Video: Cupix Part 3: MORE Virtual Tour Tips & Tricks! | Video courtesy of Ben Claremont YouTube Channel

Hi All,

Ben Claremont creates two CUPIX 3D Tour of his new apartment shooting with a Ricoh Theta V and Xiaomi Mi Sphere. (Shooting for documentation in time-lapse model (every 2 second).

At 5:05 into the video, Ben shows his CUPIX workflow, including:

✓ measurement. Great tip about correcting the measurement to correct the scale of the model)
✓ labels (Airbnd example)
✓ insert box (to represent his bed to see if would fit)
✓ compare with and without furniture (8:35 into the video)
✓ Documentation and Progress Reporting: Great example of "before" and "after" (9:15 into the video)
✓ Simulation of "will it fit" (10:00 into the video)

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