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NAR Study: Value of Virtual Tours and Floor Plans among Home Buyers7460

WGAN Forum
DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user

Hi All,

I noticed this Facebook post by Blue-Sketch siting a 2017 National Association of REALTORSĀ® study about THE HOME SEARCH PROCESS.

It shows that after photos, Floor Plans and Virtual Tours are the next highest "very useful" features that Homebuyers wants.

Reminder that your Client is the real estate agent: not the homeowner. So, the spin to your potential real estate agent client, is something like this:

"To help you get more listing presentations - and win more listings - stress to the potential home seller that potential buyers find very useful - photos, floor plans and virtual tours - to help them them in the home buying process."

Your thoughts?



P.S. Thanks @PetraSoderling ...
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Chemistrydoc private msg quote post Address this user

I agree with the spin, but would be sure that you can offer high quality photography as well, so that you are positioned as THE source for all of the media that folks really find valuable. I'm sorry, folks, stills taken from the Matterport tour just don't cut it here, IMHO.

Then, also, provide realtor clients with the tools to sharpen their own listing presentations. I've "given" numerous clients the Matterport presentation on how to win clients using Matterport, along with some print leave-behinds that show the sellers what a difference that Realtor X's presentations make.

Realtors are very appreciative of any help you can provide them in this regard.

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eggardner private msg quote post Address this user
All very helpful advice, guys! Thank you
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BrokerBruce private msg quote post Address this user
I had a pro photographer do stills (DSLR)for an MLS virtual tour and a drone shoot. I then did a highlight reel from the scan I did with my Pro2 Lite. I'm not a pro photographer but I enjoy photography and I think have a fairly critical eye, certainly more so than Jon Q. Public. Comparing photos from the two sources I didn't see any negligible differences. The Pro2 actually shot a wider field of vision than the pro was able to capture was the only real difference. Just my two centsšŸ˜Š
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Chemistrydoc private msg quote post Address this user
Not going to quibble, @BrokerBruce - too many variables. If you want a fair test of what's achievable with each, take a look at good quality HDR photos, processed using a good fusion technique - that are taken of window views in a home. Compare to the corresponding shots from Matterport. Much as I would like it to be so, I just can't get there with MP stills

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eggardner private msg quote post Address this user
We shoot with Drone, Matterport Pro2 and a Canon 5DS and personally I think there is a world of difference between the DSLR and the Matterport Pro2. But I do think you can get some decent end results with some post-editing of the MP stills. I still always go with the DSLR for my MLS photos though. It's more time, but since I'm competing against other photographers who use DSLRs I don't want to compromise on quality.
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Home3D private msg quote post Address this user
For MSPs who are not professional photographers (not skilled in shooting RAW, Lightroom, Photoshop...) stills pulled from MP are a great option. I'd also propose that for very low budget properties, shooting MP and delivering its stills for MLS use are an upgrade over just mid-quality stills, without MP.

That being said, MP stills do not compare with a skilled photographer's work with a DLSR. Maybe someday but not today. But I'm encouraging even clients who ask only for DSLR stills to do MP, as I think it's a huge asset for listings. I hope one day Zillow agrees to present them again.
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