Okay I had an issue with buying the recommended parts and accessories....and maybe it is because I just have not worked with these parts before. Honestly I have been taking photos for years but my experience has been with Colorado Mountain properties and not using tripods.

So....what I found out is that when I installed the quick release bracket it was binding with the aluminum or light colored metal tripod bracket. In other words I couldn't adjust the quick release bracket when it was tightened down.

I mentioned this to Scott and sent him this skitch snapshot and he said that he was able to recreate the issue that I had.

I order to fix my problem I inserted a washer between the tripod and quick release bracket and secured it. I wanted to know from Scott if this was going to be okay and he thought it would be as long as the Camera was secure.

My question to you is did you have the same issue? and what did you do about it?