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Matterport is "too accurate"13605

sandhun private msg quote post Address this user
I offered a freebie to a prospective client to see if Matterport could be used for their architecture surveys. He was interested in the product and the contents of the Matterpak but concluded that he won't be using my services because Matterport is "too accurate".

I was not expecting such a response. He said architects make certain assumptions in their drawings e.g. that walls are straight and that buildings are perfectly square/rectangular. With Matterport being as accurate as it is, in a way it would create more work for him.

I don't know how to address this objection.
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ron0987 private msg quote post Address this user
@sandhun that is what I found also. After retirement I went to work for a company that strictly supplied 2d dimensions for interior as built to architects. They used laser tape and special software with the though in mind that walls are not square. Since I had training in 3D scanners I was assigned to the scanner side and only did exterior scans and that was because you could not reach upper elevations with the laser tape. I showed them I could scan the interior faster with the scanner and accuracy exceeded the laser tape. I was promptly shut down and told to stick to exterior scanning which totally shocked me. I was given a similar answer from the company owner. So I also do not understand this mind set.
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Cayman Islands
Harrycayman private msg quote post Address this user
Yup Thing's that make you go HMMMM
Its always a challenge to get people to accept new technology over the way they are used to it.
Go to his competition.

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richardbollands private msg quote post Address this user
I have to reply to this as an Architect @sandhun. Obviously a rubbish architect, what a ridiculous comment about straight walls, etc.
How accurate is Matterport? I keep looking for an affordable, but accurate enough, scanning facility as I carry out a lot as as built work. I currently conduct all my as built surveys by hand and take each measurement plus or minus 5mm.
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sandhun private msg quote post Address this user
@richardbollands With the camera I use, it's accurate within 1% of reality. Derby is only a 45 minute drive from me so if you want to try Matterport on one of your projects feel free to get in touch with me
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ron0987 private msg quote post Address this user
@richardbollands I am super happy to hear that accuracy is important. I am also happy to hear that someone embraces technology. At 65 I hear this from people my age but I always talk about best technology that works better for the job. I am always looking at new stuff.
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MGrantPhotography private msg quote post Address this user
I can state I did my first home ever was a matterport scanning. I registered 2557.704, Zillow had it listed at 2560. The realtor was like "So we can just round up and say it's bang on then"
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3rd Party
JuMP private msg quote post Address this user
@MGrantPhotography How did you get the value 2557.704 of your showcase? Did you use the free JuMP measurement service?
BTW you will get better result if you try JuMP-ME v2.0
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MGrantPhotography private msg quote post Address this user
I ended up running my scans as normal with a few more in areas I wasn't certain had perfect scans. I then ran an overhead view on my pc once it was rendered and used the measurement tool built in. I then converted the feet to inches using three decimal places for accuracy.
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3rd Party
JuMP private msg quote post Address this user
Would you please provide the showcase link? Our JuMP-ME v2.0 is an advanced measurement tool for JuMP member. We can make a demo for you. So that you can check the result.

Or you can just try our JuMP-ME v1.0, it is an automatic online free process that finished in seconds.

Just replace "Re2dgaSVCRj" in below link with your showcase ID.
(Refresh that page at least two times to make sure you get the result for your showcase ID.)

Thank you.
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VirtusRealis private msg quote post Address this user
Main part of my customers are architects and technical engineers.
That's why I'm really psychorigid when it comes to accuracy. I double check my measurements onsite with a laser. So I can say that measurements within 1% of reality (even 2%) is the worst case. Mine is actually 0.20%. So I really handle it carefully since it tends to deviate.
As a BIM modeler, the argument that a virtual tour (or a point cloud) is too accurate is just non-sense. When I use the point could, I don't draw along every scratch in the wall ! I just draw a straight wall pointing toward a general direction.
"Who can do the most, can the least" is the idea.
I guess, the price was maybe the real argument, but since, is it a bad one when it comes to how much time and trips are saved.
Hope this help
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78787 11 11
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