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'BlueSketch' Topics

TitleAuthorPostsLast Post
Padstyler acquires Blue-Sketch PetraSoderling 8 3 monthsArchimedStudio (545): Thanks Dan for posting, and thanks CJ for taking the time to write this. I must say that the communication with CJ was for the most part very easy and I received replies from him very quickly. I do understand the current situation and believe I must have had bad luck. That being said, I have a very unhappy client still waiting for his virtual staging that I promised last week. In the end, I'm the one who looks bad (and this is why in 15 years...
Blue Sketch Transitional Style Design Tips for Virtual Staging ashleighpaz 1 5 monthsashleighpaz (55): Virtual Decoration in Transitional Style Transitional Interior Design style is the most commonly found style in professional stagings around the country. Open Architectural Digest, Dwell, Elle Decor, or Vogue Living you are bound to see pages filled with Transitional Living Rooms, Dining Rooms, and Master Bedrooms. Here are a few of the rooms we’ve virtually decorated over the years. Each photo is virtually staged by Blue-Sketch,...
Blue-Sketch Million Dollar Listings! ashleighpaz 1 5 monthsashleighpaz (55): Over the years Blue-Sketch has been recruited to participate in Real Estate Projects that take your breath away. These Million Dollar Listings go from $1,000,000 all the way to $46,000,000. They include a whole apartment building in SoHo and a whole floor on Fifth Avenue, New York City, a Castle in France, and several Ultra modern Luxury Developments in Canada, just to list a few. We like to think being invited to these projects is a...
Blue-Sketch Newsletter on 360 Virtual Staging ashleighpaz 2 6 monthslilnitsch (1260): I like the concept however, without being able to actually stage the Zillow 3D tour OR Matterport tour this seems really spendy. BoxBrownie offers a similar service at just $64 a Pano
*NEW* 360-Degree Virtual Staging from BLUE-SKETCH ashleighpaz 4 6 monthsashleighpaz (55): Hi @Skeeter! You can directly and easily place orders now on our website here! For a full sample tour, see below for embed code you may use <script src="" data-kuula="" data-width="100%" data-height="640px"></script> If you have any questions, feel free...
How to upload staged 360 pano back to Matterport? PetraSoderling 7 6 monthsPetraSoderling (752): Thanks for the update on MPEmbed @MeshImages that's interesting news. I will wait for an update from Chris. To clarify, our company Blue-Sketch DOES Virtual Staging so we are not looking for another Virtual Staging tool. I was asking if there's a way to upload a staged pano back to the original Matterport tour. For reference, here's a sample of Blue-Sketch 360 staging quality. All: feel free to use in your marketing if you like. ...
Architectural Rendering from Blue-Sketch DanSmigrod 3 6 monthsDanSmigrod (22128): @PetraSoderling 360 Virtual Staging Ping! Ping! Ping! :cool: Happy New Year, Dan
Four Companies to Order 2D Schematic Floor Plans from Matterport 3D Tours DanSmigrod 3 11 monthsDanSmigrod (22128): @rzphotoman Thanks for sharing ... CAPTUR3D includes a site plan - like this example below - with their pricing ... They also calculate estimated square feet. :cool: Dan CAPTUR3D 2D schematic floor plan and site plan.
No collaborator status needed? PetraSoderling 1 1 yearPetraSoderling (752): WGAN ahoy! Did something change wrt third parties like Blue-Sketch not needing to be a collaborator in order to access your Workshops? Is there a link to a newsletter or updated FAQ possibly? Thanks in advance.
Matterport Floor plans processing times rzphotoman 4 1 yearashleighpaz (55): Blue-Sketch has a turnaround time of 24 hours or less for floor plans and we can include a logo free of charge. You're always able to use the WGAN discount for our products. We are also able to add "Smart Tags" to floor plans to allow your audience to interact with and explore inside the floor plan with static or 360 pictures. You may order any of our products directly from our website here and are able to email us at...
Video: How to create Schematic Floor Plans with an iPhone or iPad 12.1 iOS DanSmigrod 1 1 yearDanSmigrod (22128): How to create floor plans with an iPhone | Video courtesy of JRDNPWRS YouTube Channel Hi All, While ordering 2D schematic floor plans from Blue-Sketch, Matterport and MP2FP is way easier that using the app described in this video, if you are not shooting a 3D Tour with Cupix, Matterport or GeoCV and want to offer 2D schematic floor plans, this solution is likely easier and faster than other...
