp and Why for Matterport? DanSmigrod 2 4 yearsJohnBecker (385): Kevin, a reasonably lightweight tripod will work best, since your going to be doing a lot of carrying it around. A pan/tilt head is preferable, though a ball head can be made to work. Make sure the head uses an Arca-compatible quick release plate, because that is what the camera is designed to fit into.
Which Matterport case is right for you? DanSmigrod 2 4 yearsmpmare00 (7): Has anyone tried a larger case that would allow you to store the camera and tripod connected?
MP2VR Now Delivers VR Conversions in 24HR GarySnyder 23 4 yearsMetroplex360 (9293): @bonduell Absolutely, it's insane that Matterport do not have a turnkey solution and are not offering this for free with their processing. It's a promised feature that is just a different way of viewing the same tour. And for anyone who does't understand where we are coming from. MP2VR - Custom App with VR User Interface; entire tour rebuild for custom platform on multiple devices. Worth every penny to allow MSPs to provide the VR experience...
Using a Tripod Dolly for Massive, Flat Space DanSmigrod 11 4 yearsJamie (1848): Haha I want one just to drive my cats crazy
MP2VR's Gear VR Conversion App is Now Live GarySnyder 15 4 years3Dwalkmethru (289): @GarySnyder thank you ...
Geek Alert>Helmet Cam for Matterport Camera? DanSmigrod 3 4 yearsDanSmigrod (24301): @CarlosFHdz yes. Perhaps easier on the neck than looking down at the iPad. 😎 Perhaps your art should grace the banner of the MUG Forum? But, I would affair someone would actually try this. Dan
Used Matterport Camera Wanted DanSmigrod 1 4 yearsDanSmigrod (24301): About Buying/Selling Used Matterport Cameras via the MUG Forum ----- A Matterport Service Provider in the Miami-Ft. Lauderdale area has expressed interest in buying a used Matterport Camera. If you have a used Matterport Camera for sale on eBay, please Private Message me the link and I will forward it on to the Pro in South Florida. You can also list your used Matterport Camera for Sale here. You can buy your MUG Forum ad ...
Buying a set for VR any suggestions ? Wyzlo 3 4 yearsWyzlo (100): I found this one coming soon ZEISS VR ONE
Giroptic 360 Camera Video Review GeorgeK 6 4 yearsLizzg (183): Great, detailed review! Thank you @georgeK and @DanSmigrod!
Giroptic 360cam Arrived: Time to Test GeorgeK 6 4 yearsGarySnyder (1822): @GeorgeK I've been following this camera from the day it went on Kickstarter which was over 2 years ago. I felt that the original images/video were to good to be true that were posted on their Kickstarter page. Sense then I've received updated from Giroptic regularly, one as recent as yesterday and never has the quality been up to the standard that I'd be looking for. I really had my hopes up that this would be the go to 360 camera for...
Multi cam vs Single lens 360º video cameras Bill 3 5 yearsBill (285): Thanks Carlos - you're absolutely right about the 4K and aspect ratios. This is an emerging technology and good to see some major players like Nikon, Samsung, LG, Kodak etc getting into the game. People will always be demanding of better and better image quality. For the time being we are left trying find the best user friendly low cost solution. We have one high profile client requesting this so we're sourcing solutions. We have the GoPro rigs...
Tripod, Leveler and Bubble Level Solution DanSmigrod 24 5 yearsDanSmigrod (24301): If you are buying a Matterport Camera ... There are two Desmond DLEV-1 Leveler Level versions. Either one will work and both are on the We Get Around Matterport Gear and Accessories Shopping List. I prefer the quick release version ... On the We Get Around Matterport Gear and Accessories Shopping List, it is called ... Desmond DLEV-1 Leveler Level Plus Discal Clamp for Tripod 3/8 Precision Leveling Base ($59.95) ...
Check List: Matterport Table Top Demo Event DanSmigrod 7 5 yearsDanSmigrod (24301): Thinking about a table top demo? What else should we add to the shopping list. Dan
Ipad for 3D showcase app RobinLycka 2 5 yearsJonJ (1745): I have an ipad mini 3 and I think the display is too small for an office demo. If you are looking for a cheap option, I have had no problems running it on a 16Gb ipad 4.
Free Matterport Marketing Video 'til 15 June DanSmigrod 1 5 yearsDanSmigrod (24301): Promoted Post --- If a client asked you for help in multiple markets, should you: 1. refer the client to the We Get Around Referral Network? 2. find Pros via the We Get Around Referral Network? 3. quote the project based on flying to multiple markets? While we would like to fly to Hawaii, London, Sydney, China and Miami too :cool: ... the only cost effective way is to engage a Matterport Pro locally. So, that leaves you...
