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This post was was inspired this related Forum discussion.

Now that the Matterport Pro2 3D Camera has started shipping, it's likely we will see a flood of used Matterport Pro1 3D Cameras for sale on eBay: especially for those not eligible for a trade-in for the Pro2.


1. Camera may be stolen. Email the serial number to Matterport Support before buying and ask.
2. Camera does not come with a warranty (warranty good for original buyer only)
3. Camera does not come with a 30 day return policy. New Matterport Camera, return for any reason.
4. Camera may need re-alignment. Email Matterport Support and ask how much and how long, if needed.
5. Not all Pro1 Cameras are the same. I believe most recent serial numbers are G, H or i (please post your serial number, if you bought a Matterport Pro1 Camera in the last 60 days. The oldest Matterport Pro1 Cameras require an additional clamp to use the quick release feature. The oldest Matterport Cameras do not tell you how long to full charge. (Tip ask for a photo of the serial number and backside of Camera.)
6. Unknown - Was the Camera dropped? Was it used in super hot or cold weather? Other "events" that might effect how long it will last
7. Buying older generation
8. May be a good strategy to take Matterport for a test drive (though I recommend engaging a Pro and ask to watch his/her workflow during and after)
9. The transaction risk - you don't get what was promised (tip: buy via eBay where you have some buyer/seller protection


1. You save a couple of thousand dollars
2. Like buying a used car, the most depreciation takes place when it goes from new to used. So, if you buy a used Matterport Camera and then sell it, you may not have a big gap in the buying and selling of the Camera
3. Buying a used Camera may be a good strategy for a "back-up" Camera. Based on posts in the Forum, it's rare that the Matterport Camera fails, but it does happen. (Tip: reach out to me if your Camera fails and you need another Pro to come to the rescue same day.)
4. May be the difference for you in "pulling the trigger" to get started (You can always sell it on eBay and buy the latest Camera)
5. You can use the savings to buy a Standard Membership in the We Get Around Network to help you succeed faster (40+ Member Benefits | www.JoinStandard.com)


If you are buying a used Matterport Camera:

1. buy it on eBay where you get purchase protection
2. ask the seller to post a photo of the serial number plate and back of the Camera (for why, see above)
3. email Matterport Support to make sure the Camera is not stolen

What else? Other Pros and Cons?

1. If you have bought a used Matterport Camera, please post about your experience.
2. If you have sold a used Matterport Camera, please post about your experience.
3. (If you want to advertise in the Forum the sale of your used Matterport Pro Camera, you can buy an ad here.)