Cupix floor plan - Blue Sketch - How many photos needed tomjones2787 2 1 yearPetraSoderling (752): Hi Tom, congrats on a new move with your company. I'm the founder of Blue-Sketch, and I hope we'll be able to serve you well with Cupix. In order to create a floor plan we need the "blue sketch" (ha!) that is auto-generated by Cupix. Cupix platform will only generate this blue sketch if you upload enough scans. What's enough then? Cupix support says "One 360 photo for each 10~50 sqm (100~500 sqft) for open space or one 360...
Blue-Sketch 360 digital tours PetraSoderling 1 1 yearPetraSoderling (752): Here's something we've been working on lately, I hope you like it. Read the newsletter here Check out video (no audio) ...
Best interface to provide floorplan with photo link WindyCityDrones 3 2 yearsDanSmigrod (22128): @WindyCityDrones As a WGAN Standard Member, you can save 10 percent on Blue-Sketch floor plan services. Please see the WGAN Welcome Onboard Letter for the Promo Code Request Form. Best, Dan
360 pics to a PDF lucadeal 7 2 yearsrpetersn (1956): Hi Luca... If you are embedding still images or PDFs into a Marker, you'll want to use Google Drive to host that content as an embeddable <iframe>. For 360 images that you want to place on top of the floorplan, you'll want to first create a "Tour" and then assign Floorplan as well as the various 360's to that Tour. I've gone in and gotten you started by creating a "Floorplan Test" tour for you that includes just the...
NEW: Blue-Sketch Digital 360 Walk-through service PetraSoderling 3 2 yearsMetroplex360 (9281): Petra, The first version of this is pretty exciting. The full screen button loses all of the UI elements. In addition, I am not a fan of how the UI has elements centered just below the top as well as on the right - it's a bit crowded for my taste. I would hope that there will be continued work on the UI/UX as this is an excellent service to provide and there is a lot of demand for this. Will there be a pano only option? Does the bundle...
Blue-Sketch Cyber Monday Sale PetraSoderling 1 2 yearsPetraSoderling (752): Check out this fantastic Cyber Monday sale from Blue-Sketch!
Blue-Sketch Seeks Investors for AI Interior Design Tool DanSmigrod 1 2 yearsDanSmigrod (22128): Hi All, Blue-Sketch seeks investors and partners for an Artificial Intelligence (AI) engine its been developing for interior design and 3D models. "We’ve been nurturing an Artificial Intelligence based new product development project for some time behind the scenes, and now it’s time to take it to next level,” says Blue-Sketch President Ismo Rantala. “We will be looking for partners and additional investors in the area of AI...
Petra Soderling Recruited to Join Business Finland; New Prez at Blue-Sketch DanSmigrod 2 2 yearsKoaWare (106): Congrats Petra!!
Blue-Sketch Seeks Investors for AI Interior Design Tool DanSmigrod 1 2 yearsDanSmigrod (22128): Hi All, Blue-Sketch seeks investors and partners for an Artificial Intelligence (AI) engine its been developing for interior design and 3D models. "We’ve been nurturing an Artificial Intelligence based new product development project for some time behind the scenes, and now it’s time to take it to next level,” says Blue-Sketch President Ismo Rantala. “We will be looking for partners and additional investors in the area of AI...
Blue-Sketch Creates 5,000+ Floor Plans, Virtual Stagings and 3D Renderings DanSmigrod 1 2 yearsDanSmigrod (22128): WGAN-TV Blue-Sketch Founder Petra Soderling was the featured guest on WGAN-TV Live at 5 on 14 September 2017 Hi All, New Orleans-based Blue-Sketch announced today (5 November 2018) that it has created 5,000+ Floor Plans, Virtual Stagings and 3D Renderings. Blue-Sketch offers 2D schematic floor plans - within 24 hours - that are customized with a client's brand colors and logo; unlike Matterport that...
Source for 3D floor plans lisahinson 5 2 yearslisahinson (784): Thank you @ron0987 @Dansmigrod and @mp2fp for your replies. I will check out Blue-Sketch and MP2FP both!
Hyperrealistic renderings support other marketing materials PetraSoderling 8 2 yearsPetraSoderling (752): @imad Thanks, I'm glad you like it. You are correct, the list price for one rendering is $499.95, however that's not the whole story. Typically developers want to see a package of various deliverables (couple renderings with floor plans for example), so it makes sense to give a quote per project. The number of edit rounds also affect the price. If the developer has all of their materials, kitchen cabinets etc. picked out and we can do the final...