360 Video for virtual tour (kinda) VR_Vision 4 5 yearsVR_Vision (4): Hi Joe sorry for the late reply. I use whatever the achitect or designer uses and then have a budget tour service that I use revit to create them or I use sketch up to create the model in the demo above. Facebook 360 videos are completely separate from YouTube and does the gyro is enabled by default. I've got it uploaded there now if you want to check it out the Facebook link is in the profile. I find 360 has an awesome presence in Facebook....
Matterport Gear/Accessories: Missing Items? DanSmigrod 1 5 yearsDanSmigrod (24301): While chatting with a new Member of the Matterport User Group Forum community today (Wednesday, 18 May 2016) - whom received his Matterport camera last week - he let me know that he looked at both these shopping lists ... Matterport Essential Shopping List: 19 Items Matterport Gear and Accessories Shopping List ... and bought some items that were not on the lists. (I will be add these items to the Matterport Gear and Accessories...
Narrow Spread Tri-pod? LewisBishop 6 5 yearsLewisBishop (217): @DanSmigrod Are you referring to not extended the bottom legs and raising the center so that the camera is at 60 inches?
New Cave scanning light setup 360Verbeelding 13 5 yearsDanSmigrod (24301): Rene, @360Verbeelding And, great job keeping the camera out of the reflection in the glass cases. Dan
2 homes 2 iPads 2 Cameras - they connect! Bill 5 5 yearsBill (285): The WIFI from Matterport camera is open network and should be password protected - IMO. While 1 ipad cannot connect to 2 cameras simultaneously I don't see why 2 ipads wouldn't be able to connect to single camera at the same time. Not sure of any added benefit here but might be fun to do a little experimenting :-)
Showing tour on a smart TV Conor 10 5 yearsConor (13): Thanks!
Help Please, got a 360youtube video job Conor 11 5 yearsmori (776): Theta has really bad quality. Check out this special: Unfortunately delivery is in july 2016 and maybe expect delays.
Bags & Cases for Matterport Camera Wyzlo 10 5 yearsMaria (106): We use a Nanuk 925 case with shoulder strap for the Matterport and charger. We use a Manfrotto MBAG70N tripod bag for the tripod and door stops and use any case, bag, backpack or just carry the iPad. This allows us to easily fit this in our car and less weight. I don't see a need to have a water tight hard case for the tripod or door stops. I use he iPad for more than just Matterport so I don't keep it in the case, although I probably could...
Matterport Essential Shopping List-17 Items DanSmigrod 8 5 yearsDanSmigrod (24301): Hello – it's me! The never-miss-an-opportunity-to-pitch – up to $15,000 of insurance for the Matterport Camera, Camera Gear and related gear such as laptops are included - free - in the We Get Around Referral Network Premium Member (pre-paid for 12 months). (See Insurance on this Benefits page) Pre-paid Standard Members have an option to pay $99 for this coverage. (We added this insurance coverage by bundling the Professional Photography...
Full Camera or wait for Project Tango BDPelton 7 5 yearsron0987 (1676): I agree with Gary and bamir, I have been following Project Tango for a couple of years. When I first bought my Matterport camera, I spoke with their sales team and the thought process at that time was to develop something that could be made and used on a phone, but still produce a end product similar to what they have now. I foresee that coming but even as fast as technology is developing I don't see anything in the near future similar to or...
Kickstarter/Indigogo Matterport Related Tech DanSmigrod 1 5 yearsDanSmigrod (24301): Spot cool tech on Kickstsrter or Indigogo that's the MUG community would interesting? Please post to this thread. I will start it off with gear that makes it easy to shoot a 360 sphere using a GoPro.... Dan
NCTech iris360 Camera versus Matterport DanSmigrod 20 5 yearsron0987 (1676): @Noel, have you looked at Gigapan which is cheaper option that would give you a great panorama, is automated and works great outside. Just a thought for another option. Ron
What are you using to carry your scanner in? ccctucker 29 5 years[redacted] (16): Hello Everyone, Being a Matterport Owner and doing the search for a custom case, I organically ended up with a Pelican case. I have been custom developing with Pelican two cases to house the Matterport Camera and accessories. After a few months in Beta the cases are complete and I put them up for Pre-order as of today. You can check out the Facebook page: clickable text We use these cases with our company and it has provided a successful...
2016 will be an explosive VR year davidpylyp 3 5 yearsjessetutt (67): I agree VR is gaining a lot of traction. There are also many more Matterport providers (more than ever before) which is great...and also challenging as this dilutes revenue for existing providers. The main challenges for VR is the lack of access to the VR devices and secondly the fact that almost half of the people I tested the solution with felt nauseous. Regarding Matterport, I wonder if they will release a new device to resolve the...
