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Top VR Goggles6395

Matt19 private msg quote post Address this user
Hi all,

Wondering if you guys have any favorite VR googles for showing Matterport tours off with? Would be nice to know a little why you like yours and if you have an feedback on others that would be great too.

Most of the goggles work with your phones right? I have IOS device and would intend to use with that unless there was a compelling reason to find a different device.

Much thanks!
Post 1 IP   flag post - Fast Start Websites angusnorriss private msg quote post Address this user
Good post. I tend to put my shoes in that of customer who is experimenting and therefore low price entry level.

Good to giveaway by museums with logo branded on. They hand them out encouraging visits back to their website to view the VR mode.

I use these:
Google Cardboard ,TechRise 3D VR Glasses Virtual Reality Box with Super Clear Big Optical Lens and Comfortable Strap for iPhone 7/iPhone 7Plus/ iPhone

Not flashy but I get a ‘wow’ every time.
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rzphotoman private msg quote post Address this user
I purchased the SILMIEN 3D VR Glasses for $20. They work OK with my iPhone 7 Plus but I honestly don't see a use for these. Maybe I'm missing something but I would much rather view the tours on a computer or a smart phone rather then thru VR Glasses. They make me dizzy. I'm new at this but I can't imagine when I would use these or how, when, or why a client would, other than for the novelty factor.

I would love to hear if anyone find any value in the use of them.

You can buy them here if interested.

clickable text
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DavidHothersall private msg quote post Address this user
We just demo'd to a big group of hard-nosed General Managers of a major hotel chain and without exception we got smiles and 'Wow's from everyone that tried the VR. Guys you wouldn't expect were queuing up to have a go and the conversation it generated was amazing. Maybe it is a novelty but they like the idea of 'immersing' potential guests in their properties.

If you have some great spaces it works incredibly well.

I'd suggest that you put your experiences aside and see what others think, you may well be surprised.
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immersivespaces private msg quote post Address this user
I actually had some cheap ones made in China with our logo on them that I give to customers for free with their first VR scans. They are nothing fancy really, but the response from clients is awesome. I have even had agents purchase a few extras to give to their homeowners/buyers. They literally cost about $2 each. They have generated additional sales with other agents in offices that see them as well, so they pretty much instantly pay for themselves. For cheap goggles, they actually work pretty well too and don't "feel" cheap.

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DavidHothersall private msg quote post Address this user
@immersivespaces Would you mind sharing where you got those? They look nice and what volume did you have to buy to get that price?
Post 6 IP   flag post
immersivespaces private msg quote post Address this user
@DavidHothersall I ordered 500 of them from Mushang Silicone & Plastic (+86-769-831-88549). If you have someone who speaks Chinese, it's much easier to negotiate with them. It took some haggling to get the price point.
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