Floor Plan Tip: Laser Measurer (for one measurement) + CUPIX + Blue-Sketch DanSmigrod 1 2 yearsDanSmigrod (22128): WGAN-TV CUPIX Short Story #222-Tip for Creating 2D Floor Plans from CUPIX 3D Tours Hi All, If you would like Blue-Sketch to create 2D floor plans from a CUPIX 3D Tour, you'll need one reference measurement such as the length from wall-to-wall in the living room. You can do this one measurement - quickly - with a laser measurer. With this one measurement, Blue-Sketch can scale the floor plans to the correct measurements. In the...
Difference between Blue-Sketch and Matterport schematic 2D Floor Plans PetraSoderling 1 2 yearsPetraSoderling (752): Hi, Since we are asked about this constantly, I wanted to list some differences in these two services. We used Matterport’s Floor Plan FAQ as basis for the data. Matterport Matterport creates schematic 2D Floor Plans from your 3D space and delivers it back to you within 1-2 business days. Floor plans are delivered in - Black and white - Come with Matterport logo that cannot be removed (from Terms of Service: “You acknowledge...
Cupix Floor Plans from Blue-Sketch PetraSoderling 1 2 yearsPetraSoderling (752): Hi all, I usually post relevant Blue-Sketch info here. This time the letter is titled "Have you heard of Cupix Virtual Tours" but that title would not really work in this forum haha :) Thank you Dan Smigrod for lending your tour for the sample, and Sold in a Snap for tours on our website ...
Question of the Day: Do you offer Matterport floor plans as an Add On? DanSmigrod 5 2 yearsGeorge_WALKINTOUR (85): We did at first, but Matterport actually messed up the first time with a client. It actually took them over 2 weeks to finish the floor plans. I can't remember what the issue was with it, but they totally screwed up on that job. The client then decided to cancel the order because Matterport took too long to produce the floor plan. :O
Blue Sketch Collaboration osakadave 2 2 yearsPetraSoderling (752): @osakadave Thank you for the shout-out. It was our pleasure to work with you. Looking forward to many more with you and your fellow MSP colleagues! Y'all have a great Labor Day weekend - with <3 from New Orleans.
Redfin presents Blue-Sketch Virtual Staging PetraSoderling 4 2 yearsPetraSoderling (752): Thanks @c2astudio and @ron0987
Am I missing something or is there no Floorplan Scale on the floorplans? Liam_Tayler 8 2 yearsLiam_Tayler (218): Hello all, Sorry for the radio silence, sick children! I had taken a measurement in workshop and from that calculated the scale, I was just surprised at how little use the .obj files actually are to architects, I thought they were meant to make their life easier. But it seems that without spending $750CAD and up to convert the obj files to Sketchup (essentially manually), that the matterpak is pretty limited in its usefulness for...
NAR Study: Value of Virtual Tours and Floor Plans among Home Buyers DanSmigrod 7 2 yearsHome3D (2259): For MSPs who are not professional photographers (not skilled in shooting RAW, Lightroom, Photoshop...) stills pulled from MP are a great option. I'd also propose that for very low budget properties, shooting MP and delivering its stills for MLS use are an upgrade over just mid-quality stills, without MP. That being said, MP stills do not compare with a skilled photographer's work with a DLSR. Maybe someday but not today. But I'm encouraging...
Client Wants Floor plans, but not Matterport Chi3d 9 2 yearsLiam_Tayler (218): as an update,.. I see that Blue-Sketch is offering 60% off 2D floorplans for WGAN Basic, Standard and Premium members! That may even make the purchase of a Theta worthwhile in a few months.
Harmonize brand: Customized 2D Floor Plans PetraSoderling 1 2 yearsPetraSoderling (752): Promoted Post --- Blue-Sketch Newsletter 12 April 2018
3d room from a floor plan rzphotoman 7 2 yearsmp2fp (430): Thank you @rzphotoman for your kind words really appreciate your recognition for the floorplan services. There has been more sales and traffic than expected after we launched the MP2FP portal and we are sorry that we at that time already as well was overloaded with our traditional other 3D CG interiors and exterior renderings. Our situation is now better and we have extended our resources and we are more than happy to provide...
Brand with Tailored Virtual Staging PetraSoderling 3 2 yearsPetraSoderling (752): Hi @Shakoure Our furniture library is mainly for residential houses but I'm sure we can find furniture that's fitting to an office. We are based in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA.