Is the Matterport GearVR app only monoscopic 3Dmatters 10 5 years3Dmatters (1): Hi All, (Dan asked if I could replace the image with a family friendly one) so here's the original image It does not benefit from the slight touch-up that the previous finished image had, so there might be a stereo anomaly when looking toward the Apartment's main door.
Camera Recommendation seanminor 14 5 yearsseanminor (40): Sorry guys, I've been out of pocket the last week but my wife decided to go with the D3300 from Costco, and she is loving it. Thanks to all for your recommendations. Hope that everyone has a safe and awesome Christmas. Here's to an increasingly bigger awareness in 2016 of the power we offer with the Matterport platform. I already have jobs lined up for the first week in January. In my area, Houston, this will be a tough year for real estate...
Travel light 360Verbeelding 9 5 years360Verbeelding (352): Hi Ali, great work, looks very nice. Big places. Grtz Rene.
What specs are necessary for mobile device? sdandphoto 3 5 yearsBabluN (49): As per the website : "An Apple iPad Air 2 or higher is strongly recommended for the best experience. Apple iPad 4, iPad Air, iPad Mini 2, and iPad Mini 3 are also supported. All iPads require iOS 7.1 or higher."
New VR-bril made in Dutch :-) 3dvirtueletour 3 5 yearsPieroBortolot (230): Price?
Chromecast+VR2+S6: frozen pricture on TV Andrew 12 5 yearsTosolini (3503): @franmts Thanks for the R&D on this solution. It worked for me too. Before using MirrorOp, I tried with Reflector 2 which supports both AirPlay and Google Cast, but the image froze after a few seconds, like it has been reported by others using ChromeCast. My setup is a Gear VR + Galaxy S6. Thanks!
Case for Matterport pheller 9 5 yearsmpmare00 (7): I'm always in hurry and thinking of looking for a case that can fit the tripod and camera connected. Has anyone tried this? Know of any potential issues?
Ipad Pro Case mpmare00 1 5 yearsmpmare00 (7): Does anyone know of a good iPad pro case similar to Cooper Cases shown below in the link?
Note to non photographer newbie/buyiers... Dennis_N 8 5 yearsDennis_N (91): @DoyleRealtor Yes I ordered from B&H today.
Quick Release Clamp BabluN 3 5 yearsBabluN (49): Thank You Dan!!!
Mac-14 doesn't fit Desmond DLEV-1 jimfelder 6 5 yearsDanSmigrod (24301): @jimfelder Please do not buy this item. The camera will make it hard to see the bubbles. The height of the tripod will also make it hard to see the bubbles. Stick with the items on my gear and accessories shopping list. The link is below the map.
Aerial Footage Invelop 30 5 yearstradetickers (10): They just want money. F the FAA. Who cares what the government wants to regulate. Their regulation only hurts the economy. Anything that deliberately hurts the economy is an enemy of the people. It's just another way to steal more money from a supposed free people. It's us against them, as there is no representation. We need another tea party.
Distortion? GusArb 7 5 yearsGarySnyder (1822): Thanks Dan @Queen_City_3D what Dan is referring to is the centre line of the camera during one of its rotation stops. Just look where the camera is pointing and you can easily get a feeling where the center line of the camera will fall and move the camera accordingly so the next stop to the right falls on the center the item you’re trying to capture. It’s also better if you can avoid it not to be so close to certain objects. Think of it...
Camera output and RAW data csnoke 8 5 yearsGarySnyder (1822): FYI, it's easy to get the data from the iPad the hard part is to decrypt it. It seemed that the Russians did just that but the last time I checked their site it was taken down and just the landing page was left.
MP Showcase + Samsung Gear VR CKC 7 5 yearsedirwin (34): I wasn't looking at a walk-through on a 3D M'port showcase. I was looking at a couple of sample VR presentations, one of the interior of a property that I don't believe was shot with a M'port camera and the other inside a stunning underground cave. Both were captivating and the stability depended only on the stability of your head as you move the goggles.
Getting Showcase ready for Gear VR headset Rik 7 5 yearsQueen_City_3D (2700): @kc1302 I agree that cardboard will be VR for the masses and I hope that Matterport VR Showcases will be available in that format. You can order google cardboard kits out of China for as little as $2.19 shipping included, which would make it affordable to buy several hundred to brand and hand out as promotional tools. Only effective though if the VR Showcases will work with Google Cardboard. That said, I've used some Google Cardboard apps...
iPad pro! Conor 2 5 yearsTosolini (3503): Are you thinking of ink annotations as an additional option to Mattertags? Even if they are temporary, just as a way to highlight objects in a particular view, that may add value to a presentation.
