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Hi All,

On Thursday (20 April 2017), I introduced you to @DannyBasting 's InventiveCG Matterport Object File to SketchUp File Conversion Service.

Today ...

InventiveCG Simple CAD Conversion Service

In addition to adding some furniture, would you also like the ability to easily change the wall colors and flooring materials? Perhaps even take out a wall or put in a new wall?

To get a general idea of a new design, it's always very helpful to view it in 3D.

With the InventiveCG Simple CAD Conversion Service, you will receive a clean CAD file with some global measurements that allows you to do just that.

InventiveCG can export the files in various formats such as: .SKP, .3DS, .FBX and more.

See an example InventiveCD Simple CAD Conversion here.

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