2D Schematic Floor Plan for Vacation Rentals DanSmigrod 1 2 yearsDanSmigrod (22128): Dwell Hotel, Chattanooga, TN - Suite 32 - 2D Schematic Floor Plan by Blue-Sketch Dwell Hotel, Chattanooga, TN - Suite 32 - 2D Schematic Floor Plan by Blue-Sketch Hi All, Hotel Rooms and Vacation Rentals can benefit from enhanced 2D Schematic Floor Plans with some...
How Do I Make A Black And White Floor Plan? photosbyhopsing 4 2 yearsmp2fp (430): @photosbyhopsing also
Inman Connect NYC 2018 - Top 5 Takeaways DanSmigrod 1 2 yearsDanSmigrod (22128): Hi All, Saw this blog post on the Blue-Sketch website featuring WGAN-TV Live with Blue-Sketch Founder @PetraSoderling | Had to share it...
WGAN-TV Live News: Inman Connect NY 2018 DanSmigrod 5 2 yearsDanSmigrod (22128): Video: Inman Connect NY 2018 Highlights with Blue-Sketch Founder Petra Soderling Hi All, Petra gives us the highlights of her experience at Inman Connect NY 2018 to help you see what news might affect you. Enjoy your weekend, Dan P.S. For all Inman Connect NY 2018 coverage in the WGAN Forum, please see the tag: ICNY18
Floor Plan Options for Matterport Pros DanSmigrod 6 3 yearsPetraSoderling (752): Leon, thanks for asking: We don't. We just need Workshop.
Building 3D models from floorplans Queen_City_3D 10 3 yearsDanSmigrod (22128): @Queen_City_3D Okay. Got it. That said, this discussion (above) will likely be helpful for someone else that has a similar need. Best Dan
2D and 3D Virtual Staging and Related DanSmigrod 4 3 yearsRGO (100): Hi Dan Here are a couple of MP scans we did that include interviews, Links to other buildings, and text & Images of a multi million dollar school addition. This is from a waterfront Villa in the Bahamas. We were actually successful in getting the MP outdoors and down to the beach....where you'll see two TAGS that contain Time Lapse Sunset video and the other, visually demonstrates the...
WGAN-TV: How to Sell & Price Virtual Staging DanSmigrod 7 3 yearsDanSmigrod (22128): WGAN-TV How to Sell and Price Virtual Staging with Blue- Sketch Founder / Head Designer Petra Soderling (3 January 2018) Hi All, Above is the recording of WGAN-TV How to Sell and Price Virtual Staging with Blue- Sketch Founder / Head Designer @PetraSoderling earlier today (Wednesday, 3 January 2018). @Hopscotch Interactive Founder Emily Olman - a Matterport Service Provider in the San Francisco bay-area – joined us for the...
Blue-Sketch Clients: Potential MP Leads DanSmigrod 1 3 yearsDanSmigrod (22128): Screen Grab of the Blue-Sketch Network Map --- Hi All, If you are a Blue-Sketch client - and a We Get Around Network Basic, Standard or Premium Member - you may get leads for Matterport 3D Tours from Blue-Sketch. Blue-Sketch has embedded the Blue-Sketch Network Map - powered by the We Get Around Network - on the Blue-Sketch website. The white-label...
Blue-Sketch Official Blog Posts/Newsletters PetraSoderling 7 3 yearsPetraSoderling (752): Full blog post here
360 degree 3D renderings PetraSoderling 3 3 yearsnat_vanveen (595): @PetraSoderling Hi Petra, super cool! It's good to see an alternative to Archilogic. I love those guys but your new 3D service seems to allow more control of the room when viewing :):D
PLNAR iOS AR App to Create Floor Plans DanSmigrod 2 3 yearsmp2fp (430): Seems very similar to Magicplan though ?
WGAN-TV>Blue-Sketch on Thursday (14 Sept 17) DanSmigrod 2 3 yearsDanSmigrod (22128): Hi All, I visited with Blue-Sketch Founder @PetraSoderling on WGAN-TV Live at 5 (5 pm ET Thursday, 14 September 2017). Here's the newsletter Blue-Sketch sent today (Tuesday, 19 September 2017) about this episode of WGAN-TV ... Dan ICYMI: Watch recording of WGAN-TV with Blue-Sketch
Blue-Sketch Official Blog Posts/Newsletters PetraSoderling 20 3 yearsPetraSoderling (752): Webinar registration here
Price vs. Quality PetraSoderling 3 3 yearsgrmngrl (936): @PetraSoderling Congratulations!
