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360 Video for virtual tour (kinda)1909

VR_Vision private msg quote post Address this user
Hey with the IRVPA on this week I thought I would have a play with a 360 video to see how I could use it to best show off my products. I think to best utilize youtube and facebooks service I need to make the users aware that they can pause the video and keep using the interactive component of the video.

What else do you think youtube could do to have a big impact in the virtual tour scene?

I would love the ability to identify which room relates to the time into the video. ie. living room 15 seconds to 25 seconds then have the ability to automatically go to that point in the video with a link (possibly in a floor plan would be great too)

Would love to collaborate with someone on this to see where we can take it.

also super easy to use and distribute on facebook.
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JoeMontaleone private msg quote post Address this user
That's pretty awesome! Mixing in Livepano from Kolor might be an idea. What kind of software are you using to create the virtual houses?
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smcclell private msg quote post Address this user
Nice work!

As far as your idea of a floor plan and relating to a point in the house to be able to view. Perhaps as a work around you can have time stamps on the start point of the vid and relate them to hyperlinks on the floorplan on the website maybe. Just have the spaces run longer, people will prob just back then choose another maybe..

When you distribute this on FB does it have that effect where if your on a mobile the picture moves about as u move the phone? Or do you need something more specific for that effect?
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VR_Vision private msg quote post Address this user
Hi Joe sorry for the late reply. I use whatever the achitect or designer uses and then have a budget tour service that I use revit to create them or I use sketch up to create the model in the demo above.

Facebook 360 videos are completely separate from YouTube and does the gyro is enabled by default. I've got it uploaded there now if you want to check it out the Facebook link is in the profile.

I find 360 has an awesome presence in Facebook. I am trying to encourage some agents to do their property introductions in 360.
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