Matterport Tips and Tricks for a Newbie?? usruss 3 5 yearspixelray (608): Keep the scans closer vs further away. Take your time. Use your level to keep camera perfect. The goal should be to not have a scan that won't align. Read up on this site. It has helped tremendously. Oh and practice on your own house with several scans of it. Good luck!
eJournal from AP uses MP 3d showcase Andrew 5 5 yearsadrien_grs (4): Awesome ! Who made them ???
Matterport Pro 3D Camera: Gear & Accessories DanSmigrod 1 5 yearsDanSmigrod (24301): If you are thinking about buying a Matterport Pro 3D Camera - or a Pro that's ready for Matterport VR Showcase Beta, I updated our shopping lists today (21 August 2015). Shopping List of Matterport Pro 3D Camera Gear and Accessories Shopping List of Matterport VR Showcase Gear and Accessories Plus, here's my recommendation about Walking Shoes. Many of us easily walk five miles a day: Atlanta Matterport Photographer Expects to Walk...
3D/VR Game and Oculus Rift VR Showcase vrealstudio 5 5 yearsDanSmigrod (24301): @vrealstudio Great work. Fun to see Forum members showing what's possible with the Matterport Pro 3D Camera generated .obj file. For those thinking about "diving in" for Matterport VR Showcase Beta: This We Get Around blog post today (20 August 2015): Matterport Pro 3D Camera Photographers Prep for Virtual Reality (VR) and We updated our Matterport VR Showcase Beta Gear and Accessories Shopping List. If you have...
Matterport won't launch on Gear VR Frederick46 11 5 yearsAndrew (224): Hi! Anybody tested how MP VR works on Gear VR2 + Samsung Galaxy S6 (Lollypop)? Andrew
Wanting To Buy - Australia destef1 3 5 yearsdestef1 (1): Thanks mate that would be great!
New Nokia OZO Virtual Reality Camera childert 1 5 yearschildert (22): clickable text Could be interesting.
Virtually New Matterport Camera for Sale shannonbloemker 6 5 yearsavvideographer (1): HI Shannon was the camera sold ? Thanks! annie
exclusive cars by Matterport 3dvirtueletour 11 5 years3dvirtueletour (94): @ Mori, Yes i have i have done 2 Ferrari, i am testing know what the best way is to do. Best regards Ferry
How do you do it? Max_Sodomovskiy 8 6 yearsoctilan (14): It looks like it is ShapeSpark.
Which Tripod are You Using and Why? CKC 12 6 yearsGarySnyder (1822): @DanSmigrod I to have a second tripod which I use for my Cannon to shoot for Business View. It's a Giottos Vitruvian VGRN 9255 which is a sweat little tripod. It's so compact and light, an ideal tripod to carry on my backpack. And no your're not obsessive. You like me believe in having the right tools for the job :)
Matterport+Samsung Gear VR powered by Oculus DanSmigrod Jump to first page75Jump to last page 6 yearsDoyleRealtor (512): The 3 demos in Samsung Gear VR are retail space, a art gallery, and canyon. None of which are really fitting for real estate, and honestly those samples kind of suck. I just got my beta version of the app with a model that we scanned and it turned out great. We're going to be doing demonstrations here in MN on Thursday and will see what kind of response we get. Currently the cost is $400, but I heard it'll be under $50 once they can get it...
Compare Matterport Camera Versions WeinigerHomes 13 6 yearsWeinigerHomes (13): Good to know john thnx
Gear & Accessories; including Walking Shoes DanSmigrod 4 6 yearsDanSmigrod (24301): Why I am excited about the Wedge-It door stop
Lowering tripod and its effects? EricThomas 4 6 yearsdfellars (52): This is a VERY early model we ran while testing the camera. This was pre-release and the showcase view was not yet available so we captured at multiple heights to try and create a more photo-realistic mesh view. Creating a better mesh view was not successful, but as you move through the kitchen you can see that we took sweeps at both a high and low position and it should give you an idea of the...
New Member Cindiewozniak 2 6 yearsJohnBecker (385): Cindie, other than turning on lights and/or closing blinds, you're pretty much at the mercy of the ambient light. The system handles it reasonably well, for the most part. As for mirrors, just try to mark them as early as you can. Even if they're not all the way visible in the scan, mark approximately where they are and then touch up the mark as the mirror's position is revealed more accurately in successive scans. The biggest obstacle I've...
New 3D Video Capture Rig GarySnyder 2 6 yearsTim (355): Yeah, looked into this 9 months ago and many go pros aren't cheap, the device itself had bad reviews from those who paid and used it and there were some sync issues that made the whole process a bit of a nightmare...
Tripod and adapters CharlieB 1 6 yearsCharlieB (77): Okay I had an issue with buying the recommended parts and accessories....and maybe it is because I just have not worked with these parts before. Honestly I have been taking photos for years but my experience has been with Colorado Mountain properties and not using tripods. So....what I found out is that when I installed the quick release bracket it was binding with...