Floor Plan service without a Matterport scan 3dshowcaseuk 4 3 yearsDanSmigrod (22128): @3dshowcaseuk This book might be helpful ... ✓ How to Measure a House: Professional's Guide to Measuring Residential Square Footage Best, Dan
Matterport versus Blue-Sketch 2D Floor Plans DanSmigrod 8 3 yearsDanSmigrod (22128): @Metroplex360 Good to know. Thanks, Dan
FREE Webinar on Floor Plan measures PetraSoderling 7 3 yearsPetraSoderling (752): Thanks @DannyBasting I'll check it out. I also attended a Immoviewer/KoaWare webinar yesterday and they used something called QlickMeeting. It was pretty nice as well, no need to download separate clients and attendees remained anonymous which I think people will appreciate. But there were some technical challenges, as I suppose every platform has. (content of that webinar was 100% great though!)
Tip: How to Calculate Matterport Space SQFT DanSmigrod 4 3 yearsDanSmigrod (22128): @AaronS Thank you ... And, a big thanks to @PetraSoderling with Blue-Sketch for introducing a solution for measuring Matterport Spaces to do client billing. Dan
2D/3D Floor Plans, Virtual Staging, and ... DanSmigrod 1 3 yearsDanSmigrod (22128): Promoted Post --- Blue-Sketch is the We Get Around Network Forum 3rd Party Solution Provider of the Day. ( We Get Around 3rd Party Services Directory) Blue-Sketch services include: ✓ 2D Floor Plans ✓ 3D Floor Plans ✓ Smart Tag Floor Plans ✓ Virtual Staging About Blue-Sketch 2D Floor Plans 1. Your choice: your logo / your client's logo / no logo 2. Disclaimer language of your choice 3. Four choices for...
Best Method for Calculatig SQFT of a Scan plorenz 4 4 yearsPetraSoderling (752): I haven't done a comparison but it would be interesting to do. I add a 6" outer wall around the scanned area, plus 4" inner walls. I can get the total sqft outside of outer walls, just floor area excluding inner walls, or area inside of outer walls including inner walls. Floor plans cover unscanned closets etc. Anyone in the forum who has ordered a floor plan from me plus ran their scan through MP2SQFT ?
Before and After Blue-Sketch Virtual Staging DanSmigrod 5 4 yearsPetraSoderling (752): Great question. We try to stage the rooms with neutral tones and furniture that both fits the style of the house but is not too extreme so it appeals to as many home buyers as possible. If you don't like what we chose we'll change the furniture free of charge. If you have a certain style in mind you can also send us pictures that we'll emulate as far as our furniture selection allows.
Comparing Matterport and Blue-Sketch Floor p PetraSoderling 7 4 yearsPetraSoderling (752): @ThreeDImaging Thank you @RenderingSpace Thanks, I had not seen your page. Very stylish! @frstbubble Thanks, pleasure to work with you @StevenHattan Hahah, thanks.
Matterport Versus Blue-Sketch Floor Plans DanSmigrod 8 4 yearsDanSmigrod (22128): @GoneCoastalSC Great story. Thanks for sharing your experience. Basic, Standard and Premium Members of the We Get Around Referral Network receive their first Blue-Sketch 2D Floor Plan free (via rebate). Best, Dan
Floor plan only from Matterport tomjones2787 6 4 yearstomjones2787 (58): Thank you.. and thank you Dan for this App.. I'll be doing the Job today.. If I have issues or need assistance I'll be in touch Petra!
20 Questions: How to Create 2D Floor Plans DanSmigrod Jump to first page35Jump to last page 4 yearsDanSmigrod (22128): Here are examples of recent floor plans that Blue-Sketch created for us for one 14,000 sf house. It's a great service to offer as an optional extra or bundle in a package. Dan
Schematic Floor Plan Dolloff 11 4 yearsDanSmigrod (22128): Hi All, For more about Blue-Sketch, please see my 20 Question Live with Blue-Sketch Founder @PetraSoderling ... Dan
Schematic Floor Plan Example tommy_1800 7 4 yearsPetraSoderling (752): Hi, yes it is. Usually I need both the link to the scan AND a screenshot of each MP Workshop floorplan measured (see here ) However if this is not your scan you may not have access to its Workshop. If you can get me at least one measurement from somewhere in the house I can scale the floor plan from that. The longer the measurement the better for accuracy. You can email me at Looking...