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Racecourses venues tours from big(670 scans) to huge(1200 scans)15483

Wingman private msg quote post Address this user
I have been doing these for about 1.5 months now and I believe all have been done in about 64-70 hours in total. All tours but Legends Bar have been cleaned form excessive scans. Now I need to finish Legends Bar cleaning and add 360s & Mattertags to them. After it is all finished they all will go to my partner marketplace for this client listings for venues. Brisbane Racecourse Club has not seen it yet.

I could only start submitting all of them for processing this Friday afternoon after I came from there adding extra two bars to the Legends Bar tour(access to them is through an escalator). So here you go, all have been scanned with a Pro2 and I have barely used civil twilight.

Doomben BRC: Chief de Beers(670 scans)

Eagle Farm BRC: John Power Stand(1200 scans)

Eagle Farm BRC: Legends Bar(680 scans)

There are two more tours from there but they are much smaller (90 & 130 scans) so I am not showing them.
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Brooklyn, New York
SpencerLasky private msg quote post Address this user
Impressive you got so much exterior with only the pro2! Was it hard to get these places at empty times or is this due to covid?

Good amount of time has gone into these but sure a 10 hr day can yield a lot of results - I have done many a big long scan project, I use my speaker, listen to music the entire time (this also helps other's know where I am and I don't surprise anyone) and pack a good lunch Cheers
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Wingman private msg quote post Address this user
It could not be done faster sometimes because some venues were booked. Also one full day of scanning was postponed till this Friday due to COVID.

I was planning to do all outdoor during civil twilight but sometimes their big and tall buildings were blocking the Sunlight and I could do it during a day. People(mostly club employees of course walked around outdoor and I sometimes asked them to wait or I was waiting when there was nobody around.

This one https://my.matterport.com/show/?m=oRoCSCW989s&sr=-.52,-1.01&ss=887 did not work as planned. I was not supposed to scan an empty lawn on the right and it should be just a 360 view there but the club asked me to do the lawn and I did not pay attention it was empty(sometimes they stage it with tables). So when I scanned the lawn on the left with tables.. which was ok to do as the tables were close and provided some objects nearby for alignment... I went scanning the lawn thinking there was no way to do it as it's too wide and too long for pro2 scans. Tried there for two hours almost coming into darkness but it simply did not work. Later my partner told me it was not supposed to be scanned and according to their planning with the club it should be presented as a 360 view only.

I offered to bring my BLK360 to do the lawn with it on the last day but my partner said we would not suppose to do it anyway so no need to use the BLK360. And even if I tried the club already put too much things on the lawn preparing it for the next venue.
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Gainesville, Florida
MatterFix private msg quote post Address this user
Great work! How do you think the client will use them?
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Wingman private msg quote post Address this user
It is all for Headbox which is a venue marketplace. They started in UK as a startup in 2016(from my memory) and then one of their managers moved back to Australia in 2020 and started doing the same here under the same brand. They found me a few months ago, made an interview with me and their CEO and a Brisbane manager. We have agreed on my rates and since then I am doing 3D tours for their client venues.

Their client listings on their marketplace are free unless their clients have a higher subscription tier and have access to Headbox software for managing venues. 3D tours are like extra help for venue customers to see what a venue look like. I do not know how much Headbox charge for tours. They just book me on my free days, send me a form what's need to be done with all contact details. So I just come and do what's needed and then invoice Headbox. Their Brisbane manager is getting more experienced with job time estimations but she always asks me before setting some expectations with their customers.

I do have some of their customers coming t me directly looking to create a 3D tour for their venues. I am not sure why they did not want to do it through Headbox initially. However we have an agreement with Headbox that even in case one of their clients does a tour directly through me Headbox will still add their tour to their client listing.

BTW, they are currently only have offices in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne. I do not know if they have found any provider in Melbourne or not. However there is still a lot of capitals to cover in Australia and once Headbox will expand there they will be looking for an MSP to do all local venues.

I do not know if Headbox ha any plans to expand to USA but I am sure they do not want to miss on such a huge market.
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